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Post by Peel » May 24th, 2014, 2:41 pm

The way I see it;

-Superman is confirmed
-Batman is confirmed
-Wonder Woman is confirmed
-Cyborg is confirmed

WB will likely want three more members; now that they have two that can promote gender and racial diversity, all they can do now is choose characters that are popular, will have a big role in the plot and do not come across as Avenger ripoffs (At least, not completely). From that, the main characters I think should be considered for those spots are;

-Green Lantern (Both Hal Jordan and John Stewart) - 50% chance to be in movie
-Flash (Barry Allen, Wally West and Jay Garrick) - 50% chance atm, will increase with Flash show popularity
-Captain Atom - 25-30% chance to be in movie
-Shazam (His powers could be seen similar to Thor's, so his personality would have to be emphasised a lot) - 40% chance to be in movie
-Martian Manhunter - 45% chance to be in movie
-Aquaman - 60% chance to be in movie
-Zatanna - 40% chance to be in movie
-Hawkman and Hawkgirl - 25-35% chance to be in movie

From that, I would personally suggest another form of diversity that would be a nice niche for the JL to have over the Avengers, however may be debatable; age diversity. Have an old member of the team like Jay Garrick Flash, and have a very young member of the team like Billy Batson. Sure the Avengers technically have a nintety year old Captain America with them, but age diversity could work more explicitly here. Who would welcome the idea for example, to see Tom Hanks as Jay Garrick Flash saving the day alongside Batfleck and Henryman? I personally think it would be sheer dramatic brilliance, and would give great exemplar to the story.


Post by TheCat » May 24th, 2014, 2:24 pm

MaxSchreck wrote:I´d love to see Shazam as a founding member of the Justice League. If he is in I would even forgive the absence of Aquaman and MM.

Seeing as DC is shoving New 52 on their media, I wouldn't be surprised if they did that.
Like they did in Justice League War...
But honestly I'm too attached to MM to see him be replaced. I was re-watching episodes of Justice League with my boyfriend yesterday & I love MM. xD
Shazam lol.


Post by MaxSchreck » May 24th, 2014, 1:58 pm

I´d love to see Shazam as a founding member of the Justice League. If he is in I would even forgive the absence of Aquaman and MM.


Post by Pieter » May 24th, 2014, 5:13 am

If it were up to me the JL would be the magnificent seven also I'm sorry but for a JL origin movie Aquaman is necessary way more than Cyborg or even MM.


Post by TheCat » May 23rd, 2014, 10:02 pm

I absolutely adore your ideas, baconfat!
Although I definitely want a John Stewart GL film, not Hal.
We'd be lucky to get 3 WW films.


Post by Peel » May 23rd, 2014, 9:39 pm

King Arthur Curry wrote:Well with Goyer's recent comments on MM I guess we won't be seeing him for awhile...

Goyer is just the writer of the movies, not essentially the director. He may have an influence on which characters to use, but personally, I'd thought that the choice of which characters to use would come down to the director, the WB execs, and whichever consultants from DC they'd have on. Looking at it, they've probably thought;

-We need the trinity - Superman, Batman and Wonderwoman. The first two because they're the most well used in films, and the third because she's a female hero, and the team needs a female hero.
-We need a non caucasian hero/heroine. There is an array of characters to use - Black Lighting, Vibe, Vixen etc. but Cyborg was cast because he is arguably the most recognisable black DC superhero (Maybe not compared to Stewart), he is in the new 52 anyway and he is recognisable from the Teen Titans cartoons.

From there on, they could essentially add anyone else. They would have to decide on characters who are balanced on;

-Whether they are expendable in the films - Will their characters relate to the main plot, could they work in this semi-realistic world etc, have they worked before in films etc.

So, from that criteria (Which may not be that indepth enough), Martian Manhunter could easily work. He is a very popular character, and I can't see any reason why he wouldn't work. This universe so far has started with Superman, an alien immigrant from another world who wishes to protect our world. Bringing in MM would be fairly similar, and would serve as reflection for Superman's own character. So not only would it be a powerful likable character to use in this movie, but it would also help develop other characters, namely Superman.

If the likes of Goyer etc. said that they didn't want to use someone like GL, due to past experience of a poor film or something like that, then I could understand to an extent.


Post by Pieter » May 23rd, 2014, 8:12 pm

Well with Goyer's recent comments on MM I guess we won't be seeing him for awhile...


Post by Peel » May 23rd, 2014, 6:54 pm

It's been a while...Time to weigh on my new ideas with BvS news;

Phase 1:
Man of Steel: 2013 – General Zod
Man of Steel 2: 2016 – Lex Luthor
Justice League: 2017 – Darkseid – Supes, Bats, WW, GL, Flash, Cyborg and Martian Manhunter

Phase 2:
Aquaman: 2018 – Ocean Master (Zachary Quinto) and Black Manta (Giancarlo Esposito), with supporting role of the Flash, cameo of Vandal Savage, Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor. Captain Boomerang cameos at the beginning. Romance/Tragedy flick.

Wonder Woman: 2018 – Ares and Doctor Psycho, with supporting role of Martian Manhunter. Political thriller

Man of Steel 3: 2019 – Mongul (Keith David) and Cyborg Superman, with supporting role of Green Lantern, Superboy and Steel. Cameos of Lex Luthor, Vandal Savage and T.O.Morrow. For the Man who has everything storyline and a mix of Cadmus/Luthor.

Batman: 2019 – Riddler (Andrew Scott) and Ra’s al Ghul (Jason Isaacs), with supporting role of Cyborg, Nightwing, Oracle, Damian Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Cameos of T.O.Morrow, Vandal Savage (Daniel Dae Lewis) and Lex Luthor. Batman starts creating contingency plans against the Justice League.

Suicide Squad 2020– Team of Deadshot (Luke Evans), Captain Boomerang, Riddler, Harley Quinn, Black Manta and Rick Flag Jr. Main villain is Aquaman and Atlantis, as the team tries to steal Starro from Atantis, then infiltrate the Watchtower and face off against Cyborg, Big Barda and Aquaman. Black Manta betrays the team near the end of the film as he tries to either destroy or use the Starro for himself, and manages to esc ape the Squad. Vandal Savage infiltrates the team and steals a piece of Starro to use for mindcontrol, however Batman is on his trail.

Justice League 2: 2020 - Vandal Savage, Ares, Ra’s al Ghul, Lex Luthor and Black Manta. Savage uses Batman’s contingency plans against the founding members of the League, and Starro on the new members. At the end of the film, Ra’s al Ghul seemingly dies and Ares is killed. Nightwing’s relationship with Batman sours and leaves, with Cyborg promising to watch over him, and Wally West is told he should become the next Flash, however he leaves as he is terrified of replacing Barry. As Superman and Green Lantern decide to make the League less public, Batman leaves and forms Batman Incorporated. Vandal Savage eventually escapes prison, and uses the Warworld to meet with Darkseid. In return for betraying the Legion of Doom and assisting the Justice League in stopping the solar flare, Luthor is given a full pardon, and becomes obsessed in using the Warworld for himself to rule as his own planet.

Phase 3:
Green Arrow: 2021 – Deathstroke (Liam Neeson) and Merlyn, with supporting role of Black Canary, Robert Queen and the Question/Wildcast. Robert Queen, Shado and China White are involved in Oliver’s origin, as Robert and Shado had organised a split faction within the League of Assassins and planned to usurp control, and Ra’s al Ghul and Talia are referenced.

Batman: 2021 – Hugo Strange and Poison Ivy, with supporting role of Oracle, Robin, Batwoman and Flash. Hugo Strange is a member of Cadmus, and gains his weaponry from Intergang, which is growing in strength. Main storyline inspiration is The Black Glove. Focuses on Batman's paranoia from JL2 and insanity.

Green Lantern: 2022 – Star Sapphire and Sinestro, with supporting role of John Stewart Green Lantern, Carol Ferris and Martian Manhunter. At the end of the film, the Guardians decide Earth is too chaotic of a planet to let humans wear Lantern rings, and so Hal Jordan and John Stewart are stripped of their rings.
Superman/Wonder Woman: 2022 – Circe and The General, with supporting role of Steve Trevor, Superman and Captain Atom. At the end of the film, Granny Goodness and Gordon Godfrey are revealed to still be in Earth and are gaining influence over the people.

Teen Titans: 2023 – Nightwing, Cyborg, Superboy, Starfire and Ravager, main villains are Deathstroke and Brother Blood. It is revealed at the end that Savage’s Secret Society is still functioning, but with Libra as the new leader. As the villains assemble including Slade, Libra begins activating Motherboxes as Granny Goodness and Glorious Godfrey enter.

Justice League 3: 2023 – Darkseid and his army. Mix of Final Crisis/DCAU. At the end, Batman is killed by Darkseid whilst the Green Lantern Corps give rings back to their human Lanterns. The Titans properly become a division within the League, Nightwing leaves to become the next Batman, Superman leaves the League as he searches for ways of truly making a difference to the world, and Wonder Woman becomes the new leader of the League.

Phase 4:
Batman – Bane and Black Mask/Intergang, with Batwoman, Zatanna (Anne Hathaway) and Green Arrow. Storyline is Battle for the Cowl, Bane takes Jason’s role and story is a follow up to The Black Glove story.

Aquaman – Deathstroke and Ocean Master/Black Manta, with Cyborg, Ravager, Aqualad (Kaldur’am) and Captain Atom. Storyline revolves around Black Manta hiring Deathstroke to help him destroy Aquaman’s family, and Black Manta in returns offers to help destroy the Titans. In betraying Manta, Ravager re-joins her father as he enters a relation with one of the newer Titans named Terra. Aquaman’s baby son is killed by Black Manta, his wife Mera is brutally tortured and relations between Atlantis and the surface world worsen. Aquaman ultimately ends up seemingly killing Black Manta, which influences the League to remove him from their ranks.

Superman – Doomsday and Brainiac, with Steel, Superboy, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Black Canary as supporting roles. Storyline revolves around the near-death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday and his powers being robbed by Brainiac. Without his powers, Superman encourages Luthor to do whatever he wished without superman being alive, however Luthor simply spits at him in prison and laments that he’ll change the world regardless one day. Eventually after training and exposure to red sun radiation, Superman is able to defeat Doomsday and Brainiac, but becomes massively more powerful, so much that he is incapable of controlling his power.

Green Lantern – Sinestro and Hal Jordan Parallax, with supporting role of Starfire, Lobo, and the introduction of Kyle Rayner. Emerald Twilight storyline in which Hal Jordan turns to the darkside and becomes a Parallax consumed villain, ultimately to save the world from himself, he sacrifices himself. The Green Lantern Corp is destroyed, with the sole surviving Guardian proclaiming Kyle Rayner the herald of the universe.

Shazam:2024 – Black Adam and Doctor Sivana/Lex Luthor, with Wonder Woman, Captain Atom and Zatanna as supporting roles. Black Adam ends up resurrecting his wife Isis, however due to the intervention of the Justice League, she withers away. Enraged after her death and unacceptance by the people of Kahndaq, Black Adam declares World War Three.

Justice League 4: Black Adam

Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan would stay deadin this universe


Main Characters:
Henry Cavill – Superman
Ben Affleck – Batman
Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman
Alex O'Loughlin – Green Lantern
Chris Pine – The Flash
Chadwick Boseman – Cyborg
Will Smith – Martian Manhunter

Ralph Fiennes – Darkseid
Helena Bonham Carter – Granny Goodness
David Tennant – Glorious Gordon Godfrey
John Malkovich – Desaad
Liev Schreiber -Kalibak
Patrick Dempsey - Bruno Mannheim

Supporting Characters:

Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White
Diane Lane as Martha Kent
Dan Lauria as Dan Turpin
Elizabeth Banks as Maggie Sawyer
Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth
Ben Barnes as Nightwing
Ellen Page as Oracle
Lynda Carter As Queen Hippolyta
Garret Hedlund as Steve Trevor
Olivia Wilde as Carol Ferris
Emma Stone as Iris West
Joe Morton as Dr Silas Stone
Lupita Nyong’o as Sarah Charles
Steve Buscemi as Professor Ivo
Dominic Cooper as Dr T.O.Morrow
Dominic Purcell As Orion
John Hurt As Highfather

Later Characters:
Tom Hardy – Aquaman
Jake Gyllenhaal – Green Arrow
Rachel McAdams – Black Canary
Garret Hedlund – Steve Trevor
Tyler Hoechlin – Superboy
Jim Caviezel – Captain Atom

Yes people...I don't have a life :oldyella:


Post by BrunoBKMazing » May 18th, 2014, 11:52 pm


Man Of Steel - World's Finest(2015)

Directed by: Zack Snyder

Henry Cavill - Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
Ben Affleck - Bruce Wayne/Batman
Amy Adams - Lois Lane
Jesse Eisen...(I'm still mad about this casting) - Lex Luthor
Callan Mulvey - Metallo
Glenn Jacobs - Doomsday
Lawrence Fishburne - Perry White
Diane Lane - Martha Kent
Jeremy Irons - Alfred Pennyworth
Gal Gadot - Princess Diana/Wonder Woman
Ray Fisher - Victor Stone/Cyborg
Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Garrett Hedlund - Barry Allen/The Flash

Things That I Want To See In The Movie:
- A Bruce Wayne not THAT old, at least in his 40s(no grey hair, please)

- A conflict(not physical) between Clark and Bruce for Lois Lane(something like that love triangle in "The Dark Knight")

- Bruce Wayne not trusting in either Superman or Lex Luthor, but still, helping Luthor to capture Superman, because both of them see him as a threat to the humanity.

- Metallo bringing a great challenge for the duo(Something like the giant Metallo would be pretty cool).

- Lex Luthor trying to find a way to bring something from the outter space. Something that Superman can't defeat. Something that Lex will use to prove to the world that he's the hero that they deserve(Doomsday).

- An epic fight between Batman and Superman(with Batman defeating and capturing Superman for Luthor).

- Doomsday shows up in the end, and Batman frees Superman, so then they have to unite their forces once again.

- Doomsday ends up killing Superman, Batman gets injured, and Lex shows up in his exoskeleton suit to stop Doomsday and prove to the world that they don't need Superman.

- In the end, Batman returns to the Batcave and finds out that there is a Doomsday army coming to Earth, then Diana shows up in her Wonder Woman suit, offering help, and she tells him they are gonna need a bigger team. Then, she shows Bruce some footage(TVs, surveillance cameras, etc...) of the other heroes around the world(Green Lantern, Flash, Cyborg).

The Flash(2016)

Directed by: The Watchowski Brothers

Garrett Hedlund - Barry Allen/The Flash
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Iris West
Simon Baker - Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash
John Slattery - Leonard Snart/Captain Cold
Mark Harmon - Jay Garrick

Things That I Want To See In The Movie:
- The Flash's origin

- Some connection between the future and the present to introduce Reverse Flash

- Captain Cold being a secondary villain

- A team up of Barry and Jay at some point in the movie

- A story kinda similar to the Spider-Man movies. With Barry having to deal with his work, his love interest, keep his identity in secret, but at the same time save Central City from evil.

Justice League(2017)

Directed by: Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck

Henry Cavill - Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman
Ben Affleck - Bruce Wayne/Batman
Gal Gadot - Princess Diana/Wonder Woman
Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Garrett Hedlund - Barry Allen/The Flash
Ray Fisher - Victor Stone/Cyborg
Glenn Jacobs - Doomsday
Amy Adams - Lois Lane
Jesse Eisen... - Lex Luthor
Jeremy Irons - Alfred Pennyworth

Things that I Want To See In The Movie:
- Superman returning from the death.


Green Lantern 2(2018)

Directed by: Joseph Kosinski

Ryan Reynolds - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
Mark Strong - Thaal Sinestro
Blake Lively - Carol Ferris
Michael Chiklis - Kilowog
Geoffrey Rush - Tomar-Re
Idris Elba - John Stewart/Green Lantern

Things that I Want To See In The Movie:
- A good movie to fix the problems of the first one and bring justice for the character.


Post by Fero » Jan 31st, 2014, 12:02 pm


Batman vs Superman

After the near destruction of Metropolis, Lex Luthor begins his campaign for president after LexCorp rebuilds the city. Luthor begins a campaign against Superman and gets in touch with Batman to bring him down. Lex betrays Batman and the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel must put their differences aside to team up and fight Lex. (also features wonder woman)

The Flash (I don't know much about the flash so cut me some slack on this one)

Barry Allen has been a hero in Central city for a few years now, he begins to realize that there are other superheroes out there and also greater foes. All of the enemies that have been locked up escape and become a team. The Flash must fight Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang before he discovers who is behind it all.


Justice League

Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have become allies but even they can't be everywhere at once, they begin to find other heroes to join the team, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman all accept the offer. As the Superheroes grow in strength, so do the villains, Vandal Savage gathers a team of mercenaries tasked with destroying the Superheroes: Deathstroke (Batman), Lobo (Superman), Cheetah (WW), Heatwave (Flash), Solomon Grundy (GL), Black Manta (Aquaman). While these battles take place, Vandal is leading his New World initiative, destroy all religion, all currency and all forms of government to rebuild.


Green Lantern: Rise of Fear

After the devastating events of Justice League, Hal Jordan heads to Oa to get away from it, only to fight that the GL corps are under attack from the Red Lanterns led by Atrocitus. Atrocitus injures Hal and almost kills the greatest Green Lantern, Sinestro. Sinestro needs to become stronger to defeat the Red Lanterns and tries to harness the power of fear. Other Lanterns begin using fear and betray the Green Lanterns and become the Sinestro corps. It is now a three way war between Red, Yellow and Green and there can only be one winner.

Wonder Woman

After the devastating events of Justice League, Wonder Woman heads home to Themyscria, where she reunites with her family, but requests more training to avoid the devastation of Justice League from happening again. She is trained under the god of war, Ares, who teaches her to be even more lethal than before. Wonder Woman quits as she is becoming more violent and hostile and this insults Ares. Ares rampages and its WW and her amazons vs Ares in a battle for Themyscira.

Batman: Arkham Unleashed

After the events of Justice League, most of the residents at Arkham Asylum escaped and are causing trouble all over Gotham, Batman can't do it alone, Nightwing and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown, Barbara is Oracle) join Bruce in his quest. The Riddler is leaving clues all over Gotham, Killer Croc is smashing his way into banks, Poison Ivy is taking back Gotham to its natural state, Mr Freeze is coming for Nora, Zsasz is killing by the dozen and Penguin is reestablishing the black market. Batman needs lots of help so he contacts Talia, who brings in the League of Assassins to wipe crime out. Bruce disagrees with the killing and so its the Bat family vs the League of Assassins.

Man of tomorrow

2 years have passed since the events of Justice League and Superman is still recovering mentally, he sees it as his failure. He heads out into space to train his body to be ready for anything. He notices a ship flying to Earth, he lands and it is a girl wearing the logo of the House of El. She tells Superman that she is his cousin. An earthquake begins threatening Metropolis with no explanation and a creature bursts out of the groundclaiming to be Doomsday. Superman and Supergirl team up but with each punch the beast becomes stronger, they retreat to regroup and devise a plan but Doomsday ambushes them and Superman is pushed to his limits.

Flash: Reign of Grodd

Aquaman: King of Atlantis


Justice League: Invasion

Birds of Prey

Yeah they arent the best but I tried, 'll do more later


Post by MaxSchreck » Jan 27th, 2014, 6:48 am

Really love this thread . It's about time I post some of my ideas here . Maybe later , after school .

Phase One:

Man Of Steel: (2013)

Man of Steel : A Dark Knight Returns (2014) Can Superman and Batman put their differences aside when the power hungry Criminal Mastermind Lex Luthor discovers a weapon more dangerous than an Army of Kryptonians ?

Justice League : Origin (2015) The world is under siege by the armies of Apokalypse . Victor Stone , aka Cyborg , tries his best to unite the worlds heroes against this otherwordly enemy , but the battle against the master of the Anti life equation seems futile ...

Titans (2016) The alien princess Starfire escapes from the home planet of the cruel Gordanians , will she find allies among earths Metahumans that can help her in her fight against the race that has enslaved her people ? Also , discover the origins of Cyborg and see how former Boy Wonder Dick Grayson turns into the leader of earths first team of superheroes !

Shazam : Rebirth (2016) The young , street smart , orphan Billy Batson is entrusted with awesome magical powers that may either turn him into one of the greatest Superheroes ever known or corrupt his very soul . Also see the origin of Black Adam , a villain that will play an important role in the Future of the Dcmu .

Phase Two:

Batman : A Death in the Family (2017)

As Batman is training his new partner , Tim Drake , a mysterious vigilante emerges who tries to wrestle the control over Gothams criminal underworld from mobster Black Mask , who unleashes the Joker in order to get rid of the Man under the Red Hood. As Bruce tries to learn the identity of the ruthless crime fighter he discovers that everything is linked to one of the greatest tragedies in his life . Only with the help of Nightwing will he be able to survive this night .

Wonder Woman : Paradise Lost (2017)

Wonder Woman : Cosmic Odyssey

Wonder Woman Superman Crossover


Flash Green Lantern Crossover


Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Green Lantern ( Green Arrow , Black Canary Introduction ? )

Justice League : Invasion (Aquaman !!!)

Batman : Sons of the Bat

Batman : RIP/Battle for the Cowl

Titans : the Judas Contract ( Deathstroke and Terra !)

Justice League : Doom

Justice League : Crisis (Titans Crossover )

Have to complete the description later :oldyella:


Post by VoodooMu » Jan 25th, 2014, 4:37 am

Mr Wayne wrote:Loved your ideas man. Any idea if who you'd cast in certain roles? Or you not thought that far ahead :oldyella:

I'm horrible at thinking about who'd play who. I might give it a try but I don't really know actors unless their mainstream actors.


Post by Mr Wayne » Jan 25th, 2014, 3:20 am

Loved your ideas man. Any idea if who you'd cast in certain roles? Or you not thought that far ahead :oldyella:


Post by VoodooMu » Jan 25th, 2014, 2:57 am

I made Superman, Wonderwoman and Batman (Batman Vs Superman counts as one of his movies) each have a trilogy whilst Green Lantern, The Flash and Aquaman each have one movie. (I thought about some movies for longer than others)

Phase One:
Man Of Steel: (2013)

Batman Vs Superman: (2015) As Bruce is finishing his worldwide training to become the Bat, Lex Luthor is harnessing Kyrptonites power to make a large threat which alerts Batman and he heads to Metropolis in search of the threat and encounters Superman, they mistake each other for enemies which is followed throughout the movie until they realize heroes can work together (Setting up the idea of the Justice League)

Green Lantern: (2016) DC still isn't treading on new ground (just yet) and work with what they've tried before. Basically Hal Jordan's origin plays out with Sinestro harnessing the power of fear.

Wonder Woman: Princess Of Themyscira (2017) With a successful Green Lantern, DC branch out to Wonder Woman. The movie starts with Wonder Woman's origin with Hippolyta creating her on the shores of Themyscira. Flash forward the the beginning of Diana becoming Wonder Woman as Circe hears of her and attempts to kill her as Circe thinks Wonder Woman is going to steal Hecate's power for herself.

Justice League: (2018) Introduces Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter. Starros appear across Earth at Gotham, Themyscira and Central City and Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and The Flash all end up in Metropolis after Starro The Conqueror appears just off shore of Metropolis, also alerting Green Lantern and Superman due to Starro The Conqueror appearing in his sector/hometown, bringing all our heroes together in a group working together to stop Starro's world domination. The Flash would be fairly new and unknown to the rest of the team, which is why his origin would be explained, Martian Manhunter would be established for a long time and be kind of mysterious and defensive of his origin whilst everyone doesn't know Aquaman because he has never left underwater, at least in a long time.

Phase Two:
The Flash: (2020) With the heroes of the DCCU established, a Flash movie is created. Following a New 52 version of Captain Cold, he is being experimented on and ends up with ice powers, however his sister who also joins the experiment ends up with cancer from the experiment. Since Captain Cold convinced his sister to take part in the experiment, he feels like it was his fault and attempts to save her, by robbing, but Flash interferes.

The Caped Crusader: (2021) As Batman watches over Gotham City, the citizens are freaked out by him, thinking he's evil, and he has to prove himself by stopping Hush

Man Of Steel 2: (2022) With Metropolis destroyed by Lex Luthor, claiming it was Superman, he becomes president and attempts to make a rebellion against Superman but a green alien, Brainiac, is planning to turn Earth into his recently destroyed planet Colu, and Superman saves the day.

Wonder Woman: Warrior Of Themyscira (2023) Barbara Ann Mirerva is in search of the Urzkartagan tribe and bombards in on a special ritual, which Wonder Woman attended. Barbara ends up being the recipient of the ritual and turns into Cheetah with intense power and fights Wonder Woman for her priceless Lasso Of Truth...and Wonder Woman's heart.

Justice League: Tower Of Babel (2024) Batman is keeping secret documents on the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the league, making them distrust him and soon Ra's Al Ghul steals the documents to take distract the Justice League while Ra's plans on reducing the human population.

Phase 3:
The Caped Crusader 2: (2026) Now that Batman has gained trust in Gotham City, it is quickly dwindling because of a large bat terrorizing Gotham, fortunately it turns out to be Man-Bat who is being brainwashed by Hugo Strange.

Aquaman: (2020) As a young boy, Black Manta has autism and was sent to Arkham Asylum and treated there. An experiment on him seemed to clear his head, but the result left him violent, killing the lead professor and escaping Arkham to be amongst the ocean, is favourite thing. Once he becomes an adult, he unleashes his violence, becoming Black Manta and attempting to control the seven seas, but Aquaman won't let it happen.

Wonder Woman: Goddess Of Themyscira (2028) Ares wants to steal Wonder Woman's powers.

Man Of Steel 3: (2029) With Lex Luthor's failed rebellion, he uses his powers as president to take down Superman.

Justice League: Apocalypse (2030) Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, is using his power to become the ruler of Earth and eventually destroy it, making the human population become his slaves on Apokolips, but the Justice League are going to stop him.


Post by Peel » Jan 10th, 2014, 10:50 pm

Batman vs Superman

Henry Cavill - Superman
That Affleck guy - Batman
Gal Gadot - Wonder Woman
Amy Adams - Lois Lane
Lawrence Fisburne - Perry White
Diane Lane - Ma Kent
Adam West/Kevin Conroy/Timothy Dalton/Jason Isaccs - Alfred Pennyworth
Bryan Cranston - Lex Luthor
That Phoenix guy with the weird eye - John Corben/Metallo
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson - Steve Trevor
Jared Palalecki - Dick Grayson/Nightwing
That redhead chick that I can't remember - Barbara Gordon/Oracle

Rough Plot: Luthor and Batman are repairing Metropolis, he has some people rally up a hate campaign against Superman to have him killed, and begins making his own private super-army to stop him, including the way-ward Metallo. Metallo goes crazy early on and almost ruins Luthor's credible identity and almost kills him too, Supes stops him and saves Luthor, who also goes crazy but concludes the only way to defeat Superman is to be him. Batman tries to fight Superman whilst Lex tries to concoct a serum to give him kryptonian powers, whilst the government find out about the cruel forced experiments on people like Corben. Just as Luthor is sent to the chair, his powers kick in and he tries to fight Superman. It's revealed he hasn't perfected the serum, which is also driving him more crazy, and it is up to Superman and Batman to stop him. When Batman sees that Superman opts not to kill him, Batman respects his decision and the two become friends. Luthor is sent to the police and the world's finest go prancing about. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller takes an inquest into Luthor's work, curious as to how to defeat him, and reminds Steve Trevor to keep her updated about WonderWoman.