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Re: [PC MOD] GREEN LANTERN' John Stewart!

Post by Heitor Fraga » Feb 4th, 2015, 1:20 pm

I hadn't thought about it like that, man! Oh... Now I'm sad... :(
Thanks for the words, man, seriously! HAHA! Means a lot. XDD

Re: [PC MOD] GREEN LANTERN' John Stewart!

Post by Jason_G » Feb 4th, 2015, 2:11 am

you know what you have done now, don't you?

you have made it harder to top yourself now.....


Post by Heitor Fraga » Feb 3rd, 2015, 6:21 pm


Hello, folks! All cool?

As I’ve said in my previous mod – the “Son of Batman’ Nightwing” one –, I’ve been through a really harsh crisis of inspiration. That means I, pretty much, were not being able to build anything substantially good in “Arkham City”, what, for itself, explains why I don’t even bother to share it. So I was checking out some of my old mods, just for fun, to see If I could take anything good out of it, and turns out I did it, actually. I stopped in my second version of “Green Lantern” mod, where I saw some people debating about how that was clearly Kyle Rayner – it was, indeed –, and not Hal, what some other dude has stated before. Then, I realize I’d done Hal AND Kyle. And that woke me up to the fact that: once Green Lantern II was the mod of mine that made more success between everyone who likes it, maybe the answer to get out of that crisis is indeed ANOTHER Green Lantern. There were of course, three more to go. And the one I pick, pretty much obviously, was the second earthling Green Lantern – of the corp – who showed up in the comics: the former U.S. military John Stewart! Please, go ahead and check it out, guys!



So… It was clearly a challenge, right? I mean… He’s a bald, muscular, badass and, of course, black character, and if “badass” and “muscular” are items who could describe any playable character of this game, these others two were hard enough to accomplish. At this point, and looking behind me, with anything else I’ve done so far, I think I wouldn’t be able to make it in any other time then now. I feel like I’ve reached the minimum ability to perform this mod just now. It took me lots of hours of work, and creepy fifteen versions of it until I go for “okay, that’s it. I can’t do anything else here”. With the job done, I was surprised of how much the Nightwing model EMBRACE John Stewart with so few efforts on it. I look at it and I don’t recognize Nightwing in it. I look to him and all I can see is John Stewart, and that, for me, as a modder, is like… The most happiness feeling ever. Pure satisfaction. To me, that’s the best job I’ve done so far, specially for all the problems involved in the character simple design, as a bald black man. For me, it’s the compilation of plenty of other jobs, like the first and second Green Lantern, New 52 Nightwing, Deadman, Son of Batman’s--all of them with Nightwing model. Without all these previously works, I couldn’t, for sure, make this John Stewart. I sincerely hope you guys like it just the HALF of how much I do, ‘cause I fricking love it, folks, seriously. Love the job done, love it while I was doing it. Even love the work process, what is, indeed, kinda creepy!

The link to download it in Mediafire is right below!

Would be ask too much to you guys check out the video of this mod in my YouTube channel! That help very, VERY much! If you could leave your LIKES, FAVORITES, SHARES, COMMENTS and, of course, SUBS, it would be simply great, guys! Thank you all!

Again, I just hope you guys like it, seriously! Thank you all for the great support, and for all the words, guys! Y’re amazing!

See ya!
Heitor Fraga