Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 4]: Lost in Memories

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Re: Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 4]: Lost in Memories

Post by conradoaccorsi » Mar 12th, 2013, 7:31 pm

baconfat23 wrote:I finally read and it was good. Again their were some typo's that were easily identifiable to realise what the real words were. Again I love the way you set the title of the name into the story at the end. All up, it was good.

Thanks your Night in Gotham stories rock.

Re: Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 4]: Lost in Memories

Post by VoodooMu » Mar 12th, 2013, 10:22 am

I finally read and it was good. Again their were some typo's that were easily identifiable to realise what the real words were. Again I love the way you set the title of the name into the story at the end. All up, it was good.

Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 4]: Lost in Memories

Post by conradoaccorsi » Mar 9th, 2013, 1:33 am

A blood trail can be seen in the sewer's water. The water has pieces of a gray suit. We can see Batman floating unconsious in the water. His eyes closed.
Batman is dreaming with his parents. They're watching Zorro. The movie ends,everyone got out of the cinema.
The Waynes are the only going to a different direction.
Martha: Tom,where are we going?
Thomas: There is a shortcut here,cmon.
Bruce takes a Gotham Gazzete paper and start playing.
Bruce: Yuh Yah,you can't defeat me I'm ZORRO. Take this stupid criminals.
Martha: It seems that he liked the movie.
Thomas: Isn't it obvious Martha?
Bruce: Yah! You all are going to jail! Mom, why he's called Zorro?
Martha: Zorro means Fox in spanish, Bruce. Stay close to us.
Bruce: Imagine if Zorro came on street riding his horse right now!
Thomas laughs
Thomas: I don't think Gotham would accept a masked vigilante making justice with his own hands, Bruce. The sad thing is that they would problaby throw someone like Zorro in Arkham.
Bruce: What?
Thomas stop.
A gun is pointed to them.
Criminal: Give me the money
Thomas: OK Stay Calm,here take.
Thomas gave him the money.
Criminal: Now the pearls lady.
He takes Martha arm hurting her. Thomas punch the criminal on the face. The criminal reacts and pull the trigger.
Bruce: NOOOOO! Father!
Martha: THOMAS!
Criminal: Give me the pearls lady. GIVE.
The criminal grab the pearls. He point the gun to Martha and shot her. Bruce cries.
Bruce: Mommie Daddy! No!
Bruce starts looking seriously to the criminal eyes.
Criminal: STOP! Sto-op look-king t-to me like this!
The criminal scared,start running and leave the gun.
Bruce take it and put it in his coat.
The scene change to the surface,Gordon,Robin and Batgirl next to the Bat-Signal.
Robin: Keep this on.
Gordon: Soon it will broke.
Robin: KEEP ON.
Gordon: Sorry...I was just sayin
Batgirl use finger signals.
Robin: Batgirl,everyone is worried.
Alfred is sitting on the front of the Batcomputer, crying.
He remembers his first day taking care of Bruce, he arrived in Gotham Train Station where the Wayne Family was waiting for him, he was wearing his classic suit.
Thomas: Alfred! We are here!
Alfred: Thomas, how are you?
Thomas: Fine, you've already met Martha, this our son. Bruce say hello to Alfred!
Bruce: I want Jarvis!
Martha: Bruce, how rude, we've already talked about this. Sorry, Alfred, he just miss your father
Alfred: He isn't alone, it's hard to understand, the circumstances of his death...were complicated.
Thomas: We are all gonna miss him. Oh, this talk made me forget, here are the keys.
They enter a black and shinny limo, Alfred enters the in the right seat
Alfred: What? Where's the steering wheel?
Thomas: Alfred, in America we drive at the left side.
Bruce laughs about Alfred
Alfred: Oh thank you.
They arrive at Manor's entrance, a giant gate.
Thomas: Here's the controller, it opens and locks this gate, always carry this with you.
Alfred: Thank you again, Master Thomas.
After riding up the hill, they get at Wayne Manor, a giant house mixing Irish, British and Scottish architecture, a giant yard with fountains and statues and a little far, on the corner of the area, a cemetery. They open the doors and leave the limo.
Alfred: Where can I leave the car, Masters?
Thomas: Follow the right corner, a little up there is our garage
After leaving the car, he enters the kitchen and starts cooking a cake
Martha: Is that cake Alfred?
Alfred: Yes, chocolate cake
Martha: Look Bruce, your favorite cake
Bruce: I only like Jarvis' cake
Alfred finished the cake and put it on table, everyone is pleased with the cake minus Bruce which sits looking to the cake with a bored face.
Martha: It's delicious Alfred, thank you, we're going up, take care of Bruce and make him sleep at least at 9.
Alfred: Your wish is an order
Alfred took Bruce to his room and put him on his bed
Alfred: Good night, I'm gonna leave the cake here you can eat if you want.
Alfred closed the door, Bruce opened his eyes and jumped from the bed, took the plate and ate the cake.
Alfred, looking through lock, smiled. In the morning of the day after, the family went to a picnic at the yard, Alfred was reading the Forbes magazine about "The Wolf of Gotham City" until the door opened and they entered running with Bruce on their arms.
Martha: Oh god Alfred, Bruce's leg it's bleeding, can you do something while we go to the Wayne Pharmaceutical get some remedies?
Alfred: Of course, I was trained on this, don't worry
Alfred took care of Bruce and put him on the bed
Bruce: How can you be so nice? I've did a lot to annoy you, and you're standing still.
Alfred: There's one thing I can tell Master Bruce, when things get hard, you start looking for something to blame. Let me tell you something you might already know, the world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It's a very mean and nasty place and I it don't care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it... You've gotta hit as hard as life. It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much can you take and keep moving forward? That's how winning is done. Now rest I little, I'll come back.
Alfred went down to the Kitchen, there he saw the cemetery, he went outside to the cemetery, there he found incredibly beautiful graves with statues and names like Solomon, Nathaniel and Kenneth but in the end there was a not so beautiful grave, there was written: "Jarvis Pennyworth, more than a butler but a loyal friend", Alfred started crying, he was surprised by Bruce who gave him a hug.
Suddenly, Dick entered the Batcave
Alfred: Ma-master Richard I'm sorry, I was just-
Dick: Alfred, we have a blood trail on the sewers maybe he's still-
Alfred: Alive? Thank god
Nightwing: Are you okay? What was happening here Alfie?
Alfred: Nothing I was just...lost in memories...