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Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Red leader » Sep 16th, 2015, 1:17 pm

Can i just say that i have fallen in love with this game recently?

I want to just argue some criticisms not in any order.

1. The fact that ac was in the game.
I dont get this complaint, yes its technically the same place but it is 10 years before so it looks differnt and certain things are there that where submerged in city.

2. electrocutioner.
He was a throw away character yes but he was funny plus we had the other assassins to be interesting.

3. enigma.
I loved the fact that eddie was not riddler yet and that there was no fight by the end. The idea is that bruce one the battle but in making eddie turn into a complete villain he lost the war or at least began the war.

4. the plot twist.
My 2nd favorite villain in comics is black mask and the reveal made me stop playing for a bit my first time through. However i have since loved it cause they nailed black mask when joker pretends to be him and in romans scenes later. They may have shafted him but at least they understood the character plus the idea of joker wearing the mask fits with the concepts of the character in a cool way and even makes city better but i wont go into that cause its all super complicated. I was fine with joker being the main villain cause unlike city they went in with him being the villain from a character level while city just made him the main villain when they had already made a plot with a different rouge who ends up getting shafted for another who ends up getting shafted by joker all in one scene.

There are a lot of other things but they arent over arcing topics other then combat which im not to knowledgeable when it comes to games. Overall i think origins is incredibly underrated.

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by robert wayne » Jan 10th, 2015, 4:10 pm

I'll probably give arkham origins 8/10. In basic terms

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by johnsyggel » Dec 5th, 2013, 9:08 pm

Everything's subjective,i guess.Let's see...It's an Arkham game,did you not expect a lot of thing to be the same as the two previous games?Some boss fights,some gadgets,techniques etc.Not seeing something new is one thing,but it doesn't mean that what you actually see isn't good.Sure,the game had its disadvantages,like the underused Black Mask,Shiva and Electrocutioner,the already seen Deadshot fight(AC Two-Face) and many glitches.On the other hand,the voice acting is top notch,the story had only a few plot holes,if none at all(unlike AC) and there was only one boss fight i'm not eager to play again and again(Copperhead).Plus,there were these sequences where Batman shows his human nature...What matters most is whether you enjoyed playing the game or not.I know i enjoyed it a lot.In fact,i liked it even more than AC.There,i said it! :oldyella:

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Bleemak » Dec 4th, 2013, 3:30 pm

Batman Arkham Origins

So is it good? Yes. Better then AC and AA? No.


Story is good at end but at beginning, it's boring. Nothing great happens and you're just gliding around Gotham City. It get better though and voice acting is pretty good. Sure Conroy and Hamill are better, but remember, they've done this for 20 years. For a first time, Smith and Baker do a good job. Story takes about 10 hours and side missions makes it +3. Batwing is good, and unlocking towers was good idea.

But what I don't like, is underused villains and again, the Joker. Black Mask was hyped for several months but we don't see him at all. Or Deathstroke. Story focuses mainly in Bane and Joker.

What about bosses?

Shiva was disappointment. HUGE ONE. Only one battle and she was combination of ninja and martial artist. She's one the greatest fighter in DC Universe. Not in this game.

Deathstroke too. Only one boss battle and cutscene at end?

And Bane has 3? Why? Good voice-acting, and wasn't copycat of Titans, but last one was disappointment.

Electrocutioner is joke.

Black Mask is underused. Good voice-acting from him too.

Joker is Joker, nothing bad at that.

Mad Hatter was good, voice-acting excellent, but was too short.

Copperhead decent, but copied too much from Ra's Al Ghul.

Deadshot too short and stupid ending.

Anarky? Disappointment.

Killer Croc? Was pretty ok.

Firefly? Awesome. He had his own place and good voice-acting but whydid he fell on same tactic over and over again?

Riddler? Meh.

But developers said they liked Freeze boss battle and wanted that players must use different tactics to defeat bosses, nope. Deathstroke: press counter button at right time, Killer Croc: use beatdown, Bane: use shock gloves, Copperhead: evade and strike. Seriously?

Gotham City is empty and lifeless, exactly opposity what developers said. Sure I understand why there isn't so much civilians because of winter storm, but I saw more civilians in E3-demo then in actual game. Also too many thugs in there. Seriously, this isn't Arkham City!

Side missions are usually just copy of AC. Anarky=Zsasz. Black Mask=Bane. Riddler=Riddler. Mad Hatter was something new.

Gameplay is actually easier then in AC and AA. In predator you have Remote Claw, which makes them easier and Shock Gloves in combat. Besides Remote Claw and Shock Gloves for non-Wii U owners, there isn't other new gadgets. Also I though they would at least change special moves. Well they didn't. It's good like in Arkham City, but that doesn't make it better.

Deathstroke DLC was also HUGE disappointment. Just copy of Robin in moves and copy of Batman in special moves. Why?

Multiplayer is solid but not like in CoD, or other multiplayer-based games. Batman and Robin move too slow and stupid. Thugs have terrible condition. But fresh idea there is though, but how they did it wasn't that good. Also there is only one mode.

At release date there were numerous bugs and glitches. My PS3 froze 5 times in 1 day. 5! And many others... I experienced more bugs and glitches in 2 days in this game, then year in Batman Arkham City.


This game isn't bad, but it's greatest weakness is that it's always compared to AC. And it's not better then AC.

+: Good story, good voice-acting, good combat, Mad Hatter side-missions, solid multiplayer, Batwing.

-: Empty Gotham City, not much new, not much character evolution like developers said, unused villains, Deathstroke DLC.

So 6/10. For AA and AC fans buy it, but think price first. And besides story, you won't find much new.

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by guztov » Nov 13th, 2013, 10:08 pm

Batman Arkham Origins Review

As soon as this title was announced i was quite happy and didn't care for the fact that this was a prequel. The setting introduction with 8 assassins on Christmas eve was quite interesting and left me urge to see more and play it. Now that i have here my thoughts:

Surprisingly good for my taste. Characters were great and interesting and were quite similar to their comic-book roots. Story has predictable yet still surprising twist and turns. I act is kinda slow, but after that the game gets really exacting, has many awesome moments and makes me wanting to see how the story ends. Voice actors did a great job and hearing Harvey Bullock from BTAS really brought a smile to my face. But since we're dealing with a prequel the story lacked weight. Some of it's shocking moment got ruined because i know how it will turn up. It felt like a story that never really needed to be told, but still being great.

Atmosphere, Setting
Well this was the first time we get to explore Gotham City (not as a prison). City is full of 100% thugs and corrupt cops no civilians what so ever (well only if the plot wanted hostages). It's said that every ones at home thanks to Christmas Eve and snow-storm, but still doesn't explain why there's so many thugs everywhere (rooftops but none inside building after you complete it). They could added some homeless people and make camps with them, but couldn't be asked i guess. New (South) Gotham is great, it has that Gotham feel but has giant walls everywhere and feels like it already has an prison city in it. Christmas De core was nice. Crime in progress was nice new system but had the lack of variety. Also they removed some gargoyles from some rooftops. Why? I don't know. Graphics are great, i have always loved the physix effects in Arkham games but in this one they were lacking in some places. Still snow storm effects and floating money when fighting were great.

The big elephant in the room, WBM makes little changes and few new things to combat and gadgets. Although new ideas were good they weren't inputted enough (to few martial artist, big thugs felt weird). Gadgets are the same technology as in the future and for some reason better than the ones Arkham Asylum. Some gadgets made combat and predator sections feel very overpowered and seem to lose the idea of challenging the player. And this game contains lot of BUGS and some new systems (and old) have terrible design faults (mainly key bindings and The Dark Knight system). Combat is also very buggy and thanks to that is actually lesser experience than AC. Core is the same but lacks polish and ideas and feels more a DLC. Boss fights were improved having new ideas implanted. Oh and puzzles were also very easy because they were mostly recycles.

Final verdict
Somewhat win or lose, i hoped more raw younger batman feeling but got very similar (DLC) experience. WBM failed with polish, creative ideas and leaving their mark on the Arkham franchise. It was still fun and i accept it as a part of the Arkham franchise, but had that unnecessary prequel thing attached.

I don't believe in scores it makes the reviews seem thumbed down. But for your amusments:

It's 5,5/10 (if the DLCs bring new creative goodys it would be 6/10)
[Change the scores since the bug issues are killing the game]

NB: Wouldn't recommend to buy before the bugs are fixed.

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Red_Hood » Nov 11th, 2013, 11:34 pm

I changed my mind and give it a 8/10

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Pieter » Nov 10th, 2013, 10:28 pm

At the end of the day I loved everything !
But I've got to admit the strongest points were the Story , the Atmosphere and the Cast !

-- Nov 10th, 2013, 10:30 pm --

Ooh and Bruce's character Development !

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by arkhamcitydood » Nov 8th, 2013, 2:38 am

Obviously my review will be filled with spoilers, so be warned. I'm not putting them in spoiler tabs.

Okay, so I've finally played enough of the game to give a proper rating. The only thing I haven't done yet is NG+, I am the Night, and 100% completion. The game is amazing. They story is very gripping, and some of these characters are very well written. I'm just going to write tons of pros and cons because I don't want to spend my whole night writing a review.

-The voice acting
-The Enigma sidemission (Not as good as AA, but far better than AC. It felt repetative in AC. Origins had varied puzzles, unlike city where most of them were similar)
-Bane was awesome in this game.
-The boss fights.
-The story
-The new upgrades and gadgets.
-The multiplayer
-The relationships between Batman and Joker and Batman and Alfred.
-The graphics.

-Some small glitches, like the frame rate dropping.
-The sidemissions are uninspired and we've already done them in AC. The good ones were too short, such as Mad Hatter and Deadshot
-Assassins didn't get enough screentime. You'd think someone like Deathstroke would appear a lot throughout the game because of all the hype he had, but no.

Overall, Arkham Origins is an excellent game and I'm happy it was released. I'd give it a 9/10. I plan on getting Arkham Origins: Blackgate when I pay off my ps4.

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Pieter » Nov 3rd, 2013, 4:15 pm

I genuinely Loved the story was brilliant it really is my favorite Batman and Joker's first encounter story and right up there with Dark Victory and R.I.P as my favorite Batman stories ever. The combat while not different from AO has some new additions that I appreciate like The Enforcers and Martial Artist also it feels a bit harder than AA and AC. The gameplay in general is excellent and this time more than ever I feel like Batman things like The Casefile Reports and crime scene investigation really add to that feeling. The MP while not groundbreaking is really fun to play and that's all I asked for.
The only things I want in the next Arkham Game that will make things even better are :
- Co-op
- More Batfamily Characters
- Even More Side Missions
- More Modes in MP

But this game on it's own is fantastic and even beats AC as my favorite Superhero game.
My Score : 10/10

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Arkham_Robin » Oct 31st, 2013, 1:11 am

This game is amazing! I almost beat the story and it's pretty awesome. I'm sorry to spoil it but i love how they introduced Harley! The multiplayer is also awesome! :lol:

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Mr Wayne » Oct 28th, 2013, 11:47 pm

I won't (can't coz I'm shit at wording things) do a long review of my personal play through but I'll list pros and cons. Spoilers ahead!


-Man! Hell of a story! Surely the best story out of all 3 games.
-Gotham. We told em what we wanted and they delivered with the main island of Gotham.
-Batcave and Alfred!
-Bane was done right. I honestly felt threatened by him and at one point actually thought he was gonna break Batmans back. Though questions have to be raised now. Does Bane break Batmans back in the Arkhamverse? If so it means Bane finding out who Batman is (again).


I have but 1 major con...

Gotham. Yes we got what we wanted but was it needed? (Of course if you think about where certain parts of the story took place yes) but I don't think it was. Don't get me wrong it was amazing to explore but it did feel a tad empty and I put it down to the fact that....we had the same amount of everything compared to Arkham City but spread out over this large map. That's why it feels empty to me. The story could have been told over one of the islands.


Combat etc I didn't expect any major changes from AA or AC coz well why fix something that ain't broke? Same applies to this copy and paste nonsense. Did it feel like we were fighting Talias elite guard? Sure, but shiva is part of the LOA. Glue gun? Why would he have a freeze gun when freeze maybe isnt freeze yet? You get what I mean. Also riddles? Etc yes I know he isn't the riddler yet but the riddles and the trophies filled in the more lonely parts of the AC map and made it feel alive....something that was missing in Origins. What bugged me a bit was the fact WBM bigged up character development and even though it does happen in the game I feel as if they sold us short on that one.

Overall it's what I expected and a solid entry into the Arkhamverse.

Arkham Asylum - 9.5
Arkham City - 9.2
Arkham Origins - 8.1

Rocksteady. You're up.

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Killa_Moff » Oct 27th, 2013, 8:28 pm

How do you top the greatness of Arkham City? You can't... well, WBM haven't done so with Origins. Instead we're treated with a game that feels more like DLC for Arkham City.

One night, 8 assassins, Chaka mad. The Christmas ham will have to wait, as Batman takes down an uninspired lineup of villains, in what are mostly boring boss battles. I only ended up enjoying 3 bosses from Origins. Which is even more frustrating due to WBM promising battles inspired by the Mr Freeze from City.

The story was a mess, the payoff leaving me unimpressed and wishing WBM had done something new instead of borrowing heavily from the previous instalments. Even the credits were a blatant ripoff of Rocksteady's work. Literally no originality storywise.

And then there's multiplayer... Oh yes, this is good. Easily the most enjoyable part of Origins and something I've been wanting to see in the series.

Overall: I had my doubts when I heard a new developer was taking on Arkham... and unfortunately I was right to doubt. WBM have created a very average game. While Multiplayer is really fun, story mode is uninspired and boring for the most part. And if not for my love of Batman and the Arkhamverse... my score would be a lot lower.

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by TFDutchman » Oct 27th, 2013, 12:39 pm

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Beginning with a dark and gloomy shot of bats clinging to a roof, we're thrust straight into the action of Batman: Arkham Origins as Bruce Wayne descends in an elevator into the well known Batcave. There's trouble on Christmas Eve as Black Mask terrorises Blackgate Prison. Bruce suits up, Alfred watching woefully from the side, as Batman now steps away climbing into the Batwing and launching off into the night.

It's an exciting and memorable opening for fans as it's the first time we've seen the Batcave in an Arkham game. Warner Bros. Montreal takes over for this latest entry in the franchise after Arkham Asylum and Arkham City produced by Rocksteady. Straight away in the opening moments of the game you can see that WBM have adopted Rocksteady's baby and handle it well. The iconic Freeflow and Predator Combat of the previous Arkham games remains completely intact. It's a combat system that has been close to perfect right from the very beginning in Arkham Asylum and fans will jump back comfortably into Batman's shoes. Navigation hasn't changed. Running, jumping, gliding and the Grapnel Accelerator have all been retained and function just as well as they have in previous games. In terms of the core gameplay, it feels and plays like any of it's predecessors. No need to fix what isn't broken. A new addition to navigation, though, is the ability to unlock Fast Travel markers across the significantly larger map. It's a seemingly minor addition, but very welcome on a map this size.

After the opening sequence in Blackgate Prison we're introduced to the main plot of the story. Batman is being hunted. Black Mask has hired 8 of the world's best assassin's for a one night only shot at claiming a $50 Million bounty on Batman. This is just the beginning of the night for Batman though as the plot thickens as Batman pursues his targets.

The story is most certainly the highlight of this entry in the Arkham series. Exceptionally well written and the story keeps rolling forward at a brisk pace as Batman crosses the likes of Penguin, Jim Gordon and the GCPD, Black Mask, Deathstroke, Bane and eventually Joker. Make no mistake, this is a Batman-Joker story and I feel that it works great in context with Asylum and City. It's a true origin story. The first meeting of Batman and the Joker. Black Mask and the Assassins are simply the catalyst that puts these two on a crash course with each other on this particular night. As an overarching story, if Asylum was the middle and City the end of Batman and Joker's story, then Origins serves perfectly as the beginning. We see a Batman who is raw, less refined, more brutish and someone the GCPD hunts down like any other criminal. Watching him evolve throughout the story as he forms familiar relationships gives more insight to the experiences that lead Batman to become the well refined crimefighter we see in Asylum. The same is said of Joker. He's far more unwound, violent and brutal than his previous incarnations.

Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker take over the roles of Batman and Joker respectively and they fill the shoes of their predecessors exceptionally well. Baker especially puts in the biggest highlight performance of the game and steals the scene every time he's on screen.

The relationships formed throughout the story are some the best moments in the Arkham series. The relationship between Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth in particular. Friends at heart, but with largely differing opinions of Bruce's methods. Especially when Bruce's enemies thus far in his early years have been common street thugs. Never has Bruce faced down the world's best assassins or anyone that would ever pose as much a threat to him. Bruce's resolve and capabilities are truly put to the test.

This is where Origins excels in delivering fresh new boss battles. The villain encounters in this game are some of the best in the series and after three games it really feels as if the developers have found a handle on creating memorable encounters. Testing Batman's various Freeflow Combat and Predatory skills, every villain offers a different challenge. Bane is a brute force enemy that requires careful evasion and putting stuns, beatdowns and takedowns to use; Copperhead tests your large crowd control skills and general skills; while a villain like Deadshot tests your Predatory skills. Having found different and unique methods to craft their boss battles in Arkham City with the likes of Mr. Freeze, Origins is able to build on that foundation again and craft some memorable and fun encounters.

A big part of Batman has always been his gadgets and in Origins nothing is lost from previous games. All of Batman's previous tools return, but to retain story continuity some items have been renamed or restructured. The Jammer is now a Disruptor and instead of looking like a small trigger, it appears like a larger gun; the Glue Grenade substitutes for the Ice Grenade; and the new Remote Claw is the spiritual replacement for Batman's Line Launcher with a few new features. The newest addition to Batman's belt are the Shock Gloves. Used for powering Electrical Conduits in puzzle solving situations, they serve as a significant power boost for Batman in combat. As you fight you'll build up energy to activate the gauntlets. Batman's strength is amplified and armoured, riot shield and stun baton enemies no longer pose a serious threat as you can just punch through them.

In hindsight, the Remote Claw can seem like an overpowered tool for use in Predator situations while the Shock Gloves can appear overpowered in Freeflow Combat situations. They can quite simply make life easier and Batman a great deal more powerful. Some might feel they take some of the challenge out of both situations, but no one's forcing you to use them. Others may feel the reuse of certain gadgets may feel like a cheap way out creatively. Particularly in the instance of the Glue Grenade and Disruptor. There are some parts of Origins that just feels reused from City. While there's certainly a whole bevy of new thugs and enemy types, it struck me funny when I was attack by a group of Ninjas, all of which were the exact same character model as Talia's Elite Guard from Arkham City with some different colouring on them. It's minor, but it still feels cheap in that regard.

What isn't a cheap copy, though, is the newly expanded map. North and South Gotham provide a massive playground for Batman to roam around in. While part of the map is the same map we previously had in Arkham City, time has been rewound and we get a look at how the city looked long before it was walled off and turned into a super prison. So much of it seems different that while some iconic locations are retained, other locations feel completely new. It makes the whole map feel like a whole new playground. Populated largely by criminals prowling the streets late at night, as well as the cops that chase them, the city is largely devoid of a civilian population. Seemingly strange, but well handled. Simple things like cars abandoned in the streets, the severity of the snowstorm, hearing a crying baby inside a building or even as simple as a PA Announcement from the GCPD enforcing that all citizens stay inside due to the conditions, makes the city feel populated. Though, regardless of these things, it still just feels very empty at times when the only people you've got wandering the streets are cops and criminals.

Another new improvement to the series has been the Crime Scene Investigation. Building off of some minor instances in Arkham City that may have had you scan something in the environment to reveal the trajectory of a bullet, these expanded sequences build upon and highlight Batman's skills as a detective. Relatively simple and lacking in challenge, it's largely a guided walk through a crime scene picking out points of interest and reconstructing a crime. Some instances will have you scrubbing through the footage to help you find the next point of interest, but they're obvious and plainly marker. Might've been more interesting to not mark these points of interest so obviously to add that challenge for the player to find them themselves. It's a great new addition and something well worth expanding on in future entries. As stated, it really highlights Batman's skills as a detective and piecing together the events of a crime can be satisfying. None are as truly satisfying as the first Crime Scene in Lacey Towers, but it's a great direction for the future.

A staple of the series has always been the Riddler, his trophies, challenges and his riddles. Riddler returns in a manner of speaking as Enigma, Riddler in his early days. I applaud WBM for their logical consideration that Enigma, pre-Riddler, is not going to be leaving Riddles and Trophies lying around all over the city. Instead we're faced with Comm Towers that serve as part of Enigma's plot and help to unlock the fast travel points around the City. There are also Datapacks, replacements for the Riddler trophies, that provide information on people Enigma plans on extorting. It's a suitable replacement for the Riddler Trophies of the previous games. In the same collectable category, players will find buildings marked with Anarky's tag. Scanning these tags will provide background information on these iconic locations.

Now, not everything in this game is rainbows and butterflies. I can easily say that the overall fantastic gameplay, which hasn't changed largely since Arkham Asylum, and the exceptionally well told story make Arkham Origins an equal to it's predecessors. What hurts the title, though, is a bevy of technical issues that hamper gameplay. As convenient as Fast Travel is, I find it hurts the game. Audio is often out of sync during the Fast Travel animation, and the processing load it places on the system afterwards leads to heavy lag that gets to a point of unplayability. This is fixed by quitting the game and getting back into it, but Fast Travel should be a convenience and not something players want to avoid out of fear that the game will start lagging. Some textures take quite some time to load and some audio winds up out of sync or occassionally loops over the top of the next piece of audio (this happens occassionally during in-game cutscenes). Then there's just the odd random glitch here and there. All of this is stuff that certainly can, and should, be patched within the opening weeks of the game's release, but a title like this shouldn't be experiencing these kinds of issues at launch. They may seem minor in some regard (Skyrim face similar issues, particularly on the PS3) but it feels like it lacks a standard of polish set by Asylum and City.

Finally there's the multiplayer, undoubtedly Origins biggest contribution to the series. Shipping with only 4 maps and 1 mode, there definitely appears to be room for expansion through DLC and I think that's exactly what is intended for Origins. In Invisible Predator Online there are three teams. Bane's Mercenaries, Joker's Thugs and the Heroes. Two players are chosen by roulette spin to take on the roles of the heroes, Batman and Robin, cleverly designed in a way that no previous player who has played as the heroes in a lobby can play the heroes again until everyone has had a turn. Everyone else forms two teams of three. The thug teams fight for control over three points on a map, slowly draining each other of reinforcements until the other team is completely wiped out. At the same time, the heroes stalk them trying to earn enough intimidation to prevent either team from winning. It's well thought out and a great addition to the series for players who enjoy getting together with friends for some online play. Heroes' predatory skills will be put to the test and thugs will have to fight a war on two fronts. It's simple and it's fun.


Overall, Batman: Arkham Origins is another fantastic entry in the Batman: Arkham franchise. It's gameplay remains as strong as ever and the story is one of the strongest in the series. It's easily deserving to be considered an equal to it's predecessors, but where it loses out is in it's technical faults that, fingers crossed, will hopefully be fixed to improve overall performance.


+ As always, the core gameplay is fantastic
+ Excellent story
+ Strong voice acting performances
+ Memorable boss battles

- Glitchy and plagued by some technical issues that hurt overall performance

Final Score:

- Gary V aka TFDutchman

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Red_Hood » Oct 26th, 2013, 6:47 pm

Since I have beaten the game I guess I will say somethings what I think.

Story: Not bad, well for WB Montreal. I think the story is a tiny bit disappointing from the other Arkham games. I beat the main story earlier than I thought I was going to. The story does keep you interested (well it did for me) I can't say much of my thoughts because I would spoil it but.. I have to say this about it
Spoiler: show
Once again Joker steals the show. Black Mask is not the main villain he gets shut out as soon as you find out Joker was the one that hired the assassins and did everything.

Multiplayer: A little addition that some people hate and like. I find it actually kind of enjoyable when you play as Batman and Robin because I feel overpowered :adam: and also I feel overpowered playing as Joker :lol:. Anyways its not perfect but it is something to play.

Overall: Batman Arkham Origins is a game that has its flaws but it is still a very good game.
I am going to be nice and give this game a 9/10

Re: [VIDEOGAME] Batman: Arkham Origins

Post by Benji » Oct 26th, 2013, 6:24 pm

Well well, feels like I've been away from this place for months, even though it's only been a week.

Just been playing Origins on and off for the past 24 hours, I've completed the story but haven't completed all the side missions yet, I've barely put any effort into the Enigma side mission, and I'm sure I've still got one or two more character profiles to unlock.

Anyway, here's my review, don't read if you haven't completed the story yet.

Gameplay: With both combat and predator being left untouched from City, the gameplay still remains flawless in these aspects, Batman is still able to kick ass and take down thugs quite naturally, using the Batwing to fast travel from Old to New Gotham was a treat as well with the place being twice the size of City, new gadgets worked well and were given plenty of scenarios to use them in, however, I'm not sure if it was just me but I felt like the grapple hook felt more limited this time around, though I suppose it makes sense with Batman being in his early days and there's a giant snow storm bigger than Miley Cyrus tongue he has to put up with. The story was a decent amount of length, however, the side missions, when compared to City are very disappointing to me, I know I haven't complated all of them yet, but a lot of them seem to be "go to this place, beat up thugs, rinse, repeat." maybe there's more to come. The gameplay also manages to vary itself quite a bit, especially when it came to the boss fights, the Mad Hatter side mission, playing as Joker in his psyche and the new type of thugs you have to put up with as well. All in all, gameplay is very good.

Spoiler: show
It had it's good points and bad points, good points being it felt very much like a Batman story, there were a couple of interesting plot twists, bad guys working for and against each other, drama with Alfred, the start of the relationships with characters like Joker and Gordon, we see Babs for the first time and we have Dr. Harleens first meeting with Joker in Blackgate (even though her first meeting with Joker would have been at the Asylum, according to her Arkham Asylum interview tape, but I suppose I'd just be nitpicking). However, we have the bad points, such as Black Mask was hardly in it at all, he wasn't the big mastermind, and I really was looking forward to having a big showdown with him towards the end. I did like the plot twist, but after months of leading up to the game, with Black Masks menacing voice ordering he wants the Bat dead I became accustomed to the idea of him and was looking forward to it, if I ordered pizza at a restaurant but was given a burger instead, I'd still quite happily eat the burger but at the same time I would be thinking how delicious that pizza could have been.

Spoiler: show
This is kind of similar to the Black Mask/Joker twist, in that we were promised 8 assassin's on the hunt to have your head and it's like half of them had more important things to do, Croc was a decent first boss fight in my opinion and it did feel quite menacing when he was trying to take a bite out of me like I was a chicken that had just been put through the peri peri car wash, and it did it's job well and served what was going to come. Deathstroke was excellent, made the player really concentrate and feel the game, top notch. Copperhead too, forcing Bats to deal with his demons. Electrocutioner just felt like he was there so Batman could steal his gloves. Shiva wanted to "test" you, which I should've seen coming I suppose, I wonder how she managed to get a recording of a baby crying, did she steal some candy away from one whilst holding a tape recorder to it's babyface? As for Bane, he really scared the crap out of me on the final boss fight, especially when it was quite tricky to control the camera angle, although this game really did do Bane justice after Asylum and City and gave a reasonable explanation as to why he appears to have the intelligence of a cast member of The Only Way Is Essex in the previous games. All in all, some good, some bad.

A great game, with a good story, awesome gameplay, however let down a little by a slightly disappointing plot. However, when compared to Rocksteady's two Arkham babies, it seems to lack that certain magic, Asylum and City feel more fleshed out to me, even though Origins is the size of Scarbrough Asylum and City feel like they have more detail, more atmosphere and much more depth, maybe I still have more to come in my exploration or Origins but I feel a little bit disappointed in that department. WB Montreal have done a great job, and have made an above average game, it may not be on the level of Rocksteady, but that's Rocksteady after all.