Batman #16

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Batman #16

Post by Batwoman » Apr 1st, 2015, 12:16 am


Lola Jones : This is Lola Jones, reporting live from the Gotham Plaza. In some short minutes, Theodore Sharp, grandson of former Mayor Quincy Sharp, will begin his days as Mayor, and according to himself, he's going to start his new job with a pretty big announcement. In other news, it's been one month since the disappearence of reporter Vicki Vale. Misa Vale vanished during the attacks on the city last month, and although we are still looking for her, it may be time to assume the worst. Same is the case with former G.C.P.D. Commisioner James Gordon. Talking about the G.C P.D., the trial of Commisoner McKillen is over. McKillen has been declared guilty of treason and conspiracy against the city of Gotham and the G.C.P.D. The new commisioner is yet to be named. Despite all these importante news, there is still one question we are all asking ourselves. Ever since the night of the attacks, the Batman hasn't been seen. There have been sightings of his allies, but none of the Bat himself. Where is the Batman? Did he retired? Or was he one of the many victims of the attacks?

Part one of three
Written and plotted by Batwoman

Chinatown :
Nightwing : Got another one. Two thugs. One armed with an AK-47.
Oracle : Copy that, Nightwing. Robin, how are you doing?
Robin kicks his way inside a truck. He breaks one thug's nose and kicks the other out of the truck.
Robín : -tt- This is getting really boring...
Nightwing turns on his electric sticks, as he leaps towards the truck he was following.
He air-kicks a thug, causing them to crash their truck.
Thug #1 : Hnnn... Wha..?
Nightwing throws the thug out of the truck, and as the thug struggles to get back on his feet, the first Robin lifts him.
Nightwing : Where are all the weapons coming from?! Who needs such firepower?!
Thug #1 : Go to Hell, Bird-boy, you ain't no Bat. Besides, we've already beaten the Big, Black Bat.
Nightwing : ...
Dick smashes the thug against a wall, knocking him out.
Nightwing : Oracle, this is not working. They are not afraid of us.
Oracle : Have patience, Nightwing. Give him time. After everything we've been through... after everything HE'S been through... all he needs is some time.
Nightwing : I understand, Barb... It's just that this city is going to hell again without him.
Oracle : Hold on... Something's coming through. Guys, do you have any screens or whatever nearby?
Batgirl : I am in Gotham Square, yeah. The screens have gone crazy.
Oracle : The city has been hacked. Someone's about to deliver a live message...
From the screens, the red streaks slowly start to disappear, revealing the location from which the vídeo is being filmed : an old, bloodied slaughterhouse. There are large pieces of raw meat hanging from hooks, and dead bodies as well.
It's Professor Pyg.
Pyg : Eeekkk!!! HHELLoooo, Gotham!!!! I'm daddy and you are my little Sallys!!! Oinky OIINKKK!!! -squeal squeal!-
Red Robin : Pyg. Barbara, tarck the signal of the...
Oracle : Already on it, R.R...
Pyg : Mr. Daddy is going to turn you all into perfect little dolls!!! Mamma will be sooo prouud!!! Heeeeeheeeeeheeeeeee!!!!
Robin : This isn't like Pyg. He would never annouce himself like this. It must be a diversion.
Huntress : Agreed. Oracle, do you have Pyg's location?
Oracle : Yes, Huntress. Willowood County, Ellis Meat old slaughterhouse.
Red Hood : Let's get going.
Meanwhile, in the Ellis Meat slaughterhouse :
Pyg : It's done, my friend!!! The piggies must be on their way!
Scarecrow : Heh heh heh... Good. I need to test them. I need to see how they act towards a mass chemical threat like what I have in store for Gotham.
Half an hour later, the Bat-family arrives.
Red Robin : Okay. Red Hood and Huntress, with me. Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl, you'll be our element of surprise. Me and my team will go inside and fight our way through, while you enter without being noticed and head straight to Pyg. We'll look for the possible weapon and dismantle it.
Red Robin and his team kick the main door down. Inside, an army of Dolltrons ( a mix between Ziggy Stardust and a transexual ) awaits them.
Red Hood : Hey, I thought he died in Rock n' Roll Suicide!
Red Robin : Quick, let's take these guys out and start looking for the weapon!
While the heroes battle the Dolltrons, Nightwing and his group sneak inside the slaughterhouse and silently look for Pyg.
Batgirl : Jeez, Robin, this guy and place is creeping me out... Robin? Robin, stop staring at my chest...
Robin : -tt- What chest?
Batgirl : Wha-? Stupid brat...
Nightwing : Quiet! I think I hear somethi...
Pyg appears behind Batgirl.
Pyg : Nice Sally, nice, nice Sally!!! -oink!-
Batgirl : AIIIEEEEE!!!!
Stephanie slaps Pyg.
Batgirl : You pig!
Robin : Duh..!
Nightwing uses his Bat-claw to smash Pyg against a window.
Nightwing : This isn't like you, Pyg! WHO'S BEHIND THIS?!
Pyg : I-I want my mom..!
Nightwing punches Pyg, cracking his mask.
Nightwing : Wrong answer. Ready to try again?
Red Robin appears behind Nightwing.
Red Robin : I'll handle it from here...
Tim lifts pig and throws him to the floor. He then jumps and uses a shuriken to break the chain holding a lamp, causing it to fall on Pyg's head.
With his mask all bloodied and shattered, Pyg starts to whimp.
Red Robin : There is no bomb of weapon here, Lazlo... WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!
Pyg : m-mommy..?
Red Robin repeatedly punches Pyg.
Red Robin : Tell me, or I'll break all your teeth, and make you eat them!
Nightwing : That's enough..!
Red Robin : No, it isn't.
Pyg : I-it was the tall, thin man... The man who hates the birds...
Red Robin : Scarecrow?
One day later :
The family is reunited at Wayne Manor, or what's left of it at least.
Dick : The new Mayor still wants to reveal that big secret?
Stephanie : Sounds like change's coming to Gotham.
Jason : After all that's happened, a bit of change, good or bad, won't do any more damage.
Tim : Yes, but first, change must come to the family...
Tim opens the secret passage to the Bat-Cave.
Tim : ... Am I right, Bruce?
Bruce is sitting down on the cave. He hasn't left the place for almost a month, and he's barely slept or eaten.
Bruce : You shouldn't have come here...
Bruce lifts his arm. He has a Batarang, and it is aimed at Tim...
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