Batman: Bad Blood

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Re: Batman: Bad Blood

Post by MaxSchreck » Sep 14th, 2015, 7:46 am

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Sure. He should fit into the story without any problem. You have the honor of writing the first real post here :) I'll reply once you have finished, okay?

Re: Batman: Bad Blood

Post by kain9998 » Sep 14th, 2015, 5:17 am

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Could I be Scarecrow?

Batman: Bad Blood

Post by MaxSchreck » Aug 3rd, 2015, 11:16 pm


After I watchted the sneak peek to the upcomic dc animated movie "Bad Blood" I had the idea to turn what we know of the plot so far into a little rpg here on

For those of you you haven´t heard of the movie yet, Bad Blood tells the story of how Gotham City has been attacked by the new villain Heretic (who some may know as the man who killed Damian Wayne in Batman Inc).
While Bruce is presumed to be dead the rest of the Batfamily, now including Batwoman has to work together in order to defend Gotham against the most dangerous opponent they´ve ever faced.

You can take the role of a member of the Batfamily or a villain allied with the Heretic. Characters not canon in the universe of the movie (which takes place in the same universe as Flashpoint, Justice League War and Son of Batman/Batman VS Robin) are also okay, but we should talk about how they fit into the story so they don´t feel out of place or make it more difficult for us to work together to reach a satisfying ending to this story.


Spoiler: show
- This takes place in the same Universe as Robin, Son of Batman and Batman vs Robin
- Please contact me if you want to play a character not canon in this universe (Tim for example)
 Questions, comments, and all general out-of-character talk is to be done within spoiler tags.
- Keep On-Topic. Don't move on to a different universe
- You can't control what another character does. This is espacially important in fight scenes. Describe how your character attacks and then allow the other player to describe whether his character is hit or manages to counter in some way
- Make sure grammar, spellings etc. is mostly used correctly.
- Please contribute at least a small post each week, contact me if you are no longer interested

Canon Characters:

Spoiler: show



Goliath/ Tusk




Another unidentified Assassin

Killer Moth

Mad Hatter


Kathy Kane - Batwoman

Luke Fox - Batwing

Damian Wayne - Robin

Bruce Wayne - Batman

Dick Grayson – Nightwing/Batman

Alfred Pennyworth

Lucius Fox

Maggie Sawyer

Comissioner Gordon

How to get started:

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- Choose a character that hasn´t been played yet
- introduce your character in a extract or paragraph
- I´ll join you as soon as the first player has posted
- At least once a week, visit this role-play and continue your story

The Story thus far:

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Sometime in the past...

Bruce rescued Kathy Kane from a group of muggers, inspiring her to become Batwoman.

6 months after Batman vs Robin.

Heretic attacked Batman and Batwoman on a mission. Batman was caught in an explosion during the fight. Kathy was unable to find any sign that he is still alive.

Alfred tries to cover up the dissapearance of Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile Dick Grayson unsuccesfully attempts to convince the underworld that he is Batman. He needs Kathy and Batwings help if he wants to stand a chance against the villains Hertic has assembled to take control of Gotham.

Damian learns of the Batmans disappearance and leaves the monastery he lived in after his battle against Talon in search for inner peace.