Missed Oportunities and Things That Didn't Happen

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Re: Missed Oportunities and Things That Didn't Happen

Postby JordanT4021 » Jul 20th, 2015, 5:05 pm

I thought the game lacked so much. I definitely think its the weakest in the series. Here's what I thought it lacked.
    1. The villains actually teaming up to take down Batman like we were promised. It would of added a lot of variety to the main story which I thought got a little dull at times and a little repetitive.
    2. The Arkham Knight being an original character.
    3. Several key characters from Arkham City who's only involvement was a riddle with an ambiguous Gotham story.
    5. Boss battles that are both challenging and engaging like AA and AC.
    6.The Scarecrow nightmare missions from AA that I thought would be in the Scarecrow mission DLC but wasn't.
    7.Hush, Azrael and Ivy's cliffhangers from AC were very anticlimactic.
    8. There want much of a connection between AC and AK. There should of been a lot of consequences from what happened in the last game which weren't explored.

Don't get me wrong though, I really did enjoy the game. I enjoyed the story and the ending was great, going back to where it all started. The Batmobile was stunning. I can't express how amazing that was.The combat was improved dramatically and the environmental takedowns were great. It was a very emotional game too and often hilarious (Joker's poem bout Oracle was the best part in the game, hands down).

BiGbAdBaTz wrote:With the Arkham Knight being Jason Todd, it's a shame they didn't play up his relationship with Harley Quinn. I mean, they expect us to believe that he went to Panessa Studios, painted a little symbol on the ground, and didn't even address the lover of the man who ruined his life sitting in a cell?

In my opinion, he should have killed her there. Could be a cool scene to have Batman return to find her dead in her cell.

Or just redo it completely. I think Jason would despise Harley, and want her dead. Could be an interesting plot twist to have him maybe like want to meet up with her, only to slaughter her and her whole crew. Just to add a bigger sense of "who the POW is this guy and what does he want?"

It would have been awesome to see a confrontation between the two. But I don't think I'd want her to die, especially as she didn't have much involvement in the game to begin with. What I would have loved to have seen is if Harley realised how much Joker hurt her and how much of a monster he really was, motivating her to become her own villain and teaming up with Jason to show they aren't Joker's playthings.
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