Minor minor gripe

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Minor minor gripe

Postby TheDoctorofDCnU » Jul 18th, 2015, 4:35 pm

I loved this game. I have a few gripes with the game and the first is... no Batcave. It's something that could have easily been done as well. We don't even have to drive there ourselves, utilizing secret underground tunnels. It could have been like Origins. You select the Batcave on the map, Batman gets in the Batmobile and then we arrive in the cave through a cutscene. That's one thing that WB Montreal and Origins has over Rocksteady, they gave us a Batcave to explore and hang out in. Not just in the main game, but also in, "A Cold Cold Heart." I've been on these forums since City came out and the one thing we were all saying was how we wanted to be able to go the Batcave and how the Predator map of it was a let down. Being that Rocksteady said that this is their last Batman game, one would assume that they wouldn't want to be shown up by another company. Especially one that is making games in the franchise they started.

This leads to my other gripe. You weren't able to switch Batsuits on the fly. True that you couldn't in City, but it was introduced in Origins. Being able to go back to the Batcave at any time and switch which skin you are in. You wouldn't even need to go back to the cave for that. There are two Wayne Towers in this game. In Bruce's office, you can activate a suit and gear pod. You could have had a section in the Panassa Studios that have "spare" suits for the Bat Family. Like with the main suit you get for the campaign, you could have had the Batwing air drop a suit pod where ever. You open up the map, and next to the upgrade tree, have a listing of your current skins. You pick one and the Batwing drops a pod with that costume in it. Don't even need a suiting up animation for it. You can have Batman open the pod, it shows the suit, fade to black and fade back in with the new Batsuit on.

I know that these are very minor gripes to have with this game, but WB Montreal added that little something to the franchise and think that it's sad that they didn't have them in this game. It almost feels like that Rocksteady was giving a middle finger to fans (who have been saying we want the Batcave) and going, "Since you bought a game in this franchise that wasn't made by us, we aren't going to give you access to a think you want and make up an arbitrary excuse why." And there wasn't even an arbitrary excuse why you couldn't go to the cave.
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Hell, you can even see the Manor from two of the islands and it's one of the environment Riddles.
In Origins, you can go back to the Batcave to check on Alfred before the Firefly fight. There's even dialouge between Bruce and Alfred about how Bruce was worried about him. There are a number of places in the game where, Bruce would have gone back to the cave to check on Alfred and make the excuse that he wanted to make sure the Batcave defenses were working properly.

Anyway, that's my take on it. What are your minor gripes? Stuff that, in the grand scheme of things, aren't that big of a deal. Stuff that can be a tiny nickpick that you have, but doesn't ruin the overall experience of the game for you.
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Re: Minor minor gripe

Postby TFDutchman » Jul 20th, 2015, 7:53 am

Batcave would've served no purpose. Unlike the way it was used in Arkham Origins for story purposes, I feel having the Batcave in the game just for fan service would've felt tacked on and unnecessary. Sure having the ability to change suits in-game, access challenges and get some dialogue with Alfred was a great bonus, but overall the Cave still served a purpose in the story. Particularly Bane's attack. To me the Batcave would never have served a story-based purpose and therefore it's unnecessary.

The only thing I would've recommended that Rocksteady change is that we could actually use the suit container in Wayne Tower to change suits. That to me would've been problem solved.

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