AK: characters they did justice

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AK: characters they did justice

Postby BiGbAdBaTz » Oct 18th, 2015, 4:40 am

Here lets discuss characters RS wrote well. Everything here will be opinion, so if we disagree lets do it respectfully lol.

1. Jason Todd. Jason's initial characterization is an intensely driven teenager with an explosive temper is spot on for how he should have started out as Robin. Eventually getting fed up and trying to take out the Joker himself was awesome for me. Sadly, that leads him to becoming a brainwashed soldier. I liked how even though he's a gang leader holding a city hostage and tormenting Batman, he still kind of came across as a bratty kid lashing out against his douchebag father. Eventually said father beats the crap out of him and knocks some sense into him. Still insanely conflicted though, he reluctantly saves Batman, but continues to live by his own rules, abandoning the morality that led to his capture in the first place all those years ago.

2. Professor Pyg. I liked the story of the dollotrons and the circus. The whole opera music, atmosphere thing was really well done too. Voice acting was phenomenal. He also left just enough unknown about his craziness
(like what the hell is up with his mother lol).

3. Poison Ivy. I'm glad Ivy refused Scarecrow's offer. Those human games are beneath her. While I'm not a fan of her submitting so easily to Batman, I liked her motivation to help him. It wasn't out of the kindness of her heart. It was for her own agenda. She would have killed Batman as soon as she could. But eventually, she gave her life for her plants. A+

4. Oracle. I know some people had issues, but i really didn't. She's an eye on the prize type of girl, and I like that. She isn't a typical damsel in distress, and puts up quite the fight. Her relationship with Tim makes me want to hit things, but besides that she was an incredibly done character.

What about you guys? Who do you think were the strongest characters in the game?
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Re: AK: characters they did justice

Postby JordanT4021 » Oct 18th, 2015, 5:23 pm

Poison Ivy is a character who was done great justice in these games. Truly powerful and a real destructive force to Gotham. She really breaks some of those stereotypes of women in media, showing that she can more than handle herself and is capable of some real damage. In my opinion, Arkham Knight is a low point for her character but nonetheless, she's a great addition to the Arkhamverse.

The Riddler is another person that I found surprisingly interesting especially in AC and AO. In AO I loved seeing his beginnings and where things started to go wrong for him. AC really allowed me to see how twisted the Riddler actually is. I was taken by surprise at the lengths he would go to to prove his superiority.
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Re: AK: characters they did justice

Postby Peel » Oct 18th, 2015, 6:58 pm

1. Professor Pyg
2. Poison Ivy
3. Commissioner Gordon
4. Catwoman
5. Firefly
6. Riddler
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