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Your Gotham City Story

PostPosted: Oct 19th, 2015, 11:25 pm
by JordanT4021
The Gotham City Stories DLC have been a big disappointment due to their length and lack of content. They were intended to show how Gotham and allies of Batman had changed after the events of the main game. Sadly, this isn't the case.

My idea with this topic is for members to create their own Gotham City Story and tell us what you would have liked to seen Dick, Selina and Tim do after the death of Bruce Wayne.

It doesn't have to be centred around Batman's allies. It could be an invading enemy or the GCPD regaining control over the city. Anything goes really.

For Example: Dick Grayson has been identified as the next Batman. Combining old and new technology from Batman's old arsenal, as well as using an number of his own gadgets, Dick sets out to take down a rising power in the Gotham underworld: The Ventriloquist AKA Peyton Riley.

Re: Your Gotham City Story

PostPosted: Oct 20th, 2015, 2:44 am
by DatBat
Player Controls: Dick Grayson (main) with Tim Drake, Selina Kyle, Jason Todd, and Azrael apearing in Duel Play, and Catwoman solo for a short time
Setting: Gotham City's Map (story all on Bleake, but the rest is explorable)
Time Period: A few months after Tim and Barbara get married
(BTW this would be released periodically in acts, with the prologue and epilogue being cutscenes)
Plot (which is spoilered because it's really long)
Spoiler: show
Tim quit being Robin for two reasons. One being he was married now, and Barbara was pregnant, and the second being there was no Batman to be a Robin for. Dick thought about taking up the mantle, but remembered Bludhaven still needed his help. Azrael was still working on fighting the St. Dumas, so he couldn't take up the mantle, however much he wanted to. Catwoman was deeply upset, but didn't show it. She continued to go around stealing things, now in Bludhaven. This is actually to talk to Grayson about what happened, because she deeply believes he knows more than he is letting on. He doesn't. Jason Todd hasn't shown up in a while, and despite their greatest attempts, the other allies haven't been able to find him.

First Act
Grayson is doing his routine weekly check around Gotham. He still feels Gotham needs a defender, but he can't abandon his own city. He talked to the police force and they doubled their presence around the city every Friday night, leaving him an empty slot to go check on Gotham. He grapples up to the Clocktower. He goes to open the door, but it's locked. He knows the password by heart, and goes to punch it in. It beeps wrong. He calls Barbara and asks her what's going on. She tells him that she sold her space in the Clocktower to a Tyger security force under new ownership, but she has secret cameras hidden throughout, and there have been no strange occurrences. He asks where they're living now, and she says they moved to Keystone, where they feel like Wally can protect them. He asks why they didn't move to Bludhaven, and she says Tim didn't want to, and she says it awkwardly. He asks her why, and she says that Tim thinks Dick still likes her. Dick still does, but doesn't want to talk about it, and brushes it off. He says bye and hangs up. He goes up to the top of the building and hacks into the secret entrance. He drops in, and the Tyger guards all point their guns at him, and then laugh and welcome him in. He checks their security feeds, and sees that there is a disturbance going on at the Batman Memorial Site. He leaves, and presses a button on his gauntlet. The new Batmobile, painted blue and silver speeds down below him. It was left to him in Bruce's will, and it was his to use as long as it never left Gotham. He tried to drive it out of Bludhaven once, and it lost power. He had to push it back into city limits. It was obvious Bruce wanted him to protect Gotham. He drove to the statue. It was a big, black, metal structure, towering above him. The plaque read "To Gotham's Dark Knight: Thank You For Your Life". There didn't seem to be anything still going on, but he grappled to the top of the statue. There was a knick in the metal. It was obvious someone had haphazardly grappled up here, like it had been done quickly. Grayson always shot the rope around the bat-ears, but this person had stuck a hook into the back of Bruce's head. He looked around, and saw a figure standing on the top of a neighboring building. He grappled up there, but the person ran. He threw a caltrop Catwoman gave him, and it caught around the runner's legs. He/she falls on their face, and Grayson uses the Line-Launcher to get there quickly. Upon closer inspection it's Red Hood (in the white skin that was shown in the concept images). Grayson is surprised to see him, and asks him what happened. Jason says that some freaky Batman attacked him, and he barely got away. Grayson thinks he's gone crazy, when the thing flies down and attacks them. They have a Duel Play boss battle with him. At the end, he throws Grayson into Jason and flies off. Grayson calls TIm, and he comes to Gotham, suited up. Barbara opens up the old Oracle programs on her computer and gives them support. They know the threat is going to be big, so they need more help. They go make a burning batsymbol on the roof of the GCPD. Azrael doesn't come, and they begin to suspect he may in fact be the new Batman. That is until the Nightmare Batman flies by, holding Azrael. He slams him down on the roof, and Tim and Jason are knocked off. There is another Duel Play battle, and this time Azrael uses his sword, and injures the new Batman, and it flies off. Tim and Jason crawl back up, and they ask Azrael if he heard any thing while he was alone with the Bat. He says he didn't hear anything. Tim pulls out a new gadget Barbara made, a portable Lie Detector. He connects it to Azrael, and they see he is telling the truth when he says he has nothing to do with it. They go ahead and test it out on everyone, and nobody knows a thing. Dick gets a call and steps to the side. It's Selina. He asks her how she got his phone number, and she just laughs. She tells him that she was at her apartment and saw Bruce fly by. He tells her what is going on. Tim walks over and sees who he's talking to. He makes a joke about Dick moving on from Barbara and being in love with Selina, and Dick turns around and throws him on the ground. He ends the call, and tells Tim that he's still a kid and needs to shut his mouth. Jason goes over to see what's going on. Neither one of them will talk about it. Dick calls Selina back, saying they will need all the help they can get, and if one of them is alone then they will probably get targeted. Tim smirks, and Dick gives him a death stare. A few minutes later, Selina shows up, her outfit tattered. Tim, yet again, nudges Dick, and this time he punches him. Selina chuckles, and they say they can split up in teams of two and search the city. Tim says that Selina and Dick should go together, and Azrael should go with Jason, and that he'd stay at the GCPD to see if he came back. They set off.

Second Act
Dick and Selina are over by Panessa Studios. Selina asks him why he punched Tim. He tells her, and she starts to laugh. She moves up to him and tries to kiss him, but he tells her no, that he still loves Barbara. She scratches his face and tells him to let her go, she's married, and she goes off on her own. He sighs and goes off to the studio. He opens the door, and the Nightmare Bat pounces him. It opens it's ghastly mouth and begins to snap at his face. His escrima sticks were knocked from his hands, and he's defenseless. He hears a loud battle cry, and the Bat is ripped off of him. Selina is there, and she digs her claws into the sword wound, twisting the muscle in him, and he lets out a guttural howl. He pushes her away, and flies off, opening a gate, which sets free a bunch of drugged up thugs he had as a trap. They run at Selina and Dick. She helps him up, and they start to fight them. A Duel Play fight occurs, which ends with the Nightmare Bat landing and you fight him again, wearing him further down. He flutters off, and they call Jason and Azrael, who've had no luck finding anything. They try to call Tim. He won't answer, so they call again. He continuously doesn't answer, and they go to check on him, alerting Jason and Azrael. When they get there, Tim is gone. They look around, and there is a pool of his blood. All of a sudden, a bloody Robin patch flutters by in the wind. There is a gash in the middle of it, where blood is pooled. The Nightmare Bat lands down, holding Robin. He jumps out of his arms and runs, falling down. The Bat walks over and throws everybody off of the building except for Robin and Nightwing.
"You. I know you two.", he snarls.
"How exactly, because I have no idea who the hell you are?", Nightwing retorts.

Third Act
Robin hops up, weak, and he and Nightwing have a really long (final) boss battle with the new Bat. At the end, the new Bat falls down. Tim passes out, and Dick goes over to the new Bat. Jason, Selina, and Azrael all climb back up, and they go to unmask the Bat.
"NO!", it yells, "Let me...explain myself. I am Dr. Hugo Strange. I was presumed dead in the Wonder City explosion, but I am alive. I am severely injured, and my jaw was blown off. I have a thought to speech modulator in here, with a voice modifier to sound like this. I've wanted to be Batman for a long time. I want to do good things in the world. But I knew you wouldn't allow me to take up his mantle, so I was trying to eliminate you, so I could be the sole saviour of Gotham.", it snarled.
Dick jabbed his escrima sticks into his sides and let them rip, and Strange howled. It was a nasty howl, considering he had no jaw. They ripped the mask off, and it was Strange, with severe burns all over his body, a glazed eye, a piece of his nose missing, and the bottom half of his face blown off. Red Hood shot a round into his head at the same instance Azrael plummeted his sword deep into Hugo's heart. Tim and Dick pulled them away, and inspected the body. They saw that his suit was spewing out fear gas. Tim had a few vials of a Fear Gas cure Barbara made, and they drank them. They looked at him, and he was in a normal Batsuit, with a haphazardly made jetpack on his back.
"That's what I saw fly past my window! I guess the gas didn't get through the glass.", Selina said.
Jason and Azrael have been talking over in the corner, and come over and attack them. Jason shoots Dick and Tim, and Azrael almost hits Catwoman, but she jumps out of the way and throws him off the roof. At this point, the cops bust from the top entrance, and fire shots at Catwoman, thinking she shot Dick and Tim, as Jason is gone. She dodges the bullets, and goes and fights the cops off. She fights Aaron Cash and Jim Gordon at the end, throwing them down onto the Fire Escape. She grabs the two former Robins and runs off.

It's nine months later. The baby has been born, and named Bruce Pennyworth Drake. Dick and Selina ended up falling in love. She swore off crime, and Dick made a deal with GCPD to leave her alone, and let her fight crime in Gotham. He gave her the Batmobile, which she repainted solid black again. They got married, and Dick became the new Batman, and she stayed Catwoman. They hired a new kid to be a crimefighter for Bludhaven. Wayne Manor was rebuilt, and Dick and Selina moved there. Jason and Azrael became a team of no-boundaries crime fighters, travelling the world destroying wrongdoers (and anyone in their way). Jim Gordon was elected Mayor, and appointed Dick, Tim, Selina, and Barbara as honorary sheriffs in the city, and crime is at an all-time low. Criminals are being locked up and staying in jail. Dick uses some of the money he inherited from Bruce to rebuild Arkham Asylum, and all the crazies are put there. Mr. Freeze cures Nora, and after his work is complete, surrenders to the police. Talia comes out of hiding, and has a son with her. She faked her death because she knew tense times were coming in the League. She leaves the son with Dick and Selina, and disappears, never to be seen again. The son grows up to become the Robin of Gotham. Tim's son was given powers in a freak accident when he was born, and became the new Kid Flash under Wally West.

Bruce sits on a couch. He is much older now, he has silver hair and a beard. On the wall is a portrait of Alfred, and a table underneath it holds an urn. It reveals he died much later than the Wayne Manor explosion. On Bruce's TV, he is watching a recent documentary called Heroes of Gotham and Beyond: Crimefighting after Batman. On his laptop, he is reading articles about Red Hood and Azrael, browsing FaceBook pages for the rest, etc.
"If only I could be there with them now.", he says.
He gets up, and opens a closet door. He goes in, and presses a button. The wall slides out, and he goes down a staircase into the oldman Batcave. He goes to the Batcomputer and messages TYGERGOTHAM on their private chat page.
"Hey Boss! If you were wondering, they are all doing great. Dick, Damian, and Selina just stopped a gang of Jokers! Tim and Barbara, according to our Keystone correspondent, Wally West, are on a vacation. Their son just took over his mantle as Flash. Wally said he'd be coming to visit you in Metropolis soon, to share stories and pictures."
"Okay. You guys can take a vacation. I'm going to go meet with Dick."
"You sure, sir? Sounds a bit risky."
"I'll live, I always do."
Bruce goes into the new Wayne Manor and sits down in the parlor. Dick comes down, graying at the temples.
"Um, do you have an appointment."
"No, uh, it's my building."
Dick looked at him for a few seconds and then immediately began to sob, and ran at him. He hugged him like hell.
"B-b-bruce, died. Wha-what're you doing here?"
"I never died, son. Shit had really hit the fan, and I didn't want my family in danger. If I was dead, there was no reason for people to hurt you guys."
Selina came down the hall.
"Dick, who's this?", she said
"It-it's Bruce.", he stammered
Selina stood there, and stared at him. She screamed with joy, and she ran and hugged him.
"Damian! Get down here!", she yelled excitedly.
He ran down the stairs.
"Uh, who's this?", he moaned.
"Your father!", she squealed.
"W-what? I have a son?", Bruce said.
"Uh, yeah. Talia didn't die in the City. She came to us a few months after you 'died', and said she knew you'd gotten her pregnant, and she faked her death because of how tense things were in the League to save the baby. She left him to us to raise as our own, and we haven't seen her ever since.", Dick whispered.
"Oh, uh, wow.", Bruce said.
Damian looked at him. He didn't really seem to care, and went back upstairs.
"What just happened?", Bruce asked.
"Damian's not the nicest kid ever, but he'll open up to you eventually.", Selina said.
"I need to see Tim and Barbara, where are they?"
"Vacationing in Metropolis."
"Ah, I'll see them when I go back home."
Bruce leaves, but promises to come back. He gets in his car and drives off.
*credits roll

I know this is way too extravagant to ever happen but I WANT CLOSURE DAMMIT

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PostPosted: Oct 20th, 2015, 8:07 am
by thatguywiththebeanie
After Batman's death there is a power vacuum and a knew gang of killers is born from Batman's disappearance. They call themselves the mutants and are unlike anything Gotham has seen since the Joker. They believe that Batman's allies won't be able to take them on because they are far more powerful than any of them. They murder randomly; killing nuns, blowing up trains, all that jazz. Their leader's soul purpose is to eat the hearts of all of Batman's allies. Barbara, Tim and Dick must all put their brains together to take him out. They investigate how the mutants got their weapons and all that jazz and after a fight with the Mutant Leader both Dick and Tim are critically injured. It's up to the team to then find Jason Todd AKA the Red Hood and convince him to join their mission. Together they plan to storm the Mutant Leader's hideout, but unfortunately Tim and Dick clash heads with Jason over whether they should kill the mutants or not over their heinous crimes. Making for a compelling story as the teams must not only battle the mutants, but also Jason who is a strong and skilful as their old mentor.

Another idea I had is that after Batman's death, Prometheus comes out of hiding and realises there is nothing protecting the police department. His main goal is to kill Commissioner Gordon and everyone in the GCPD. The story will follow Jim as he must figure out Prometheus' motives and with the help of his fellow officers, find out what he's planning and take him out. It can incorporate a lot of the detective aspects of Arkham Knight that felt missing, and can make the Police seem more powerful in the Batman Universe. And there can also be cameos by Robin, Dick and Barbara as he could ask them for help in certain parts of the game, just to run errands.

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PostPosted: Oct 20th, 2015, 11:54 pm
by JordanT4021
Spoiler: show
Bruce Wayne has been gone for 2 months and Dick, Tim and Cassandra Cain have returned to Gotham to pick up the pieces. The three have decided to protect the city in Batman's place. Crime has recently been on the rise after Batman's death, with criminals trying to take advantage of the situation. Local crime boss Great White Shark has noticed the appearance of the 3 heroes and plans to eliminate them by hiring 3 assassins to take them out: Cheshire, David Cain & Deadshot.

The 3 assassins decide amongst themselves to split up and attack seperately. Cheshire takes on Nightwing, David Cain takes on Batgirl and Deadshot takes on Robin.

Chapter 1 - Nightwing
We first play as Dick, who is currently in a fight with a local gang. Nightwing makes easy work of the thugs and knocks them unconscious. He smugly tells the others that the situation has been handled and that he's headed home to Bludhaven. Before he can leave, a masked figure standing on a nearby rooftop throws a knife that misses Nightwing's head by an inch. The attacker begins to run and Nightwing follows after. A chase ensues leading Dick to the car park behind Panessa Studios. The attacker vanishes and Nightwing reports back to the team stating that he knows who the assailant was and that its an old friend. Cheshire appears again and lunges for Nightwing. A boss fight ensues with Cheshire using poisoned daggers which featuring blade dodge takedowns. She is eventually knocked down but Dick's arrogance distracts him and she manages to cut him with her daggers. Dick falls to the ground and Cheshire believes she has won. As she begins to walk away, she is pounced on by Cassandra Cain who performs a ground takedown on Cheshire, knocking her unconscious. Cain, with an antidote at the ready, aids Nightwing and brings him back to the new Batcave underneath Wayne Tower.

Chapter 2 - Batgirl
Back at the Batcave, Lucius and the others talk about the attack on Nightwing. The group are positive that Cheshire had been hired to take Dick out and that the gang fight he broke up was a distraction. Dick notes that the gang worked for Warren White and so the team go to investigate him. They head to his building on Founder's Island to interrogate him. Whilst there, they find the derelict building is under construction. They make their way to Warren's office but Batgirl senses they're being watched. She alerts the others and at this moment, David Cain drops down from above. He says he wants a fight to the death with Cassandra. Robin intervenes and protests against it, but Cassandra reassures him she can handle the situation and that they must find Warren White so they can end this. They grudgingly agree and move on. A boss battle ensues between father and daughter similar to the Lady Shiva boss fight in AO with Cain using members of the League of Assassins to distract his daughter. Batgirl easily fights her way through this and defeats her father. Realising he is outmatched he quickly makes an exit. Cassandra contemplates going after him, but eventually decides to let him go stating that she'll find him some other day. She catches up with Robin and Nightwing who have discovered that White got away but left his files out for them to look at. They see that only one assassin remains: Deadshot.

Chapter 3 - Robin
Back at the Batcave, Dick asks Lucius to see if there are any recent leads into where Deadshot may be hiding. Lucius finds a rented apartment in Floyd Lawton's name located in Miagani Island. Dick and Tim go to investigate and find that Lawton has already left in preparation for his hit. The two find a picture of Robin stuck to the wall with a knife with writing on it saying "come alone". Tim realises that Lawton is calling him out. They head back to the Batcave and plan their attack stating that Tim shouldn't go alone. They decide that it would be best if Tim and Dick go after Lawton and Cain hunt down White. Soon, they find out that Lawton has taken over a new mall on Founder's island and make their way there. Upon entering, they make quick work of Lawton's hired help in a dual predator situation. Deadshot arrives and without realising Nightwing is involved, explains to Robin that if he gets too close to him, he'll set off a bomb located somewhere in the building meaning Tim needs to use his remote hacking device which has recently been upgraded to try and wear Deadshot out. During this, Dick tries to remotely deactivate Lawton's bombs. The pair accomplish there goals and get close enough to knock Lawton unconscious. Batgirl contacts the two and informs them that she's found Warren White.

Chapter 4 - Conclusion
Cassandra has located White in Penguin's old Iceberg Lounge in Arkham City. The group proceeds inside to take him down. Inside they find White waiting for them who states that he is disappointed that things didn't go how he expected. He reveals that he has a surprise for them and a Titan thugs comes smashing down at them, knocking out Nightwing. Great White Shark's thugs move in to ambush Batgirl and Robin along with several Titan thugs. After a long dual play combat situation, White plans to blow up the Iceberg Lounge. At this moment Catwoman comes up behind him and incapacitates him. She helps Dick to his feet and explains that she had been in contact with Bruce who has been watching over them. She states that Bruce is happy that they are working together to keep Gotham safe but needs to meet with them to discuss something very dangerous that's rising in Gotham going by the name of The Court of Owls. Dick laughs and tells them it will have to wait as he has a date with Kori. Tim goes home to his wife, Barbara and Cass begins to look into the Court.

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PostPosted: Nov 19th, 2015, 7:03 am
by DatOatmealTho
I think we can all agree about the length of the stories. I was severely disappointed about Jason's, because he was the character I was looking forward to playing as the most. But, it's not just about Jason, it's about all the characters who received "story packs".

So, how I would've done it, is instead of multiple story packs, I would make into one big story, complete with playable Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, Azrael, and Catwoman. There is free roam with the characters, and there is also an appropriate length of story time.

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PostPosted: Nov 19th, 2015, 3:28 pm
by Arkham Knight
DatBat wrote:Player Controls: Dick Grayson (main) with Tim Drake, Selina Kyle, Jason Todd, and Azrael apearing in Duel Play, and Catwoman solo for a short time
Setting: Gotham City's Map (story all on Bleake, but the rest is explorable)
Time Period: A few months after Tim and Barbara get married
(BTW this would be released periodically in acts, with the prologue and epilogue being cutscenes)
Plot (which is spoilered because it's really long)
Spoiler: show
Tim quit being Robin for two reasons. One being he was married now, and Barbara was pregnant

I know this is way too extravagant to ever happen but I WANT CLOSURE DAMMIT

Isn't Barbra paralyzed ? so she can't have kids ?