Knight fall predictions?

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Re: Knight fall predictions?

Postby ArthurWynne » Nov 12th, 2015, 2:09 am

the Knightfall Protocol was created by Batman to protect his allies, a way of faking his death in the event of his identity being revealed.
I can't really say for sure if "Nightmare Batman" is Bruce for sure, but it is likely. The only thing to counter that idea is that in the AK Story Batman gives Azrael a chance at being his successor, but since that is before Batman feels he has to activate Knightfall it may mean nothing. It's also not like Batman would have expected Azrael to dress like Batman, and since "Nightmare Batman" is dressed like Batman, I'm going to have to say that's Bruce in the end. It could be those Two-Face thugs got scared of Nightmare Batman because they are suffering the after-effects of the cloudburst, and their fear of Batman (who they think is gone) may have triggered the nightmare hallucination.... OR Batman created a new modified gadget that employs enough fear toxin to terrify criminals, as a way of creating a new and more frightening myth like Batman once was (while doing an even better job at protecting his identity).

The problem with me with the Knightfall protocol (and Nightwings Arkham Episode) is there is no closure on Alfred whatsoever. If Alfred is alive does he now have to live in hiding in some new Batcave, without permission to contact anyone? If you played GCPD Lockdown you'll notice Alfred is not mentioned at all. Poor guy is already forgotten. If he's not dead, he may be wishing he was.
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