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Postby TheJester » Jul 27th, 2015, 2:19 pm

Harvey Bullock wrote:Alfred: Whilst The Capes Are Away

This would be a series written from both a third and first person perspective, utilising minimal dialogue where possible and relying heavily on art to capture individual moments from the days in the life of the Wayne family's loyal butler.

It'd be a mini series lasting around 4 issues, and would really focus on Alfred' personal ordeals and trials as he navigates his role supporting the Bat-family both tactically and emotionally. It'd be witty, warming whilst also poignant, and would once again reaffirm his essential presence to the Bat-family.

Writer: Dennis O'Neil

Artist: Darwyn Cooke

Covers: Dustin Nguyen

I would read the hell out of that! Though I'd be happy with either Nguyen or Cooke illustrating :)
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