Red Robin - His place in the DC Universe

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Red Robin - His place in the DC Universe

Postby jaga 321 » Aug 16th, 2016, 8:42 pm

So DC is refining it's universe and continuity with Rebirth, and I kinda feel like nothing great has been done with Tim Drake since the New 52. He's an amazing character, but I feel no writers know what to do with him or where his story goes? I'm currently writing a fan-fiction timeline of the DC universe in real-time, meaning the characters age and progress and the reader does. I think it's a huge mistake the actual comics do not do this, and because of it, Tim/Dick/Jason etc have been young men for years and years now.

Regardless, when it came to writing this real-time DC universe, I got a little stuck when it came to Tim. To me, he's the perfect candidate for a future batman, but that doesn't make for a good story, especially when the Dick/Damien dynamic is at play. Sure he's had a great part to play as leader of the Teen Titans, but that can't last forever.

Does anyone know anything I don't about his future (I'm not a regular comic reader so I may not be up to date with his antics) and if not, does anyone have any suggestions for where his character could go? I feel like he would be the current number one candidate for a big sacrifice death if there was a crossover event that needed it. However, I and many others do not want that as he is awesome, I just don't see where he goes from here. Any ideas?

PS: First post since about June 2012. Yay.
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