Treasure Chest Comics #15: Identity Crisis

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Treasure Chest Comics #15: Identity Crisis

Postby Red_Robin » Apr 13th, 2012, 2:04 pm


Identity Crisis
by Maultest

Yes, Idenitity Crisis. It has always been one of my favorites because of it's amazing writering and art work. I was shocked when i discovered who was behind it all. Form the moment i first picked it up i could not put it down for a second. It Showed how some of the hero's handle the real life and there hero life. How a single act can have the greatest change. Book that show this have always been my favorite bacuse they show a reailty of how their life behind the mask can have it's risks. The deaths of their loved ones...

It was a sick plan that resuleted in many deaths and forever shocked The Justice League and many others... Both heros and villians died, Charaters changed and in the end... The JLA would fall.


Elongated Man(Ralph) is on a Stakeout with firehawk. They wacthed as 2 men opened fire at a man. Suddenly, Sue Ralph's wife calls him iin a plea for help. Ralph than deamands that Firehawk takes him home. She does so, but sadly not time. As they coe to Ralph's aparment comple they find it on fire. Ralph goes into his aparment and sees a pair of burnt legs. he begins to cry and goes over toward thm. Those legs were Sue's. She was dead. Near her body was a pregnacy test. It was postive...


The superhero community rallies to find the murderer, Doctor Light becomes the prime suspect as his powers do cause burns and that he had attacked Sue before on the JLA wacthtower. To ensure this could not happen again, League members at that time which were Black Canary, Hawkman, Atom, Green Lantern, and the Flash allowed the Zatanna to mind-wipe the villain so he would forget what he had done and the legaue's idenititys.

Further discussion reveals that a mind wipe was also done on when the Secret Society of Super Villains captures JLA members and switched bodies with the them allowing the villains to learn their secret identities. Although the heroes defeat the villains, Zatanna once again had to wipe their mind's clean


The heroes later find Light, who has hired the mercenary Deathstroke to protect him.Deathstroke easily fights off the league it is not until he sees the league attack deathstroke a certain way he regains his memory and gives off a large ray of light and escapes with deaathstroke. Atom later finds his ex-wife, Jean Loring, hanging from a door, bound, blindfolded and gagged, and revives her just in time. The JLA belives this to the second attack on the JLA's loved ones. A death threat is then sent to Superman's wife, Lois Lane... saying that she is next.

The Flash Rogues gallery villain Captain Boomerang is hired by third-rate villain the Calculator to assassinate Jack Drake, father of Tim Drake. Drake, however, receives a gun and a note warning him of the impending attempt on his life. The note was writen in the same fashion as was the death threat sent to Lois Lane. Drake than fatally shoots Boomerang, but not before the villain throws a razor boomerang into Drake's chest, killing him. Tim Drake discovers the body after being on a night on patrol. Batman goes up to Tim and holds him Tighly saying it was ok.


Wally West questions Green Arrow again after accidentally seeing a snapshot of the battle on the Satellite in Light's mind, which reveals that Batman was also present. Green Arrow than reveals that Batman had seen the attempted mind-wipe and also had his memory of the incident removed.


The autopsy of Sue Dibny's body by Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific shows that Sue died by lack of oxygen to her brain. A scan of her brain reveals tiny footprints.
Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific realize, as does Batman in the course of his own investigation, that Dibny was murdered by an assassin with access to the shrinking technology of the Atom. Batman demands that The martain Manhunter find the Atom.


Meanwhile Palmer learns that his wife, Jean Loring, is aware of the note sent to Jack Drake. This was very odd as batman and only JLA members knew of the note. They never told anybody. Loring claims that she saw it in the papers. But Ray than Yells saying that the papers never saw it. He than asks if she had killed sue. She said " i didn't mean to. " Loring states that she undertook the plan in order to bring Ray back into her life because she was still in love with him. Ray says that she is insane, and brings hr to Arkham Asylum where she stayed for a long time. The Atom than begins to shrink to as small as he can.

Later as the Story concludes Ralphs is about to go home when Green arrow says just talk to her lik she is there. This adds Ralph finally being able to go to sleep with the memory and the love of his wife. May she rest in peace.

However it wasn't over. Someone later toke advtage of these events and played the heros and villians like a game of chess. The JLA was gone, when the world needed it most.
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