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Green Lantern Rebirth
by TFDutchman

Most of you know that I’m a huge Marvel fan and I’m often outspoken about the things I really don’t like about DC. However, of the DC Universe I have 3 loves. Batman (Duh!), Superman and Green Lantern and suffice to say that I never officially started collecting any Green Lantern comics until the day I picked up Rebirth. Straight away I can tell you that Rebirth is filled with amazing artwork and despite not staying completely up to date with the adventures of the Green Lanterns Geoff Johns writes Rebirth in a way that even a complete newcomer to the series can jump right in. Geoff Johns gives you every bit of information you could possibly need to be able to enjoy this story and it’s one you won’t soon forget.


So before I get into the main story of Rebirth, here’s a little background to get you all started. Most everyone knows Hal Jordan, the first Human Green Lantern recruited by Abin Sur on his deathbed. Since Hal there have also been three other Green Lanterns from Earth. John Stewart, Guy Gardner and newcomer Kyle Rayner. Now long ago existed the Yellow Entity of Fear known as Parallax (and this is explained during the course of the story) and Parallax became trapped by the Guardians within the Green Lantern Central Power Battery on Oa, causing the Rings weakness to the colour yellow. Parallax was sealed for years until he woke up desperate for a host. He chose Hal Jordan and through his ring attempted to weaken his resolve. The tip of the iceberg came when Hal Jordan failed to prevent Mongol from destroying his home of Coast City along with everyone in it. Parallax began influencing Jordan forcing him back to Oa where he fought and killed many other Green Lanterns. Jordan destroys the Central Power Battery and in doing so frees Parallax allowing Parallax to consume and possess Jordan. And in a climatic battle against his former allies Jordan broke through momentarily to relight the damaged Sun and save Earth at the cost of his life.

Now begins the real story. Rebirth begins with Kyle Rayner in Sector 3599 where he meets an alien species that warns him of Parallax’s return. On Earth a man that is seemingly Hal Jordan is in attendance at an airshow, but he is not as he seems. He is Hal Jordan, but he is possessed by an entity known as the Spectre. A Spirit of Vengeance seeking those who have done wrong in their lives and making them pay for it. Hal isn’t happy about being possessed by the Spectre, but the Spectre knows that it’s a necessary union to prevent Parallax from re-emerging from inside Hal. Elsewhere Kyle crash lands back on Earth, injured and desperately trying to relay the message of Parallax’s return while Carol Ferris reminisces about Hal.
John Stewart and Guy Gardner attend a baseball game where they meet Hal, but Hal soon leaves as sinners are drawn to the Spectre within him. In Star City Black Hand breaks into Green Arrow’s house searching for Hal Jordan’s Power Ring, given to Green Arrow by Hal for safe keeping. Green Arrow stops him when Hal arrives and transforms into the Spectre disintegrating Black Hand’s hand.

In New York City, Guy Gardner and John Stewart are sharing drinks when Guy’s Vuldarian powers seem to backfire and his body twists inside out. John rushes him to the Justice League Watchtower for treatment. In the destruction caused by Guy’s outburst only a staute of Hal Jordan remains intact, while on the west coast, Coast City has reappeared, streets, lights, an entire blueprint of the city but with only one building, Hal Jordan’s old apartment. Batman and other JLA members fear that Hal as the Spectre may be the cause.
During the commotion Hal pays a visit to Carol Ferris and they begin to reminisce about the past. The JLA find Jordan and confront him at the airfield with Carol when John Stewart seemingly loses his mind and attacks everyone forcing Jordan to become the Spectre. Back on the Watchtower Jordan’s ring reacts and duplicates itself with the duplicate going to Guy Gardner and returning Guy’s powers as a Green Lantern.

Out at his crash site, Kyle Rayner is still attempting to recover when Kilowog arrives and attacks Kyle, but Kyle refuses to fight back as he tries to protect a coffin he has brought to Earth with him. Kilowog is suddenly ordered by the Guardians to cease his attack stating that though the sould of Hal Jordan is possessed by the Spectre, his body, sealed in the coffin Kyle has brought to Earth, is under the Guardian’s protection. Kilowog continues his assault against the Guardian, Ganthet, while at the airfield John Stewart continues to devastate and beat down the JLA superheroes Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and others. While Ganthet deals with Kilowog Kyle takes the body of Hal Jordan to the Watchtower where he finds it damaged and Green Arrow and others beaten down by the power of Guy Gardner. Meanwhile Hal Jordan is at war with himself in his own mind as he struggles to fight Parallax and the Spectre for control of his soul with Parallax coming out the victor.
At the Watchtower Kyle explains to Green Arrow what has happened to Hal Jordan and everything that took place with Parallax becoming trapped in the Power Battery and then possessing Hal Jordan when suddenly they are attacked by Sinestro. Kyle and Green Arrow try to defend themselves against Sinestro to no avail.
Parallax, now in control of Hal Jordan’s soul, is in complete control over Kilowog, John Stewart and Guy Gardner until Ganthet sets them free. A battle erupts and the JLA comes to the aid of the Green Lanterns as they attempt to subdue and destroy Parallax. All seems hopeless until Parallax is stopped dead in his tracks as Hal Jordan and the Spectre begin to fight back from inside. Soon all three souls are separated and Parallax emerges leaving Hal helpless as the Spectre vanishes to meet his Lord. Hal’s soul becomes consumed and pulled into a tunnel of light and vanishes from the battlefield. In the Watchtower Kyle and Green Arrow are being beaten severely by Sinestro when Hal Jordan’s power ring is taken from Green Arrow’s grip and pulled through the air and into Hal Jordan’s costume. In a blinding flash of light, Hal Jordan the Green Lantern is reborn.

A fight erupts between Jordan and Sinestroy as Jordan fights to protect Kyle and Green Arrow. They fight all throughout space matching blow for blow when Kyle comes to Jordan’s aid and Sinestro is defeated.
Back on Earth Ganthet has become infected and possessed by Parallax, Kilowog, John Stewart and Guy Gardner are unsure of how to proceed when Hal and Kyle arrive. Hal is ready to lead the Lanterns into battle, but Batman stands against him. Batman attempts to stop Hal, but Hal knocks him down defiantly leading the other Lanterns into battle against Parallax. The JLA decide to stay back and let the Corps handle this fight. Parallax attempts to strike fear into all of them, but with Hal Jordan at their lead they refuse to give in. Parallax is separated from Ganthet and once again becomes sealed within the Central Power Battery on Oa. With the battle over Hal and Batman confront one another, Batman showing his obvious distrust for Hal but with John standing up for Hal Batman doesn’t press the matter further. In the end Hal revisits Carol followed by a visit to Green Arrow’s home where Green Arrow returns Hal’s Power Battery to him after keeping it safe for so long. Arrow claims that he has never been able to remember the oath, while Hal smiles saying that he’ll never forget it.

After the fall of the first and greatest Human Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Geoff Johns brought him back in a big way and Rebirth restores Hal to the hero we all know and love. Rebirth is just the beginning in an amazing run written by Johns that culminates with the long awaited prophecy of the Blackest Night. Whether you’re a Green Lantern vet or a newcomer, Rebirth is a great place to jump into the story that continues to see Hal Jordan work harder than ever to restore not only the Green Lantern Corps, but his home of Coast City as well. It’s the first in an action packed series that is sure to keep your eyes glued to the pages from start to finish with Rebirth a nonstop action thrillride with appearances from some other prominent DC Superheroes that will definitely have you begging for more. Definitely a great read and definitely a series well worth collecting.
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