AA Steam achivements: English only ? No translation ?

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AA Steam achivements: English only ? No translation ?

Postby SenSx » Jan 22nd, 2014, 2:13 pm


I am currently playing the AA on Steam (since they got rid of GFWL and added Steam achivements),
but all my achivements description are set in English only...
I want them to be in my native language, French, my Steam paramters are set on French, but for some reason all AA achivements remain in english...

I can easy understand them, this is not the issue, but I am kind of fussy, and it annoys me a litle...
- So I would like to know if other people hace the same problem (german and else for exemple).

AC achivements are translated, I don't understand why they did not do the same for AA.
Plus they were alwready in french on console ports.

- An other question: IF it happens to be translated in near future, will it reset all the achivements I alwready unlocked while they were in english ?
I don't think it will, but it confuses me to see they do not seem to be well finished, I hope it won't make them buggy.

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