[PC MOD] Superman

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[PC MOD] Superman

Postby CapLagRobin » Nov 22nd, 2015, 12:37 pm


You'll believe that a video game character can fly!

Spoiler: show
You'll need the command console for this!

Meshes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwBNFl ... sp=sharing
Powers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwBNFl ... sp=sharing
Put em in this folder:
steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Origins\SinglePlayer\Binaries\MS
(create it if you don't have it yet)

Texture mod: http://caplagrobin.deviantart.com/art/B ... -573284066

In the game, use this code:
exec ms/superman.txt | exec ms/smpowers.txt
first on the Bruce Wayne character trophy, second on the challenge mode's character select screen's Long Halloween and Brightest Day suits. Keep entering the code throughout the loading screen (F10+up arrow+enter). And then press these buttons in the game if you want these superpowers:

Numpad 7: Turn Superflight Off
Numpad 8: Turn Superflight On
Numpad 4: Turn Telescopic Vision Off
Numpad 5: Turn Telescopic Vision On (Telescopic vision codes by Heitor Fraga)
Numpad 1: Turn God Mode Off
Numpad 2: Turn God Mode On (You don't get damage when you get hit)

They're all turned off on default except for God Mode, by the way.

.tpf variations:

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