Arkham Knight Skin Mods

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Arkham Knight Skin Mods

Postby Lestat_cv » Dec 23rd, 2016, 3:03 am

Finally my friends, THIS IS possible.

Just as it was possible in games that used DX9 with the tool texmod, now we can do TEXTURE MODS for Arkham Knight with this wonderful tool called Resorep.

You can download the tool here: ... 54/updates

How to use here: ... acer.8402/

Is pretty easy and intuitive to use, there's no much problems but is good download the most recent java virtual machine to work right.

To prove that this is perfectly possible, I will show here the image of a mod I made and also the download link.


Download Link: ... +Final.rar

So I hope with this post here I can encourage the good old mod community to act again.

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Re: Arkham Knight Skin Mods

Postby M. Malone » Dec 28th, 2016, 2:46 pm

So this works for DX11 games then? That's fantastic news!

Honestly my biggest wish regarding the ability to modify any of the Arkham games is if someone could change Batman's cape/cowl in Arkham City from blue to black (or gray). I realize that there are plenty of skins out there to do this already, but they only work in DX9 mode. I'm anxious for someone to do it while still being able to keep the graphical enhancements of DX11.
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