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Who Wins the AK Season Pass? (Vote Now!)

Postby Joe Chill » Jul 3rd, 2015, 6:17 am

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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby New_52 » Jul 3rd, 2015, 7:32 am

My idea is for future dlc are hour long story packs based of the comics. For example you can get the "killing joke" dlc, it borrows the same story and elements from the comics but it doesn't have to necessarily be connected to the arkhamverse, it just borrows the gameplay mechanics and graphics. So short story packs ripped straight out of the most Iconic batman story lines like: the killing joke, the long Halloween, night of the owls, batman: zero year.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby SANMAN0899 » Jul 3rd, 2015, 8:10 am

My ideas for:Batman Arkham Knight Story Add-On Batgirl:A Matter Of Family
I would like the Batgirl DLC to use some elements of The Killing Joke.Commissioner Gordon is kidnapped by the :joker: Joker and it's up to Batgirl to save him with the help of :batman2: Batman and :robin: Robin.I would like to see Barbara's origin of becoming Batgirl and they should do this via flashback sequences.As for gameplay features Batgirl's combat should use Escrima sticks and Batarangs as stated in he bio in Arkham Knight she is skilled with Escrima sticks and Batarangs.She would be a cross of Batman and Nightwing's combat but she should move faster and flexible,similar to Catwoman.Her Detective Mode would be exactly like Batman's(reason being is because she's a computer geek).Her gliding would also be similar to Robin's.Since Barbara is a superb hacker,she would be able to hack computers instead of having a Cryptographic Sequencer/Remote Hacking Device.I want to see Dual Play in this DLC.As we see in the main story of Arkham Knight,Joker shoots Barbara in the back and this is how they can end this story.Instead of having a happy ending we have a dark ending.As for the rogues gallery,As I mentioned Joker I think we should have at least one side mission with a character that hasn't been used yet like Calendar Man or Killer Moth.The past 2 story packs that we have received are a mere 15 minutes.Although they were good this is disappointing.I hope this DLC is lengthy one.About 2 hours is enough.Even longer would be better.These are my ideas for the Batgirl DLC
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Suhail Aboulhoda » Jul 3rd, 2015, 9:17 am

For future DLC I would recommend Rocksteady to make expansions for batman from all the different eras in movies , for example the Michael Keaton universe, we can use the Keaton batmobile ( and it should look exactly the same ) and then we could experience the story of batman 1989 and batman returns ( if they wanna do batman forever and batman and robin then fine ) and for the next few months we could get to experience the Adam west universe in a completely new environment , and give us the actual batmobile from that era and they could do the dark knight trilogy too in the same way and finally as a bonus , for completing this DLC to 100% you unlock the batman v superman skin for both batman and the batmobile.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Master Bruce » Jul 3rd, 2015, 9:47 am

I don't really know why it'd be the best... I tried to fit in as many references and nods to canon that I could, but ultimately I just had fun writing this out. So I guess that's it's own reward? :oldyella:

by Master Bruce

The DLC consists of the following sequences, roughly the size of Arkham Origins' "Cold, Cold Heart" DLC, with each taking place three years before the events of Arkham Asylum. The opening cut scene starts with a recreation of the classic scene from Alan Moore's "The Killing Joke", where The Joker purchases a run down carnival site from an unlucky property manager. The vocals are again provided by Mark Hammil, who narrates an allusion to his past life as a comedian - or perhaps, a lie about a life that never existed - before revealing that the property is already his and that he's killed the man he was speaking with in a particularly gruesome fashion - with Joker Toxin outstretching his features to a degree that would earn it's M-rating alone.

The actual playable portion of the content begins differently from the graphic novel, however, as you play as Captain James Gordon (Jonathan Banks) investigating the crime scene. You're guided through the scene by Harvey Bullock, who expounds about the fact that Joker's been supposedly pulling the same routine for months, leaving a trail of bodies as he clears out old Carnival sites from around Gotham dating back to the early century. As you, the player, separate yourself from Bullock, Gordon turns to the scene and tugs at an earpiece. Over the piece, you hear the familiar voice of Batman (Kevin Conroy), who's outfitted Gordon's glasses with a micro-camera feeding into his Detective Vision. The two have a back and forth, with Gordon attempting to discuss how much damage The Joker's caused Gotham ever since he arrived, while Batman remains strictly focused on the details of the crime scene. Batman's level of expertise over each and every detail that The Joker's meticulously (and intentionally) left behind in ways that CSI could never uncover proves why he's called The World's Greatest Detective - and alludes to the nature of their rivalry.

You guide Gordon over to a Funhouse, where the body was found, and suddenly realize that Joker's booby-trapped the area and prevented you from leaving with an array of jack-in-the-box themed sentry guns, armed snipers in clown makeup and attire, ravaged "human zombies" (similar to Joker's freakish goons in Killing Joke) locked in cages and ready to be sprung if you step over certain trip wires, and of course, mines. Batman monitors Gordon's situation and guides him through what to do, despite the fact that Jim is only outfitted with his service piece and handcuffs. You proceed to follow his instructions to the letter, taking out the thugs, sneaking around the Funhouse, and shooting out environmental obstacles that stand in your way. "Jim, listen to me carefully,", Batman eventually tells him. "I'm on my way. But I need you to promise me that you won't go after him until I've arrived."

Just as Gordon speaks, he can hear the familiar laughter of the Clown Prince of Crime echoing through the halls. Revolver in hand, he makes the decision to ignore Batman's order and chase after him. You control Gordon as Joker leads him through Hall of Mirrors, taunting him with reflections that appear to be the genuine article, ready to attack. You encounter more of his thugs, and make use of Gordon's gun and limited fighting skills to take them out without lethal harm - should you shoot them anywhere other than the limbs, you lose. That's when you finally face The Joker himself, standing at the end of the hall... who immediately downs you with a comedically giant retractable boxing glove. Just as Gordon struggles to pick himself up, you witness his POV as Joker lays into him with a crowbar.

(Notably, a crowbar already stained with another person's blood... a clear reference to the recently deceased Robin.)

Section two of the DLC begins with narration from Barbara Gordon (Ashley Greene), who reveals that her father has been missing for five days. She has a fairly similar suit-up sequence to one of Batman's, applying pieces of her armor piece-by-piece as she tries to convince herself that everything will be fine and that if The Joker wanted to kill him, he would have already done so. By the time she's resolved to find her father on her own, noting that Batman and Nightwing are following up a lead on Gordon's whereabouts elsewhere, she steps out onto the balcony of the Gotham Clocktower fully suited up as Batgirl - and greets Gotham as it was, five years prior. And it towers even higher than it does in Arkham Knight, with a fully explorable island that would eventually become the site of Arkham City and updated, retroactively designed buildings to give off more of an art deco feel.

Batgirl descends through the city and calls upon her own vehicle - The Batcycle, visually updated but at least partially similar in design to the one driven by Yvonne Craig in the 60's series - much in the same manner that Batman does The Batmobile in the main game. With it, you have full access to the same offensive capabilities (except Battle Mode), such as the immobilizer, aswell as a "sonic scrambler" - the idea of which was given to Barbara by a friend named Dinah. This causes the motors of enemy vehicles to overload and eventually explode, causing immediate crashing. Batgirl also has her own unique animations and takedowns, with her movement similarly agile like Nightwing, but honed with more of a brutality like Batman or Robin. She essentially moves like she's performing a violent ballet whenever she enters free-flow combat - which fits, given the numerous ballet trophies found within the Clocktower.

The story portion of the DLC from there is linear, though there are a few side quests - notably, defusing a crisis situation with Mayor Strong, who's been taken hostage by Poison Ivy in Miagani Island. There's also a side quest with Barbara's old foe Killer Moth, who's kidnapped a young girl named Stephanie Brown in a bid to get back at his old cellmate, Arthur Brown/The Cluemaster, who testified against him in court. Ivy's encounter is fairly straightforward, but Killer Moth's is a citywide search, which requires a fair amount of technological prowess on Batgirl's part to uncover clues - alluding to her future as Oracle. You eventually face Killer Moth and a sizable group of his henchmen at the abandoned Gotham Power Plant on Founder's Island, taking out his goons in a stealth encounter before issuing a silent takedown of Killer Moth himself, who has the terrified Stephanie held at gunpoint. You then face him in a separate combat scenario once Batgirl has grappled Stephanie out of the room. In a cutscene following the encounter, Batgirl calms the young girl with a kind hug, assuring her that she's "spoiled" Moth's fun for the night and that he won't be coming for her again.

In the second portion of the main story, you go directly after The Penguin (Nolan North) at The Iceberg Lounge. Knowing that Oswald has harbored The Joker in the past when properly persuaded, Batgirl sneaks into the nightclub during a rave, requiring you to crash the party by setting up small explosives around the room and detonating them, loosening a giant Emperor Penguin shaped sculpture and scaring the patrons of the event out of the building. When Penguin and his men emerge, guns trained, Batgirl immediately leaps into battle and takes on 30 of them in a freeflow combat encounter. Penguin then gives you your first real boss encounter as Batgirl pins him against the wall, calling upon someone who he was in the midst of "territorial negotiations" with - the same person who grabs Barbara by the shoulder and tosses her across the room.

It's revealed to be Bane (J.B Blanc), having regained somewhat of a normal appearance in between his T1-Transformation phase and later Arkham phase. Remarking that he nearly killed The Batman in his second year, and that Batgirl was foolish to come alone, Batgirl wryly counters that unlike The Bat, she doesn't need backup. Engaging Bane in a one-on-one fight, you guide Batgirl as she strategically targets certain areas of Bane's physiology in combat. She knows she can't beat him physically, given he was strong enough to break Batman's back, but she can wear him down. As Bane's life meter plummets once you hit him with a series of precise attacks and dodges, Batgirl uses environmental attacks to eventually incapacitate him - and then send him through the floor, using a large circular spray of explosive gel, nodding to how Batman dispenses Killer Croc in Asylum.

Spitting a wad of blood off to the side, showing that she's suffered a bit from the fight with Bane, Batgirl nevertheless smirks as she disarms a retaliating Penguin and interrogates him about The Joker's whereabouts. Penguin swears he hasn't been on hospitable terms with the clown since he slammed a broken bottle into his eye, but reveals that he's heard rumors that Joker's taken sancturary in the recently shut down wing of Arkham Asylum, which is still under repairs from a recent breakout initiated by Scarecrow. As a thanks, Batgirl knocks Penguin unconcious with a single punch and nails him to the wall with one of his bladed umbrellas, wishing him well on his negotiations with Bane - if he ever recovers.

Recieving a communication from Nightwing, Batgirl learns that he's checked out Arkham already and that things have appeared normal - until recently. Members of the repair crew for the Maximum Security wing of the Asylum have mysteriously quit or disappeared. Just as Nightwing says that he's about to check into it personally, Batgirl is alerted to a scene in the middle of Gotham by Alfred Pennyworth - The Joker has just broadcast a disturbing yet hilarious recreation of Sweeney Todd broadcasting from an unknown location, cutting off a large swath of a strapped down victim's hair - only to slice his throat, take some of the hair, and plug it into the wound. Remarking that his "customer" has never looked better, Joker publically states that Batman better find him soon - or "that old meddling Captain will be recieving his next trim!"

Realizing the intention of the message, Batgirl notes that Joker wants Batman to try and stop him at the Burton Theatre, where a recent production of Sweeney Todd had just closed curtain. Nightwing offers to help her, but Batgirl declines, insisting that she needs him to check out the lead at Arkham. Manuevering through Gotham to the Theater itself, you see that the snipers outside of it are being instructed on a giant monitor by Harley Quinn (Tara Strong), who seemingly has Gordon tied to a chair and gagged. Using the stealth skills that Batman taught her - reminiscent of the ones he tried to teach Captain Gordon in the first sequence - Batgirl takes them out, one by one, and even finishes the final sniper off with the remote Batcycle, latching a wedge to the rooftop he's standing on and breaking off a chunk of concrete, sending him into the dumpster several feet below.

Entering the Theatre, Batgirl has a brief exchange with Harley, who's determined to keep Gordon alive for Batman's arrival - but promises that with her "Mistah J", plans can always change. Entering another freeflow encounter, Batgirl goes up against considerably more difficult opponents, including a crude clown-themed set of robots that will eventually inspire The Riddler's in Arkham Knight, suicide grunts with bombs strapped to them (you would be required to use the Special Combo Batclaw to take them down and disarm them before they set themselves off), and clown thugs with Rocket Launchers. Once dispatching them, Harley has another surprise set in store - a bigger robot that The Joker built years ago, called "Captain Clown". You're required to dispatch of him using a different freeflow gadget with every meter fill, similar to the Mr. Freeze fight but in freeflow circumstances. The difficulty is ramped up as three hits automatically take you down, forcing you to constantly dodge.

Once you've defeated Captain Clown, Harley screams, outraged, that you killed him and fires a gun at you, forcing Batgirl to retreat into the shadows for a cutscene. Before she can repeat her statement, Batgirl bursts through the stage below and pulls her down, mercilessly throwing her into various stage equipment to get answers on where The Joker really is. But as she's busy carrying on the interrogation, Harley produces a remote control and presses a button. To Batgirl's horror, Captain Gordon's chair is electrofied, and immediately fills him with over 100,000 volts - seemingly killing him. Distraught and full of emotion, Batgirl angrily knocks Harley through the wall of the stage beneath and goes to see her father, beginning to mourn his loss. Telling him how she's sorry for not saving him or for never asking his approval for what she's doing, Batgirl's in the midst of a tearful breakdown before she notices something odd - there's a scar on Gordon's lower lip that's usually on the left side of his face. This time, it's on his right.

Grabbing the "Gordon" in the chair, Batgirl angrily rips him out of it and throws him to the floor, revealing that he's not only alive, but an imposter. Gordon merely smiles, reaches up to his own face, and peels it off - revealing the next boss, Jane Doe. Jane Doe moves similarly to how Copperhead moved in Arkham Origins, but with knives instead of poison. She fights erradically and aggressively stabs at Barbara at intervals where she's hidden in the shadows. Batgirl eventually beats her by using the Remote Electrical to restore the lighting system to the Theatre and revealing her location, promptly initiating a Beatdown sequence.

As Batgirl straps both the unconcious Harley and unconcious Jane Doe up with a Bat-rope, gift-wrapped for the GCPD, she recieves another communications message - this time, from Batman himself. Batman informs her that he lost communication with Nightwing shortly after he entered Arkham, confirming the suspicion that Joker's using the Maximum Security wing to hold Jim as bait for him. Telling her not to engage and allow him to handle it, Batgirl objects, pointing out that the only reason Joker's doing this in the first place is to get Batman's attention. While he seems to realize she has a point, Batman nevertheless tells her to stay behind, as she's "compromised" by Joker taking her father.

Angry at that comment, Batgirl shuts down communications and goes back out into Gotham. You control her as she narrates a series of flashbacks to her childhood, dating back to when The Joker first arrived in Gotham. The flashbacks show that her father would often tell her stories about his encounters with the clown to both warn her about the danger and to let her know that he would never allow Joker to hurt his little girl. Batgirl realizes that while he nessescarily didn't tell her these stories for this reason, she does use the memory to realize just how to use Joker's fascination with Batman to her advantage - the same way Jim had learned to from hard experience.

You race to Arkham Island, having Batgirl glide over the compound and stop some of Joker's random clowns from attacking the Asylum staff, including a younger Quincy Sharpe. Stealing his access codes from the pocket of his coat jacket, Barbara gains access to the Asylum itself, encountering some of it's roaming crazed inmates as she ventures deeper. Once she reaches the main hall outside the Maximum Security Wing, however, she realizes that something's terribly wrong - the entrance is made up to look like a gigantic carnival, complete with concessions featuring the puppet Scarface, who shoots at Batgirl with electronically controlled sentry guns. Once you take him out, you enter the "Joker Funhouse"... featuring a fully operational indoor rollar coaster, which her father is apparently strapped to. As Batgirl tries to grapple upwards, The Joker shoots the weapon out of her hands, initiating another stealth scenerio.

As Batgirl takes down the thugs in the room, another cutscene begins, with Batgirl caught dead to rights by a small army of Joker's goons. Joker orders them to make mince meat out of the "Fembat", so he can present a nice dinner tray to Batman when he arrives - only to be surprised when Batman literally does arrive, crashing from the side window and arriving at Batgirl's side. Though Batman gives Batgirl a stern look for disobeying his order, she shoots one right back, indicating that she's not backing down. The two brace for battle as a Dual Play battle begins, with the player switching between Batman and Batgirl to take down the sizeable army of Joker's goons.

Once it becomes clear to Joker that two Bats are not better than one, by his estimation, he flees into another corridor. Batman attempts to go after him, but Barbara stops him, stating that Joker is her's and that she wants him to rescue her father. When asked why, Batgirl turns away from him and walks towards the corridor with clenched fists, stating that "It's a matter of family."

The Joker reveals a room that he'd saved explicitly for Batman, similar to many Riddler challenge rooms with their level of puzzle solving and difficulty. Some of which serve as specific reminders of past events, such as a scenerio requring you to save Nightwing from being sent into a vat of deadly chemicals while dressed as The Red Hood. Joker calls this game "The Beginning". Batgirl attempts to free Nightwing, but he tells her he's fine and to "Give him one for me." Another mini-game involves you having to save a group of nurses and orderlies from a firing squad, all dressed as Robin, with Joker mocking Batgirl about the fact that her boss seems to do roughly the same thing. "Why, he even threw one at me just this last month, and I felt so bad, I gave him a crowbar for his troubles!", he giggles, as Batgirl disarms the guns and rescues the hostages from a game Joker calls "The Crescendo."

Finally, the final boss battle with The Joker begins in the final room, in what you'd later recognize in Batman: Arkham Asylum as Arkham Manor. Revealing a ton of laughing sentry guns, three upgraded Captain Clown robots, and plenty of chattering teeth all over the floors that bite off bits of your health meter, The Joker gleefully watches as you're forced to fight them all - in a spinning room. The longer the fight takes you, the faster the room spins, occasionally flying you into the air and tumbling you across the ceiling. You're forced to regain your wits about you and defend yourself in time from each attack, defending yourself in a variety of ways - from using the Remote Hacking Device to disable a sentry gun, to dodging Captain Clown attacks, to avoiding blasts from Joker's own acid flower - before finally using a Multi-Batarang to disable the fuse box powering the room.

Once everything's powered down, you square off with The Joker himself, who produces an oversized pistol. You have to strike at him from different vantage points, be it gargoyles, vents, or takedowns through paritition windows and weak wooden walls. Finally, you recieve an opportunity to disarm Joker with another Multi-Batarang, and then leap into the fray yourself - battling The Joker and several of his thugs in one final freeflow encounter.

As the final cutscene plays, Joker remarks at the absurdity of the situation, saying that he doesn't "understand how he could be defeated by Batman's knockoff rather than the man himself. Even the bird boy could never do that!" Batgirl simply smiles at him, saying that she actually thinks it's funny. Before headbutting him into unconciousness. Throwing him over her shoulder, Batgirl walks out to a waiting Batman and Gordon, who's just been untied. Producing Joker's unconcious body much in the same way Batman presented his corpse at the end of Arkham City, Batman checks for a pulse - and then looks up at Barbara, giving a nod of approval. She smiles, before grappling out of the building. Gordon recieves a call on his phone, which he answers.

"It's okay, Barbara. I'm fine,", Gordon assures her, with his next bit of dialogue alluding that he knows who Batgirl really is. "I got myself in this mess, but at the end of the day, I was saved by someone very special. A woman I owe my life to, now. Hopefully one day, I'll get to repay her."

In the final shot, we see Batgirl standing over Arkham Asylum, triumphant.

NOTE: In this potential DLC scenario, Batgirl would likely receive at least three AR Challenges of every category, and the following skins: Classic Batgirl, Cassandra Cain Batgirl, Stephanie Brown Batgirl, New 52 "Batgirl of Burnside" Batgirl, Animated Series Batgirl, and Kate Kane as Batwoman.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby PsyZen_001 » Jul 3rd, 2015, 10:47 am

My "pitch" for the Barbara Gordon DLC consist of the following ideas . As far as the storyline time length should consist of an at least 1 hour and more of gameplay since this is the first time the Arkham fans get to use Batgirl in DLC. Following the length as far as actual gameplay since Barbara was pretty good at Gymnastics her combat can consist of similar moves to maybe Catwoman and Nightwing while throwing in her own little surprised moves, for starters when hitting your opponent with a "Special Combo Takedown" she can flip over the enemy, as as she's behind leg sweep then step on their face thus knocking them out. Now the gadgets her gadgets maybe can consist of the typical Batarang, Smoke Bomb, Grappling Hook, Explosive Gel, etc now with her hacking skills being rivaled second to none she can maybe have a gadget that's practically like the remote hacking device as seen used by Batman but the emphasis on "Hacking" being able to hack enemy coms and give out a loud frequency thus making the enemy disoriented so that you can take them out, or hacking devices in a room to break glass, intimidating the enemy, so the simple way is give her a gadget that can hack about anything probably making them easy to lure and take them out, or before engaging in combat hack a nearby device in order to "Even The Odds" :]. Now as far as stealth gameplay Barbara being trained by The Batman himself, obviously she's being able to be stealth and sneaky, but don't make her like Catwoman being able to legitimately "Run" behind enemies and take them out. Make it so that players will have to exploit weaknesses or opportunities when encountering a predator type mission example being you do a silent takedown on a thug approach with the typical crouch and sneak up on. her movelist as far as the variety of takedowns can maybe for example when doing a Silent Takedown she can flip over with legs around the neck and choke them out or maybe just a typical chokehold variation with her. Let her have the same variety of takedowns as the rest of the bat family, but maybe throw in a twist or to like Nightwing having Wrist Darts, Robin having a snap flare. Give her a gadget that will be versatile when encountering predator missions. Now as far as open world gameplay depending on the location of where the story takes place let her be able to grappel and glide to her objective maybe being smaller than the bat being able to.glide faster is an option. Maybe an introduction of a Bat Cycle is needed, not as hightech as the batmobile but just a versatile way of traveling. Now my introduction of showing her detective skills, Barbara having a genius level intellect and part of the bat family maybe her cowl can function as batman, An example can consist of maybe when she's trying to track her father (Thus the title: A Matter of Family) she can be able to use the cowl to highlight fingerprints of possible assailants, or use nearby devices to try and find footage like a security camera rewinding the footage to find clues as of to where your next objective could take place. Basically have the cowl prep and ready similar to batman but maybe something to her style. Now the main idea "Storyline", this should consist of hostages, bossfight, Detective Work, etc but my proposed idea for the story line is... One random day in Gotham, Joker along with maybe another villian takes.hostages to the nearby carnival, Batman probably out of commission due to (insert accident here) Barbara steps in with her cowl has to save the day Batgirl first having to deduce who the hostages are and their locations in order to save them while being held up by random thugs. Barbara can hunt them.down and take them out in order to save a few of the hostages at each location, but Joker was using the hostages as a front in order to get his hands on the Commissioner soon shortly after Barbara hears this she goes to his last location where two identified bodies appear dead or unconscious with signs of a struggle after deducing the idea on how Jim was taken, she finds that one of the Assailants through hacking and detective work was someone possibly one the inside (GCPD) maybe an officer who had a grudge against Gordon or was being Blackmailed to do so, So after being able to hack your way to his next location, Barbara interrogates the officer in order to find her father, she calls.for her bat cycle and travels to the next location. As she reaches the location, she infiltrates through the rooftops but not without signs of struggle such as being able to locate a guard with an access code. Infiltrating the building she finds a room full of thugs where a.fight breaks out, after that.she finds.out that her father.is in the far back of the carnival, she makes her way into that location when suddenly Harley Quinn appear saying "You won't make it to the Commissioner" This leads to a boss fight between two superior Gymnist the fight should maybe consist of an idea to the Arkham Origins "Slade vs Wayne" Counter after Counter with animation scenes or maybe Harley bust out her baseball bat/hammer and try to hit you or just hit her up with a beatdown combo the fight should consist of showing off their superior skills as acrobatic fighting styles, but with Batgirl udderly winning the fight she goes to confront the Joker, where he's in the next room with encountering another predator type mission but maybe with a Gunner or something. then when they meet up Joker has the commissioner tied up to a chair as she walks over to untie, Joker appears along with 5-6 snipers pointed at the both of them leaving figuring out what to do. Barbara being able to see a nearby device she sets it off using an upgraded hacking device gadget leaving the men unconcious. She frees the commissioner, and goes off to pursue the Joker when she finally catches him, He reveals that he had bombs set to detonate all over the area that they're in after knocking Joker out she quickly makes work of the bomb locations and deactivated them, and then Jim wanting to thank her, he ask "Who are you" she follows up with "Batgirl" then she vanishes into the night. Maybe the dlc could also consist off Challenge Maps from some of the locations that took place within the story just a thought. This is the conclusion of my "Pitch" to the Batgirl DLC
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby zaree2122 » Jul 3rd, 2015, 2:00 pm

I think that future DLCs should be inspired in different versions of Batman : Batman Beyond, Batman Earth One, Batman Earth 2, Batman Flashpoint, Damian Wayne - Batman, Batman One Million, GL Batman, New 52 Batman; pre-flashpoint Batman... And, of course, their stories in the comics or series : For example, in Batman Beyond we could face the Tim-Joker; in Batman Earth One Penguin; in Batman Earth 2 we could face Apokolips, and we could see Catwoman and Helena Wayne; on Batman Flashpoint we could face Joker-Marta or even we could face Aquaman and Wonder Woman jajaja; with Damian we could face the Jokerized Gotham or we could face The League of Assassins, it would be funny ...
All this could come with a lot of cameos and new suits : Helena Wayne's Robin, Earth 2 Catwoman; Earth One Batman and Earth 2 Batman (Bruce's Batman); Damian Wayne's Batman; ...
And we could play with the rest of characters : Catwoman, Nightwing, (Grayson Earth 2); Batgirl; Robin...
In other DLCs they could (this may be free) add challenge maps and free roam with the rest of characters...
And, what I most want from this game : That they would add the Batcave, the Wayne Manor, and the Arkham Asylum...
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby thelastgamer » Jul 3rd, 2015, 2:09 pm

I think that future DLCs should be inspired in different versions of Batman : Owlman; Batman Beyond, Batman Earth One, Batman Earth 2, Batman Flashpoint, Damian Wayne - Batman, Batman One Million, GL Batman, New 52 Batman; pre-flashpoint Batman... And, of course, their stories in the comics or series : For example, in Owlman's Universe we could face a good joker and cameos from the Syndicate; Batman Beyond we could face the Tim-Joker; in Batman Earth One Penguin; in Batman Earth 2 we could face Apokolips, and we could see Catwoman and Helena Wayne; on Batman Flashpoint we could face Joker-Marta or even we could face Aquaman and Wonder Woman jajaja; with Damian we could face the Jokerized Gotham or we could face The League of Assassins, it would be funny ...
All this could come with a lot of cameos and new suits : Helena Wayne's Robin, Earth 2 Catwoman; Earth One Batman and Earth 2 Batman (Bruce's Batman); Damian Wayne's Batman; Owlman; ...
And we could play with the rest of characters : Catwoman, Nightwing, (Grayson Earth 2); Batgirl; Robin...
In other DLCs they could (this may be free) add challenge maps and free roam with the rest of characters...
And, what I most want from this game : That they would add the Batcave, the Wayne Manor, and the Arkham Asylum...
But not only that, they could add to new stories from other characters : The origin of Dick Grayson as Robin (against Tony Zucco); or his origin as Nightwing (with a cameo of Sups); or the Killing Joke, or the origin of Red Hood's Jason, or Damian Wayne's Origin, and how he could become Robin or the master of the league, they could do something like that, opening for a new game or something; and the possibilities are unlimited : Huntress, Batwoman, Black Canary, Azrael, Question maybe,the origin of Gordon himself jajaja.... Or a Suicide Squad DLC, where we are able to paly as Deadshot, Harley, Deathstroke... Going after someone like, I dunno, Bane? xD...
And I really want a Court of The Owls DLC... I could fight against Talons, play as Batman , NIghtwing against William Cobb, Talon vs any talon xD;...
(I have now created and account, sorry the other message)
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby BatmanARKnight » Jul 3rd, 2015, 2:14 pm

I think the DLC should be about Barbara Gordon Journey to becoming batgirl with Rocksteady's own twist and turns, but also, the main focus should be about Barbara's worst experiences with the Joker recounting some of her worst fear from those experiences. As well as the Joker being the main villain here, they should also incorporate "side missions" for different villians like mister freeze, or or a team up of both Harley and Poison Ivy, things like that. I think the DLC should also show how she struggles with these psychological, messed up, events, and must slowly learn how to handle it. Eventually, they can mix in the killing joke to have Barbara retire and show how then play a bit of Joker to shoot Barbara, so we can really get the shock of it :shock: . I also think that the DLC should portray Barbara personal life as well for those who don't know Barbara well in the comics, and also get to know Barbara. It would be interesting if Rocksteady also makes this into a standalone dlc as well and make it free roam.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Chife1170 » Jul 3rd, 2015, 4:31 pm

In my eyes, I believe that the perfect DLC for batgirl would be a 1-2 hour long Birds Of Prey story.
It would open with Barbara on her computer in the Clocktower (post arkham knight) coordinating where Black Canary and Huntress should be helping with the evacuation. As they are talking more and more eventually Black Canary being up a past mission that they had together, witch bring a flashback. The majority of the DLC would be a flash back to a mission they had in the abandoned Arkham Asylum (before the games) it would be about the three of them following a tip they received that the villains Livewire, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn (if anyone remembers the old BTAS episode where the three of them worked together) had escaped prison and fled to the old Asylum. You will mainly be playing as Batgirl hunting them down through the asylum with two person and even three person duel plays with Huntress and Black Canary as you try to stop the dastardly team up. The story would end with Barbara giving one more command to "the birds," then closing her computer and... Standing up!?(with some help from mechanical leg braces) She would then walk over and put on her batsuit and go into the open world of Arkham Knight making her playable in free roam. That's just what I would love to see them do
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby FoghornFreddie » Jul 3rd, 2015, 8:18 pm

4 years before arkham asylum.
Part 1: You are Barbara Gordon. You are at the gcpd with your dad. You leave and decide to take a walk home. You take a shortcut through an alley. Crime alley. You are stopped bu a man with a pistol. He points the pistol at your dads head. Suddenly, a dark figure swoops down and takes down the thug. Later that night, you meet the dark figure on the roof. Batman. But you are not Barbara. You are batgirl. Batman tells you that the red hood gang have robbed another bank and are hiding out in the shut down ace chemicals. You two storm ace chemicals, taking out multiple thugs before finding red hood. You chase him outside and he jumps down into the acid.
Part 2: You now play as Jim Gordan. You are investigating a murder that took place outside the movie theatre. The victim has been painted white with a smile made from blood. You do more of these until you find a man called the joker. You shoot him in the shoulder and lock him up.
Part 3: You are now Barbara again. The joker has escaped and is lose in the city. You hear the doorbell ring and there is a loud bang outside. You open the door to find the joker. He then shoots you through the spine...
Part 4: You now play as batman. Gordan has been missing for a month now. You have tracked him down to three locations: Sionis steel mill, The docks or the funland. You investigate them in that order, finding Gordan in the funland. You have a final boss fight with joker and lock him away. You then visit Barbara as batman and talk about her becoming oracle. You find out she was paralysed by the bullet. The ending is batman going of to do a mission with oracle talking to you.
Side missions:
Hacking devices as oracle
Helping batman as oracle
Crime scenes as batman or Jim Gordan
Two face origins as batman and Jim Gordan
The bat family- gothams greatest knights [100% secret mission] as batma, Jim Gordan and oracle
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby theman0893 » Jul 4th, 2015, 5:16 pm

Taking place a year before the events of Arkham Asylum, you will start off from a view of Vicki Vale in her news helicopter reporting a chase in progress of the batmobile (with the same design as in Arkham Asylum) and a moving truck that has been going on through the streets of Gotham. As the chase reaches the city limits and passes a sign saying "You are now leaving Gotham" the camera goes up to a skyline view of Gotham until the batwing comes zooming by the screen and the camera is quick to follow. Instead of seeing Batgirl in the seat you get a view of Batman at the controls and in a conversation with Alfred about Batgirl, who is actually driving the Batmobile. "You know i can't just stay back in Gotham watching this chase go on Alfred" Says Batman. "She is perfectly capable of holding her own out there, as you well know, Sir." Alfred replies. "She is heading straight for Bludhaven, Alfred. I have to stop this chase NOW!"
And from here the camera shifts down to Barbara in the Batmobile as she butts into the conversation with a similar screen to that of the arm band in Arkham Knight with a view of Batman in the batwing. "I have these guys Batman, you have me along side you for a reason, let me help you." From here the player gets control of the batmobile and is tasked with catching up to the truck and ramming it to do damage. As the bar is nearly depleted you see the batwing fly overhead and Batman glide out and forcefully land on the moving truck. With a quick explosive gel hit on the hood of the truck the engine is blown and it begins to veer off to the side of the road with until it comes to a screeching halt. As one thug gets out Batman is quick to pounce on him for questioning while Batgirl drifts up to the side that Batman didn't get and as the second thug tries to leave, Batgirl ejects out of the Batmobile and throws Bolas at the retreating thugs legs and knocks him to the dirt.
After some interrogation from Batgirl's thug, she receives information of plans involving Mr. Freeze creating a new weapon of some sort. After getting all the information she needed, she gives a swift knee to the thug's head and begins a conversation with Batman as he is dragging his already unconscious thug beside the other. "You should have called for help sooner" states Batman. "When are you ever going to believe me when I say, I can handle it. You already had your hands full anyways, this was the least I could do." replied Batgirl. "seems Victor is up to something again and his operation is someplace in Bludhaven. We should check the truck for something to lead us to him."
After this Alfred is trying to contact the two of them on their headsets and it is about a broadcast being aired around Gotham billboards and televisions from the Riddler calling for Batman to challenge his intelligence for the lives of hostages he has placed around the city. Batman insists that he can handle the Riddler so he leaves it up to Batgirl to follow up on what Mr. Freeze is up to. And the player is now officially in control of Batgirl who is equipped with a mixture of items from Catwoman and Batman from Arkham City. She has bolas, batarangs, smoke Pellets, explosive gel, and her own special item that is a high tech tablet that she can use as a decoder, scanner, and to connect to the Batcomputer.
To test this new piece of equipment out, Batgirl goes over to the truck crime scene and opens up the truck's back doors to reveal containers and ingredients that are surely meant to be for part of whatever it is that Mr. Freeze is planning to build. The tablet is able to take a sample of a vile that contains a light blue liquid and give an analysis on it and spot live ammo and guns further back in the truck and a unique looking gun that is laying closer to these viles. Piecing together that Freeze is crafting a new gun and has guns for backup, she contacts Alfred on what she has found. Upon telling Alfred that she is going to be searching through Bludhaven for a trail to Mr. Freeze based off of what was in the vile, Alfred gives Batgirl a quick rundown of some crimes that have been going on in the area that she can try to catch while there.
Alfred starts to give the rundown, "Well, while you are in the area it wouldn't hurt to look out for these crimes that have been spotted recently. Break-ins have been happening all around the area at pawn shops and jewelry stores, most likely Selina Kyle has been looking around for this exotic diamond necklace that had been recently sold at a local shop. A condemned house has seen lights on and a top hatted figure roaming around it, so when near there keep your eye out for the Mad Hatter and the Wonderland Gang. Who knows what tricks he has up his sleeve. And if Mr. Freeze is indeed in Bludhaven there are sure to be some people frozen that will be in need of your help. Do be careful."
From here you can see the map that is about the size of one of the three main islands in Arkham Knight and icons popping up for each of the possible missions;The exclamation point for the main missions, a necklace picture for a few pawn shops and jewelers yet to be ransacked, and a top hat picture for the location of the house Mad Hatter had been spotted around. The people that are frozen to the ground around there legs will be collectibles for the area and when you run across one you can help to break the people out by using the explosive gel to break the ice around their feet to free them.
If you choose to chase down Catwoman while she is on her diamond hunt, you will go to one of the pawn shops or jewelers that have yet to be reported as being robbed and look for clues in each that can lead to where you will find Catwoman. Eventually all the clues will lead to a buyer thanks to your new tablet finding an address for a signature that was found clawed up in what is presumably where the necklace was held before being purchased. this new address being found gives you a new marker on the map to finally track down and battle Selina. "Is it really worth going to jail over, Selina?" Batgirl says as she walks in on Catwoman scratching at the new owner of the necklace for him to tell her where he has put it. "of course it is, think of how purr-fect it will look around my neck in THIS moonlight." says Selina as she tries to keep you at bay with her whip and claw swipes. Upon taking Catwoman down and tying her up, Batgirl tries to contact Alfred to have someone come to pick up the burglar and take her off to jail, but you are interrupted by a window breaking and as Batgirl turns around she notices that Catwoman has broken free with the necklace anyhow. As Batgirl looks out the window she catches Catwoman peeking back over her shoulder and giving a wave with the necklace in hand while perched on top of a building across the street before she leaps off into the night. "Scratch that last request Alfred, she got away from me...this time."
When going after the Mad Hatter you will creep up to the house and spot a bunch of goons inside after you sneak through one of the second story windows that was broken out and lighting up the night while outside the house. listening in to the Mad Hatter while he gives orders to his gang members that are roaming around the house with masks similar to the rabbit masks from Arkham City you can begin to start the predator takedowns. "Now don't forget to clean the china for our party, we need plenty of clean dishes for everyone to enjoy their tea." Belches Mad Matter as Batgirl is silently taking out a straggler in the upstairs hall. After slowly taking out more and more of these thugs doing chores for the "tea party" that is in store, you end up reaching the Hatter himself and taking him down and removing his hat. But as you remove his hat he starts looking around in panic "where am I? What did i do? Why did you bring me here?" As Batgirl tries to understand what is going on and is questioning what is up with Mad Hatter, Tweedledee and Tweedledum bust out of a back room just behind where you took down the Mad Hatter. "Sorry to use you like one of these guys Tetch," as wave of enemies start flowing in with rabbit masks on behind Tweedledee and Tweedledum, "but we needed someone to be the face of this gang while we actually did the work behind the scenes." Batgirl looks down at the top hat she is holding and it has some sort of mind control device attached to the inside of it. "What were you planning to do you wretches?" Demands Barbara. "We just wanted a way to send everyone down the rabbit hole together, that way Everyone gets to enjoy Wonderland!" splitting each part of the sentence between them, the camera backs off into the combat camera and you are now tasked with fighting both of the brothers and their brainwashed minions. Acting like brutes, the brothers attack with power but are easy to predict what they are doing and take time to wind up their attacks. A few cape stuns, beatings, and the return of throwing batarangs at charging enemies so they run into walls, the brothers are taken to the floor and tied together along with Jervis Tetch and Batgirl gives Alfred the go ahead to have the three of them picked up.
Now back to the main reason you're playing this dlc in the first place, the main story. So after Alfred gives you the run down of these side missions, Batgirl is free to roam around or follow the unique trail that can be found in her version of detective vision, with a different shading and color scheme than Batman's, it adds a little variety to what you are used to seeing with the detective vision. Feeling hot on the trail of this cold blooded criminal as you try to follow a tracker that is telling you how close you are to the spot in the Bludhaven map that has the highest concentration of the compound you found in the viles. Upon reaching the destination, the sewage treatment plant, you fall into a predator situation in which you have to take out all the guards posted outside and after doing so you are able to break into the plant and get into one of the floor grates after ziplining into one of the doorways to the grates on the wall and sliding down into the a crouched position. once inside you are able to sneak just underneath the feet of Mr. Freeze himself and listen into what he is saying to himself while he is hard at work mixing chemicals in bulk. "Soon, Nora, everyone will understand the pain that I have gone through without you. Soon, everyone will understand how cold the world can be to everyone that stands in between me and my work to reunite us." Victor says to his cryogenically froze wife with a soft touch to her casing. eventually walking into the next room over, you try to follow in the grate you are crawling through but you are suddenly stopped by a spray of cold freezing the grate in front of you. As you make your way back down the other direction in the grate you get a little ways down to make your escape and then the cold wave is coming through the grate in front of you again and as you get trapped you are snatched out of the grate and held up in front of Mr. Freeze, dangling from his grip as he monotones out "how nice of you to join us, Batgirl" as he hurls you into the other room with a crash into the door that swings them open for him to walk through and point his freeze gun down at you. "Now, now...I Don't want you running off now" as he freezes Batgirl's legs together in a solid block of ice while she tries to get back to her feet. "You are fine right where you are. You masked vigilantes have had a knack at stopping my plans in the past, that is about to change." Then he goes into what he has planned with his new weapon. He has found a way to mix his freeze rays with radiation and use this new gun to infect larger areas at a time with his rays and rapidly lower the temperature to subzero. during his monologue though, you are able to see Robin (Tim Drake) sneaking around the rafters planning a sneak attack. Robin wraps his grapple to the ceiling and begins swinging down and kicks Mr. Freeze from behind, knocking him aside for the moment. As Robin does a tuck and roll to gather himself from the momentum of the swing, he also gets a quick spray of explosive gel on the ice block around Batgirl's legs and blows up the ice chunk, freeing her. "Playing the game of surprise are we, I have few surprises of my own." Mr. Freeze says as a stream of minions flow into the room to aid him in battle. Being able to freeze people with a simple blast, Mr. Freeze takes aim at Robin and Batgirl as they are beating through all of the underlings, but as Mr. Freeze is about to shoot, either of them are able to counter by grabbing a nearby enemy and hurling them in front of the blast as a human shield and can then be smashed to the ground or left for later, much like the ice grenades. Since he is too large and armored to be taken down by only one of them, Robin and Batgirl do a few double Takedown animations after earning them from combos against the fledgling enemies and begin a beatdown sequence that leads to a combo that breaks open Mr. Freezes helmet and leaves him open for the knockout blow.
After everyone is out cold, a thanks and slow lean together is turned into a kiss between Robin and Batgirl, a starting point for the relationship that they have in the Arkham knight storyline. But it is made abrupt by a beeping signal from Barbara's suit. "It's Commissioner Gordan, the Riddler has taken him as one of the hostages that he was going to make an example of with Batman!" Alfred says with slight fear in his voice. "no...no, tell me you have a location on my Dad, Alfred?" Batgirl says as her and Robin begin to make their way out of the plant. "I've been trying to get a lock on the transmission for each of the previous Riddler victims, but I can't seem to lock onto the commissioner's, perhaps you could..." As Alfred gets cut off by Batgirl. "Already on it, contact us if you get any new information." Then she takes out the new tablet equipment and tries to match the frequency of the Riddler and Commissioner Gordan's conversation that is being broadcasted to the source of it around the city. After finding the source, Robin says "go ahead, I'll catch up. I have an over sized popsicle i have to put in the Asylum freezer."
After getting to the marked location you arrive just in time to follow in with Batman. "Hey, wait up You aren't going in there without my help, Batman." said Barbara with a concerned sound in her voice. "I told you I could handle this, besides, you've done more than I've asked of you already from what I heard from Alfred and I don't want you to lose handle on yourself seeing your Father like this." Batman says as they both look up to the screen beside them showing Jim tied to a chair with a streak of blood dried down the side of his face from his eyebrow to his chin. "I CAN do this, Bruce. Trust me." After Batgirl spoke those words, Batman stood there like he was weighing his options on what he should decide and without saying anything he moved forward to the gate at the front of the warehouse that was riddled with question marks and looked back in waiting for Barbara to join. She walked forward to his side at the gate and they both pushed it open into the dim lit room.
"Welcome Dark Knight...and uninvited guest." The Riddler said with a disgusting pride in his voice as though his victory was assured. The dimly lit room slowly gathered more light, starting with the end of the hall where you could spot the commissioner sitting there with his head hung low like he was worn out. But just as it was lit a giant metal door blocked the path to him and the floor opened up and raised up in three different spaces between where the commissioner sat behind the wall and where Batman and Batgirl entered. "I have finally figured you out, Dark Knight. This time, I WILL win. It doesn't even matter if you have a helper with you. I have devised the ultimate puzzle that is so difficult, even with two people to think it through, you will fail, AND I, Edward Nigma, will have defeated the Batman."
And so the dual play puzzle begins. On both walls of the hallway to the commissioner are a plethora of gears that are turning, buttons that can be hit to activate an electric current, pieces to push in and pull out of the path of gears, and even the question mark switches on the ground to shift the height of the cogs. As you get farther and farther down the riddle it gets more dangerous to mess with. Hitting the electric current at the wrong time will shock the water that is covering the ground and damage both Batman and Batgirl or send out short little bug bots that need to be destroyed or they will try to explode by each of the heroes. After meshing all the cogs together the right way and having the electric current travel down to the final door, power is given to a lock on the blast doors that are blocking the path to Jim Gordon. "I'll be honest with you Batman, I didn't think you could make it to this point but this is the point where I know I have won, there is no way that you will be able to open my locking mechanism in time. I only wish I could be there in person to see your demise, but you know, I've already had such a blast with you tonight." And as the Riddler says that a bomb begins to lower down on an elevator from the ceiling with just under a minute left on the counter. "You get Jim, I can deal with the bomb!" Exclaimed Batman. Here you are forced to play as Barbara and you have to break out your handy dandy tablet again to hack into the lock and figure out the password just like with the decoder. As Batgirl tries to figure out the word she slowly gets the first part VICTO...now just to get the second half...RIOUS. The door slides open quickly and Barbara slings her weak father over her should and looks back at Batman who is messing with the bomb with only seconds left on the timer. Batman shouts "GET OUT NOW!" without hesitation Batgirl grapples her way out of the building with the Commissioner pressed against her shoulder. as they land at a safe distance away she looks back to see if Batman has made it out yet and there isn't anything coming from the building, but there is a faint sound slowly getting louder, and louder, and then from a hill behind Batgirl and Jim Gordan, the batmobile flies overhead and goes crashing through the doors of the warehouse and makes a sharp screeching sound before the engine revs up again and Batman makes it out in the batmobile just as the bomb blows up and explodes the warehouse, sending bits of the building flying in every direction.
After the dust clears from the explosion Jim finally comes too, "Can you find where the WHAM went into hiding?" "I was able to distinguish the frequency that he used to get his broadcasts across all the screens in Gotham, so we're close. If he feels the need to try to gloat about this last puzzle I'll be able to track him down." and just as Batgirl says this, one of the billboards in the area started to get used for the Riddler's personal broadcasts to talk to Batman, "You cheated, that was a full proof plan, there is no way you could have figured that one out in time. Perhaps if you didn't have someone there to help you cheat then I would have beaten you." While the Riddler was talking Batgirl has the tablet running a scan for the broadcast origin and says the address he is located at. "I'll get Nigma, you make sure that Jim gets to a hospital." said Batman and just before closing the batmobile door and skidding off, he said, "and you're right, I can trust you."
Now it is just Jim and his daughter sitting together and he doesn't even know it, while Batgirl is sitting there trying to figure out if he does know who is hiding under the mask or if her disguise is still intact. "I should call my daughter and tell her I'm okay, she is probably worried sick." Barbara almost replied instantly to him, "wait until the ambulance comes, you'll be more comfortable and tended to there to speak with her." "Thanks back there." Jim started, " You know, I've gotten so used to this city being filled with evil, crime, filth...it's nice to know that there is more than just one man,er...or lady, prowling in the night to keep the evil at bay. Gotham needs more people to stand up against the villains and show the right way to all the good people so we can all unite and lift Gotham out of the darkness it is being covered in. Batman needs you...hell the city needs you right now, too. Batman never sticks around but I figure a lady would make an exception for taking care of an old man while he waits for his ride. Batman never stays to chat, its always business. He's stubborn, is it just him or is that part of your job description?" "It's one of those things that runs in the family, Jim." At that moment Jim looks forward for a second like he is processing something, then the ambulance sirens and lights start coming around the corner, and by the time he turns his attention away from those and back at Batgirl she has vanished in the night.
It goes forward a bit to Jim Gordon sitting in the back of the ambulance and dialing on his phone while Batgirl is watching over him from a distant rooftop. Her phone starts to vibrate and she waits a second to compose herself to answer, "DAD! OH Dad thank god. I saw what was going on during the tv broadcasts, are you going to be okay...OH thank god." Jim comforted Barbara, "I got pulled out of there by Batman and Batgirl. I'm starting to think that you were right and that I should have stayed home and not taken the overtime." Barbara, still watching from the rooftop as the ambulance is now pulling away towards the city, "so does this mean that you might start to listen to me when I'm worried about you?" Jim slightly chuckling until it hurt his chest to do so, "you know you aren't going to change me, getting into this kinda trouble is just part of my job." and then it ends with Barbara replying, "I know how stubborn you are, Dad. It's something that runs in our family. I love you and I'll see you at the hospital."

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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby frank1704 » Jul 4th, 2015, 7:46 pm

My idea for future DLC is something that has been done before, but not with this level of detail. My idea is, given the resurgence in popularity, make a three-part story pack based on the Batman 1966 tv series and comic book. I been watching the old tv show and I've noticed how well Batman and Robin complement each other and it reminded me of dual play. Batgirl could also be playable in the story.

The gameplay would be the same as in the main campaign except for the addition of the series pows and kablam. Adam West and Burt Ward could return to do the voices like they did in Lego Batman 3.

The story would consist of an alliance of villains trying to steal the acient book of the Incas which has a map to find a treasure hidden in Gotham City(I know it sound ridiculous, but the shows plot were always like this) :lol: . The group of villains would consist on the series regular: Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Catwoman with the addition of 1966 versions of Harley Quinn, Bane and Poison Ivy, (given Harley's and Bane's creation happened years after the show ended and their recent introduction in the shows comic book). The events would happen like in the series with Commissioner Gordon calling the dynamic duo and ending with a cliffhanger with our two heroes in peril.

The first two chapters would end with something like" How will our heroes escape?, Is this the end of our dynamic duo?, Will this dastardly gang of Villains win the day?, Tune in next month, Same time, same Bat-game".

And the start of the second and third chapters would consist of the escape from the deadly trap.
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

Postby Dethklokx7 » Jul 4th, 2015, 9:22 pm

Alright, I’ll give it a shot. Here’s my version of “A Matter of Family”.
The main idea is that Batman is preoccupied with a rather nasty hostage situation at the Gotham Opera House involving ClayFace. Before Jim can arrive at the scene, his vehicle is blindsided by an ice cream truck and taken to Jokers “World Infamous Carnival of Catastrophe”. Barbra was previously on the phone with her father, just getting settled in her new home at the clock tower, and heard the abduction taking place. She contacts Alfred, and despite his objections, decides to go in alone instead of waiting for Bruce to finish up. By scanning through public records she is able to determine the location of this carnival after finding that one “Joe Kerr” had recently purchased a property fitting this description. Upon arriving at the front gate it is clear that the clown prince of crime is still preparing for the dark knights arrival, seeing thugs painting crude graffiti and images of their boss. The level would then start with a basic combat challenge utilizing Batgirl’s unique playstyle. She uses a modified nightstick, unlike Robin (Dick Grayson) who dual wields escrima sticks, which can separate into a nunchaku when needed. After the beatdown she grabs one of the thugs who is still barely conscious, trying to gain intel on her father’s location. Shes so focused on interrogating him that she fails to notice a gunman sneaking behind her. Luckily Grayson arrives to subdue the assailant before he pulls the trigger. At this current time, Dick has recently had a falling out with Bruce and is in the process of operating out of Bludhaven, still debating on a new title to replace his Robin persona. He informs Barbra that Alfred made the call and is willing to provide backup, but more importantly there to make sure she doesn’t get killed given the emotional investment she has on the situation. Batgirl demands to take the lead on this one, and the two begin to enter the run down carnival. The fight at the front door has attracted Joker’s attention, and begins to mock the duo over the P.A system. “What? I don’t recall calling in the bat-brats, where’s your babysitter? City Hall….WHAT?! Dammit Karlo, I had this day circled! Aaah oh well…..go home kids. We’re not open for business yet, go to the front gate and wait for your refund and courtesy of a firing squad. Thanks! HAHAHA!” After a little back and forth, Joker then decides to let the two “trial run” his attractions in preparation of the Batman. Each ride is a deathtrap with several hostages locked in place. Barbra and Dick decide to split up in an effort to save time and it is here the player meets their first challenge. It’s a merry-go-round crossed with Russian roulette. The ride operates on a cycle, playing its festive music until stopping at a makeshift gun turret trap (this is illustrated with a riding horse exploding when it stops on a crudely painted X). Batgirl has to disarm the ride via her new hacking minigame because tampering with the hostage restraints would result in detonating the bombs underneath their seats. After a close call the third hostage is free and the ride is now defunct, Barbra tries to check in with Dick but is getting no reply. She then races over to the rundown “House of Horrors” where armed men are patrolling the interior (our first predator challenge). Robin apparently has been subdued, tied with the rest of the hostages in the passenger cars. He is not bound by ropes, but by an unidentified substance. It is here we are introduced to Killer Moth, a hired gun who was contracted by the Joker to help abduct these civilians and provide additional security. He has his trademark silk gun (which can also fire acid), a long scarf draped over his Kevlar armor that resembles his wings, and his face is covered by goggles/gasmask resembling an insect. He’s thrilled that Batgirl has shown up instead of Batman, because now he can enact his revenge on her after a humiliating defeat (a reference to Batgirls first encounter). A dialogue exchange is made and the predator room begins. What’s special about this encounter is that Killer Moth is able to cloak himself (think PREDATOR ) like how pepper moths camouflage, so while you’re hunting his men he can pop out of nowhere to turn the tables! Apparently this is how he got the drop on Grayson. The trick is you need to watch the puddles of water on the floor or throw a batarang at fire extinguishers to pinpoint his location. You can also activate the attractions animatronic monsters to distract/lure thugs for silent takedowns. After dealing with everyone and pinning Killer Moth to the wall like some sort of giant bug collection display, you free the hostages and Robin and make your way to the third deathtrap. Here we have a Ferris wheel set to electrify its occupants once their carriage reaches the highest point. In this dual play encounter, you’ll have to switch between Batgirl and Robin to free the hostages safely. Batgirl will hack the controls of each carriage from below while robin makes his way to each to escort each civilian down. Afterwards the player finally makes their way to “Joker’s Freakshow”, taking references from The Killing Joke, and if you look careful enough at the posters you can see Killer Croc’s old advertisement. The Freakshow mostly consists of a hall of mirrors and the occasional jump scare via jack in the boxes. What follows at the end is a dual play combat room with Joker commentating the entire thing. Commissioner Gordon is hanging in a cage, suspended over a spike pit, about to drop so the clown can make his exit. After ensuring his safety, Barbra chases after the Joker through the “Tunnel of Love”, angry what has transpired this night. Its pitch black, maze-like, and you can hear Robin not far behind her, trying to find her before she gets herself killed. You hear Joker taunting in the darkness, saying he’s surprised at how much fun the runts turned out to be this evening. But alas he says they’re still just annoying imitations that will only interfere with his relationship with his one and only, batman, and sadly have to be removed. The player must hit the counter button with precision, avoiding the jokers six shot revolver at random intervals. Barbra comes face to face with him at last, with the six shot only to fire out the BANG! Flag. Barbra then fistfights Joker, finally able to pin him and repeatedly punch his face in, while Joker laughs the entire time. Her last punch is stopped by Batman who finally has arrived from the previous incident that has kept him. “Trust me, its never enough”. And with that, Joker is restrained and the long night is at an end. Barbra expects a lengthy lecture from Bruce on how dangerous this was, only to get a brief warning with hidden praise on how well she did. Bruce and Dick have a small back and forth, and the DLC ends with Batgirl on a rooftop phoning her father asking if he is okay. And with that, she grapples away to beat her father home, ready to share a late dinner and tend his wounds.

I felt that incorporating too many rogues would hurt the story. In this timeline I felt Harley hasnt gone off the deep end just yet and Killer Moth's inclusion is both believable and a fresh new face. Anyway thats my idea at least
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Re: Win Arkham Knight Season Pass

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Batman: A Matter of Family

The first in Multi-Episodic DLC series connecting the events of Batman's allies that forever change their relations, and personally alter their lives.

The beginning would open with bright flashes, followed by Joker's iconic laugh, and the title of the episode superimposing to the screen with a flash. It then transitions via another flash to a press conference inside GCPD, as a Younger Commissioner James Gordon is continuing his announcement that several of the escapees from the recently reopened Arkham Asylum have been apprehended, and that they are working to recover the remainder. As reporters continue to prod him with questions, like the safety of the Asylum, Jack Ryder questions whether they've apprehended the Joker. Gordon scoffs at the tone of Ryder's question, and informs the press that the Joker will be caught, and that the people of Gotham should not be afraid of such a menace, as he feeds on that fear. Finally Vicki Vale asks him whether the Batman had been of any assistance with the round-up. Gordon deflects, unwilling to comment. Vale proceeds to ask if the police are still after him. Gordon continues to avoid it and ends the conference. The Deputy Commissioner fills in, answering directly that the Batman is a top priority, and that the GCPD are still working heavily to apprehend him.

Gordon heads to the Cyber Division to talk with Barbara Gordon, his daughter, who works for the division. He asks her how his conference went and she jokes about his graying hair starting to show. In a moment of privacy she asks how he feels about the Batman and what he's done so far. As Gordon lets go that he needs all the help he can get, Detective Harvey Bullock comes in. Crass and loud, Bullock jokes with the Commissioner that he looks Mayoral up at the podium, but then leads into the Batman issue. He reminds Gordon that he's not an ally, and that they need more men on the Batman Resolution Force. Barbara becomes quiet as they go on about this.

During their conversation, Bullock reveals that the GCPD have setup numerous 'crimes' to draw Batman to an ambush, but he frequently either never shows, or, when he does, easily 'knocks the crap outta them.' Reminding Gordon that he's assaulting officers, Barbara breaks her silence, noting that maybe there's a reason he goes after certain cops. Bullock chastises her excusing the Batman, and presses Gordon. Gordon reluctantly says he'll look into expanding it. The two eventually leave Barbara, giving her time to open a communicator ear piece.

Meanwhile, at the Batcave, Alfred Pennyworth wheels a dining cart towards a monstrous electronic station of numerous monitors and keyboards with videos, data charts, and various programs running. Seated at it is Jason Todd, fumbling with buttons, his eyes scanning certain screens. Alfred offers him the warm dinner, but Jason mentions that he's busy. Alfred comments that his behavior reminds him of someone, which Jason ignores. A ringing pulse chimes from the station, and Jason activates a button. Barbara's voice comes through, with her greeting Bruce, surprised instead to hear Jason and Alfred. They explain that Bruce left abruptly on a personal matter.

At GCPD Barbara's monitor shows images of the GCPD ambush spots, with details of the officers at each spot. She informs them she's sending the files over. In the Batcave Jason sees the images on some monitors. Alfred once again offers the dinner, but Jason isn't interested. Alfred wheels the cart back to the elevator, while Jason continues with Barbara. He informs her that he's found a lead about a location to Two-Face. He asks if she could help with it, but Barbara hesitates, reminding him that Bruce never wanted him out alone. Jason says they'll be a duo, and she eventually agrees that maybe it's time they prove they're worthy allies.

This begins Barbara's campaign. She returns home, suits up and heads to the roof of her apartment. With batarangs, a grapnel gun, explosive gel, an older, but modified Cryptographic Sequencer, and a less sophisticated Detective Mode, that highlights people, but not their weapons, she sets out to the open world of Gotham City.

News broadcasts on building screens show images of both Dick Grayson and Jason as Robins alongside Batman from file photos, as well as Batgirl, with the reporter asking if more vigilantes are emerging in the wake of the Batman.

Her side quests involve stopping vehicles in police chases, assisting officers overwhelmed by rioters (though some of these police may be dirty, leading her to cuff them in front of fellow officers, telling them of their crimes, including fellow cop killers), and hacking phone calls between burner phones for future intel in minigames.

Her campaign has her head to Port Adams to ambush Penguin. An arms deal is occurring between Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin and a young gang looking to claim a section of Gotham. Part of Batgirl's mission is to identify the new gang with her gear, both facially and vocally, and to gather evidence against them. She then drops into the exchange, having a dual play moment with Jason as they knock the very high number of armed goons out. Jason confronts the Penguin, demanding Harvey's location. Shocked by how physical Jason becomes from the hardly intimidated Penguin, not impressed by the two sidekicks, Batgirl tries to calm him down. Jason persists, slamming Penguin, causing him to reveal Harvey is somewhere on Miagani Island, but that's as far as he knows.

Jason and Batgirl head to a high vantage point, and Batgirl reports the subdued villains to the GCPD. Jason fumbles with an electronic device, scrolling through the map. He comments that it's a big island, and that they should split up. Batgirl confronts him about the Penguin episode and he states that it got results and that he wouldn't have told them otherwise. She tries to reprimand him on that, but he reminds her that it's how Bruce would've done it. He thanks her for the help, and says they'll meet up shortly. He also tells her he brought her something that may help out, then stealthy leaves as she looks down. On the street is the older model of the Batmobile (speed and armor, no tank mode available).

Now able to cruise the streets, Barbara can head to Miagani to continue the story. Once there she has to head to a higher points to listen in on phone conversations, hoping to find Two-Face's hideout. She eventually does, and reports to Jason that she may have found it. He tells her to wait for him at a key point in the Batmobile. Once parked, Alfred contacts her. First he scolds her for taking the Batmobile, knowing Master Bruce would be furious, then states it's not safe for the two of them yet. She informs him about Penguin's arrest, and Alfred reveals it's not just that. He believes Jason was searching for something specific about Two-Face.

That's when Jason arrives. He gets into the two seater Batmobile, letting Barbara know he's been looking into how the villains were able to break out of Arkham. He thinks they had inside help, and tells her that he thinks a few guards are corrupt. She tells him which building might have Two-Face in it, and they decide to investigate it. Jason takes the roof, saying he'll go in first. Barbara takes the side alley, attempting to pull off a vent. Jason breaks through a window, and a scuffle immediately starts. Barbara's stealth option of a vent is dropped when she sees the bay doors of the building open, and several pairs of cars flee from the area. She quickly calls in the Batmobile, having hacked it while talking to Alfred, and Jason joins her.

Players have to track down 2 of the 3 pairs of cars, each pair going in different directions than the other 2, slamming the vehicles into submission. Jason keeps track of the vehicles on computer data in the Batmobile, while Barbara gets to drive. No matter what, Two-Face is always in the 3rd pair that gets away. Emerging from the Batmobile, Jason confronts the goons in the final wrecked vehicle. Barely conscious, the main goon can hardly answer. Jason begins to get physical, causing the goon to scream. Barbara intervenes, almost leading Jason to hurt her. He calms, and she tells him this is enough for one night. He objects and grapnels away.

She returns to the Batmobile and talks to Alfred. She informs him of the extremes Jason is going to, and Alfred wonders if this has anything to do with Bruce's abrupt departure. He explains that it's been a few years since Harvey's transformation, and that Bruce has always blamed himself for that. Alfred further explains that Bruce hoped Arkham would help Harvey recover, but the escape only served to prove that his friend was gone. Bruce also doesn't want Jason to go after Harvey, perhaps out of fear of him being harmed, and has since become very resistant to his assistance. Alfred reasons that perhaps it's that Jason feels Bruce doesn't trust or value him.

Barbara becomes suspicious and can head to the GCPD. In a stealth section she makes her way to the Cyber Division, accessing the information with her Cryptographic Sequencer. Searching the files on Harvey Dent, she then decides to look into Jason Todd, and then his family. Barbara finds a connection between Jason's father, who was murdered, and Two-Face, the possible murderer. She attempts to contact Jason, but is ignored. She then contacts Alfred and informs him of this. Alfred is shocked, and cannot believe Bruce never informed him of this. Both know Bruce knew, but realize Jason must be reasoned with.

Alfred is able to track Jason's signal to a building under construction on Founders Island. Appropriately, half of the building is complete. Barbara sets out.

At the building, Barbara again attempts contact, but is ignored. She scans the building with the Batmobile, and can see Jason's belt is inside. She enters a vent, sneaking around, and finds that Two-Face is there, but that Jason is apprehended. One goon talks about how he's got a pounding headache from the surprise attack Jason gave him, but that they were able to take him down. Harvey argues with himself over whether they should kill him, and Jason comments that it wouldn't be his first, and Two-Face immediately snaps that it's not his second, either.

Barbara has to subdue the goons stealthily, or risk Robin being killed. She's able to manipulate the power box with the Cryptographic Sequencer, dropping the power. Harvey stands over Jason as the guards patrol. Once Harvey is the only one left, Barbara attacks him. She tosses a Batarang at him, knocking the gun away, which Jason cheers to. Harvey shouts to Jason a tip, "always carry two!" He pulls a second gun out and Jason scrambles to hit him with his shackled hands. She and Jason do a dual takedown, both alternating blows against him while dodging his careless gunfire, having the player switch back and forth to save the other, knocking his gun aside as the other duo member hits, then switching to the other to do the same.

Harvey, dazed, falls to the ground. Barbara frees Jason, and begins to report the location to the GCPD. She stops as she sees Jason grab Harvey's gun. He holds Harvey up, gun under his chin. Quaking, he stares into Harvey's half-face. Barbara shouts not to do it, but to quivering becomes more intense. Two-Face smiles, urging him to do it. Become the executioner. Cleanse this city of crime the way Batman can't. Barbara shouts again, but this time only says Robin. She reminds him that this isn't the way.

Jason shouts that she doesn't know what he took from him. Barbara tells Jason she's seen the file, that she knows. Jason, still fixed on the monster, says that's not what he means. Two-Face laughs, asking if he's killed someone close to Jason. Before he can answer, Two-Face exclaims "Good!" He notes that after all he's done it's good to know he's gotten close to the masked freaks, and that sooner or later, somebody will hurt them. Barbara puts her hand on Jason's shoulder, and he lowers the gun. Two-Face scoffs, claiming Jason had 'killers eyes.' Jason swiftly cracks the butt of the gun onto Harvey's forehead, knocking him out. Barbara and Jason leave.

Later, the power comes back on, and police officers rush the building. There they find Harvey, still out. Detective Bullock wanders the room and finds Barbara previous Batarang. Holding it up, he looks at the shape. "Sonovabitch," he mumbles.

Across the street, high atop a roof, through binoculars, Barbara watches as the police put the criminals in the police cars. Jason hangs his legs of the edge of the building, resting, staring at the traffic below. "He'll go back to Arkham," Barbara starts. "Maybe they'll help him."
Jason shakes his head, "Maybe."
She starts toward him, "You did the right thing."
"Then why do I feel so wrong?" She stops moving when he asks that. "He knew, didn't he?" Jason asks her aloud. "I bet he knew."
"He was trying to protect you, Jason."
"Protect me?! It's my right to know. It's like he didn't trust me to-"
"To what?! Look what happened! You were nearly killed by your emotions. He knows your pain."
Jason shakes his head at that statement, pulling himself up, muttering, "All Bruce knows is pain."

The two stand on the rooftop, his back to her. Barbara waits, but finally says something. "I'm proud you didn't do that. You know he would be to... It's been a long night. Let's leave it at that."

She turns away, firing her grapnel gun. Jason abruptly turns to her. "Barb!" She pauses, waiting. "Thank you," he adds. "You saved me back there. In more ways than one."
She smirks, offering, "We're a family."
Robin smiles. With that she launches up to the sky, him watching her go. He turns back to the skyline.

Later, Barbara returns to her rooftop, pulling off her mask. She peeks down the rooftop door, making sure no one is near, then sneaks down the steps to the hallways. She gets into her apartment, and almost as soon as she closes her door it's being knocked on again. She opens the door to peek, hiding her armored self behind the door, to see a woman behind it. Colleen, her neighbor, stands opposite her. "I thought I heard your door. Sweetheart, I need to thank you for fixing my computer!" Barbara keeps nodding and accepting her thanks, while trying to shut the door. Colleen mentions that she made her a pie to say thanks, and that she's wants her to come over and have some, and to also meet her available son, all with great persistence. Finally agreeing to come over in a few minutes, Barbara is able to close the door.

Barbara changes into her regular clothes, and sees out her window a building news screen showing the story that Harvey has been caught. Smiling, she grabs a book off the shelf to briefly read. Another knock at the door has Barbara turn to it. "Colleen? Is that you again?"

All the way back at GCPD, Gordon sits at his desk, phone up to his ear, talking to the Mayor, receiving praise for capturing Penguin and Two-Face in one night. Gordon explains that they had help, and becomes defensive over taking Batman down. A knock at the door shows Bullock, with Gordon waving him in. Bullock looks tense. Gordon keeps talking to the Mayor, with Bullock finally interrupting him with an uncharacteristically soft "Commish." Gordon looks up from him, a picture of he and Barbara together reflecting Gordon on the phone with Bullock behind the frame, holding his own hat.

Jump to a police car, racing. Bullock driving with Gordon sitting in the passenger seat, crushing his teeth. "We've got every officer looking into it, Commish. We gonna find who did it and-"
"Shut up and drive, Bullock." Gordon doesn't even turn to him when he says it.

The car sharply turns a corner. Jason swoops down to a rooftop, watching the line of police escorting the Commissioner. Quickly he fires his grapnel gun to follow.

Gordon rushes into Elliott Hospital. He finds the head doctor in scrubs, who begins addressing him. "Where's my daughter?!" The doctor explains that she's in surgery, and that they've stopped the bleeding. Somewhat relieved, Gordon listens further. "So when is she going to be up and walking out of here?" The doctor pauses, the poorly worded question catching him off guard. Out in the hallway the police and nurses all turn to the loud roar of pain that comes from the room Gordon's in.

On a nearby rooftop, Jason watches. He calls in to Alfred, alerting him that there may be a hostage situation in Elliott Hospital (confused by the police presence). Alfred asks him what happened between he and Barbara, commenting that he saw Two-Face was arrested. Jason brushes the question off, asking him to scan the police radios.

Inside the hospital, Gordon comes into the hallways. He scans around, looking for someone. "Bullock!" Harvey Bullock comes through a crowd of police and hospital employees. Gordon pulls him into a room, slamming the door behind him.

On the roof, Jason studies the building. "I'm seeing police, but I'm not hearing any shots." Alfred comments that there's a lot of chatter about Gordon being shot. Jason's eyes widen. "Oh God, should we tell Barbara?"

Back in the hospital, Gordon comes out of the room with Bullock following, protesting. "It's a huge mistake, Commish. The guys a thug. A criminal! Leave it to us. We got this."

Gordon turns around, sharply. He gets directly into Bullock's face. "I've left this up to you for weeks! And what happened! I'm not asking you, detective! I'm ordering you! You know what orders are, right, Harvey?!" The hallways of people stare at the humbled Bullock.

Jason lands on Barbara's rooftop. He opens the roof door and moves down the hallways to her place, there are police are outside of it. Jason informs Alfred that she already has police protection. He heads back to the roof as police begin to start moving through the building. Once at the roof he's alerted by Alfred that the Commissioners private communicator is ringing. But if the Commissioner has been shot, who is requesting the meetup?

At the top of GCPD an angry Bullock waits. A figure glides to the light, but it's not who he expects. Bullock squints, "You his kid or something? Where's the big man?"
Jason ignores the insults, "I scanned the rooftop, so I know it's not a setup. Try and arrest me and I'll knock that smirk off your face."
Bullock almost laughs, given the situation, "It's your lucky night. Otherwise I'd have yah in a headlock."
"How's the Commissioner?"
"In bad shape. I ain't never seen him this shaken before."
"Any idea who shot him?"
Bullock freezes. "Nobody shot the Commissioner."
"But your radios have been saying Gordon's been shot."
"Nah... It's his kid daughter."
Jason loses his stiff stance. "But... But I just..."
Bullock ignores Jason's stunned moment. "So here's the deal. I hate it - for the record - but the Commish wants your help. So, for tonight only, you and your masked buddies get a pass."
"Is she alive?"
"Yeah. She's hanging on."
"Who would do this?"
"You askin' me? Look, that's why you're here. Nobody saw nuttin'. So, you go tell Batman he's puttin' this on priority. And that's an order."
"Don't worry, detective. I'm going to find who did this." Jason then turns and soars off the building.


The chapter would end here, setting up Episode 2. Episode 2 would be Jason Todd investigating the attack, who did it, and why. He'd eventually learn of the Joker's involvement, causing him to go after the Joker alone. He would be led to Arkham Asylum, where he would explore the Medical Wing in a confined section of the island. There we would see doctors Thomas Elliott, Johnathan Crane, and Penelope Young. Jason would also run into Harvey Dent again, who is in medical observation from their previous encounter only hours before. Two-Face would demand round two, where he really shines, but Jason would ignore the beaten man.

Jason would encounter and trust Dr. Harleen Quinzel, believing her to be helping him to apprehend the Joker. It would be revealed that she was the one who helped the initial escape, actually unknown by the inmates, even the Joker. She would eventually betray Jason, and this would lead to his capture by the Joker.

The reason I'd like it to be setup like this is that I'd like to expand on Jason's story, and give a connection to he and Barbara. He spared her life in the main story, and I'd like it to be explained why with this. It'd also give more insight towards his bitterness to Bruce, and why he was so desperate to prove he was better than the "old man." This also would serve as the turning point for the GCPD to realize the value of Batman, as he assists the Commissioner in capturing the worst offender Gotham has encountered. Along with this, it helps to explain the absence of Harvey Bullock from future titles, since he was in Arkham Origins, but not in Asylum forward.

Similar to the episode of The Laughing Fish from the Animated Series, Bullock would resort to detective work, leading him to actually cross paths and eventually work with Jason, but when Harley betrays the two he would be killed. His body would have a smile carved into it, and would be fitted with Robins utility belt, then discarded near the GCPD. The body lets both Gordon and Batman know just who is responsible for the attack against Barbara, as the pictures Gordon is sent of Barbara's paralyzed body do not actually inform him of who did it.

This also helps tie into the Arkham titles, explaining just why Batman is so quick to push Tim Drake and Dick Grayson away in Arkham City and Arkham Knight, as he never wants to experience the loss like he did there.

I want it to be a lengthy DLC (2-3 hours, including the side quests), but within the world of the game as well, so that we feel like we're playing as someone different, but in the familiar sandbox. After completion I'd want to be able to use Barbara in her own select Freeflow and Predator rooms, as well as give her dual play battles with Batman, Nightwing or Robins (though these rooms should be shared across all characters, allowing you to pick which two characters you want).

Each episode deals with the reaction to what's happened, from Barbara's attack, to her recovery, to her reemergence as Oracle, while also focusing on Jason's loss and downfall, and how Bruce copes with all that has happened while he is away. His personal absence is due to Shiva committing acts of violence far off, leading Bruce after her, and having him encounter Ra's al Ghul for the first time, along with meeting Talia. That would be Episode 3, while Episode 4 would be his return, working with Nightwing to stop the Joker, and learning the fate of Jason, all from Nightwing's perspective.
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