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Postby Jack out of Box » Oct 11th, 2013, 7:12 am

Personal aside: While I feel that linking the Riddler to side-mission collectibles and puzzles is quite an appropriate and fitting role for him I couldn't help but feel that in the arkham games he isn't realized as the arrogant genius he is. This is partly because the developers couldn't make the Riddler puzzles too difficult and so the Riddler doesn't pose too much of an intellectual threat. Another thing that bothers me is that the Riddler comes off as more of a nuisance that Batman humorously obliges out of honor-bound duty. I think the Riddler truly shines when he is not just a mere distraction but has intelligently maneuvered the Dark Knight into a challenging predicament and only then succumbs to arrogance not beforehand.

Possible Role: After the events of Arkham City, a more 'humble' Edward Nigma obsesses over the events of Arkham City and one detail that strange made mention of in one of his interviews with the Psychiatrist: the identity of the Batman. Nigma covertly gains access to some files from the demolished wonder tower control room in hopes of finding a clue. He finds no file on Batman but does have access to the last voice-issued passcode to a 'protocol 11' which is "wayne". Nigma begins to obsess over this name and how it bears significance to strange and arkham City and suddenly reaches an epiphany. Setting in motion a more devious and secretive plan to ruin the dark knight The Riddler sets out to find the one referred to as the Identity thief.
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