Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 5]: Divided [POLL]

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 5]: Divided [POLL]

Postby conradoaccorsi » Mar 12th, 2013, 8:11 pm

Nightwing and Robin are searching the asylum.
Nightwing: Gordon told me that the crew was kept as hostages on buses until they exploded the Asylum, there are only 2 disappeared people, Warden Cavendish and Batman.
Robin: Have you found something?
Nightwing: Nothing.
Robin: Do you think he's dead?
Nightwing: No,he must be somewhere, he escaped this somehow.
Robin: I-it's could someone survive this? It's dangerous even to Bruce.
Nightwing: Have faith Tim. Have faith.
Spoiler: Look I found something! Here!
Robin: What is it Steph?
Spoiler: It's a piece of his suit. It leads to a hole in the sewer.
Nightwing smiles
FLASHFOWARD (3 months after the events up here)
The scene change to a bright morning. Bruce Wayne stands in stage of Gotham's Square. Beautiful trees and tall buildings, a lot of people waiting for him to make an annoucement.
Bruce Wayne: Is this ON? Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Bruce Wayne. I'm happy to be here today, I'm also glad that deputy mayor Sebastian Hady, D.A. Kate Spencer and Commisioner Gordon have came here. Gotham is suffering it's most intense crisis in years, the greatest number of homeless people in 10 years, criminals freed, a turf war between gangs and the greatest case of corruption in our history, all because of Arkham City. For years Gotham have knelt against Crime, since the extortion schemes and organized crime of Mafia from the so called "Zero Year" of Gotham to the massacres from the actual supercriminals, Gotham has been a war zone. I know that because I've lost my parents to the crime on this city, for years I've been hididng this pain, running from responsabilties, losing myself in each distraction that money could buy. In Arkham City, I saw my city be destroyed by corruption and Quincy Sharp, I was there with several innocent people and I suffered, not as half as much of you, so I learned that my heart and soul belong here in Gotham. With our country economy in recess, the only way to save Gotham are the private companies, and people disposed to open their wallets and hearts.
Dick, Damian and Alfred are coming from the limo to the stage. While on Batcave, The Outsiders are watching the live tranmission from GCN.
Geo-Force: Impostor no doubt.
Katana: Wait, let's see it until the end.
It comes back to the crowd with the 3 next to Bruce Wayne.
Bruce Wayne: And I known that my family totally supports this decision to rebuild Gotham from the ashes left by Arkham City, we've been already working on the rebuilding of Old Gotham since my return to the cameras some months ago but we aren't totally recovered yet but with their total and irrestrict aid. Dick can you join me?
Dick: It will be a pleasure.
Bruce Wayne: This is only the first payment from a series of ones I will do until the ressurection of Gotham.
Dick (whsipering): What the hell you're doing?
Bruce Wayne: I'm donating 1 billion...and one more billion each month until this crisis is over!
People start screaming of happiness.
On the Batcave, the members are surprised
Geo Force: Well, I wasn't expecting this.
Alfred: This is...inconvenient.
Damian: Translating Pennyworth, we are screwed.
CONTINUE... (the timeline might be confusing but once I get to complete the story until chapter 6, it will all make sense)
Next chapter there will be a killer I created this pool so you could use what Modus Operandi was better.
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Re: Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 5]: Divided [POLL]

Postby VoodooMu » Mar 13th, 2013, 7:11 am

Very good again. I chose incriminating other villains because I think it'd be awesome and could make even Batman become puzzled.
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