Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 6]: Cat Murder

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 6]: Cat Murder

Postby conradoaccorsi » Apr 6th, 2013, 2:32 am

This chapter take it's place 7 months after Arkham City, this flashfoward will continue until the timeline of what happened before chapter 1 is fully established
A Dark night in Gotham,a lot of fog and snow,a man on the top of a building,the man is covered by shadows
Man In Shadows (thinking): A night in Gotham City is always sinister and obscure. The dark alleys always hide a secret,be it theft or death. The streets are red,painted with blood,sewers flowing water polluted with corruption,air made of pollution. The city itself is a nightmare and I am the bogeyman,I am the night,I am vengeance,I am Batman.
Batman jumped diving into the ground,but in mid air he pulls his cape,start flying around the city. He stops in crime alley,he puts flowers in the place where his parents died,makes a minute of silence and then pulls the trigger of the grapnel gun. A clinic's door opened and an old lady put some flowers there, she noticed the other flowers and smiled, she entered the clinic again, the clinic's name was "Leslie Thompkins Clinic".
He looked down and saw police cars,he dove to the place,he broke the cement when he reached the ground
The Police was scared.
Harvey Bullock: Calm down guys it's Batman. Hey Bats we got a murder.
Batman: Where's Gordon?
Bullock: He's at home with family, I'm working in his place, so we got this homicide, some neighbours heard some screams and called the police.
Batman: Nothing that surprises me,details?
Bullock: The victim is Grace Balin, known to you as Orca, was killed with several marks on the belly and the back, and this four cuts on the throat.
Batman: She was attacked by a whip and her throat was cut by sharp claws leading her to death, her bowels are not so detriorated, she have been killed in a time of 3 or 4 days. Take it to the morgue so I can analyze it better.
A man comes out of the shadows wearing a green suit and hat, black pants and glasses (with green lenses that appear to be computed).
Riddler: It looks like a cat took a life. There are only 8 remaining.
Batman: Nygma. Looks like cancer has affected not only your body but your mind, you're now reformed, I don't feel comfortable with you here. Whatever you think you're doing as a detective, you should know Catwoman doesn't kill.
Bullock: Give him a break Bats, he just solved a big crime, the city trusts him and about Catwoman, she isn't seen for days.
Batman: That's strange. I will do more investigation and try communicating her.
Bullock called an officer, when he looked back Batman already disappeared.
Bullock: Why that ass always disappear? Now I know how Gordon feels.
Batman searched the city for Selina, he entered Leslie Thompkins clinic
Batman: Leslie? You're here?
Leslie: Bruce? It's you?
Batman: Yes, I'm looking for Selina, she disappeared and doesn't awnser my calls.
Leslie: No, I haven't seen her, does she already knows?
Batman: I was going to tell her today.
Batman left and pulled his grapnel gun, he went to Holly Robinson apartment, he entered the apartment quietly, someone was behind him with a baseball bat, batman quickly countered the attack and kicked the attacker, it was Holly herself.
Batman: Ms. Robinson? I'm sorry but I'm looking for Selina.
Holly: She is not here, wow you really need to calm down.
Batman already left the place and stops on a rooftop, commonly used by Batman and Catwoman to talk.
Batman: Selina where are you? Please awnser this call, it's Batman.
A man with the face covered by bandages is looking at him.
Man: "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies".
Imagine all the people
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