Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 8]: Bandages

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 8]: Bandages

Postby conradoaccorsi » Mar 2nd, 2014, 3:46 am

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Batman is looking at the man standing there, he skids the car away from the road and crashes the car in an old tree. The glass breaks in tiny little pieces that cut Batman's skin, engines and screws fly over the place, the Batmobile destroys itself while the airbag hits Batman face.
Oracle: Batman? BATMAN!
Batman: One second... just one
He kicks the batmobile door away, he jumps from the Batmobile while removing pieces of wreckage from his body, he looks onto the tires, one of them is shot.
Oracle: WTF happened over here Batman?
Batman: I crashed, there was a man on the street with a covered face, I need to search for him.
Batman searches for evidence in the street, but he only finds... bandages.
Batman: I need to run the DNA on this, no, wait, that's Bruce Wayne's DNA.
Oracle: Thomas Elliot?
Batman: Maybe, he's been playing with us since Arkham City, we need to find him. Could someone give me a ride?
Oracle: I'm sending the new Bat cycle there for you.
Batman: I tough I haven't finish installing the Grapnel Gun and the shoot able bolas in it.
Oracle: Harold did it, should I send something to drag the Batmobile?
Batman: If the Bat cycle has the towing cables, I do it myself
Oracle: Yes it has, are you okay? You were a little angry a time ago.
Batman: I'm fine Barbara, no need to worry but thanks. Oh, it arrived.
Sometime later in The Batcave
Batman is building a gauntlet for his new suit, trying to combine gadgets to lose weight and get more utility belt space, but his communicator is calling
Nightwing: Batman you need to see this
Batman: What?
Nightwing: I've just defeated 2 thugs who say that there is a truck carrying some kind of machine stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs, can you find the truck?
Batman: I'm on my way, keep my informed about it's location and description, try using a more aggressive personality while in interrogation
Nightwing: How did you know I wasn't playing hard on them?
Batman: When you try being aggressive you thicken your voice, make an unmistakable grinding of teeth and accelerates your breathing.
Nightwing: Man, can't you just run faster and get to the Batwing?
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