Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 9]: Amazo

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 9]: Amazo

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Previous Chapters:

A truck was driving barbarously through Gotham Docks, inside it, 3 thugs were discussing.
Thug 1: I think we lost him.
Thug 2: Man, Black Mask is gonna pay really high for this!
Thug 3: Can't believe we've lost him, we are good man.
Batman jumps in the truck hood.
Batman: No you aren't.
One of the thugs pulled a shotgun and shoots him, but Batman already had disappeared. The thug from the right is pulled from the window, the driver pulled the steering wheel in a short left, crashing the right side on containers and making the load to fall. A black box with green details, with S.T.A.R. Labs written on the top corner of the right side. The truck crashed and overturned, the thugs had their heads cut by pieces of metal and glass. Batman pulled them from the car and tied them together. The box opened and a big man, with pointy and some kind of red helmet over his head, wearing green gauntlets and pants. Suddenly, his eyes turned red.
Thug 1: What is that?
Batman: Amazo, a highly advanced android equipped with specific absorption cells who can copy the powers of superhumans.
Thug 1: What kind of superhumans?
Amazo: Access Superman
Batman jumped and a two red rays of energy hit the walls.
Batman: It acquired and possesses the powers and abilities of The Justice League.
Nightwing appeared and jumped next to Batman
Nightwing: Wants some help?
Batman: I'm fine Nightwing
Nightwing: Okay, so I will just watch.
Amazo: Access Green Lantern
A green light of energy hit Batman and pulled him against the wall. Amazo walked and hanged Batman against the wall but Nightwing trowed one of his escrima sticks on his head, damaging his left eye.
Thug 1: Who's the pretty boy in blue costume?
Thug 2: It's Nightwing, the Bludhaven guardian, the first sidekick, the first ROBIN.
Amazo: Access Black Canary
Amazo shoots a canary cry and both dodged it and shot their grapnels on the wall behind the android and were pulled by the grapnels, punching Amazo face and damaging his mouth. They climbed the containers and threw several batarangs on him, none of them were effective, one of them even passed on his side.
Nightwing: Boss, I think we missed.
Batman: No we haven't.
The batarang suddenly returned, hit Amazo back and exploded. The explosion was big, but Amazo jumped from the flames, with his leg and some robotic parts exposed.
Nightwing: We are so f*cking lucky!
Batman: RUN!
Amazo: Access Flash
Amazo runned and grabbed Nightwing, pushing him against walls.
Nightwing: Batman any tips?
Batman: His ears, there's a chip inside them that destroy his head helmet protection.
Nightwing: Got it!
Nightwing pulled 2 spikes from his utility belt and put it inside his ears, electrocuting him. The red part of his head exploded revealing his inside chips. He punched Nightwing, who felt on the ground, and then put his feet above his chest, pressing it against the ground.
Nightwing: Ah-a little h-help would be v-very welcome!
Batman jumped, pulled the android using his Batclaw and planted some kind of clay on his head. He then helped Nightwing get up
Nightwing: Putting Play-Doh on his head won't defeat him...
Amazo's head then exploded, leaving robotic parts and leaked oil all over the ground.
Nightwing: ...but plastique will. Nice!
Batman dragged the tied thugs to interrogate them
Batman: Who was this load going for?
Thug 1: We stole and were going to sell it
Batman: Nightwing, please.
The robot body dropped from a crane
Batman: Who is this load going for?
Thug 1: It was going to Black Mask, we were going to sell it to him, it has explosives inside, it was supposed to kill him.
Batman: Who are you working for?
Thug 1: We are working for the Red-
All thugs are suddenly shot, Batman and Nightwing cover themselves. Batman puts his head a little off and uses his zoomed vision, to look on the buildings, he finds a man wearing a red helmet and carrying a sniper. He starts running through the bay and jumps on the water.
Nightwing: Are you crazy!?
The water starts bubbling and moving, the Batwing appear from inside the water and starts flying through the buildings
Nightwing: So you're leaving me here?
Batman: Take Amazo to the Batcave and disarm him, Oracle got your Wingcycle on the way, I can't lose the trace to this "Red Helmet".
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