Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 13]: Bleeding Edge

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 13]: Bleeding Edge

Postby conradoaccorsi » Apr 29th, 2014, 12:04 am

Previous chapters:

The fires rage over the wreckage of the warehouse. A piece of the wall starts trembling, Nightwing is full blood and his costume is partly destroyed, he pulls an unconscious Batman from the wreckage, he puts his ear next to his heart and starts hitting his chest.
Nightwing: C'mon Bruce!
He hits his heart again, again and again. No result.
Nightwing: Oracle, bring me the Batmobile NOW!
Oracle: What's happening Dick?
Nightwing pulls two electric knuckles, he starts hitting Batman chest again.
Nightwing: One, Two, Three.
He shocks Batman chest again.
Nightwing: One, Two, Three.
He shocks it again, he hears something.
Nightwing: Come on Bruce!
Batman coughs blood and finally breaths.
Batman: D-dick? What happened? Where's Plastic Man?
Nightwing looks around, he sees a culvert and Plastic Man dragging himself into it.
Nightwing: I don't known, let's focus on surviving.
Batman tries to get up, he starts leaning on a destroyed wall with Nightwing's help.
Batman: b-behind you
Nightwing is attacked by Red Hood, they start fighting, Red Hood kicks Nightwing in the stomach and stabs him in the left shoulder. Nightwing pulls his escrima stick and hits Red Hood's helmet, cracking it. He then jumps over him and starts hitting his head with the sticks, Red Hood pulls his feet and throws him on the ground. Nightwing stays on the ground, trying to overcome the pain, when he does it, he gets up but Red Hood has already disappeared. The batmobile arrives and Nightwing takes Batman to it. The batmobile rides through Gotham as Batman bleeds over his seat.
A taxi stops in the Diamond District, in front of Janus Cosmetics, a new employee enters the building, an young adult with short black hair and blue eyes and wearing a black suit with a black tie. He enters the elevator and starts smiling.
Nightwing: He ain't surviving the trip to the Batcave, Alfred, we are heading to Leslie.
The batmobile turns right in Aparo Avenue and enters the road behind an almost restored Monarch Theater and starts screaming
Nightwing: Get out of here people! Riddler planted bombs in the sewers!
He takes the bloody Batman from the car and walks through the alley while carrying him. He enters Leslie's Clinic.
The guy gets out of the elevator and is received by a blond man.
Man: You're the new employee, right?
Guy: Yeah, it's me.
Man: Follow me you'll meet the boss. Don't be scared he is a little...angry today.
The man opens the door and enters the room, a white light flashes in his eyes.
Nightwing: Leslie! Leslie!
Leslie: What's happening Richard? Oh god! What happened to Bruce? Put him in the table.
Nightwing puts him on table and leslie starts stanching the bleeding. She pulls her medical instruments.
Nightwing: We were attacked by a new vigilante, he's name is -
Leslie: The Red Hood, he's been attacking attacking Black Mask men in Amusement Mile.
She sews cuts in his arm.
Nightwing: How do you known that?
She sews a injury in his belly, the biggest.
Leslie: I've seen him jumping rooftops and shooting criminals, several of them were here and told me about him, something strange is that, every time I've seen him, he's near here.
She cleans the blood from his body.
Nightwing: That's strange, really strange.
Leslie: You can go out and have some fresh air, I already sewed all injuries, he lost a lot of blood, he just need a few days to be in full health.
Nightwing: Thanks Leslie, he will thank you when his better.
Nightwing leaves the door and is surprised by something.
Nightwing: What the hell?
The new guy enters Black Mask's office, he's looking to the city by the glass and next to him is his secretary, Anya Volkova.
Black Mask: HE DID WHAT? WHAT?
Anya: Our concern is the who ordered the theft of the android, it was planned by the vigilante that goes by the name of Red Hood.
Black Mask: I don't what his name, you known how many buyers I had on AMAZO? A list of dictators from third world countries and rich people who hate superpowered people? A list that is bigger than my arm, millions wasted for nothing! AND WHO'S MONEY IS THIS?
Anya: Your money
Black mask turns his chair and puts his gun in the table.
Black Mask: MY MONEY! Mine. Amazo was going to give me a door to the enter high-end international traficking, now I hate to be rooting around in this local garbage. And now the bat is on me, blowing the damn robot's head off. I could at least took what left and sold it for scrap but the freaking bat kept it!
Anya: Batman likes to keep things
Black Mask: I don't care who's this Red Foot-
Anya: Red Hood
Black Mask: Whatever. I want him dead, you better take care of him.
Anya: We will work on that.
Black Mask: You, new guy. Don't be nervous, but if you don't say why the hell you here I'm going to cut your eyes off.
The "new guy" remains in silence, Black Mask prepares to punch him, when his fist is near his face, the boy dodges it, Mask tries again and he dodges, he tries once again but this time he catches his hand. Thugs point their guns to him.
New Guy: I'm not one of your normal employees that you can punch whenever you want, I'm better than them, I'm smarter, faster and I known how to take care of guys like Red Hood.
Black Mask: I like your attitude boy, hold the guns down.
Nightwing looks at the batmobile
Nightwing: Alfred, we're going to need towering. Can't believe this.
The batmobile is without tires, he's supported by several bricks under him.
Black Mask: What's your name boy?
New Guy: Jason. The name's Jason.
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Re: Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 13]: Bleeding Edge

Postby Batwoman » Apr 29th, 2014, 12:39 am

This cannot get more awesome ! Really exited to see how this unfolds !
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