Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 14]: Loose Ends

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 14]: Loose Ends

Postby conradoaccorsi » May 2nd, 2014, 1:10 am

Previous chapters:

One day later
Three men are with shovels are filling a hole in the dirt, a car with their lights on awaits for them.
Thug: We're done boss. Ivy six feet under the ground.
Poison Ivy is inside a coffin, locked under dirt.
Ivy: Batman? Anyone here? Help?
In the Batcave, Batman is sitting on a chair, looking at the computer, next to him is Nightwing. Alfred is bringing a tray with coffee for the two. In the computer they're analyzing a photo of Red Hood.
Nightwing: He's been making some serious moves lately, people from Bludhaven told me he's been making deals with criminals.
Batman: There's an uptick in heavy trafficking but crime is down.
Alfred: Indeed it is, Master Bruce got almost four hours sleep in the last 3 days.
Batman: It's strange, he acts like a vigilante but is involved with criminals. So who is he?
Nightwing: That's the question, Woozy isn't the kind of trained guy, it can't be Plastic Man, he was with us when the Red Hood attacked, all the other possible suspects are dead.
Batman: No, there's another one, Earl Benson. The actual janitor of Ace Chemicals, he worked with the Red Hood Gang, he was a member for some time but he was shot in the leg in one of their heists, he never walked normally again.
Batman access the computer, a photo of a blond man around his 35 years. His criminal data is big.
Batman: Eight arrests, left jail 1 week ago.
Nightwing starts drinking the coffee, Alfred brought.
Nightwing: Exactly the time this new Red Hood begun attacking criminals. Maybe we should go for a visit.
Batman is already on the batmobile, Nightwing leaves the coffee on the tray.
Nightwing: Again? That's why I work alone in Bludhaven!
Nightwing enters the Batmobile and he leaves the Batcave, Alfred starts cleaning a memorial with Robin's costume. Down in the memorial, there's a golden plaque written "a good soldier".
In Ace Chemicals, Earl Benson cleans the ground of a destroyed place, being reformed by several masons and builders with their yellow helmets and construction tools. From a hole in the walls, a ball rolls next to Earl, it explodes, smoke covers him, the smoke dissipates and he disappeared.
Somewhere far away from there, a man is sitting on an armchair behind a table, he is covered by shadows. In one hand, a coin, in the other a gun. He tosses his silver coin, it falls on the table. It falls with the "head" up, there is written "In god we trust" and "liberty".
Man: No. Not now.
On top of Monarch Playing Cards Company, Earl is hanged upside down by a rope, which is tied to the "R" in Monarch's sign. Batman pulls him a little so that he can stand in front of him. Batman pulls a small rounded device from his utility belt, he turns it on and show him an hologram, a photo of Red Hood.
Batman: He calls himself The Red Hood. What do you know about it?
Earl: That he has horrible taste. When I worked with the gang we were classic, our leader was more flashy maƮtre d' than motorcycle fetish and we? We used smoking and red masks not these improved helmets.
Batman releases the rope a little, Earl gets scared but Batman pulls him again.
Nightwing: If you're involved with this in any way possible, we will find out and it won't be pretty.
Earl: I don't know nothing about it, either way, all the others are dead, , our leader, his replacement, Joker took care of Bins, Packy and the others, even the little boy! God knows what Joker did to him!
Batman gets angry and releases the rope. He turns his back to a falling Earl Benson.
Nightwing: Are you crazy Batman?
Nightwing takes the rope and pulls it. He starts pulling Earl but when his almost finished bringing him to the rooftop, Earl is shot in the head by a sniper. Nightwing jumps and covers behind the sign, several shots hit his cover and next to him, Batman appears and throws a batarang on the sniper, who throws a smoke bomb in front of himself and disappears. Batman and Nightwing jump on the Batmobile. In "R" letter of Monarch's sign, a man wearing a trench coat and bandages in the face watch as they leave.
In Janus Cosmetics building, Leon, the new employee arrives late. He enters Black Mask's office.
Leon: Sorry boss, the streets were full of cars, I couldn't move in that transit.
Black Mask punches him in the face. Leon cleans the blood coming from his nose.
Black Mask: Give me the specs of tonight's shipment.
Leon: Yes, sir. It's ten cases of assorted SMGs and PDWs along with 3000 .45 caliber ACP rounds, your personal favorite, two cases of RPG and 200 three round burst M16s. It's all bought and paid for, so this a delivery, not a buy. But in view of recent events, I've doubled the security and switched the drop spot.
His new bodyguard, Jason, smiles as he tells more about it. Under Black Mask's table, a rounded wiretapping with Batman's symbol. In the Batmobile Batman listens to everything and records everything on a the car's computer.
Far away from there, someone is digging a hole. He finds a coffin and opens it. Poison Ivy jumps from it, breathing harshly after almost dying without air.
Man: Welcome back Ms. Isley. Without any doubt, your stay was bothering, at least it ended. I apologize for this.
Ivy: YOU! You could've killed me!
Ivy's plants wrap him.
Man: No way.
Ivy: I was buried alive, imprisoned. There was no enough air for-
Man: For you to survive half an hour, with luck. And you, Ms. Isley, is very lucky. Lucky enough to have powers over plants including, in your knowledge or not, the ability to photosynthesize carbon dioxide you exhale and turns it back into oxygen. So let's say you were locked in a box, even if it was completely sealed, it would be hard, but not impossible to suffocate you, as long as you was buried with enough plant life, what I did guarantee to happen, but you know that already.
Ivy: The Penguin wanted me dead.
Man: Yes, but I saw you alive as valuable ally.
Ivy: But you work for him.
Man: Correcting you, I worked for the Penguin. Before helping you, I needed to make sure he wouldn't interfere. I wouldn't worry about Oswald Cobblepot, he is locked in the Museum, locked in his own Castle. He just had built that beautiful Casino on Gotham Bay and now he lost it. I don't expect him to return soon, even if that happens, he won't find too much of his empire.
Ivy: Who are you?
Man: My name's Ignatius Ogilvy...but you can call me Emperor Penguin.
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Re: Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 14]: Loose Ends

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