Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 15]: Drop Spot

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 15]: Drop Spot

Postby conradoaccorsi » May 6th, 2014, 12:24 am

Previous chapters:

Many years ago
Batman and Robin await in the gargoyles, Robin laughs as he jumps from building to building with him. They break in the Gotham Museum, Riddler is stealing modern art paintings from there. Robin kicks a thug and throws a batarang in the face of another, who's holding a gun. Batman punches the face of a fat thug and throws him in the others.
Robin: Looks like we are the party poppers!
Batman: It's over Riddler.
The Riddlers runs away, his thugs start shooting them, they dodge the bullets and Batman smashes one of the guns with his bare hands, Robin jumps on top of a thug and gives him a "bell clap". He takes a push from the attacked thug and jumps in direction of the Riddler, a thugs ties a whip to his ankles, he cuts it with ease using a batarang, Batman knocks out the thug. Robin lands on front of the Riddler.
Robin: Riddle me this, what's green and purple but covered by by yellow and red?
The Riddler tries to punch him but he kicks him in the space between his legs, Robin put his foot on top of his back.
Robin: You. When I land on your beaten butt.
Right now
Batman and Nightwing are inside the Batmobile.
Nightwing: What the hell happened there?
Batman: I lost control of my mind.
Nightwing: Why? You simply became a beast after he talked about the Gang, right after he talked about some kind of boy. It's him, isn't it? Who's the boy?
Batman: His name was Jason, Jason Todd. I found him in Crime Alley, with the batmobile, long story.
Nightwing: How did he die?
Batman: Killed by the Joker, beaten up to death by a crowbar. I couldn't save him.
Nightwing: Was he the boy that, after me, became Robin?
Batman: Yes.
A small tear comes from Batman eye.
Nightwing: I'm sorry Bruce.
Batman: You don't need to sorry. It has nothing with you, none of your business. Let's focus on stopping Black Mask's shipment.
A helicopter flies through Gotham City buildings, it pass through Lacey Towers in Coventry, through Ekin Tzu's territory in Chinatown and through Sean Riley's The Cauldron. It stops in the Gotham Docks and lands on a building with an heliport. Several armed men wearing raincoats await for it. One of them walks into the helicopter.
Co-Pilot: What are they waiting around for?
The men enters the helicopter and sees the guns.
Pilot: Hey, boss said I'm only supposed to be on the ground for six minutes.
The man pulls the raincoat's hood and pistol from the pocket, it's Red Hood.
Red Hood It's okay I won't be staying that long.
The pilot and the co-pilot are kicked by Red Hood, they fall over the other armed men, revealing that they were unconscious and tied to ropes. Red Hood takes over the helicopter but a big sized Grapnel Launcher hits it, an electroshock passes through the rope and fries the circuits of the helicopter. Inside it, Red Hood loses control.
Red Hood: Can't believe I thought he wouldn't show.
Outside, Nightwing holds the grapnel gun.
Nightwing: You know what i missed most about running with you? The toys.
Batman: Stay focused we are far from over.
Red Hood: You wanna play? Let's play!
He directs the helicopter away from the building, the helicopter starts falling, the rope is pulled too.
Nightwing: Is it gonna hold?
Batman: No.
Nightwing: So you want me to-
Batman takes the grapnel from him
Nightwing: Should I-
He jumps from the building with the grapnel on his hands.
Nightwing: Okay, I'll just take care of this.
Nightwing pulls a kind of stapler, he starts stapling the rope on the ground. Red Hood jumps from the helicopter and lands on a building, Batman dives through the air following the abandoned helicopter as it falls. He shoots the grapnel on the helicopter again and pulls a smaller grapnel gun, this time he shoots it on a building. He connects both grapnels, citizens are scared down on the street but the helicopter is held safely by the ropes. Batman grabs one of the grapnels but the friction at high speed with rope burns his hands a little. He is saved by Nightwing, who catches while in mid air and they land on the building next to Red Hood.
Red Hood: Okay then. Nice night for a run
He starts running and jumps from the building he was, he falls on a construction site of a giant building. He lands on a wood plank and breaks it. He falls on the floor under him and breaks another wooden plank, making of it an horizontal slide. Batman and Nightwing land on it it safely and slide over the plank. They follow him all around the structure, Batman throws a batarang but he dodges it by entering inside the structure. Red Hood breaks a wooden wall and grabs a gas cylinder, they follow his path. He jumps from a window, while he's falling he throws up the cylinder and shoots it, it explodes in front of Batman who backflips to a cover next to him. Batman and Nightwing jump from the building and fall on the building in front of them, the window was broken by Red Hood, making access easier for them. They follow his trace over the building, broken walls, broken doors and finally they see him jumping from another window and falling on the next building, they follow him rooftop from rooftop. He runs on the ledge of a building and jumps over one of GCPD's Zeppelin. He pulls his pistols and starts shooting Batman, he and Nightwing are forced to take cover on the ledge.
Nightwing: He's good.
Batman: Not that impressed however he's putting quite a show.
Batman jumps from the cover and use the grapnel boost on the building, with the push he is thrown upon Red Hood who turns back and kicks Batman stomach. Batman is dizzy but is able to shoot the grapnel gun on Red Hood's ankle, who takes his knife and cuts the rope easily. He falls on the wall of a building and uses his leg to push himself against the other direction, he grabs the ledge of the opposing building with one arm but can quickly climb it.
Nightwing: He's very good but we got him now.
Red Hood throws his knife on a electric wire, he jumps from the ledge grabs it and falls on glass of the upper train station.
Nightwing: That's impressive.
Batman: His gloves are insulated against electricity, nothing we haven't seen before.
Nightwing: If you say so.
Batman dives through the hole he made on the upper glass of the station, he's followed by Nightwing. The place is empty, no trains, no people.
Nightwing: So we lost him?
Something starts to beep, Batman looks at the corner, it's bomb.
Batman: Move!
The bomb explodes and both are thrown away, they fall in middle of the rails, a motorcycle be heard and Nightwing groans of pain. It's Red Hood is in a motorcycle.
Red Hood: You haven't lost your touch-
A train rides in front of him and interrupts his words, Batman pulls Nightwing off the track, the train pass in front of them, when it's finally gone, Red Hood already disappeared.
Later in the Batcave
Batman watches the cowl archives about the fight with Red Hood, while at the other side of the cave, Nightwing's leg is being bandaged by Alfred.
Nightwing: He got some moves huh? As much as I hate to belabor a point-
Alfred: All still that's often exactly what you do
Nightwing: I'm chatty, it's part of my charm. I'm saying that our boy here has some skills, he's been trained and trained well. Like right there.
Batman stops the video in the part where he cuts the rope with the knife.
Nightwing: He cuts the rope off his ankle before it even went taut. One does not simply does it, it need pratice. It has to be learned.
Batman: And there's the knife?
Nightwing: What about it?
Batman: You know how many knives that can cut my ropes?
Nightwing: Not many.
Batman: No. not many.
Nightwing: Look, this guy is not a normal criminal, he's something we never seen befo- Arrh!
Nightwing leg's not fine, he groans from the pain.
Batman: Alfred will take you home Dick.
Nightwing: I can still help Bruce.
Batman: You already have. Thank you. Have some rest.
Alfred brings him a crutch. He starts walking with the crutch.
Nightwing: He did just thank me right?
Alfred: Indeed he did, Master Richard.
Nightwing: Weird.
Batman changes the video, he puts on the part of the train station.
Red Hood (video): You haven't lost your touch-
Trains whistle blows on video. Batman opens the audio file, he edits the audio and copys the train whistle, he removes the file from the audio and plays it.
Red Hood (Video): You haven't lost your touch, Bruce.
Batman gets up from the chair, he is astonished for what he heard.
Far away from there
A fly lays on the left side of a man, next to his eye, the fly lands next to a photo of a woman, next to it there's a bullet and a revolver. The little insect flies over him again and lands on the other side, next to two .45 pistols and their loaders. It enters in an empty bottle of acid and returns next to the man. Two Face is sleeping, his eyes are closed in the left side but his eye in the scarred side is open, since his eyelid was burned. The fly lands on his right eye, Two Face scares the it with his hand. He takes his coin from the table and toss it, it falls on the clean side. He takes the revolver and the bullet from the table, he puts the bullet on the barrel and spins it. His room is half totally clean and half totally destroyed, he points the revolver next to his head, he looks to the photo of the woman and the fly landing on it. He pulls the trigger, the bullet was not in the right barrel. He leaves the bullet on the table and takes the two .45 from the it. He leaves the room.
Two Face: Better luck next time.
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