Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 16]: Rise of The Emperor Pt. 1

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 16]: Rise of The Emperor Pt. 1

Postby conradoaccorsi » May 10th, 2014, 9:31 pm

Previous chapters:

Sometime before Arkham City
A photo of Bruce Wayne is on a table, a hand punches it.
Next to him is his bodyguard, Lark and his personal assistent, Ignatius Ogilvy.
Penguin: Your target is Bruce Wayne. This friday night kill, kidnap, cripple, whatever. I don't care but Bruce Wayne can't be nowhere close to Neville Community Centre for the opening of the Martha Wayne Wing. You understood that, Mr. Dorrance? My cantonese is a little weak.
Dorrance is in his front, he's a blond man, wearing a black armor with golden details and a snake carved in his chest armor's piece.
Dorrance: I speak english, Mr. Cobblepot. Keep calm, the Ghost Dragons aren't going to fail. The Ghost Dragons never fail.
Penguin: I hope you don't, you aren't cheap. And remember, the price of failure can be expensive. Lark show him the exit.
The bodyguard takes him out of the office.
Penguin: Ogilvy.
Ogilvy: Yes sir?
Penguin: We need to get Batman busy, prepare everything for the big night. Let everything arranged in the case that our big tragedy happens. In the name of one of Gotham's Four Founding Familes, be sure that a large wreath of flowers is left in the doors of Wayne Manor in honor of the recently deceased, Bruce Wayne.
Later in Friday
Batman = In this Tuesday, Bruce Wayne donated 350 thousands to Gotham's Orthodontic Association.
Batman punches the face of a thug, his teeth flies away.
Batman = This Friday, I don't feel to bad about this. In Wedsnesday, Wayne Foundation made a loan to a dozen of recently graduated orthopedic doctors.
Batman breaks the hand of a thug holding a gun.
Batman = A lot of bones are broken in Gotham. And by the end of this night, a lot more will be this way.
Batman releases a small eye-shaped device in the air, it scans the area.
Batman: Batwing, trace a route on autopilot to the Robbinsville neighborhoods.
A.I = Confirmed.
Batman = This night, Bruce Wayne should be in the-
Alfred: Sir, you should be in another place right now.
Batman: I remeber it.
Alfred: I'm talking about your other commitments.
Batman: The ceremony of opening of Neville Community Centre's New Children Wing, Martha Wayne's wing. Believe it or not, this is something I really care. I'm not letting nothing stop me from going there.
Alfred: Okay then, Mr. Joey Scarbury.
Batman puts his fingers next to his ears, he switches on his Detective Vision, his eyes suddenly turn blue. In his vision, a map of Gotham appears, with the coordinates of a breaking-in at Robbinsville.
Batman: Nothing.
Batman's head is in the crosshairds of a sniper rifle. The man holding the sniper rifle is using robes similar to Dorrance, using a chinese dragon mask, he's certainly a Ghost Dragon.
Man: You won't believe, who I have in my sights now. It's Batman. I'm two roofs away from him, t's a clear spot. Call the boss, do I have permission to shoot?
Lynx (from communicator): Don't be ridicolous, Batman is bulletproof. Also, we kill what we are paid to kill and Batman isn't our target.
In Neville Community Centre's Ceremony
Ogilvy: Sir, Wayne is not coming.
Penguin: Not coming?
Ogilvy: He's late.
Penguin: I understood that, I'm just imagining where the damn richy brat is. I don't want him to interfere the party tonight.
On the rooftops in front of the building, there is a Ghost Dragon watching.
Ghost Dragon: Perimiter clean, no sign of Wayne.
In a tree next to Wayne Manor, a Ghost Dragon holds his sniper.
Ghost Dragon 2: No movement in and outside Wayne Manor.
On top of one of Gotham Bridges, a Ghost Dragon sees the Batwing flying in direction of Robbinsville.
Ghost Dragon: No sign of Wayne in anywhere.
Inside the Batwing, Batman analyzes the map of Gotham.
Batman = Smugglers in Tricorner Yards. A Breaking-in at Robinsville, sometime after. There is no relation between both crimes-
On the map, a red dot appears next Batwing's location.
Batman = Almost no relation.
Batman: Computer call Nightwing
A.I: Confirmed
Batman: Nightwing, I need you next to Robinson Park, between Essex and Broadway in about 5 minutes.
Nightwing: Sure but why? What's happening?
Batman: Not what is happening, but what will happen.
Alfred: Master Bruce, using the variables you sent me, I filtered the research and calculated the coordinates, I'm sending you those coordinates. If it's not brothering you, I took freedom to remeber you-
Batman: I have plenty of time, I'm not losing the ceremony. Batwing, activate stealth mode, switch on silent engines and search for heat signatures.
The screen shows 4 men in the building.
Alfred: Sorry for the boldness. but plenty of time for what?
Batman breaks in the building.
Batman = Awnsers.
In Neville Community Centre
Penguin: You're asking why I'm doing all of this, aren't you Ogilvy?
Ogilvy: I wouldn't dream in question your motivations, sir.
Penguin: How much time you been working with me?
Ogilvy: 5 years, you took me out of street after my-
Penguin: For enough time, so you have seen every kind of people. People who fear the Penguin, people who respect the Penguin, people that work for The Penguin. But is there anyone who loves the Penguin? Most people think I'm scum, that I should be behind bars but I'm too slippery to be caught. Is this what people will remember of me after I die? Gotham is my city and it's time to leave a bigger mark, a more permanent mark. Have a kingdom is not enough when you can have an empire. Come here.
Ogilvy: It's early.
Penguin: I don't care, let's go. We had enough talk.
Back to Robbinsville
Batman: Talk.
Batman is holding a scared thug by his throat while all other thugs are defeated on the ground.
Batman: Tell me everything you know. Someone ordered you this job and I want the details. I want everything.
The thug remains silent. Batman turns on his detective mode. He analyzes the thug face and search for info.
Batman: No? Here's what I know. Your name is David Fincher, imprisioned two times with a list of crimes that include armed robbery, personal injury, auto theft and domestic abuse. You want to grown on criminal scale, want bigger jobs and more money. But you're to too stupid to stand on one of the factions of organized crime or be a part of mafia. So you do small jobs, in the hope you ever stumble in something big. Someone told you about this place, escape routes, the place where security guards are at this time, the security keys, maybe even the combinations of the safe. But not told you about the alarm. They set up for you, but the question is...who? WHO?
Daniel: I don't know! It was a drunk guy who started talking-
Batman throws him on the ground.
Batman = He won't give me any awnser, what's also a awnser. Someone wants me busy.
Batman: Nightwing, what's your status?
Nightwing: Situation is under control, GCPD was already on their way. They would have been caught anyway.
Batman: I need to take on other situations while I'm in busy. Coordinates and time for more crimes incoming.
Nightwing: What?
Batman: All buildings use the Rink Series 7 Security System, the system has a serious flaw, a specific code can activate the alarm at distance. This is happening in opposite sides of Gotham, to keep Batman busy. Calculating the possible locations was easy, since the system is expensive and only upper-middle class could buy this, at long-term.
Nightwing: Well, you can already do what you need.
Batman: Thanks Dick.
The Bawing's screen changes and shows a sniper in front of the place.
Batman = Another distraction?
Batman jumps from the Batwing and attacks the sniper.
Inside Neville Community Centre (again)
Penguin and Ogilvy are next to the Ceremony's Organizer.
Organizer: I can't do that...Bruce Wayne...
Penguin: Wayne is not here and I wouldn't care if he was.
Organizer: His donations were generous, the wing will even be carrying his mother's name.
Penguin: Well, then my donation will be twice as big.
Penguin pulls a briefcase and open it, it's full of money.
Penguin: Martha Wayne is spoiled, that little pyg has put his name, and her's, in half Gotham. You're going out there, will smile and explain to them, and it better be a good explenation, and will announce the Cobblepot Wing of Neville Community Centre.
Organizer: But the announce is only at-
Penguin puts his Umbrella's next to his head.
Penguin: You will do it now, or my next donation will be to Gotham City's Morgue.
Batman kicks the face of the ghost dragon and knocks him out.
Batman = Let's find out what he was looking for.
Batman takes his cellphone and hack it, the image of Bruce Wayne is seen on a message.
Batman = Bruce Wayne? This is the plan? Keep me busy so I don't interfere with their assassination plans? Whoever's behind this, I guess the joke's on them.
Bruce Wayne open the doors of the place.
Bruce Wayne = Because here I am and with plenty ti-
Organzier: A change at the last minute thanks to a very generous donation by one of Gotham's most famous citizens, I'm happy to annouce the Esther Cobblepot Wing of Neville's Community Centre.
Bruce Wayne: No.
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Great job my friend !!! Your're really talented.
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