Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 18]: Rise of The Emperor Pt. 3

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 18]: Rise of The Emperor Pt. 3

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Guys, before reading this chapter, you'll have to read Batman: Arkham City 1 by Paul Dini and Carlos D'anda, because there might be some references and important points to the plot you won't understand
Previous chapters:

Sometime before Arkham City, Wayne Enterprises
Bruce Wayne is hardly hitting a punching bag without any gloves.
Lucius Fox: Bruce... John Dagget is here to discuss the terms of agreement in the acquisition of Dagget Industries.
Bruce: Thanks Lucius. Tell him in a... important business and I'll talk to him soon.
Lucius: Bruce, he's already here.
Bruce: Sorry, Mr. Dagget, you caught me in a bad time.
Dagget: No need for apologies, Mr. Wayne. Would you mind if I join you?
Lucius: I'll get the boxing gloves.
Dagget: Bullshit! Like Mr. Wayne, I prefer the old ways.
He takes out his shirt and starts hitting the bag as Bruce holds it for him.
Bruce: Mr. Dagget, what are the news?
Dagget: Call me John and I want to discuss about your competitors.
Bruce: Call me Bruce then. So what about it?
Dagget: Queen Industries' Q-Core made an offer for us in Seattle. But it's not money which matters Bruce. Your entire Wayne Enterprises subsidiaries, Wayne Tech mainly, are the most amazing facilities I've ever seen.
Bruce: You did your research then?
Dagget: Yes but it's not just it, you can put us fully operational one year before Q-Core. When you are in the technological branch, time flies faster than the Flash. You have the biggest company in the world, you are harder, better, faster and stronger than all your rivals, and faster means everything for us now.
Bruce: That's great, are you ready to install here?
Dagget: Yes. We'll have everything ready this month. Just one question Bruce. Not that I'm saying you won't get any profit but the risk is high. Does it worry you?
Bruce: Not at all, my goal is to make Gotham City a better place, it'll create several jobs and open space for new people trying to get their chance at the market. If it's good for my city, I'll take the risk, no matter what it takes me.
Bruce's secretary, Wendy, appears in front of them.
Wendy: Sorry, Mr. Wayne but someone there's a woman here to see you, she says it's important.
Bruce: See you later, John.
Dagget leaves to the elevator.
Bruce: Okay Wendy. How is she?
Wendy: What do you mean?
Bruce: You know, pretty, blond, blue eyes, whatever. How is she?
Wendy: She is beautiful, Mr. Wayne.
Bruce: Well my job awaits me, Wendy.
Bruce walks to his office.
Wendy: Awn, god. Men are always the same.
Bruce enters his office and closes the door, his smile ends suddenly. A Vicki vale is sitting in his chair.
Vicki: You haven't forgot about my exclusive, have you, Mr. Wayne?
Bruce: Ms. Vale, of course not.
Vicki: My audience wants to know what happened in Neville Community Centre, how they just passed you away and named the place with Oswald Cobblepot's mother?
Bruce: Well, I think it was be-
Vicki: And what about Arkham City? Why are you against it?
Bruce: I think it's only a way to-
Vicki: How do you think Sharp got the idea? Does it have something with the Asylum incident?
Bruce: Vicki, I think this is too-
Vicki: They want to know how you can have so much enemies and still be alive? The conspiracy theories are so many that I can't even list, they go from hiring merceneries to protect you to creating robotic duplicates of yourself.
Bruce: I think you're going to far, missy.
Vicki: "Missy"? One minute ago I was "Vicki" and one more ago I was "Ms. Vale". I think this interview is making you nervous Brucie?
Vicki gets up from the chair, unbuttons her shirt and gets closer to Bruce. She grabs him and their faces get closer. His cellphone starts ringing, his ringtone is "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.
Bruce: Sorry, haha, I'll turn it off.
Vicki: It's too bright in here...
Bruce: I'll can fix it.
Bruce pulls a remote control, and presses it, the curtains automatically covered the windows.
Vicki: You can fix anything, can't you?
Hours later
Bruce wakes up, he is on the ground, naked, he looks up and Vicki is dressing up.
Bruce: Where you going "Miss Private Interview"?
Vicki: Sorry, I just remebered I have to present tonights GCN interview with Ryder, Sharp is coming there.
Bruce: No problem, I have other places to go too.
Sometime after
The batmobile rides fast in Kane Avenue, the wheels leave a trace at the streets, the burining back turbine releases a glowing fire that makes the batmobile faster, the engines release a grey smoke that polutes the air, not that it even matters, Gotham's air is dirty, like it's city beneath the propaganda and commercials you see in other cities like Detroit, Chicago, Keystone and Central City. Batman is inside it, his costume is a little dirty, the cape and cowl are marked by smoke, marks that are the only problem of Wayne Tech's Project 3113, The Smoke Bombs.
Batman: Commissioner, I just left Two Face's hideout, he is brutally wounded.
Gordon: The Trasks?
Batman: Yes, the brothers did it to him, the doses of Titans left them strong but not in the childish behavior the original formula created in it's users. They're planning to attack the new City Hall. Double security and clear the perimiter, that info you gave me was very useful to find out what they were planning.
Gordon: Ok Batman, thanks.
At Cobblepot's Office
Penguin: OGILVY!
Ignatius Ogilvy enters the room, carrying a gun, followed by Lark and Bossworth, a man wearing a metal muzzle.
Ignatius: What's happening Boss?
Penguin: It's him again! Sharp's assistants are calling me, sending more eviction notices! Since he presented his damn "Arkham City Project", that damn interview with the b*tch called Vicki Vale. He wants me out of Pinkney's Museum and Iceberg Louge. Is the Cassino ready yet?
Ignatius: Not yet, the furniture is yet to be finished but all employess form the Lounge had jobs transferred from there to the Cassino.
Penguin: Great, fill me up with everything Ogilvy.
Ignatius: Yes, boss.
Some days later
A thug runs through the alleyways of Gotham, he is next to Arkham City walls still in construction status, the thug is wearing a black sock on his head, the sock has two holes for the eyes and one for the mouth. He is carrying a three round burst rifle, he forgot to load it, he's too scared to do it. Batman lands over him and breaks some of his ribs. Batman looks to his front, the thug is not alone is a much more larger group. Batman pulls his grapnel gun and glides over them, he dives against the ground and wounds them. Two of the thugs, from opposite sides try to punch Batman, he dodges it, making them hit each other, the two are knocked out. Batman then throws a batarang in the remaining thug but one of them has escaped in a boat.
Batman = I'm too far to catch him, maybe I can find out where he's heading to by investigating the area.
Batman switches on the Detective Mode, he reaches the place where the boat was. He finds a coat, no fingerprints, he then picks up the coat and shakes it, something falls from the pocket. Batman picks it up, it's a Iceberg Cassino's dealer button.
Batman = Maybe, that's the reason he stole that amount of money, maybe he wants to play there or he have to pay a debt? A debt in the Cassino's opening?
Far away from there
A limo awaits in middle of a dirt street, sorrounded by grass and bugs, inside it, Mr. Mosaic, one of Penguin's associates.
Mosaic: Where's him, Douglas? I know you are only my driver and you can't do nothing but I cannot miss the big night, today it's reunion with Penguin.
The door opens and the a man with a beard, a scar in the nose and a red bandana. He gives Mosaic a briefcase, he checks it and gives the man a V.I.P. card for the party.
Mosaic: Hey you, what's your name?
Man: My name is Kurtz, Lester Kurtz.
Mosaic: Okay Lester, do you need a ride?
Lester: I would appreciate it, thanks.
Mosaic: Douglas head to Iceberg Cassino!
Iceberg Cassino
A big and giant structure in Gotham's bay, the Iceberg Cassino, a giant mix of refined ice and wood, a beautiful piece of architecture which's inside is filled by corruption, the substitute of the Iceberg Lounge, now threatened to be closed inside Arkham City. Builded to be the perfect entertainment machine, it's a hotel, a cassino, a restaurant and the place where criminals deal with each other. The spotlights that come from it reveal that this is the grand opening of the place. Several boats cross Gotham's Bay to visit the new cassino and people waste their money on stupid games. Vicki Vale leaves one of the boats carrying a suitcase and meets John Dagget accompanied by a woman.
Vicki: Sorry I'm late, John. Unfortunately, Bruce ain't coming, I waited him for as long as possible.
Dagget: Don't worry, Vicki, that interview with Sharp was amazing.
Vicki: Thanks, John, you're so sweet.
Dagget: Thanks, about Bruce, I know he's doing something important. Vicki this a friend of mine, Sondra Fuller, she works at S.T.A.R. Labs.
Vicki: Nice to meet you Sondra.
Sondra: The same Ms. Vale.
Vicki: Call me Vicki.
Dagget: I gotta go, enjoy your night girls.
Dagget leaves the place and enters a room with a plaque 'Authorized Personnel Only".
Later in one of the rooms
Vicki Vale comes from a bath wearing a towel over her body. She opens her suitcase, picks up chambermaid clothes and dresses up. A hidden camera watches her do all this stuff, the Penguin and Ignatius Ogilvy are watching her.
Ogilvy: What a nasty smart girl, ain't her boss?
Penguin: Ogilvy call Lark and tell her to make Vicki Vale regret every decision she ever made!
Hope you enjoyed folks, the last part of "Rise of the Emperor" will be at next chapter, after that we'll return to post-Arkham City and to Red Hood, you'll see how these chapters will turn out to be important in the future.
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