Batman: The Dark Knight #1

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Batman: The Dark Knight #1

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Batman: The Dark Knight
"Knight Terrors"
Three hundred inmates in Arkham Asylum have broken free from their 'unbreakable' restrains. It's up to Batman to contain the madness! Is it infectious? Did he really just see a white rabbit?!

Gotham City
The Batwing speeds through the sky, a trail of thick fog behind it. Inside, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader Batman prepares to drop.
He presses a button next to the gear stick and drops from the plane holding onto a rope. The Batman lands on a nearby rooftop and, whilst changing into Bruce Wayne, runs to his destination. He is late.

Bruce Wayne stands on stage behind a podium over looking Gotham's politics.
Bruce Wayne: Fear is a cannibal that feeds upon itself. It lives in every dark shadow - waits around every corner. It can be in two places at once...on the path ahead, yet somehow always behind you. Fear hides in every decision, questioning your every move. And it's your fault. You are the one that gives it life. You are the parent of your own fear. Every instinct tells us we can do nothing in the face of that which terrifies us. But that's what fear is instinct. We run because that is our nature. Better to run away and live to fight another day, or so the saying goes. But if we run, the cannibal feeds and grows stronger. Better to run towards your fear. Better still to face it. Stare it in the eye. Make it blink. Watch it shrink. Now, I may be a man with a substantial amount of money and the willpower to spend it...I may be fashionably late from time to time. But I'm not cut out to be the parent of a cannibal. Neither am I afraid to make decisions or go into dark places. I am never afraid. And never will be. Thank you.
Bruce walks off stage and is accompanied by a group of girls. Bruce is greeted by the Congressman.
Congressman: A fine speech Mr. Wayne. Wish I could share your sentiments, but given the economy and the latest jobless figures going off the hill, I'm scared as hell right now. Though we sure do appreciate how many jobs Wayne Industries has created in the technology market over the years. Not to mention your Gotham Revitalization plan.
Bruce: We aim to create more, of course, Congressman. I trust I'll have your support on our agreement to purchase with the Chinese?
Congressman: You just let me know what I can do to grease the wheels, Bruce. Call my office on Monday, and we'll chat a while.
The Congressman leaves as a tall man with blond hair approaches Bruce Wayne.
Forbes: I'd like to speak to Mr. Wayne.
Waiter: Do you have an appointment, Sir?
Forbes: I don't need an appointment.
Bruce: I'm sorry. Have me met, Mr...?
Forbes: Forbes. Internal Affairs, Gotham P.D.
Bruce: Internal Affairs? I'm sorry, Lieutenant, you may have me confused with someone else. If this is about that parking ticket outside the Opera house, I'm certain my assistant paid it.
Forbes: I heard your speech tonight, Mr. Wayne. Would've thought a man of your stature could afford better writers. The way I see it, one guy's fearlessness is another man's recklessness. Especially when it comes to the illicit funding of a vigilante.
Bruce: Ladies...Would you please given Lieutenant Forbes and me a moment?
The two girls scurry away, confused.
Forbes: Let me tell you what I know, Mr. Wayne. I know even someone with your resources couldn't solve the logistics of financing Batman and his cronies unless you had help. That help's gotta come from someone inside Gotham P.D. someone high up...I want to know who.
Jaina: This is a charitable event boys. And charity usually begins and ends with a smile.
A young, African American woman interrupts the conversation.
Jaina: Jaina Hudson. Tonight's little function aims to raise money for those left homeless by the Karachi floods. So think of me as your impromptu hostess. Please let me know if there's a problem of any kind. I trust I'm not interrupting anything?
Forbes: As a matter of fact you are, Miss. This is a private conversation.
Jaina: Mmh. Y'know, for a private conversation, it sure is loud and very public.
Bruce: Everything's fine, Miss Hudson. The Lieutenant was just leaving.
Forbes: Sure I was. Be seeing you soon, Mr. Wayne.
Forbes stomps away.
Bruce: Thank you for that.
Jaina: Call me Jai. My friends do.
Bruce: So you're Tom Hudson's daughter? I knew your father just before they made him a diplomatic attaché to Mumbai.
Jaina: You must have been very young.
Bruce: Flattery will get you everywhere, Miss Hudson. And I've heard your mother is just as beautiful as you.
Jaina: Ooh. Flattery will get you everywhere, Mr. Wayne.
Bruce: Call me Bruce. You know, your dad was always full of surprises, but marrying a Bollywood actress over here in the States, we call it "outpunting his coverage." Meant in the nicest possible way, of course.
Jaina: I'm familiar with the vernacular. I've attended school here since I was nine. But just so you know, my mother got the better end of that deal. Tell me, do you think you could outpunt me, Bruce?
Bruce: I'm not sure what you mean, Jai.
Jaina: I'll let you think about it while I circulate with the guests.
Bruce: Let's hope we run into each other again.
Jaina: Well, Bruce...why don't you try to catch me?
Jaina leaves Bruce and joins an different conversation. Bruce watches her leave, smiling. After chatting with Gotham's politics, Bruce leaves the party and meets Alfred Pennyworth outside the theatre.
Alfred: Trouble, Master Bruce?
Bruce: No doubt your mind is alive with the possibilities, Alfred.

Arkham Asylum
Alarms flash all around the grounds. The inmates are escaping from Arkham Asylum and the Security guards are helpless against them.
Guard #1: That's not what I said! I said, "We've pulled back from the West Wing!" I've got fire alarms going off all across the building, an' there's no word from anyone inside the pen! I repeat, we have lost containment inside Maximum Security! Control, I got sixty-five good men at risk in here! I need backup, and I need it now! Believe me, this is not a drill, and it is not a "situation." This is the mother lode...
The security doors explode. As the guard regains his eyesight, he sees horror before his eyes.
Guard #1: Oh, God...
The Great White Shark, Cluemaster, Magpie, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, Ragdoll and more leap at the helpless guards. They are too scared to fire their weapons.
Ragdoll: Hush little baby, don't you cry! Life's a bitch. And then you die.
The inmates attack the guards, leaving blood scattered across the ground.

An army of Security guards are outside, trying to call for backup.
Sarge: No, I said, "get this TV crew out of my face before I accidently discharge my weapon in their direction!" Someone tell me how come three hundred inmates on lockdown just bugged out and broke free of their unbreakable restrains? What the hell is going on around here?! Control, I don't give a rat's rear end about protocol! I got sixty-five good men in here, an' we are not waiting for permission to go in after them.
Officer: Sarge! We got heavy activity behind the main door.
The main door bursts open and a number of inmates break through.
Sarge: I guess our permission just arrived. I'll call you back.
Batman: Sixty-five men. Sixty-five families. You can tell me what happened later. Right now, why don't we give those men trapped inside a fighting chance?
The Batman leaps from the ambulance he stood on and flings some Batarangs before landing on the inmates. The Guards join the fight and shoot any inmate that moves. They all go down starting with Ragdoll to the Reaper.
Batman: Two-Face. Where is he?
Sarge: Maximum Security. He didn't come out with the others.
Batman: Then we go in and find him. Come with me.
Batman runs into the Asylum yet the guards are hesitant.
Guard #2: You heard the man.
Batman and the guards fight through the crowds of inmates. The Toy-Man goes down and Amygdala goes down. The heroes look around the corridor. About twenty unconscious inmates and no dead guards. Perfect.
They travel further down the corridor, more observant than ever.
Guard #3: This is nuts, we're sitting ducks out here.
Guard #2: Shut it, Myers. Keep your eyes on the shadows and shoot anything that moves.
Guard #3: Over there!
In the shadows, a figure is seen. Guard #3 shines his torch in its direction revealing a girl dressed as a white and pink rabbit. They shoot at her, missing.
Batman: That's not him! Hold your fire!
Batman rushes to the girl's location, but she is gone...
Guard #3: Who the hell was that?
Batman: Someone who shouldn't be here. They may be trying to spring Dent by causing a distraction. Keep quiet and stay alert. Whoever you are...this is Batman. Come out with your hands raised where we can see them. Two-Face! Show yourself!
Two-Face's cell explodes. His signature coin hits on the floor on the scarred side. Two-Face: muscles bulging, clothes ripping and anger rising, steps out from the cell.
Two-Face: Two-Face no longer, Batty Boy. You can call me One-Face now.

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