Batman: The Dark Knight #2

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Batman: The Dark Knight #2

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Batman: The Dark Knight
"A Rush Of Blood"
After containing the madness of a break-out at Arkham Asylum, Bruce finds himself facing a mad and mutated Two-Face! What's going on? Is Bane involved? And who was that White Rabbit?

Blood trickles down the Dark Knight's face. His lip has burst and his nose is broken. Dozens of tears in his suit make him unprotected from Two-Face's gigantic fists.
Two-Face: Mffh. I learned something today, Batman. Something I didn't know, but I'm willing to share.
Two-Face drags Batman along the floor by the cape and holds him by the throat against the wall.
Two-Face: It's fear that stops us from really living. Think how it would feel to lose all inhibition, to shed every shred of doubt. Liberation and release. Do you want that release? It's coming, Batman. A world full of people like me who've finally woken up. There won't be many of us, but the truly fearless will inherit it all. If you had lived, you would have been miserable and afraid and master of nothing. But I've been given a gift...Oh...the things I can see...
Blood streams from Two-Face's eyeballs and drips down his neck. Within seconds, Two-Face collapses on the ground, unconscious.
Batman: See anything with your eyes closed, Dent?

Gotham City Police HQ
The Bat-signal shines on the foggy night sky of Gotham City. On the rooftop of the GCPD building, Commissioner. James Gordon, smoking, and Batman discuss the recent mishap with Two-Face.
Gordon: Thirty-seven injured. Seven in critical condition. Fifteen dead. And you could've been number sixteen.
Batman: Should've been, Jim.
Gordon: I guess Two-Face finally did something right. Speaking of which, a couple of the other inmates are claiming they were injected with something. The ones still alive aren't in good shape. One of them says he saw a white rabbit for Pete's sake.
Intrigued, Batman leans closer to Jim.
Batman: A white rabbit?
Gordon: It's a common visual motif among abduction victims, apparently. Who would've known?
Gordon hands Batman a used syringe.
Gordon: Here... we found these all across the facility. Someone wasn't exactly shy about hiding them. Send me the results when you get it analysed.
Batman: Did anyone mention seeing a girl?
Gordon: Please tell me you're not serious? Look, all I know is we've got a mess on our hands. Three inmates whose brains have turned to mush, and we're about to get hit with multiple lawsuits from multiple dirtbag lawyers. The only one in any shape to talk is Two-Face, but he hasn't said anything coherent since he conveniently started bleeding out of his eyeballs. This couldn't have come at a worst time. If one of the doctor as Arkham Asylum is found to have been experimenting on the patients on my watch-
Batman: It was an outside job. Someone got in.
Gordon: Uh-huh...well, either option isn't exactly going to pad mu resume. I'm beginning to wonder if any of this is worth it. Forbes is on me like a damn alligator with a poodle in its mouth. I got temporary reinstatement only because the appeals process is like a dinosaur. Even some of the boys I trusted are beginning to look at me sideways now. Forbes got to them, too. It's just my luck the one guy I can rely on dresses up like at bat so he can get his ribs busted in a dark alley. You're the only friend I've got right now.
Gordon turns around to look at Batman, but he's gone.

The Batmobile speeds along a road in Old Gotham.
Batman: Alfred, give me a status report.
Alfred: You'll no doubt be excited to learn we have numerous reports of drug-addled sociopaths coming in from all across town, sir. We are coordinating efforts, as are the Police.
Batman: Who do we thank for this? Scarecrow? Hugo Strange?
Alfred: Oh, let's hope so, sir! There's nothing better than assisting one's employer in tracking down a homicidal maniac. It keeps one feeling so young.
Batman: I'm sorry we're keeping you up so late. Just one more task and then you should go to bed. I'm depositing a sample of the serum into the database right now. Anything on the girl?
Alfred: A half-naked girl in white lingerie. No doubt the world wide web is replete with such images, Master Bruce. I shall do my utmost to sort through them all.
Bruce smiles.
Alfred: Early analysis suggests the chemical composition is relates to the fear toxin used by the Scarecrow. There are enough similarities to suggest they're related.
Batman: That's a start. His last known where-abouts?
Alfred: He was in Arkham for a short time, sir. I'll run the full analysis and have the results uploaded into the Batmobile. In the meantime, a few small matters requiring your attention. Luncheon with Congressman Stricker?
Batman: Regrets. My regards to his wife.
Alfred: Tickets to the world series, game five?
Batman: Regrets. With gratitude.
Alfred: Dinner with Miss Jaina Hudson?
Batman:, accept. Anything else?
Alfred: Apart from the impending apocalypse, Master Bruce, I do believe we're covered. Though do please wake me if we get word of any criminal activity from our younger associates.

At the Gotham Bank, GCPD officers barricade themselves outside. Dead bodies lie all around the bank, there is a robbery.
Robin smashes through the window, followed by Nightwing. The Ventriloquist, injected with the same serum which 'beefed up' Two-Face, steps out holding a shattering Scarface.
Ventriloquist: You broke my doll.
The Ventriloquist throws Scarface to the ground and picks up a dead officer off the ground.
Nightwing: Okay, who is this guy and what did he do with the real Ventriloquist? I'm open to ideas.
Robin: S'funny...I was just about to say that to you.
Ventriloquist: One of these children broke my doll. What do we do with naughty boys? Tear out their spines. Make them squeal. Yes. We make them squeal. And afterwards? Seen and not heard. All over the red, red walls.
Robin: Uh...I think we're gonna need a little backup.

The Narrows
Victor Zsasz runs after Batgirl. He swings his knife at Batgirl but only cuts off a strand of hair. As he brings it back, he accidently plunges the knife into his arm.
Zsasz: Look, Batgirl! I cut myself! Ha! Hehh...ah-hehh...Because you're already dead!
Batgirl: Oh, brother...

Crime Alley
The birds of prey stand in front of the Clock King preparing to attack.
Black Canary: Katana! Move outside and flank to the left! Starling and I will try to distract from the front!
Katana: That's it, Canary? That's our plan?
The team move in. Katana swipes her sword, Starling shoots with her guns and Black Canary is knocked onto the floor by Clock King.

Devil's Square
Batwoman and the Cavalier battle in Devil's Square. First, the Cavalier strikes and Batwoman hits back.
Cavalier: A hit from Batwoman! Methinks a palpable and bloody hit-
Batwoman: What the hell is happening to this planet?

Two-Face lies in his bed, restrained, at Gotham Hospital. Batman stands over him.
Batman: All that talk of liberation and release, Harvey. And you're right back where you started. We can make this easy or hard. I want to know what happened at Arkham. Who injected three hundred prisoners in a secure facility, and how is the girl involved?
Two-Face: You must be seeing things, Batman. Maybe...Hehh...Maybe you've been burning the candle at both ends...taking a little extra something to stay on the case. You know that stuff will rot your brain-
Batman: Not the day to play games with me! Who did this?
Two-Face: Hphhss...You think you're a great detective but you know nothing.
Batman: I'll tell you what I know. You've had a taste of something you liked, and you're going to want it again. But I'm going to take it off the streets. So you're trapped even worse that before. That feeling of freedom and power you're so in love with, you'll never, ever have it again.
The door opens and Batman disappears.

Batman battles the Joker's goons on a moving train. A news helicopter hovers overhead filming the battle.
Alfred: We've found the individual you're looking for. Precisely seven minutes ago, new came through that the Joker has commandeered a commuter train heading north out of Gotham. There has been no word from anyone on board.
Batman: The Joker's back already? Tell Gotham PD I'm headed that way now.
Alfred: Understood. I'll send word ahead through our usual channels. Further analysis of the sample you provided confirms our initial test results. Someone seems to have fashioned a drug capable of literally removing fear from a person's mind. But it comes at a price. The human body tries to reject the drug's effects. Hence the sudden flow of blood to the eyes and nasal membranes of those less fortunate. Of course, I suppose they're quite used to it, considering you extract their blood on a regular basis.
A terrified thug shakes his gun at Batman.
Thug: You got nowhere to run, Bat-freak! Nowhere to hide up here! Now whattya gonna do?
A bridge knocks into the thug from behind, allowing Batman to enter the train safely.
Inside, dead bodies lie everywhere. The bodies of Joker's thugs.
Batman: Alfred, I'm on board now. You still getting this? Looks like Joker took out some of his own people...It doesn't make sense-
White Rabbit: When does it ever make sense, Batman? Only at the end, when knowing does you no good, anyway.
The White Rabbit stands in the doorway.
White Rabbit: You'll get there a whole lot quicker if you chase me.
Batman: Stay right there!
Batman runs after the White Rabbit but by the time he reaches her she's at the other end of the carriage.
Batman: Wait! I need to talk to you!
The White Rabbit quickly jumps into a room before Batman grabs her.
White Rabbit: Gotta be quicker than that, Bats.
Batman follows her into the room and meets-
Joker: How funny! A clown dressed in a bat suit! Two bad you're just the opening act!
The Joker, muscles bulging, sits on top of a pile of dead goons with the White Rabbit cuddling up to him.
The Joker: Wait till they get a load of me.

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