Batman: The Dark Knight #4

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Batman: The Dark Knight #4

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Batman: The Dark Knight
"Welcome To The Jungle"
The rollercoaster continues with Poison Ivy missing, a contract on Batman's head, and guest-stars by the dozen! But who's behind the madness - and what is the secret of the White Rabbit?

Poison Ivy's Lab
Batman makes his way through the dying trees and overturned tables to a higher platform at the other side of the glasshouse. A number of computer screens and draws are on the platform slightly damaged by the trees.
Batman: Alfred, are you getting all of this?
Alfred: Affirmative, sir. Trace evidence suggest this is a recent event. Perhaps within the last hour or so. I rather think young miss Ivy didn't leave under her own steam. We're getting some odd biometric readings in the area. Do please proceed with caution.
Batman proceeds further through the trees and just as he climbs into the platform-
Thin branches wrap around Batman's wrists and then his body. It tightens every second, making it harder to escape.
Batman: Ukk...Ehh...
A large pod opens up revealing sharp thorns, almost like teeth, and a dry pod inside, almost like a tongue. Batman is pulled closer to the mouth.
Quickly, the Dark Knight takes out a sharp Batarang and cuts the vine above his feet, the vines drop him. In mid-air, Batman throws some Batarangs at the mouth, slicing off its tongue and letting it die. Batman then continues to climb onto the platform.
Alfred: Master Bruce, the suit's telemetry suggests multiple impacts, but I've lost visual contact. Did something happen?
Batman: Plants, Alfred. Probably an automated bio-system of Poison Ivy's. But no sign of Ivy herself.
Alfred: Perhaps she's with the Birds Of Prey?
Batman: I doubt she's anywhere that safe.
Alfred: Understood, sir. I'll try to bring the suit's cameras back online from here. In the meantime, we have an incoming request on your secondary frequency, It's a matter of some urgency. I'll patch it through.
Wonder Woman: Batman, we've received your communique but I'm going to have to beg out for now. I'm not sure any of the other Justice League members can help until we get things under control. GPS puts Flash at various points on the eastern sideboard, but we can't pinpoint him exactly until he slows down.
Batman: He's not going to slow down, Wonder Woman. Flash was hit by a toxin that may kill him unless he can outrun the effects before it metabolizes. We're going to need your help.
Wonder Woman: I don't think you understand. Right now, Spellbinder and the Electrocutioner blew the side out of an apartment complex. There're two of a dozen patients who escaped from Arkham on your watch. I've got to bring them back in. For the moment, you're on your own.
Batman approaches the computers. The screens are smashed, so are the keyboards. The mouse is missing. On the desk however, is a magazine titled with the words wrote on it-
Batman: "Ten tips for a happy dog", Ivy?
Batman shakes the magazine and a small piece of paper with symbols on it drops out and into his hand.
Batman: Good girl.

Gordon sits in his apartment, trying to call Bruce Wayne.
Bruce: Hi, you've reached Bruce and I'm not here, which means I'm either doing something fun or sitting in a board meeting wishing I was. You know what to do-
The phone beeps and Gordon talks.
Gordon: Bruce...It's me. It's Jim Gordon. I called you six times today. I figured maybe - just maybe - if you heard from a friend, you'd call him back. It's bad enough I got troubles with my own son an' a face that looks like hamburger thanks to the Dollmaker. You just made things infinitely worse. Forbes is breathing down my neck like a damn vampire. Says Batman attacked him in an alley. Way I heard it, he showed up at some function of yours last week asking about you an' me. I don't know if you thought if you were doing me a favour, but if you'd listen to me the first, second or third time, you would have understood sending Batman after Forbes was the worst thing you could do. Just for once in your life you should have listened. And you should have called back. But you didn't. I guess a guy like you doesn't have friends. Just people you need and people you don't.

Alfred: There are several important phone calls awaiting your response, sir.
Bruce: Hol them for now, Alfred.
Bruce sits at the Batcomputer, looking at holographic screens of the piece of code he found at Ivy's Lab. Alfred stands behind him, holding-
Bruce: Snacks at this hour?
Alfred: People drink ginseng tea to hone their powers of concentration, sir. I, on the other hand, have ice cream.
Bruce: It's some kind of access code to a bio-electronic relay system-
Alfred: Ice cream, sir.
Bruce takes the ice cream and resumes his work.
Bruce: Ivy's code is based on an ancient cipher attributed to followers of Demeter.
Alfred: The Greek Goddess of plants, if I remember my classical literature.
Bruce: Ivy knows my systems can tabulate to pinpoint her chloropheromone signal. GPS puts her on Harmon Island, about seven miles off the coast. It's basically swampland owned by the Government. No one's lived there for fifty years. Initiate the safety rechecks on the Bat plane.
Alfred: I don't suppose you've considered this may be a trap? I know how you love to get in the mix with these riffraff-
Batman: It may well be, old friend, but time is of the essence. Too many people relying on me to fix this - and fast. I'll run the suit's telemetry into the main computer. You should get some rest - it's been a long day.
Alfred: Unless you'd rather I take the Batmobile out for a spin, sir. I'm told there's a small but dwindling market for elderly sidekicks.
Bruce: It's a tempting offer, but I think I can manage.
Alfred: Mm. Pity. I was rather hoping the White Rabbit might take a fancy to a sophisticated crime fighter of advanced years. I may be aging, sir. But hope springs eternal.
Batman flies off out of the Batcave in the Bat-Plane towards Harmon Island.
Below, the White Rabbit watches the jet go by.
White Rabbit: There you are.
She does a flicking action at the Bat-Plane and follows it up with her pretending to shoot it with a gun.
White Rabbit: Bang.

Meanwhile, the Flash is still running around the globe to try and metabolize the toxin from his blood stream.
Jaina Hudson sits at a table in a restaurant...alone. The waiter catches her sad eyes look at the empty seat in front of her.
Alfred settles into bed, taking a sleeping pill before tucking in to the warm covers.
And James Gordon slumps in his chair, asleep. A dying cigar in his hand and an empty bottle of alcohol on the table next to him.

The Bat-Plane flies over head Gotham City. Harmon Island is in sight now, less than a mile away.
Batman: System: bring altitude to four thousand feet and engage secondary thrusters. Give me an ETA on the northern end of Harmon Island and recheck tracer signal.
Computer: Calculating.
On the arm rest next to Batman, is a small present, wrapped in wrapping paper. Batman picks it up and examines it's contents.
Batman: What on Earth?
Inside, a small bottle with green liquid inside.
Batman: System: analyse contents and cross-reference to all samples collected in previous three days. Additional: recheck all security footage and report anomalous occurrences in vicinity of Bat-Plane.
A loud bang comes from the top of the plane, almost spinning it upside down.
Batman: System: what happened?
Computer: Alert! Proximity compromise imminent!
The windscreen smashes and a head pops out from above.
Deathstroke: Found you!
Deathstroke grabs Batman and pulls him out of the Bat-Plane.
Batman: Uhhf!
Deathstroke kneels on Batman, raising his sword above his head ready to bring it down on Batman.
Batman: Figured it was only a matter of time before you showed up, Deathstroke! If you're on the payroll, that mean's someone's getting desperate-
Deathstroke: Payroll? Ah-hahh...Hehh...You got it all wrong, Batman! There's not enough cash on the planet to pay for taking you down!
Deathstroke raises Batman up by the throat.
Deathstroke: Aa-oww!
The Terminator raises his sword above his head and-
Deathstroke: When you hit the ground, you make sure you tell everyone this was a freebie!
-the sword swings down cutting the Bat-Plane in half. Batman leaps off the plane, with Deathstroke falling too.
Deathstroke: You got lucky, Batman! You hear me? You're nothing! A coward in a hero's uniform! You're already dead-
Batman dives down and miscalculates his pitch upwards. He hits a tree and stumbles down it too fast.
Batman: Hh-uhh.
Metres from the ground, Batman grapples to a high branch to slow his fall. He then lands safely on Harmon Island.
Batman: System: recalibrate.
Computer: #11001##110#%
A few yards way, is an old shack, which looks like it hasn't been used for years. The shutters are down and all lights are off.
Batman sneaks in. Smashed glass frames hang crookedly on the walls and one large window faces him. As Batman looks closer, someone is standing, his back faced, at the window. Looking out into the woods.
He turns and Batman recognises him as-
Scarecrow: Courage is self-deceit. The universal truth is fear. I will show you fear in a handful of dust!

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