Batman #12

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Batman #12

Postby Batwoman » Jan 8th, 2015, 10:12 pm

Gotham City ,

The Zero Year ,

Bruce Wayne´s apartment in Park Row :

Bruce : I can feel it , Alfred . This time I´ll make it .

Alfred : But , Sir…

Bruce : With my new EMP Mask , I`ll be able to turn into whoever I wish . Everyone … even HIM .

Bruce puts on a transparent piece of very thin plastic . Tiny blue dots appear all around the mask , and in the blink of an eye , Bruce now has the face and voice of the Red Hood Boss .

Alfred : I do not intend to be pessimist , Master Bruce , but he´s defeated you several twice in this last week .

Bruce : Well , thanks for being so charming , Alfred . But I`ve learnt from my mistakes . I`ve been researching all day , and I found out when and where the Red Hood Gang is having their monthly meeting .

Alfred : I´ll be here with spaghetti , Sir . The sauce must be eaten before it cools down , so don´t be late .

Bruce : Calm down , Alfie , this won´t take long…

Bruce gets on his bike and heads off to the Gotham Bay area , to confront the Red Hoods .

The Batcave ,

Now :

Batman smashes Tommy Elliott´s face against a glass case containing one of his old Batman suits .

Batman : That´s the last one . Cave secured .

Nightwing : I think he´s still breathing ! Come on , Batman , we have to take Alfred to Leslie´s !

Batman : No , He took a bullet to the head more than half an hour ago , Dick , he´s de…

Batman is angered , but he also uses his anger to mask his unbounded pain .

Red Robin : So what do we do ? They already know who we are , Gotham is being teared apart by a war among the villains …

Batgirl : … there´s nothing left to fight for .

Huntress : Yes there is . We have to avenge the fallen !

Batman : Helena , you know that is not the way this works .

Huntress : How dare YOU ?! These people destroyed everything we value ! They killed out friends , our family ! THIS MAN WAS LIKE A FATHER TO YOU , AND YOU LET HIS DEATH GO UNPUNISHED ?!

Batman : Leave .

Huntress angrily closes her fists .

Batman : NOW .

Huntress walks away from the cave and into the destroyed Manor .

Red Hood : She´s right , y´know ? She´s just so goddamn right…

Jason follows Helena , as they both leave .

Catwoman : Batman , please… don´t let that man go unpunished…

Catwoman leaves the Cave as well .

Batman sits down on a stair .

Robin : Father ?

Batman : She´s right .

Nightwing : Bruce…

Batman : She´s right , Dick . I have to kill him . There´s no other way of ending this .

Robin : That´s more like it !

Nightwing ( as he takes off his mask ) : Quiet , Damian . You can´t kill him , Batman . You´ve won tougher battles : Strange , Joker , the list goes on…

Batman : That´s a lie . This is the worst thing that´s ever happened to us , and it all began because of my weaknesses . I let my enemies live , I feed their madness and revenges , their anger . The Cave is destroyed , the Manor is about to fall down to pieces , Gotham is dead… and Alfred … he…

Nightwing puts his hand on Batman´s shoulder .

Nightwing : Bruce… I´ve been here since the beginning . We´ve been through good times , bad times , but we´ve been togheter . Batman and Robin , Batman and Nightwing . Whatever happens , Batman , trust me when I say that I will be here until the very end.

Robin : Do what you have to do … we´ll be there , whatever it happens .

Batman : My suit is destroyed , and I see the armory has been destroyed …

Batman walks towards a wall of the cave and taps on it three times . The wall opens , and to everyone´s surprise , there´s a secret Bat-suit inside .

Nightwing : That´s… that´s Kryptonite ? Bruce… what is that thing ?

Batman : It´s my Exo-Bat Suit . The League helped me build it after a battle with the Crime Syndicate . It´s almost indestructible , not even the might of Aquaman and Wonder Woman combined can crack this suit . With this one on , I may be able to fight the entire Justice League with my own hands . If we´re going against all our enemies in one night , I have to be fully prepared .

The Zero Year :

Bruce arrives to the Red Hood Gang´s monthly meeting at the Gotham Bay area .

Bruce : I´m here . About to enter the location .

Alfred : Master Bruce , please be careful !

Bruce ( as Red Hood Boss ) : Good afternoon , my friends !

Red Hood #27 : I.D. ?

Bruce : HAH ! Do I really need to say it , kiddo ?!

Red Hood #27 : Uuh… yeah , you do . I.D. ?

Bruce : Now that´s a lack of..!

Red Hood #27 : I mean.. you can´t be ME , man…

Bruce : What..? Oh no… no , no , no…

Red Hood Boss : Heh . Yes . INTRUDER !

Suddenly , all the Hoods start shooting and attacking Bruce . He´s surrounded , and everyone starts to stab him and hit him with hammers . All of his efforts to become the martial arts prodigy he is , all the money he used to buy all his gadgets and vehicles , everything was for nothing . He was about to perish at the hands of criminals just like his parents …

But he can´t . He can´t give up yet , he has a promise to fulfil .

Bruce , angered and with a rush of adrenaline backing-up his rage , pushes his way out of the Red Hood´s weapons .

Red Hood Boss : Follow him ! We cannot let him run away again !

Wounded and bleeding , Bruce runs into a nearby forest and out of the Bay areas .

Though he had forgotten his bike blocks away , Bruce was not scared , for he knew he was near a very familiar place for him , a place he had not been in a very long time.

Bruce : A-Alfred…

Alfred : Bruce ! Thank God you are alright ! What happened ?!

Bruce : I have failed this city again , Alfie… ughh… I´m wounded .

Alfred : I´ll have everything ready by the time you get back , Sir .

Bruce : N-no… I´m… I´m too far away from Park Row … and I need you to go to the Manor right now , Alfred… I´ll –cough!- meet you there…

Bruce kneels down . He is lost in the middle of a forest , alone and wounded . How will he escape from this one ?

Our young hero looks up to the night sky , full of stars and with a massive , shiny and pale moon .

Bruce : I´m sorry…

Suddenly , the moon is covered by a group of bats . They are flying towards the North , when Bruce remembers the cave he had fallen into several years ago .

Bruce stands up , and while staggering , he follows the bats to his home .

He struggles to stay on his feet , to carry on . He wishes the pain could stop. Despite the torment , Bruce made it to the gates of Wayne Manor . He's , after all these years , finally back home .

Bruce : I-I'm here..

As soon as he finishes the sentence , Bruce collapses , and the bats finally arrive home to feed their offsprings .

The present ,
The ruins of Gotham ,
Blackgate :

Bane : Everything has gone to Hell . I should have helped Batman .
Bane lifts the Ten-Eyed Man by the skull.
Ten-Eyed Man : I do not beg for mercy . We are your superiors , you junkie !
Bane : " We " ?
Bane lifts his arms and his right knee before violently and swiftly smashing Ten-Eyed Man against his knee .
Bane : I am superiority , you insignificant weakling !
Lieutenat : Señor Bane ! Señor Bane !
Bane : What is it ?
Lieutenat : He's here , Sir ! He's come to... ughh...
Bane's lieutenant falls down . On his back , he has three small batarangs .
Bane : You're alive ... I suppose I wasn't expecting to see you dead , anyways .
Batman appears behind Bane .
Batman : You betrayed me ...
Bane : ...And yet you're back here . What do you want , Batman ?
Batman : I'm going to end this , and I'm afraid I need your help .
Bane : Why would I trust you , and why would you trust me ?
Batman : I need you and your army to reclaim my city .
Bane : I accept the truce . The Headmaster's plans don't be good for neither me or you .
Suddenly , the ceiling blows-up .
Batman is ready to attack , whoever the villains might be . But he's wrong . It's no villain .
Batman : What do you want ?
It's the Justice League .

The Zero Year :
Bruce slowly opens his eyes . There´s a constant buzzing in his ears and his head hurts like hell . He has a strong taste of blood in his mouth .
Almost immediately , Bruce recognizes the room in which he is in : his parent´s old room . In front of him , there´s an old and dusty portrait of Thomas and Martha Wayne .
Bruce : I´m sorry… I´ve failed you . I can´t keep failing anymore , father , and I want to give up . Please , forgive me , but I don´t know what to do ! They are not afraid of me , what am I doing wrong ?!
Burce stands gets out of the bed and goes to close the windows . As he´s about to close the last one , he is spooked by a gigant , black bat flying inside the room . The bat , despite of its size and strength , is badly injured . It is covered in blood and its left wing
Is broken .
Bruce : Yes… I see …
Bruce stares at the eye of the creature which caused him so much fear in his childhood , and lifts it . As the bat slowly closes its eyes , preparing to die , Bruce looks up to his parents´ portrait .
Bruce : …I shall become a bat .

Now :
Superman : We were on our way to help you and Gotham , Batman… but we didn´t expected to see you working with villains…
Batman : This is my city , Superman , get out of here while you still can .
Wonder Woman : Batman… what were you and Bane planning to do ?
Bane : Kill you .
Flash speeds into the room and knocks out Bane with several blows in one second .
Flash : Oh… was it a team-up ? Sorry , Batz !
Batman ( talking to Bat-fam via coms device ) : Allies , begin the attack .
Several explosions can be heard from Arkham Island .
Superman : What the hell are you up to ?
Batman : The man inside the Arkham Manor… he´s destroyed my entire life in one night . He destroyed my home , trashed my city , and killed Alfred . That´s just the tip of the iceberg , Clark . He deserves to die .
Aquaman : This is not you , Batman . I understand that pain and rage , but we´re here to help now .
Batman : I´m sorry . I really am . Now turn away before you get hurt .
Superman : Batman… Bruce… please… don´t make us do this…
Batman turns his Exo-Bat suit´s War Mode .
Batman : You think you can enter this city , MY city, and do whatever you want ?! Come on then , what are you waiting for ?! WELCOME TO GOTHAM !

Next : Tragedies

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