Batman: The Dark Knight #5

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Batman: The Dark Knight #5

Postby gary2692 » Jan 17th, 2015, 2:18 pm

Batman: The Dark Knight
"Handful of Dust"
Ambushed by the Scarecrow's fear gas, Batman is once again forced to confront his greatest terrors and the worst recesses of his mind - and to fight his greatest ally, the Man of Steel!

Somewhere deep inside Harmon Island...Gotham City
The Scarecrow shoots fear toxin out of his fingertips and watches as it spreads around the room and into the Batman's nostrils as he makes his way towards the Scarecrow.
Scarecrow: Courage is a lie, Batman! It's the mask you hide behind!
Batman: Your fear toxin won't work, Scarecrow...Kaff...I've beaten it before...
Scarecrow: Of course you have. You're a hero. No afraid of a little Scarecrow, hmm? But I know your secret. Heroism is just your defence against the fear.
Batman clutches his head, his eyes bulge and his body shakes. The fear toxin is getting to him.
Scarecrow: So much for heroism, your eyes betray your heart. You flounder in vomit...a bile induced terror that wells from your soul-
Batman: It's not true, Crane...I'm not afraid of you...No!
Batman closes his eyes and kicks the Scarecrow across the room and into a wall.
Scarecrow: Fool! I open a door to the liberation of your soul and you cower outside it with your eyes shut! Then I'll make you go through.
Scarecrow punches Batman across the face, making him open his eyes and...
Scarecrow: There is nothing you can do to prevent this dread. It is all your fault, Batman! Deny it if you can! Look me in the eye! Tell me all the horrors that you see!
The Scarecrow's stomach explodes, blood turns into the likes of Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, Robin, Catwoman, the Riddler, Killer Croc, the Joker and a bat.
Batman kneels on the ground surrounded by his enemies, allies and greatest defeats and his parent's' dead body.
The Dark Knight shuts his eyes again, and lunges at Scarecrow.
Batman: Nnghh!
Before they hit the ground, Scarecrow disappears into a cloud of smoke, his shadow illuminates on the walls behind Batman.
Scarecrow: While you're busy in shadows, a puppy runs under a train. Somewhere you are not, kiddies are playing with a roadside bomb. This terrifies you. Saving lives has becomes your addiction.
Scarecrow reappears and connects his fist to Batman's jaw, following it with a jab on the rib and an elbow to the face. Crane squeezes the Batman's head and looks deep into his eyes.
Scarecrow: That is your fear! You ignore what is and hide from what will be! You cower behind the mask of a hero, yet the people of Gotham see what lies beneath! Emptiness!
Big, fat worms wriggle out of the Scarecrow's mask, finishing Batman.
Scarecrow: You refuse my gift. My fear toxin is a path to enlightenment. But you resist what you're afraid to understand.
Batman: Your fear toxin is for the simple minded...Hkkfss...I know how to beat it.
Scarecrow: Perhaps you do, Batman. But the alternative is far, far worse. A situation better suited you your denial - an utter absence of fear. This new toxin gives you an emptiness of the soul to go with your empty eyes. No less than you deserve.
The Scarecrow injects the toxin into the Batman and within seconds it takes effect.
Batman: Nnn...Nnn...
Batman screams as the toxin travels through his body.
Scarecrow: Poor Batman! Isn't this what you wanted? Doesn't the pseudo-hero create a life without fear? Snkk...Hehh...Just remember, you did this to yourself. Someone's coming.
The Scarecrow escapes the building, as the Man of Steel Superman floats to the ground.
Superman: Batman? I received word from Wonder Woman that you required assistance.
Batman: Superman...Get away...Scarecrow...There's no time...
Superman: You're self aware. That means you're fighting to retain control. If the Scarecrow was here, then I'm sure he brought his fear toxin with him. I'm equally sure you can beat it.
Batman: No...Get away from me...Alien.
Batman attacks Superman, sending him soaring through the wall.
Batman: You were never invited. Not here. Not to this planet.
Superman: You must listen to me, Batman. I don't want to hurt you. Listen carefully-
Batman: No!
Batman leaps at Superman, trying to bring him down. However, the Man of Steel slams the Dark Knight's head onto the floor below.
Superman: You can't win, Batman! I'm your physical superior in every way. If you were thinking clearly you'd know this, Try to regain control-
Batman: Hrrk...You're wrong. This is control...Hehh...This is really living...
Batman leaps again onto Superman as he rises into the sky.
Superman: Batman, focus!
Batman grabs Superman's throat.
Superman: You're a member of the Justice League! You have a sworn duty to protect the people in your charge-
Batman: Liars and perverts, living in fear. I'm going to make them pay...starting with you.
Superman: Listen to me! You've been drugged...Possibly with the same substance used on the patients who escaped Arkham Asylum. You're experiencing an illusion of power- a hallucinogenic drug that produces a state of euphoria. Can't you see what it's doing to you?
Batman: I see everything. I see you're afraid of me.
Batman extends his arm into Superman's face, drawing blood.
Batman: You're an outside dressed in an American flag. A fascist control freak-
Superman: I didn't want to do this. I'm sorry.
In the sky, Superman punches Batman and sends him back through the roof of the building.
As Superman descends, he finds Batman lying on a pile of bricks...
Batman: Unnh...Unnh...Nnnh...
Superman: Batman, I...Batman?
...Not breathing.

Next: Broken Bat!
Also: Broken By Bane!

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Re: Batman: The Dark Knight #5

Postby Batwoman » Jan 22nd, 2015, 11:58 pm

Pretty awesome stuff here , man ! Good job !
Thanks TheCat for the signature and the avatar !
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