Batman #13

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Batman #13

Postby Batwoman » Jan 28th, 2015, 9:37 pm

Ethiopia ,
Seven years ago...

Hurry , Bruce , hurry.
His life depends on you now . This is all your fault , now you have to stop him at all costs...
He has Jason , and unless I get to that warehouse in time... Joker is going to kill him .
Bruce puts on his cowl .
Batman : I'm going after them , Alfred , stay on the line .
Alfred : O-of course , Sir... Good luck .
Batman rushes to a nearby car , without knowing that one of his greatest failures await him...

" The Many Deaths of the Batman "
Chapter four of six
Plotted and written by Batwoman

The ruins of Gotham ,
Now :
Superman : Bruce... Please . Listen to reason .
Batman : You don't tell me what to do , alien ! The same goes to all of you ! THIS IS MY CITY !
Wonder Woman jumps into battle first . She shows her two swords at me , she wants to intimidate me , she doesn't want to hurt me .
But with this suit , forged by Hephaestus himself ,she will have to do A LOT to even make me bleed .
Diana waits for me to make a move , it is clear once again that she doesn't want to hurt her friend .
Wonder Woman : Please , Bruce... Stop this ...
Batman : I'm sorry for what's about to happen , Diana ... But Hurt needs to be stopped .
Wonder Woman jumps towards me . She's fast , a magnificent warrior , one of the best I've seen . She tries to hit me with her swords , but I quickly block her attack by breaking one sword and punching the other one out of her hand . I can see the surprise in her eyes . She knows this'll be a challenge .
I try to punch her , but she has astonishing reflexes . Diana wraps her arms around my neck . She wants to leave me unconcious . Her strenght is admirable , thought , if I had any other kind of armor , I'd probably be down by now , let alone severely wounded .
I quickly grab her arm and thousands bolts of electricity run through her body . While Diana is stunned , I grab her by the head and smash her at the flor several times . She's down , but not for long .
After taking down Wonder Woman with no apparent struggle , the other Leaguers are amazed . I bet they regret making me this armor in the first place .
Superman stays still . He just watches . He once called me " the most dangerous man on the planet "... He was absolutely correct .
Hal throws himself into battle now. He wants to proove himself worthy of that ring and emblem he wears . " No fear " is his motto... And he clearly carries it on.
Green Lantern : Between you and me , Batman....
Lantern constructs a gigant fist .
Green Lantern : ... I've always wanted to punch the crap out of you .
As Hal smashes Batman with the first , Batman presses a button in his suit .
Batman : Activate protocol " No Fear " .
As soon as he gives tthe command , Batman's armour turns yellow .
Batman : Between you and me , Hal...
Lantern falls , powerless .
Batman : ... I've also wanted to beat the crap out of you...
Batman punches Lantern in the face with his Sun Titanium fists .
Flash : Lantern !
As soon as Barry finishes his sentence , I get pulled over by a flash of light . Barry Allen is carrying me by the neck across Gotham . I assume that in the time it took me to think about it , we've already covered half the city .
Batman : F-Flash ! How is this different than when you tried to being your Mother back to life by using your powers ?!
Flash : Come on now , Bruce... We both know I wasn't trying to kill the Reverse-Flash .
E-Everything... spins around me . Darkness is closing in ... Ahh...
Just... Got to reach my belt... Just a little bit more...
Batman : barry... Nghhh ... please...
Flash : I'm sorry , Batman , we all are... But if you kill this guy , we'll have to bring you in...
We've bbeen running around Gotham... I see the Gotham Gazzette right in front of me.
Batman : Well , Flash...
Bruce uses all his strenght and sticks a small foam circle on Barry's face .
Batman : ... You'll hhave to do your worst...
The foam circle electrocutes Flash . He instantly falla unconcious and crashes against a building , as the structure collapses on him .
Batman also crushes against a wall , breaking it .
My entre body hurts... Blood everywhere . Breathing feels like hell and I assume that this small cracking noise I've just heard are my ribs . But gotta focus. Superman and the others may already be on their way .
" Batman... "
That voice in my head... J'onn...
Damn . Almost done it... And he's found me . Hurry , Bruce , HURRY...

Years ago :

I can't fail him too . I've already failed Barbara and also at the hands of this maniac .
I can't risk losing as well .
I'm driving the car to Jason's belt signal location as fast as I can , but I fear it may not be enough . I'm getting nearer , I'm almost there . As I close in to the location , I can hear the Joker's twisted laugh echoing across the walls of my head . It drives me mad , mad as the Joker wants me to be .
There ! I'm finally here... Hold on Jason , I'm comin..!
As soon as Batman steps out of his car , the warehouse from which Jason's sginal was coming from blows-up right in front of his eyes .

The present...
J'onn appears behind me . I can hear him .
Batman : Step back , Manhunter.
J'onn : Batman , I beg you to stop . Superman and Aquaman are ready to do whatever it takes to being you down now .
Batman : I-I can't... This man destroyed everything I value...
J'onn : We've all been through this , Bruce , but we always manage to come-up victorious without breaking the rules...
J'onn streches his hand to Batman .
Batman : You...
Batman vives J'onn his hand.
Batman : ... should have never let your guard down around me .
Batman punches J'onn .
Suddenly , J'onn is on fire .
Batman : It's a compund of my own. It created artificial fire which won't harm or kill you , it will only hurt like you're actually on fire . You should never shake hands with a man who's suit was designed to take you down.
Aquaman bursts through a wall.
Aquaman : What have you done , Batman ?!
Batman : I incapacitated your most powerful ally . Now this will be child's play to me...
It won't , but I have to intimidate my enemy . Make him reflect on who he's facing .
We both jump into battle . Arthur packs quite the punch , I can see my helmet's glass cracking . Another rib.
I loose my posture and almost fall on my knees. Keeping on my feet feels like climbing a mountain now .
Arthur keeps punching me . I'll have to use it , he leaves me no choice...
Batman : I'm sure this won't kill you , Arthur... But it will probably be the worst pain you'll ever experience...
I stun him with my kevlar-like cape and inject the serum on his neck .
Arthur screams of pain . I almost feel sorry for him .
Batman : I've injected you with a solution similar to the one I used on J'onn , only that this one will make you feel with no water on your body , a fake insolation.
It's down to one now . The biggest of them all. What follows is when I fight with a god...
He smashes his way down through the roof.
Superman : Batman...
Batman : Superman...
We launch into battle .

Seven years ago :
I can't believe what I'm seeing . The warehouse... Now rubble and fire.
I run towards the pieces of the structure and desperately look for survivors... But I see none .
I almost give up when I see him. Lying on the ground and surrounded by fire and rubble , my partner Jason Todd ... Robin .
His eyes are widely open and he's bleeding everywhere . He's bruised and bloodied , he must have taken quite the beating .
I touch him to see if he still has a pulse . Nothing . He's already cold . I lift him...
Jason... No...

Now :
Batman : Activate protocol " Green Ring " !
Superman : Your toys won't help you anymore , Bruce ... JUST GIVE UP !
Batman : Never !
My entre armour now sends-out Kryptonite radioactivity. Superman falls down , and I start punching the hell out of him .
Superman : look... nnghh... around you...
That's when I see it . I see the building we've just destroyed. The Monarch Theatre. We're in Crime Alley .
Batman : I...
Batman deactivates his suit.
Batman : I'm terribly sorry...
Superman slowly stands up .
Superman : I uunderstand .
Superman puts his arm on Batman's shoulder.
Superman : And that's why we're going to help you avenge your city...

Next : Assault on Arkham
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