Batman #14

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Batman #14

Postby Batwoman » Mar 10th, 2015, 2:51 am

The Bat-Cave,
Years ago...
It's been one Hell of a month. With Bane returning and spreeing everyone from both Arkham and Blackgate, Gotham was dragged into fear, anarchy and chaos. Despite our best efforts, my allies and I have only captured 60 of the hundreads of criminals that escaped from their captivity.
Every step I take feels like hell to my body. My muscles are dead, my bones just want to surrender. But I stay on my feet. I just need at least an hour of sleep, just an...
As Bruce opens the door which connects the Manor to the Cave, he fines Alfred lying down, bleeding.
Bruce : ALFRED?!
Bane : It's Okay, Mr. Wayne. My quarrel is not with him.
Bruce : Bane, I suppose?
Bane : Indeed. Now enough, chatting, Señor Wayne. It's time.
Bruce puts on his cowl.
Batman : For what?
Bane : For me to destroy you...

The Arkham Mansion :
Dr. Wayne : I feel it. I feel it as I see my kingdom burning. Gotham is no longe. My carefully crafted scheme to crush this city and its protectors was a success. The sun is rising. The Black Mass is ready...
As soon as Wayne finished his sentence, several explosions can be heard from across the island.
Dr. Wayne : They nevee give up, don't they?
Meanwhile, below the tower, Nightwing and the other heroes are ready to fight their final battle.
Nightwing : Ready..!
As an army of villains heads towards the heroes, Batman's allies ready for battle.
Nightwing : Ready..!
Huntress electrocutes Lady Ventriloquist with an arrow.
Nightwing : GO!
As good and evil launch into their final confrontation, Batman and the Justice League arrive to the Manor's rooftops.
Batman : J'onn, call every other Leaguer available. We'll need as much help as we can get to win today. Flash and Aquaman, I need you to assist in the battlefield. Wonder Woman and Superman, you cover the skyline. J'onn, with me.
J'onn : Where are we going?
Batman : To end my father for once and for all...
The past :
Bane pumps Venom into his veins. His muscular tissue increases until he looks like a gigant to me.
David and Goliath.
David used a Stone to bring down his gigant. Unfortunately for Bane, I don't have a simple stone.

I throw aa batarang at his head. I know it won't kill him, but it'll give me the time I need to bring him down.
Blood covers his face, his white and black mask. His red eyes reflect pain, not physicall, but emotional.
He reminds me so much of myself when I started.
He clucthes my neck. His fingers are crushing my larynx. I can't breathe.
While I struggle to get free from Bane's grip, he takes off my cowl and smashes it with his own hand.
Bane : This... This is to remind you that you are just a man. And that you can be defeated... Broken.
Bane proceeds to bang my head against a wall. My nose is broken into pieces, I can taste and see blood all over my suit.
I cough blood.
Is this it? Is this the end? After all the hardships, all the struggles... Am I finally being defeated?
While everyone is fighting under the Manor, no one notices a small man carefully and silently running away from his cell in the Penitentiary.
Jim Gordon was locked here one week ago. His false insanity was key in Dr. Wayne's plan to take over Gotham.
Gordon sees the hallways empty, quiet. He can hear screams and explosions coming from a nearby area of Arkham Island, but not near the Penitentiary.
He must run now or rot in Arkham forever.
Jim speeds towards the exit. There's no one outside either. This was his only chance.
As the former head of the G.C.P.D. desperately runs for his freedom, he sees Gotham for the first time since he got here. But everything is on fire or destroyed.
As Jim rides away in a boat, he vows to fix this, whatever the cost may be.
Back at the Mansion...
Batman and Martian Manhunter are inside the Mansion. J'onn is using his powers to look for Dr. Wayne.
Batman : You never take this long, J'onn... Where is he?!
Manhunter : I... We're not alone in this place, Batman... we are surrounded by 100 hostiles.
Batman : We've been through worst.
J'onn : You don't get it... These...people... Have no minds, yet they can think.
Batman : Entities? There are ghosts in here?
J'onn : I've found him. These mindless people are linked to one person's mind. They think and do what they're told.
Dr. Wayne : Gentlemen. What a surprise...
J'onn : I am catching more and more mmindless individuals... There are over 300 now...327...
Batman : Enough tricks! Give up before we destroy you!
Dr. Wayne : The Black Mass has begun...
From everywhere, people with skin-tight black rubber suits with spikes and chains emerge with animal masks.
Dr. Wayne : These people sold me their souls. They are chess pieces to me. Chess pieces of meat and blood.
The mindless people all start to attack Batman and J'onn. They are surrounded.
However, while Wayne walks away, someone throws an arrow at his neck.
Arrow : Thomas Wayne... YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CITY.
The past :
I can't see anymore. He's blinded me. All my ribs are broken and my chest burns every time I breathe.
Bane throws me against the floor and kicks me in the face.
Batman : g-go... *ack!*... go to hell...
Bane lifts me.
I can see Jason's Robin suit.
Jason... Barbara... I'm sorry...
Bane : I am Bane, and I could kill you. But death would only free you from your endless pain. Instead, I will simply BREAK YOU!
With all his strenght, Bane smashes my back against his knee. He unhands me.
Everything goes black, like a dark liquid slowly covering my eyes. I can see Bane walking away.
Bane : Broken... It's over... It's all over...

Now :
Outside, many other heroes arrive.
Dr. Wayne : It's been a while since I was last pointed at with an arrow.
Wayne shoots Arrow in the chest.
Dr. Wayne : This time I'm prepared.
Batman throws a Batarang at Wayne's hand, causing him to throw his gun away.
Arrow stands up and starts to repeatedly punch Wayne.
Arrow : You're finished, Doctor.
Wayne leans towards Oliver's ear.
Wayne : Your parents are rotting in Hell, Mr.Queen...
Oliver gets mad and smashes Wayne's face against a window, as the chunks of glass cut the Doctor's throat.
Batman : NO!
Arrow : Batman... I am...
Suddenly, Wayne stabs Oliver in the back with a piece of glass.
Wayne : You're dead, Mr.Queen.
As Oliver spills blood through his mouth, wayne kicks him, as the glass gets stuck on his back.
Batman : ARROW!
Arrow is lying down, he's losing a lot of blood.
Arrow : Bruce... go get that sonuvabitch...
Batman : J'onn, get him out of here!
J'onn : Batman, wait. He's gone... Wayne is gone, vanished. I can't find his mind anymore.
Batman : J'onn, look out!
The Bell from the Arkham tower falls on top of J'onn.
He can't move.
Wayne's voice echoes across the halls of the Mansion.
Dr. Wayne : Gotham is dead... My work is done here...
Batman : Superman, I need you with me right now.

Batman : I need you to cover me from above. See anything coming to rescue Wayne or attack me take it down as fast as you can.
Superman speeds into the skies, as he vanishes in the Gotham skyline while Batman silently makes his way across the Arkham rooftops.
He fines the door to the inside of the Mansion opened.
Superman : Batman, there's a G.C.P.D. hhelicopter surrounding the Mansion.
From the shadows, Wayne shoots at his son in the back of his neck, stunning him.
Dr. Wayne : It's okay to give in, Bruce, after all you've done for Gotham... You have deserved your rest.
As Batman struggles to stay awake, Wayne kicks him, causing him to fall from the rooftop of the Mansion.
Now, Batman is lying down. He's not moving and he's bleeding from a dozen places.
Wayne : There´s no escape, Bruce. The world has no escape. We WON.
Batman: Never... I´ll NEVER let you win...
Wayne: Look behind you... it´s war out here. Heroes are fighting for their lives... the Justice League is broken... Arkham is destroyed...
Batman: NOW!
Superman comes flying , but Dr. Wayne shoots a Kryptonite bullet at him. Superman falls.
Batman: Superman!
Wayne : The Secret Society of Super-Villians has won... this is a glorious day... the day evil won...
Wayne points his gun at Bruce's head.
Wayne : Farewell, my son.
Red Robin glide-kicks Dr. Wayne. He is soon surrounded by Robin, Catwoman, Huntress, Nightwing and Red Hood and Batgirl.
Wayne : Go aahead. Kill me. I know you all want to.
Red Hood : You know what? Finally something we agree on...
Jason shoots Dr. Wayne several times on his chest. One bullet goes through his heart.
However, when the heroes go to help Batman and Superman, SWAT officers start shooting at them.
Nightwing : We have to get them away from here!
As the Bat-family retreats, the SWAT officers rush to get Wayne's body.
SWAT : Doctor, where shall we go?!
Wayne : h-home...
TThey get in the copter Superman spotted earlier and flee from the area.
Batman : He... nnghh... he did it. Gotham is completely destroyed...
Concludes in the next chapter...

Batman : Arkham
June 2015
. Batman : Knight of Vengance #2
The Batman of Gothtopia must face the new city's true face.

. Batwoman #1 ( re-solicited )
Discover what happened in the missing year between The Many Deaths of the Batman in this new series.
With Batman and his allies gone, and with Black Mask heating-up a turf-war for Gothtopia, Kate Kane must step-up and become the dark and violenta vigilante the city needs right now.

. Batman : The Awakening #1
While Batwoman tells Gothtopia's story of the missing year, discover what Bruce and the rest were up to while their city burned.

July 2015 :
. Batman : Knight of Vengance #3
Gothtopia has transformed the Batman, and in this chapter, you'll see the true meaning of " Knight of Vengance " .
Villains united!

. Batwoman #2
Who is Redbat? Is she good or evil? Or more importantly, is she what the city needs right now?

. Batman : The Awakening #2
Bruce Wayne arrives to London, and soon, he will find himself caught in a conspiracy that goes deeper than he thought.
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Re: Batman #14

Postby gary2692 » Mar 10th, 2015, 4:12 pm

Have you forgotten to put in my short story? Y'know, the funny one about Crazy Quilt?

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No, man, it's in the next one :)
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