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Batman #15

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The Many Deaths of the Batman
Chapter 6
Spoiler: show
The sun rises, as the dust settles in Arkham Island. It's been a long night, probably the worst the people of Gotham have ever endured. The city was nearly reduced to rubble and dead bodies. More than 100 people lost their lives. Many law enforcers, super-heroes and also just good people were severely injured.
As if this wasn't enough weight for Bruce Wayne to carry, his family and personal life was also attacked. Wayne Enterprises was blown-up, as well as Bruce's home, Wayne Manor. The Bat-Cave was trashed and now, the Batman is almost out of resources. But most of all, his father, his mentor, Alfred Pennyworth was violently killed by Thomas Elliott.
But this isn't over. Not yet. Thomas Wayne is still out there, and the Batman has to finally stop his own father from creating more chaos.
From the outsides of Gotham, a mysterious figure and his army watch.
Arkham Knight : IT. IS. TIME. WE. MOVE. IN. TO. GOTHAM. NOW.
The troops ride into the city.

Some months ago,
The Bat-Cave :
Alfred Pennyworth is cleaning-up the Cave. He shouldn't be up. He should be resting in his bed. Alfred can't stand it anymore, seeing Bruce so serious and dedicated to work. He's barely left the Cave since Joker's return. However, he hopes that the very recent news that Damian may be Bruce's biological son might lighten-up his mood.
Suddenly, Batman returns. He's landed his Bat-plane and Alfred rushes to greet him. However, what awaits him is a very pleasant surprise : They're alive. Nightwing, Red Hood, Barbara... They're alive and right in front of him.
Alfred bursts into ytears, as he hugs the members of the family. As Batman steps out of the plane, he smiles.

Now :
Batman glide-kicks a thug, breaking his left arm. He lifts the criminal.
Batman : Where is he?! Where is Doctor Hurt?!
Thug : You... Arghh... You're nothin', Batz! We defeated you!
Batman : I won't ask nicely again.
Thug : Screw you, freak!
Batman : RAAAARRGH!!!
Bruce loses control and throws the thug off the building they were on.
Batman : No..!
Luckily for both of them, the thug landed on a valcony one floor down.
Batman : -pant pant pant-
Oracle : Batman. Nightwing and Robin have secured their assigned sector, Red Hood and Huntress are about to secure their sector, too.
Batman : Good. Tell everyone to meet at your tower in fifteen minutes. We have to talk.
Oracle's Tower,
15 minutes later ;
Batman : I think you all for coming with such short notice. I need to talk with you about something crucial. Yesterday, Gotham City was victim to the worst attack to both ourselves and the city in general. We have the number of deaths . The total deaths in the attack were 815 casualties, with 1722 wounded. Worst than the earthquake, Protocol 10 and Falcone's attack combined. The city is now destroyed, as well as the Manor and Wayne Enterprises. the streets are now crowded with criminals, and Alfred... My father is dead.
Nightwing : Batman... Bruce... This wasn't your fault.
Batman : It was. We've never been so devastated as a city since the Zero Year, and that happened when I was still fresh and new into all this. Now, years have passed. I've faced more dangerous situations and foes, and I won. We always win. But with this... I feel like as if I'm the same Batman I was during Zero Year. Is that the Batman Gotham needs right now?
Bruce slowly takes off his cowl. He stares at it.
Bruce : Has the Batman finally died last night?
Oracle : Bruce! The alarms in the Bat-Cave! They've been set-off and automatically destroyed!
Bruce : What?! But the only alarms left were the ones in the entrance through Miagani Falls..!
Red Robin : Someone has discovered the Cave!

Months ago :
Bruce is sitting on a chair, looking at some of his files in the Bat-Computer.
Alfred walks in.
Bruce : Alfred, I already told you : take it easy, rest. I'll be fine.
Alfred : Oh, I know, Master Bruce. I just wanted to see what you were up to.
Bruce : I'm looking through all the files I have from the night of Protocol 10. Remeber what that Azrael person said? You know, the prophecy?
Alfred : I do, Sir, why?
Bruce : -sigh- Something big is coming, old friend. Something really big. Biggest than anything we've ever faced. Gotham will soon find herself a battlefield for a war which was secretly going on for more than 200 years. I'm afraid that I won't be to prevent it, even less stop it.
Alfred : Bruce... We've been through rough times as a family. We lost Jason, what happened to Barbara, Joker's recent attack...
Alfred puts his hand on Bruce's shoulder.
Alfred : Just know that whatever ends-up happening, you won't be alone to mourn or celebrate. You have your allies, and you have your city...

Now :
The Bat-Family rushes to the Bat-Cave, while a man is sitting on the caves of the Batman's lair.
The man coffs blood. He's badly injured.
He stops for some seconds. Someone's coming. It sounds like... Like an army...
It's Thomas Wayne.
Dr. Wayne : Who the Hell..? ah... You. It's been quite a while.
Arkham Knight : HEH.
Dr. Wayne : You can turn-off the voice modulator, you know? I know who you are.
Arkham Knight takes off his helmet.
????? : So you're the one behind all this, huh? It seems like your plans finally came into play. Did you kill him?
Says the Arkham Knight as he points at Wayne's head with a shotgun.
Dr. Wayne : No. You've triggered the alarms, you know? You better get moving before he gets here.
Arkham Knight : If you say so. Goodbye, old man, it was good seeing you.
Dr. Wayne : It's quite the army you've got there. I must admit I'm impressed.You've got a big plan yourself, right?
Arkham Knight : The biggest one of them all. I know he'll be pleased.
Dr. Wayne : Good luck, then. I know he will beat you. Just make sure to keep them all entertained until I make my return...
Dr. Wayne stands up.
Dr. Wayne : ... And then, Bruce Wayne will truly know what I'm capable of...
Dr. Wayne leaves, staggering and limping while whistling " Sympathy for the Devil ".
Arkham Knight : " He will beat me ", huh?
The intimidating villain lifts his arm. His army destroys the Bat-Cave, just as they finish taking everything out of it.
Arkham Knight : GOOD.LUCK.WITH.THAT.
Some minutes later, Batman and his allies arrive to the now destroyed cave.
Batgirl : My God..!
Red Hood : It must have been Wayne. He and the Secret Society must have returned to finish what they started.
Red Robin : I don't think so, Jason...
Tim shows the rest a bloody Arkham insignia, which was lying on the floor.
Batman : Arkham..?
Robin : Father, this is not all they've done. The cave... It's empty. They've stolen every single thing we kept here. Everything except...
In the flames, Bruce sees Alfred's burning corpse.
This was all too much for Batman. hundreads of Gothamites dead, dozens of families left scarred, the villains triumphant.
A tear runs down the Batman's face.
He takes off his mask aand rips it apart with his own hands.
The Bat-family watched horrified and silent. It happened. It finally happened : the Batman was killed, broken, teared apart.
Bruce takes off his cape, as he walks away from the cave, looking down.
" It's over ", he stated.
Of the many deaths of the Batman, this was the worst one of them all, and it may very well be his definitive one.

" Batman is dead,
Long live Gothtopia ", whispered a voice.

Next : The Wake

Batman : The Rise of Crazy
By gary 2692
Spoiler: show
(Note: There are multiple jokes about blind people, these are not to be taken seriously. I have absolutely nothing against people who are blind and really feel sorry for them. So please do not take offense.)

GCPD Building
The Bat-signal shines high in the green sky, over the misty clouds and polluted air.
Gordon: Why the POW is the sky green?
Commissioner. Gordon stands by the Bat-signal, drinking a cup of hot Vimto.
Batman: You wanted me?
Batman appears on the rooftop with him.
Gordon: We have a...situation-
Gordon bursts out laughing, spilling his hot Vimto over Batman.
Batman: It's Robin isn't it. He's touching me from behind...
Gordon: No, it's...
Gordon laughs more, louder this time.
Gordon calms himself and begins to explain the situation.
Gordon: There was a robbery about ten minutes ago, an officer watched it happen...
Batman: Robin, piss off!
Gordon: ...He recognised the leader. Goes by the name...
Gordon begins laughing again. Tears stream down his eyes.
Batman: Dick, leave Bruce's ass alone! You may continue, Commissioner.
Gordon: Alright...Goes by the name Crazy Quilt...AKA Paul Dekker. Or is it Reece Kirby...or was it Paul Dicker...
Gordon laughs again. Batman gives a little smile.
Batman: That is the worse super-villain name ever!
Gordon: You see, it only gets worse from there. This guy is practically blind...all he can see is...bright colours!
Batman and Gordon burst out laughing, clenching their stomachs.
Batman: pink and purple?
Gordon: That's my daughter's favourite colours.
Batman: Sorry.
Robin: He he.
Batman: I bet he has a mind controlling helmet that projects laser beams, and blinding artificial lights and has artificial eyes...
Batman laughs to himself.
Gordon: Well...
Batman: Well, I better get going. Criminals and women to blind people.
They both laugh. Below, an elderly blind man listens.
Man: I'll find you, you horrible pricks!

Batman and Robin are outside the bank. They both examine the area, looking for clues which might lead to Crazy Quilt's whereabouts.
Robin: Hey Batman, there's a note here from Crazy Quilt, it says "I'll be at Gotham Art Club". That might be a clue!
Batman: No, Robin. That's bull-crap. This piece of chewing gum, that looks like its been here for years, is a real clue. All I need to do is cross reference...
Robin: But, Batman...
Batman: Maybe there's another clue...Ah-ah! A little crack in the pavement. That suggests this criminal has a tiny earthquake machine.
Robin: What...A tiny earthquake machine?! Batman...
Batman: Hang on...Oh. My. God.
Robin: What?
Batman: A plastic bag! But's it empty? Maybe the criminal had his shopping in it?
Robin: What about this note?!
Batman: Robin, look! It's a note! It's from Crazy Quilt it says, "I'll be at Gotham Art Club". There we are! How did you not see that Robin? You were right beside it!
Robin: I...
Batman: Come on! You may be a crap detective, but I'll deal with you later! Right now, we've got a blind man to catch.
As Batman and Robin leap into the Batmobile and drive away, the blind, elderly man watches them.
Man: Soon...Batman and Robin will pay!

The Batmobile zooms through the streets of Gotham, heading to the Gotham Art Club.
Batman: Alright Robin, now tell me what you're gonna say when we get there.
Robin: I'll say...Batman watch out! You're gonna hit that...
The Batmobile crashes into an unsuspecting civilian.
Batman: Robin, we've gone through this 6145 times. What are you going to say?
Robin: I'll say...Batman watch out! The Mad Hatter just...
The Batmobile crashes into the Mad Hatter as he rushes into the road.
Batman: Robin, if you don't remember what you're gonna say, I'll eject you. Now, what are you going to say?
Robin: I'll say...Batman watch out! That old, blind man is putting his finger up at us!
Batman: Finally!
Batman takes out a gun from a compartment near him, winds down the window, and shoots the old, blind man on the pavement.
Batman: Stupid, blind people!
The elderly, blind man lies on the floor, blood gushing out of him.
Man: I will get my revenge!

Gotham Art Club
Crazy Quilt sits in a chair, with a young women beside him, as his goons put paintings on the wall.
Crazy Quilt: Mrs. Bitch, would you kindly go POW off?
Mrs. Bitch: Of course, you ZING!
Batman and Robin leap into the room, their fists ready.
Robin: Holy, cheese sandwich, served with a packet of crisps, along with a bottle of lemonade, followed by a strawberry doughnut, with sugar all over it!
Batman: Well put, old chum! Now, let's dance!
Crazy Quilt's men run at Batman and Robin.
Batman takes the first punch. BAM!
Robin takes the second punch. POW!
Crazy Quilt jumps about in his chair.
Crazy Quilt: Hit them you idiots! Hit that ridiculous pink costume that he previously wore in that terrible comic in the 1950s.
Batman picks up a chair and lightly bashes it on a thug's head. CRASH!
Robin lightly smashes two heads together. CRACK!
Batman ends the fight by tying up the remaining thugs.
Batman: Now it's just you and me!
Robin: And me!
Batman & Crazy Quilt: POW off!
Robin walks away, sad.
Batman: There's nowhere to run, Dicker!
Crazy Quilt: It's Crazy Quilt! Nobody knows my real name, not even me or my creators!
Batman: First I will break your weak arms. Then, I will slice off your feet. After that, I will smash out your teeth with a hammer. And then, I will feed you to Robin!
Batman runs to Crazy Quilt and connects his fist to Crazy Quilt's jaw. KA-POW!

By MaxSchreck
Spoiler: show
In the batcave Alfred watched Damian prepare himself for a solo mission that neither his father or another member of the batfamily had given him. The boy had decided to go after a brutal villain called the Dollmaker while the rest of the batfamily was working on other cases.

Robin: You don´t have to be so worried. I´ve done my research and learned from the Penguin that Dollmaker has taken the children to the old meat factory in the Industrial District. Infiltrating that building will be easy.

Alfred: That was very wise of you young man. But I am afraid you are taking this thing far to personally. Is it because this Barton Mathis has chosen children from your new school for his... projects?If only you would work together with a partner this time.Take Nightwing for example... I am sure he´d be more than willing to help if you´d just try to get into contact with him.

Robin; Tt, are really that afraid of what I might do to that monster when I catch him? Or is it me you want to protect?

The boy left the Batcave on his motorcycle. Now Alfred alone with his worries. The old Butler sighted.

Alfred: I´ll make you sure you´ll stay safe tonight, master Damian, whether you want it or not.

Robin reached the factory Dollmaker used as his base of operation without problems. As he promised he was careful and tried to figure out the gaps in the patrols of men that the psychopath had hired to guard himself while he performed the surgeries he was infamous for on his victims. But after some time he could not wait any longer...

Robin: Tt, I have to go in now, otherwise I might not be able to save the children in time... hopefully Dollmaker saved her for later....

Just when Damian was about to enter the building and look for the prisoners the villain had taken he was held back by a hand covered in an armored black glove. Batman had come to look after his son, but the costumed boy was far from relieved to see his father.

Robin: Father.... what are you doing here?? Alfred told me you were busy investigating...

Batman: Well, I had to delay that because of you, boy. What were you thinking going after Dollmaker on your own? It was a your friend right? That girl from school...

Robin: I see, Alfred has informed you well. Either you build some sort of tracking device into my costume... again, or he send you to me directly. Well, do I have to thank him for our first real team up or are you just going to send me home again?

Batman: I ought to do that, yes, and ground you until you turn 18. But we have to learn to work together sooner or later. We might as well start now.

Robin: I can be that soldier you want, father....

Batman: Yes, I am sure you will make me proud one day... Robin. But remember, I am the leader of this team. No more solo missions unless I have given you promision!

Robin: So.... now that we´ve settled that, do you want to hear how I have tracked down Dollmaker?

Batman: The details will have to wait until we´ve saved all of Dollmakers victims. This might seem like an easy mission because our opponent is little more than a psychopath with a surgery fetish, but we mustn´t underestimate our opponents...ever.

Robin: I´ve learned from your contacts that Dollmakers henchman are heavily armed. So, yes, I know that this won´t be that easy. All the fighting skills in the world won´t help you if you are facing a squad of men with machine guns.

Batman: So I was able to teach you something after all... now follow me, Robin. I know a path that might allow us to ambush Dollmaker directly. Once their leader has fallen our enemy might panick. Then you can have your fun and knock them all out... oh and don´t hold yourself back too much. Whoever works for a guy like Mathis deserves our kind of justice.

Using a tunnel underneath the building that the Penguin had once used to smuggle weapons into the factory the duo quickly got deep inside of the main factory building. Using their grabbles they then got onto higher ground, which allowed them to get a good look at the bloody operating table and instruments that the Dollmaker had placed in the middle of the large room. Damian was quite shocked to see the operating table covered in blood. They seemed to have arrived too late...

Robin: No! If only you hadn´t come... I could have arrived in time if it wasn´t for you.

They boy left their safe position and took a closer look at the table. The blood had already tried to he couldn´t actually blame his father for what had happened. Instead he decided to let his anger out on the villain. However before he could go look for him the Dollmaker entered the room with several heavily armed thugs.

Dollmaker: It was him! I will make that boy pay for not letting me finish my masterpiece.

Robin: Tt, I have not the slightest idea what you are talking about... but little do I care!

Damian jumped directly at Dollmaker, throwing him to the ground before he could use any of the dangerous looking blades he was carrying. Luckily his father was there to take care of the gunmen, giving him time to question the villain.

Robin: What were you trying to do with these children you WHAM?!

Dollmaker: Well, I suppose you have never heard of the term anthropodermic bibliopegy?

Robin: Binding books in human skin?

Dollmaker: I only use the best meat, the soft skin from the cheeks of young girls. Its worth the effort really. You´d be surprised what certain universities are willing to pay for a convincing copy of the more infamour grimoires...

Damian could not listen any longer. He knocked out Mathis with a single punch. However before he could aid his father police sirens could be heard around the building. And soon several swat teams swarmed the building lead by Comissioner Gordon. All the thugs were quickly arrested and the villain dragged to a prison transporter that would take him straight to Arkham. Now Batman had the time to lecture his son....

Batman: You need to be more careful Robin... today we lost our advantage because of you and if I hadn´t been fast enough you could have been shot.

Robin: I still don´t understand... how could the police arrive so quick and do all the work for us?
Hm, it must have been her work...

To Damians relieve he saw his classmate alive and well. She smiled at him and giggled as she saw the untypical, dumbfounded expression on his face before she gave him a hug. Damian voluntered to take her home on his motorcycle, knowing that he would be grounded once he got home.

Batman: Robin... is there something about this girl that you neglected to tell me?

Robin: Tt, Maps Maps Mizoguchi is quite the detective herself. Our secret will be safe, that much I can promise you so you don´t need to worry.

Batman: Don´t forget to ask her how she managed to free herself and the other survivors, not to mention stealing a mobile from these thugs... Hm, If we weren´t related I would even consider giving her your job.

Damian blushed embarrased and freed himself from the hug. Even though almost everything had gone badly for him today he felt surprisingly good about himself. Avoiding the stern expression on his fathers face he looked at the girl he had not saved and the other survivors and wondered how that could be.

Arkhamverse : August 2015

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Meanwhile, Two-Face rises as Gothtopia's new Kingpin of crime.

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