Batman : Knight of Vengance #2

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Batman : Knight of Vengance #2

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" The Other Half "
Written and plotted by Batwoman

The ruins of Arkham Asylum :
Thomas Elliott : Huh? Ah. I was wondering when you'd show up...
Tim Drake : Put this suit on, Elliott. It's time.
Thomas : So the day is finally here, huh? The Identity Thief is free once again!
Tim : Not quite. You'll do your part, and we'll all keep a close eye on you every single second you're out there in those streets. Got it?!
Thomas : Of course, just calm down. I gave you all my word, Drake.
Tim : You killed Alfred. You're lucky I defended the idea, otherwise, they would have left you here to starve.
Thomas : You know, to have the ruins of Arkham as a personal prison is very thoughtful of you, Tim. After all, it's better to be surrounded by an electromagnetic field than to be surrounded by a tiny and claustrophobic cell in the Bat-Cave.
Tim : Whatever, just get dressed and let's get out of here.

Bruce Wayne : Thank you! Thank you, Gothtopia!
Everyone in the Wayne Foundation gala cheers and claps.
Bruce : It's so good to be back, and specially in this moment, when the city needs Wayne Enterprises the most.
Lola Jones : Mr. Wayne, Lola Jones for Channel 52! First of all, welcome back! It's great to have you with us again! Why did you come back now, and not last year, when the city was still in its rebuilding process?
Bruce : Thank you, Lola. I didn't return previously because, pretty much like Gothtopia or Gotham, I was rebuilding myself. During the attacks, the Wayne Enterprises building was blown-away and that, adding the damages caused to Wayne Manor and the city in general, I couldn't stand it. I couldn't handle all the chaos and destruction around me and my personal and public life. I retreated like a coward to Berlin, and I stayed there for these past two years.
Reporter : And do you have any special plans apart from your huge donation to the city?
Bruce : Well... I certainly do. I can't talk too much about them at the moment, but what I can say, sorry, state about these plans is that they'll blow everyone's minds. Believe the hype, fellas, big changes are coming to this city...

Lola Jones : ... And with that phrase, billionare Bruce Wayne finished his speech at last night's Wayne Foundation Gala. In the diverse social media apps and websites, Gothtopians are using the hashtag " #believethehype " to express their ideas on what they think that are Wayne's secret plans. Back to you, Andrew.
Andrew Salazander : Lola, we've just recieved a bomb to deliver! According to our sources, Bruce Wayne is seeking to create a bridge between Wayne Enterprises and Kane Industries! These two companies have been rivals for almost a century, with the exception of the breif truce which came with the marriage of Thomas Wayne and Martha Kane. After the Waynes' deaths, Philip Kane, Martha"s brother became CEO of Wayne Enterprises. However, after Philip's death just before the Riddler's attacks on Gotham during the Zero Year, the rivalries returned, until apparently today. Our sources are telling us that Mr. Wayne is seeking to get to an agreement with Kane Industries CEO, the recently returned and Bruce's cousin, Katherine Kane. We'll get back to the story as soon as we get more information.

The Kane Industries building :
Bruce : Kate! How's everything, cuz?
Kate : Fine. Let's get to the point, " cuz ", why now?
Bruce : " Now " what?
Kate : Why do you want our companies working togheter all of a sudden? You've had more than ten years to get to this point. Why now? Is it because of your secret plans?
Bruce : The city needs us working togheter, Kate. You know that as good as I do.
Kate : But so it did during the Zero Year. During the Earthquake. During Arkham City. During the attacks two years ago. Now, the city has almost finished its rebirth... And you... You were nowhere to be seen.
Bruce : I know that this is your first months as CEO, Kate, I can see how tense you've become. Just calm down for a second and hear my proposal.
Kate : -sigh- I'm all ears...
Bruce : Arkham City was re-opened. We can't let this happen again.
Kate : Agreed. Do you suggest speeding-up the rebuilding of Blackgate and New Arkham?
Bruce : No, those institutions were already proven as failures time and time and again. I'm talking about upgrading the Arkham City idea to a whole new level. I'm talking about focus our most advanced technologies on Arkham rather than in Gothtopia. Because if we upgrade Gothtopia and leave the Arkham sector as it is, then the bad guys will continue to formulate plans and even get out of there. Once we have the prison covered, then we can focus on the city.
Kate : ...
Bruce : So, cuz, what do you say?

Bruce : ... She said she'll think about it.
Tim : Did she suspect anything, Elliott?
Tommy : No, they don't have a clue that this isn't the real Bruce Wayne... Or that Tim Darke is the one pulling the strings here...
Tim puts on his cowl.
Batman : Good. Let's keep it that way...

Next : Knight of vengance

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