Batman : Knight of Vengance #3

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Batman : Knight of Vengance #3

Postby Batwoman » Jul 14th, 2015, 9:15 pm

" Turning Point "
Written and plotted by Batwoman

G.P.D. Building rooftop :
Loeb : Is Christmas coming earlier this year?
Batman : Gothtopia needs that, Commissioner. I saw them on my way here, trying to rob an ATM.
Loeb : And by the looks of it, these thugs will sleep for quite the time.
Batman : I've been following the leads we have on the mutilated bodies which have been popping up all across Gothtopia. Along with one of my allies, I've seen to have found a clue on the killer's hiding spots or maybe even hideout. The bodies appear wet, and with large scratches and fang marcs all over them. Their skins are usually covered with dirt or/and feaces. And don't forget the smell...
Loeb : But that only means...
Batman : Sewers. That's the most likely place to cover all those conditions. And if we relate the sewers with fangs and scratches...
Loeb : Killer Croc. He's back.
Batman : Yes. You told me that super-villains were waiting for my return to resume their activities? It's started, and Croc's just the beginning.
Loeb : I'll gather a team of my best men and get them ready to send them to hunt Croc in the sewers. I'll take it you'll go as well.
Batman : Don't send your men down there, Commissioner. We don't know if Croc's condition has developed over the past year. He could be more dangerous than ever.
Loeb : Well, if you go by yourself...
Loeb turns around to talk to Batman, but he's already gone.
Tim is gliding away from the G.P.D.
Batman : Penny-Two, I'm heading to the sewers. Send me a map of the sewer system.
Julia : On it. Do you have any new leads on the killer?
Batman : Yes. Killer Croc seems to be our #1 suspect. Oh, and also send me every file we have on him.
Minutes later, Tim is headed down under, to the sewers.
As soon as he descends, he finds a rotting arm floating on the waters.
More signs of fangs and claws. Croc is almost confirmed to be down here, and he's sending Batman signals, calling him.
Everything is quiet. The only sounds Tim can hear are rats squeacking and the dripping of water.
An hour passes, and the Dark Knight is still empty handed.
Batman : Julia, I think I might be wrong about the... Uhn!!!
As a darkness starts to cover everything, and Tim sees an inhuman figure walking towards him, he can hear Julia's desperate calls.
Julia : Tim? Tim, are you there?! What happened?! Ti..!

A loud noise makes Tim wake up. He fights the terrible headache and opens his eyes. Someone's dragging him and a piece of metal. It's a chain, and it is tied to his foot.
Batman : Nnn...
Croc : Huh? You've woken up... Hehehe... Good.
Croc lifts Batman and ties the chain on a pipe, hanging Tim upside down.
Croc : They'll be here any minute now...
Batman : This isn't like you, Jones. You never plan. Who are you working for?
Croc : A group of very, very, VERY bad people who want to see you dead. They'll fix me if I deliver you to them in one piece.
I can see why Croc is so desperate to be " fixed ". He's mutated again, as I supposed. There are cristals growing from inside his back, and it is creating a hump on him. He has quite a large tail, and his anatomy in general is now even more similar to an alligator than ever before. I highly doubt that he can be reverted to a more human state.
Croc hesitates. He sniffs ttwice and laughs.
Batman : What?
Croc : You're another imposter, aren't you?
Batman : Unfortunately for you, I'm no imposter.
Croc : My ability to catch-up new and old scents has imporved, pal. You don't have his scent.
Croc, powered-up by rage, kicks Batman, breaking his chain. In fact, Croc's kick was so powerful that Tim was sent through a wall to another sewer.
Croc : I will feast on your flesh, imposter!
Batman : We'll see about that.
Croc is way faster now. He managed to dodge two batarangs and catch one with his hand. He tries to punch Batman, but the Dark Knight is fast as well. He jumps and kicks Croc in the face while in the air.
Waylon is pissed now. He grabs Batman by the cape and tosses him against a wall.
Tim is lying on the dirty waters, surrounded by dead rats and body parts.
N-no strenght left... The pain... Is too great. I should have used armor. Be prepared. Just like Bruce used to be...
Tim blacks out, and Croc lifts him by the head.
As Waylon Jones opens his mouth, showing rows of knife-like yellowish and rotten teeth, the Batman awakes.
He kicks Croc in the eyes, causing the beast to let him go.
Batman : Hmm... So much... strenght...
Using his Batclaw, Batman throws a pipe on Croc's head.
Waylon is down, but still awake.
Croc : Hss..! You'll pay for this, imposter!
Batman : No, Mr. Jones, I'm no imposter. I'm Batman, a new one, that is. The previous Batman was psychologically destroyed by the attacks on Gotham, and was forced to a brief retirement. That was what I needed. But now you're here, and you know the secret. Gothtopia CAN'T know that this is a new Batman. No one can know my secret...
All of a sudden, Tim sticks a Sonic Batarang inside's Croc wound from the pipe.
Batman detonates the Sonic Boom, destroying Croc's brain.
Batman ( as he walks away ) : ... No one...

Tim later wakes up on a rooftop.
Batman : Huh? What..?
Julia : Batman! Batman! Are you there?!
Batman : Not so loud, Penny-Two... I've got a splitting headache...
Julia : Oh, thank God!
Batman : For what?
Julia : You vanished off the network for a whole hour. You were not answering, and we were afraid that Croc...
Batman : I'm fine, but Croc... Croc managed to get away.
Julia : You'll catch him, Tim, just get here and rest a little bit, OK?
As Tim grapnels-up to the Batwing and heads home, three men in black suits are stalking and recording him from a near-by building.

Epilogue :

The Island of Mr. Mayhew :
The three leaders of the Black Glove finish watching the recording of Batman killing Croc. It was recorded by the three Glove agents who were sent to capture him.
Leader #1 : It' not him.
Leader #2 : What do we do?
Leader #3 : We wait. Let the others villains get their chance. Then, we will find out who is the new Batman... And we will hunt him down at all costs...

Arkhamverse : December 2015

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Will Batman be able to answer Edward Nygma's final riddle?

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Superman reclaim the love and respect of the city that now is trying to kill him.

. Batwoman #7
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