Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 22] - Unanswered Questions

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Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 22] - Unanswered Questions

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*I don't consider Arkham Origins, Arkham Knight, neither the comic book spin offs. As much as elements, characters and locations from these games might appear here, they aren't connected*
WARNING: In this story, there's a scene very similar to one of Arkham Knight's scenes, so If you haven't played the game, I suggest you don't read this to avoid unintentional spoilers.

Previous Chapters:
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Spoiler: show
A cold night in Gotham, wind blows as the pollution infects our air everyday. Death chases us in cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, and we give up life trying to impress others in daily routine. Some people don't handle well the idea that they aren't special, they're simply ordinary. That's where sociopaths are born, fit in the middle, pretend you're normal, but always try being the spotlight, the other phase is psychopaths, to be one you don't need to have a mental problem just the pleasure on being the center of attentions. Why on Earth would the wear bright colors if not for that? Leave clues for their murders? They want to be known, recognized and feared, and that's where they make their mistakes.
This is where I come in. I'm a detective, I search for things that aren't there anymore. I usually do that at my city, but it isn't the criminal hub of the country. Gotham, itself, is a big box of corruption and criminality, like a virus shredding people's lives. But in the past years, a cure has been found, and it's quite effective.
The gray clouds of Gotham are illuminated by a yellow sign in the sky, it lights up the darkness, creating fear in the cowardly and superstitious lot of rats that hide in the city. The Bat-Signal has just turned, and a man without face, wearing a brown coat and hat waits the arrival of a certain man. The man turns his back and spots the one and only Batman, thought his appearance looks a bit chubby and older, his suit is also different, everything seems a bit square, even the bat-symbol.
Batman: To what I owe the honor?
Question: Time. You took thirty seconds longer than usual.
Batman: I was having big trouble in little China.
Question: I thought it was the mute girl who handled the Triad's cocaine in Chinatown.
Batman: How do you knew?
Question: First: the smell, pure cocaine only made by true Chinese. Second: your hands, there is a little cocaine in it, means you destroyed the crates of cocaine.
Batman: Well done, but I think you've forgotten something.
Question: What?
Batman: It is pure cocaine made by true Chinese, indeed, but it wasn't in Chinatown. It was in real China.
Question: You got from here to China in 30 seconds?
Batman: Not at all, I had just arrived at the Batcave when I saw the signal. Anyway, why have you called me?
Question: Conspiracy. Men working together in the Underworld. They've destroyed a man's life, Batman, and he's paying for their mistakes.
Batman: Who are you talking about?
Question: I can't tell you, Batman. Whoever, the repercussions of his life are affecting yours.
Batman jumps from the roof and you can see the blood dropping from his cape and marking the floor. Question opens the roof's door and walks downstairs. At the roof, the Batwing arrives and Batman jumps from it. He sees the signal, a question mark lighting up the sky, he looks at the ground and sees nothing but a cigarette.

Batman: Ashes of Gotham [Part 22] - Unanswered Questions
Truth. Justice. The American Way. None of these apply to Gotham City's legal system, where innocent people get arrested and criminals walk free. Where the hardworking citizens are guilty of their suffering while the criminals are the victims of society. This prison is the monument to all of that, an island founded by wealthy patrons as the base of a secret club now turned into the cage to all the demons while big old Satan runs free. Crowded after the arrival of a certain vigilante, Blackgate Prison is ruled by Warden Martin Joseph. He's been the warden since Gordon is the Commissioner, and as much as he tries to make it better, the system won't let him. They made it pretty clear when they removed his left eye. Batman walks down Blackgate, he's got a free ticket to ride in the facility since the numerous breakouts he stopped. He crosses the information center of Blackgate, the front desk, crowded with papers "Wanted: Jonny Frost" "Missing: Henry Adams" and "Johnny Charisma: Live". Batman passes in front of guard Lyle Bolton, whose daily routine is to scare inmates and to spank them if necessary. Batman enters the Visitor Room, and sits with Oswald Cobblepot. He's bald and the bottle top on his eye was removed surgically, the scar is visible. He picks a monocle from his pocket and starts using it.
Batman: Semtex, Gotham Bay. I know it was your contraband.
Penguin: If it was I don't know, what I know is that you can't prove nothing.
Batman: Three bridges exploded; Madison, 22th Street and Trigate. Loose Lips told me about the traffic.
Penguin: I don't know nothing.
Batman: 22 people dead, 17 in critical state. Not to count the ones who broke bones. If I find out that you're involved in this, I'll take you to court. You can bribe any judge, but you can't bribe the families of these citizens. Some of them might be powerful and the next time you go to bed, you may not know if you're ever waking up.
Penguin: I've told you I don't know nothing, hell. Why would I blow up a monument to my family?
Batman: What you're talking about?
Penguin: You didn't know? Madison Freeway was originally know as "Cobblepot Passageway". Sounds nice, right?
Batman: If you're not involved in this, then who is Emperor Penguin?
Penguin: Emperor Penguin, never heard of him... Wait... Is someone using my name? This WHAM is going to pay!
Batman: Have a nice evening, Cobblepot.
He walks away while Cobblepot is carried by the guards to his cell. There he sits, wash his face, look in the mirror and punches the glass repeatedly. He lights up a cigar, lies on his bed, looks up and watches the smoke.
Penguin: That's what you will be "Emperor Penguin", smoke in a room. Whenever somebody opens the door... You will disappear.

Gotham County High School
Hunger, it's what drives us. Hunger of power, of money, of success. We all expect us to be something in the future, that's where High School comes. It's suppose to "prepare" us for the future, but it exposes us to more fear and pain we can live up to without changing. Sometimes, we change for better, sometimes, we change for bad. Gotham County High School is home to decorated, honored men. But this new generation, as the Who said "People try to put us down, just because we get around". Young man Dana Redford is the son of the Redford Family, his father is dead but his mother is alive. Dana has communication problems, he doesn't have a lot of friends. A bigger and older boy throws him against the wall and punches him. The boy and his friends head to the pool, while Dana recomposes himself. He opens up his locker and grabs a syringe, he injects something in himself. His eyes turn red, he runs in direction of the older boys and throw the big one against the pool. They start to fight in the pool, Dana is drowned by the bigger boy. Suddenly, a scream, he backs up from Dana, and looks to his hand, it's been eaten and blood is leaking. From the pool, a bigger, uglier Dana Redford roars, as he is transformed into a crocodile like creature.

Arkham Asylum
The hallways of Arkham never seemed so obnoxious, screams, piping water, dirt, everything you would expect from the old Asylum. His boots, carve the ground as he follows the same pathway everyday. There he spots, in front of the glass, at first everything he sees is his reflection, Batman looking deeply into the abyss but what scares him, is that the abyss is looking back. Finally a bald man with tattoos on his head comes to talk to him, Julian Day, the Calendar Man.
Calendar Man: What brings you here at this time of the night?
Batman: Angel Lupo.
Calendar Man: Good old, Angel. His birthday is January 6th, the Twelfth Night. Capricorn.
Batman: You've been doing your research, Julian, but I came here with something only you can tell me.
Calendar Man: Our deal is very clear for me, but I see you haven't been so bright on our ideas. I give you something, if you give ME something.
Batman: What do you want?
Calendar Man: Freedom. Tickets out of this place.
Batman looks at him, right in the eyes, and grunts.
Calendar Man: It's a joke, I'm insane not dumb. I want to know what happened in Arkham City. Did you kill the Joker?
Batman: No. He died long ago, what was left of him just finished to rot.
Calendar: Poetic, poetic. What do you want to know?
Batman: Angel Lupo, I need to know where he is. He killed a family.
Calendar Man: You want to find the killer? You're looking for the wrong person.
Batman: I saw it, he killed them.
Calendar Man: You really saw it, or you saw what they wanted you to see?
Batman punches the glass and leaves.
Calendar Man: You're too old for this game, Batman! The question you should be asking yourself is "Where is Quincy Sharp?", after all, it's the godd*mn mystery!

Gotham Mall
Several people are inside the mall, some of them in particular are strangely dressed. Next to the "Johnny Charisma Live" banner, there's a guy dressed as Michael Jackson in purple and green robes, a girl, dressed with the same combination of colors, walks next to him and gives him a small pill. He swallows it and starts to laugh, and so does several other people on the place. Their skins start to become pale, their lips turn into a pulsing blood red, their eyes and hair into green.
Michael Jackson: Let's get this party started!
From the stores and the kiosks, the jokerized citizens start to break everything. Hurting people with baseball bats and pipes. The policemen break in, S.W.A.T. and Officers together with guns shooting rubber bullets, and shields protecting themselves from the chaos. While battle erupts, one officer by mistake shoots a real bullet. He sees one of them attacking a small kid and starts shooting until the ammunition is over. He falls down on the ground and cries. Detective Bullock grabs him on the shoulder and shows him the kid.
Bullock: It's just a dummy. It's alright.
He looks upfront and he sees 3 jokerized people dead, bleeding all over the ground. On the other side of mall, an officer bleeds to death in front of Major Forbes.
Officer: P-please, make it stop.
Forbes: I'm sorry, I can't.
The officer passes away in front of him.

Batman sits on his chair and watches the footage of the Mall attack. Carefully each take, he looks at every detail, runs facial recognition in every face he sees, he sees the shooting and every wounded man.
Alfred: Sir, you need to get some rest.
Batman: Not until I find something.
Alfred: Oh my god. I'm politely going to knock you out.
Batman: I found it.
He closes up the screen on the corner of the mall, and sees the Joker. The face, the eyes, even the I.D. Scan tells it's him.
Alfred: It must be one of the impostors, he died, Sir. You burned his body! He must be Clayface or some shapeshifter!
Batman: Clayface died at Monarch Theater.
Alfred: Are you sure?
Batman: I can't be sure, I can never be sure.
Alfred: The one thing you can be sure, Master Bruce. Is that, these attacks, ain't gonna stop. This new gang, Jokerz, they are ruthless, but so are the people of Gotham, you got to be sure there will be a reaction to these events. Be prepared, sir, be prepared.
Batman sits down on his chair and checks on other cases, the Edward Lamont case for example. He opens the file and tries to figure out what has been planned, from the evidence he reunited. But when he starts it, the computer warns him: "Incoming Call from James Gordon".
Gordon: I'm at the Morgue with the body, let's test your new toy.
In the Morgue, a small compartment opens from the wall and a camera scans the body, the John Doe. It is holographic projected in the Batcave, and Batman starts to analyze the insides of the man.
Batman: His limbs, abdomen and eyebrow ridges have all heavy tissue damage. His knees and elbows are calcified, too much for a normal person.
Gordon: A fighter? Boxer? Martial artist?
Batman: I don't think so. His hands are strange, too much callus material on wrists and palms.
Gordon: A trainer then?
Batman: His scars match with various swords from various periods. The database indicates scars of objects from before the 19th century. He had tetanus, high blood pressure and hyper-tension, but only the last was recent. Wait, the metal detector has found something, third cheek tooth on the right. Gordon picks up a pliers and removes the tooth.
Gordon: There's an owl in the tooth. What do you suggest?
Batman: Bullock implied about someone using the legend of The Court of Owls as it's identity; but the owls are more than a legend here in Gotham, they were a symbol of "wisdom" in Greece. This man was trained in greco-roman wrestling, and the only place that used to teach that in Gotham was the Olympics Stadium.
Gordon: The place is abandoned for years... Do you think Maxie Zeus is behind it?
Batman: From what I know, Maxie Zeus is dead.
Gordon: We never found his body, and you know what that means. Specially, in this world.
Batman: I'll take a look at this, let's keep these assumptions, taking everything in consideration.

Wayne Central Station
In front of the abandoned Wayne Station, Bruce Wayne stands up next to Wayne Enterprises board members and Lucius Fox to announce something.
Bruce: As a part of my plans to renew Gotham's view and infrastructure, I wanted to proudly say goodbye to the Old Wayne Central Station. Many years ago, my father built it with the hope it would unite Gotham City's social classes into an urban transportation center. And for a long time, the station served it's purpose, but the city changed, so did the citizens' habits and needs. Unfortunately, the Station has long become obsolete and useless.
A young man watches the speech and takes notes of everything that's happening.
Bruce: Time has passed and we need to open our eyes to the future, with the dawn of a new era coming for Gotham, a bright horizon can be seen and the New Wayne Central Station will be the symbol of all-
A giant noise bursts the ears of the citizens, a big shadow forms above Bruce Wayne and a vector crane can be seen falling and exploding as it hits the ground.

Gotham Gazette Building
Ink. Paper. Propaganda. That's what the newspapers are made, gossip and propaganda. But between these, there are a few exceptions, bold journalists trying to make the difference. The young man we've seen before is Richard Frank, architectural reviewer, hired by the newspaper right from Harvard. Next to him is Thomas Blackrow, the man working on the Jokerz Gang's attack on the Mall.
Blackrow: Boss wants you on his office.
He gets up and enters the office, he knows he is a risk for the gazette, when he opens the door, the smell of cigars enters his nose and nauseates him. His eyes get red but get to normal as the room receives some air from outside. Smoking his usual cigarettes, Elliot Osbourne, editor in chief of the Gazette since...ever. Three Pulitzer awards, he's a legend, if you shoot him, he's probably going to bleed ink.
Osbourne: Close the door.
Richard: Excuse me. What's the matter?
Osbourne: Good job on the crane story. I liked your writing and detailing, I want to keep you in the story.
Richard: But sir, I'm a reviewer, a critic, I don't investigate.
Osbourne: Kid, you better start to. Because I'm keeping you on this story until I see your body on a black bag, and it better not happen. From now on, you're a reporter, at least on this story. Construction cranes don't fall accidentally from nowhere, specially, when it almost hits one of the city's most prominent citizens, and more specially, when he just announces the extremely controversial demolition of what they call his father legacy's biggest monument. This will be your partners, Warren Spacey, our most experienced journalist, and Joey Day, our best photographer.
Richard: Pleasure to meet you.
Osbourne: You three can already start.
Richard: Yes, sir.

Wayne Tower
Bruce Wayne sits on his office, drawing while he watches to the TV. He draws some kind of Bat Suit but completely made of metal, like an armor. While on the TV, GCN hosts Vicki Vale and Jack Ryder talk about the incident.
Vicki: Almost no word from the Police about the explosion on yesterday's catastrophic crane fall on the city center. Several people have been taken to the hospital wounded but no deaths until now, 3 people are still missing. Surprisingly, Bruce Wayne, who was making a speech at the time, survived the event with what he calls "small injuries which don't affect his daily routine".
Jack: About the event, Armand Krol, President of the Construction Union and runner-up for City Mayor; has declared that responsibility for yesterday's event is on an administration error. When questioned about the possibility of the cause of it all being a mistake by one of the workers on the construction site, he laughed and said it was absurd.
Vicki: The day ended with the announcement by Wayne Foundation that Ken Roomhaus, the dutch architect, will be the lead architect for the New Wayne Central Station. The highly awarded architect has recently built a nightclub on the top of a building and critics are calling it "modern architecture turned upside down".
Jack: One of the three disappeared has just been confirmed, Gregor Greenside. Reported missing this morning by his son, Garnett, when he didn't show up in the office they both share at Marshall District. Greenside is a renowned name, but has recently fallen into obscurity. 87% of our interviewed guests believed him to be death long ago, while the other 13% never heard of him.
Vicki: Rachel Caspian, leader of a movement contrary to the demolition of the Old Station, has said that "Besides the tragic vibe behind the event, it is an opportunity to take advantage of", Caspian is pro to the renovation of the Station instead of it's demolition.
Jack Ryder: Now let's talk about the mysterious "Johnny Charisma Live" banner that has been in Gotham for weeks.
He receives a call, turns the TV off, and answer it.
Bruce: Hello?
Secretary: Mr. Wayne, your appointment is here, can Miss Caspian come in?
Bruce: Sure, sure.
The door opens and Rachel Caspian comes in. A beautiful young lady, daughter to one of the richest citizens in Gotham, Judson Caspian. Severely interested in social matters, since she has two adopted brothers. Bruce grabs a holographic keyboard and types something. A small screen appears in front of him, showing the images of The Wayne Central Station.
Bruce: Sit down, Miss Caspian.
Rachel: Call me Rachel, Mr. Wayne.
Bruce: Well then, call me Bruce.
Rachel: You might imagine why I'm here.
Bruce: I have it mind.
Rachel: Well then let's show our cards... Bruce, you're in a single position to defend Gotham.
Bruce: I know that.
Rachel: So fight for it, please. The Wayne Central Station is-
Bruce: A pile of trash.
Rachel: That pile of thrash is also the biggest monument of the modernism in Gotham, one of architecture's treasures. Of course is teared apart, no one took care of it for over 20 years. Your father and Gregor Greenside worked together on it "For anyone entering inside Gotham by train this will be the very first thing they'll see when they put their feet out of the train car. I want them to know that they're entering the biggest and greatest city in America. You must amaze them" That was the note that your father left for Greenside to continue the drawings.
The holographic projection shows the early drawing, blueprints and a black and white photo of the Station at it's golden years.
Bruce: Yes, but that was the problem. Greenside's slogan "Effect Beyond Everything" was well known, and the everything he talks about includes structural integrity. The central chamber of the Station didn't receive enough metal support, so it wouldn't ruin the views and space but given structural stability. The outside cement walls were supposed to do, but they weren't fortified so when the time came, they just started to decompose. Then the automobile explosion came, a safer, smaller and cheaper to produce vehicle, the alternative transportation that came in recent years, all are causes.
The screen shows the actual time Station, full of improvised supports, scratched walls and dripping water.
Bruce: Basically, rebuild the Station correctly would cost more than tear it down and build again. Sorry, it's the irrefutable truth.
Rachel: Is money really a problem for you? You're a billionaire! The richest man in our city! You could save your father's biggest legacy. Your legacy.
Bruce: I'm pretty clear of my legacy, and I'll build it on my own way. That's all, you can leave.
Rachel gets up and leaves. Bruce picks up the keyboard and looks at photos of his father. He starts to remember the night it all started. Bullets. Bells. Pearls. It's all he can remember of that day, besides the tears and blood dropping. He starts sweating, he walks down the stairs of Wayne Enterprises, he gets to the first floor and runs the hallway until the outside. He calls for Alfred and falls on the ground.
Bruce: I'm alone.
He sees himself as a children, he watches his parents get killed.
Bruce: The smell of powder. The blinding light coming from the guns. The sound of the shots ringing on my head, just like bells.
He wakes up, screaming. He looks at Alfred, he is holding a defibrillator, next to him, Rachel Caspian.
Alfred: Are you okay, Sir?
Bruce: What is she doing here?
Alfred: She took you to the car while you were unconscious.
Bruce: Thanks.
Alfred: This also arrived, Sir. Two invitations for Ken Roomhaus' Nightclub opening.
Bruce: Miss Caspian, would you care to join me?
Rachel: What a strange way to ask a woman on a date but yes, sure.

Gotham City Police Department
The door of the department opens Harvey Bulluck carries his usual Pete's Hot Dog, a bag of Big Belly's Burger and a can of Soder Cola. Behind him we see a young man, Jason Bard, carrying a bag and heading to his desk. He sits down, sighs and then starts working. On the desk in front of him is Josephine MacDonald, his partner, he looks up to her and smiles. She does the same and goes back working.
Major Forbes: Any clue on Mr. Freeze?
Sargent Davies: Nope. Still nothing since the warehouse, Fields and Driver are still searching for any trail Fries may have left.
The door opens once again, Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen enter the room, everyone stays quiet, behind them Eric Cohen opens a box and all eyes start to bright.
Renee: DONUTS!
The cops cheer and shout over the daily basis happiness their friendly Jew brings to the place.
Bard: Is it always like this?
Josephine: You're the freshman, right? You'll get used to it.
Down the other hallway, Maggie Sawyer enters her office and finds lieutenant Probson filling up some paperwork. He gives the pen to her and points down at the end for her to sign.
Probson: Signature, please.
Sawyer: What's this all about?
Probson: We are trying to get some funds for the Mr. Freeze search, especially to find a way to protect his ice cube lover.
Sawyer: Okay. What about the streets?
Probson: Nice and quiet, I got all the officers out of the streets except patrols. I think Fields and Driver are out there to check a trail and then get back here, they won't take long.
Sawyer: Don't you think they'll need some backup if they're following Freeze? I can send Burke and Tigel to help them.
Probson: They aren't following Freeze, they are on Lewis case. We don't need your help.
Sawyer: What's your problem with me Lieutenant? Does it bother you that much that I've got promoted? Or is it another thing that bothers you?
Probson: If you start that prejudgment-
The door opens and Stacy, the department's civilian administrator, yells to them.
Stacy: Fields and Driver just called for reinforcement!

East End, 5 minutes ago
Charlie Fields and Marcus Driver, two experienced detectives, are following a trail from The Lewis Case, one of the most recent they've picked up. A junky informer gave them a hint about the kidnappers of a girl. Now they're entering a hotel known for being cheap and hosting killers, kidnappers and thieves, the scum of Gotham. They calmly walk the stairs up to the third floor, room 3B. They aren't even with their guns ready. And that might have been a mistake. Detective Fields knock on the door.
Fields: GCPD! Open the door.
Someone: Who?
Fields: It's the police, just open the door!
Someone: Chill man! I just need to put on my clothes.
He opens the door. It's a man with a strange face and the room he's inside seems kinda "cold". He shows the badge and I.D. to the man.
Fields: Can we come in?
Someone: Do you got a warrant?
Fields: Would I ask you if I didn't?
Someone 2: Open the damn door, Max.
Fields: Hey, who the hell is inside with you?!
They kick the door open and the detective just stop at the front of the door. Mr. Freeze points the cold gun to them, his red eyes start to bright and so does the neon on his suit.
Mr. Freeze: Keep cool.
Detective Driver jumps away from the door and hits his head on the wall. The last thing he sees before going unconscious is a blue flash. A few minutes later he wakes up, he looks up and sees Freeze pointing the gun at him, he looks on the side and sees Charlie Fields frozen.
Mr. Freeze: Tell me, Detective how have you found me? Who sent you?
Driver tries to pick up his gun but he freezes it.
Mr. Freeze: Tell me or the one to suffer will be your little friend here.
He breaks the gun from Fields' hand, getting close to his hand.
Driver: We didn't come here for you. Do you think we would come here to capture you without any reinforcement?
Mr. Freeze: Then I guess you having a bit of bad luck. Tell the owls that they won't find me.
Freeze punches Fields, breaking him in pieces.
Driver: NO! No god, please no!

Blackgate Penitentiary
My parents were loved in Gotham. People came to their funeral, saying the same thing but with different words. Although, the same intention. "I'm really sad about your loss" "They'll be missed" "You'll never be alone" Everybody said things like that, except by one man. Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, the biggest crime lord in Gotham at the time "Your father saved my life, you can ask me for anything...". Now this man is standing on my front, but on the other side of the table, asking me a favor. His eyes, still the same, diabolical.
Bruce: What do you want, Falcone?
Carmine: I'm just asking for a simple thing. Pay my bail out of here, I didn't do nothing. If I get out I can find a lawyer myself, just get me out.
Bruce: Why should I do that? When it was you that corrupted this city for years, sucking it's spirit, feasting over it's corpse. I owe you nothing.
Carmine: From my point of view, Brucie, you owe me too much, Like when you asked "The corrupter of this city" to help you find the killer of your parents!
Bruce: This meeting is over, Falcone. I have an event to attend.
He opens the door and leaves, while Falcone is taken down the hallway. Dragged by the guards to his cell, while all the inmates scream "The Penguin will kill you" calling him "old man", "dead body" and a lot of other names. He smiles.
Carmine: Carpe Diem.

The Nightclub
The elite of Gotham, friends and profiteers all reunited above glass floor, fragile as their morality. The "innovative" place designed by narcissistic architect, Ken Roomhaus. The champagne glasses are filled, some scotch and wine around too. Bruce Wayne and Rachel Caspian walk around, the waiter offers them champagne, Rachel accepts and Bruce refuses.
Rachel: Not an admirer of alcohol?
Bruce: Not in the mood today.
Rachel: This all such beautiful, but will it last? Nightclubs aren't durable, specially the glass ones ha ha. When all the wonder is gone, this place won't be visited anymore, after all there are much better nightclubs in Gotham. Well, at least the environment here in nice if you don't look down-
She leans on his shoulder with an expression of nausea.
Rachel: Let's sit please, before I vomit.
Bruce: As you wish madam.
They sit and Rachel grabs her champagne, and starts to look at it.
Rachel: It's tasting weird, y'know. It's like a collection of different tastes ha ha but when it comes down the throat ha ha just like acid ha ha ha.
Bruce: Are you okay? Oh god, no.
Rachel starts to laugh wildly, her skin becomes white and her lips red. She falls on the ground and so does the other people. The waiter takes off his clothes and pulls of his skin. He reveals himself to be the Joker. But he's quite different, he isn't sick. He's face is clean, and he dresses differently, he acts different.
Joker: Ladies and gentleman, please handle me your wallets!
Several armed man come from the middle of the crowd, wearing Joker masks and carrying bags.
Someone: For a comedian, your jokes are pretty outdated..
A steampunk kind of guy appears on the corner, with pipes and engines forming his suit.
Steampunk Guy: People of Gotham, you're in great danger.
Joker: I think they know that.
Steampunk Guy: This structure was not well calculated, the torque will eventually make it crack.
Ken Roomhaus: That's impossible. You're wrong!
Steampunk Guy: Shut up, you arrogant WHAM! The place can't handle the weight you must all leave.
A big noise rips the ears of every citizen present. It middle of the confusion, the thugs start to disappear. Joker notices that one by one, they're pulled inside the crowd, he hears screams and groans. He shoots three bullets to the air. The citizens start to leave and from the mass of people, one shadow stands still. Batman looks to the Joker and runs toward him. Dodging the bullets. The ground shakes and Joker falls on the ground, the structure starts to collapse.
Steampunk Guy: I warned you all.
The man disappears and Batman uses his grapnel guns to stop the collapse, from his calculations it might give him a minute or two. The Joker jumps on his back.
Joker: If I'm going to die, you're going with me!
Batman: This is not the time!
He punches him and throws him away, he slides until the corner and grabs the ladder. Batman tries to help him but "Joker" on the brink of death chooses to die, he releases his hand and falls to death, Joker disappears in the fog and neon lights of banners such as "The Black Canary", "Next week: Zatanna" and "Johnny Charisma Live". This might be the last time Batman will ever see the Joker again, like he thought it would be in Arkham City. Yet he looks at his hand and notices there's a residue of white makeup, the exact same fist he used to punch the Joker a few moments back.

At Archie Goodwin International Airport, he's talking on the phone with a woman. Man: I've just arrived. What we are doing?
Woman: Come here.
Man: Are you coming to get me?
Woman: Get a cab.
Man: My wife will ask why there are 50 bucks vanishing from my wallet every time.
Woman: Just get the cab. I'm waiting for you here with my new bathrobe.
Man: Sounds nice.
He calls the cab but bumps with a weird guy in a suit.
Man: Sorry.
Weird: No prob, gentleman.
At one of the suburbs at Gotham County, two friends are walking on the street. They are walking in the middle of the rain, no umbrella. They call for a cab but what they get is a big stream of water on their faces.
Boy 1: That's enough. I'm going back to that store and buying that man's umbrella.
Boy 2: Why? We're close. That guy was weird, I don't know why he would sell his umbrella if it's raining and who wears a suit as expensive as that in a shop like that? He's just asking to be robbed.
Boy 1: Shut up, dude. Stay here, I'll be back.
On the Fashion District, the opening of Killinger's store is being celebrated on a party. A man is looking at a woman and she leaves the party for a second, the man follows her outside.
Man: Not feeling the vibe?
Woman: I'm so into the vibe, that I would go to bed with a guy like you right now.
Man: What do you mean a guy like me?
Woman: Wearing a suit like this in a part like this, this store is expensive but not as such. But you seem kinda of weird, I've seen you somewhere.
Man: You're drunk. C´mon, I'll take you home.
Woman: Oh damn, I forgot my keys. I'll call a cab.
Time passes. The main at the airport is looking through a window, he is crying. He looks at his hand, he's holding a recipient with a tiger symbol on it. He opens it and drops a small pill on his hand. He takes the pill.
The boy is now at the a gym of Gotham County High School. The kid is crying too, he takes an exactly same recipient from his pocket and takes a pill.
The woman is in a dark room, she cries too and like the others, takes a pill from the tiger recipient.
All of them, start to burn from inside. Their mouth, noses and eyes start to turn into a reddish orange. They started to burn from inside, you can see the smoke coming from their mouth. They fall on the ground, turning black because of the fire, their mouth is like ash as they whisper three words "I am free".

Batman arrives at the Batcave, he removes his mask and gloves. He places them into the "chemical analysis" chamber. He waits a minute and finally sees the results.
Batman: Interesting. This isn't makeup, it's a chemical compound. It's nothing like Clayface's composition, nothing like any shapeshifter. The chemical base is exactly like Joker Toxin but the other compounds are different.
An holographic projection of the compound's atom is crafted. He compares it with the Joker Toxin and then removes the base of the toxin. Leaving only the elements. Batman jumps out of his chair, he chair falls and breaks. The new element is Dubnium, also know as Hahnium, abbreviated to "Ha" in older times. He picks up a communicator and dials Robin.
Batman: I found him... The last infected.

2 Months after Arkham City, Old Lighthouse
Joker had been sending his blood to hospitals before dying. Several people were infected but with the help of Gordon, Batman & Robin managed to save everyone. With Batman's blood, they created a cure, that would help cleaning the joker's blood from everyone. It was only possible because the infection was recent, if it was a longer intoxication, they wouldn't be able to reverse it. The months passed but while the crisis seems to have passed, it's only a mere illusion. Gordon stops his car, he looks up and sees the security cameras watching him, suddenly the cameras start to look down. He smiles and walks the stairway to the Lighthouse. He makes some effort and climbs the blocked entrance of the old place, he carefully heads upstairs trying not to break the metal ladders that compose the stairway to the top of lighthouse. He opens the trapdoor and arrives at the old lamp. He starts to wait and questions how to get in.
Gordon: How I'm supposed to enter this?
Batcomputer: Voice identification, James Worthington Gordon, confirmed.
The lamp goes up and reveals himself to be an elevator, Gordon enters it and goes down the Lighthouse. He arrives at a secret base, filled with computers and advanced technology, it's almost like a laboratory. There are 5 cells with people inside them but the glass is foggy. There's some kind of stretcher, and a analysis chamber. There is blood samples and chemical tests.
Gordon: Dear god. What the h*ll is this place?
Batman: I'm glad you arrived, Jim.
He looks back and pulls his gun but it's Batman, he points it down. The cells are clear again, and inside it, four people with pale white skin, green hair and red lips.
Gordon: Where am I? Who are these people?
Batman: Remember, when the Joker died? Before it he was sending his blood all over to state to hospitals.
Gordon: Yes, we got them all.
Batman: Not all of them.
Gordon: How could we have missed this?
Batman: Hospitals mistakes. Unregistered blood transfusions. 5 Infected, no treatment, because the blood has been carried for too long. They're slowly becoming...
Gordon: The Joker.
The Commissioner takes a look at them. The first is a blonde guy wearing a white tuxedo. The second is a woman, secretary probably. The third is a big and strong fighter, and the fourth and last, is an older man but with no signs of infection.
Batman: Each of them carry an aspect of the Joker. Jonny Frost carries the narcissistic and self loving part of the Joker, his comical side. Lorna Shore otherwise, carries the obsessive side. Todd Oszechorski carries the physical aspect and the insanity, the arrogance. While, Henry Adams, is a complete mystery. He's been carrying the toxin longer than the others, and yet has shown no signs of infection. I have Robin running tests on him, he's the key to find the cure.
Gordon: You can't keep them here without their consent.
Batman: We can't let them run free in Gotham. They're a danger to Gotham and themselves, and Henry, we can let him leave without saving the others.
Gordon: Wait, wait. I remember you said 5 infected but there are only four here. Where's the fifth?
Batman: He's a mystery. We found the documents, the burned documents but his name, every information about him is missing.
Gordon: We better find him before he starts to unchain chaos. He's our most dangerous threat, he carries the legacy of our most dangerous enemy, and soon, he'll become him.

Now, Old Lighthouse
By the day, the lighthouse can be a pleasant place. The seagulls fly by the sun, the morning sun, the rocks being hit by the waves of water. Elena Aguila feeds the seagulls while she waits for something. A car arrives, the door opens and Bruce Wayne heads to her direction.
Elena: Pleasure to met you, Mr. Wayne.
Bruce: The pleasure is mine, Ms. Aguila.
They shake hands, Bruce Wayne picks up his suitcase.
Elena: Why you chose this place to show me papers instead of a desk?
Bruce: Who said I'm showing you papers?
He opens the suitcase and grabs a device, it holographic projects Gotham. From Bristol to Bludhaven, all of Gotham's islands and it's county.
Bruce: I projected the numbers, examined all the possibilities. I've got Lucius Fox support but the rest of the board is against it. The whole project to help Gotham is supported but this special part of it, they're against it. If it goes wrong we can lose millions.
Elena: But if it goes right, you can win billions of potential profit with the rehabilitation of the Narrows. And I'm gonna prove it to you, and after I guarantee that you will say "yes".
Bruce: Go ahead.
Elena: Narrows is dominated by drugs, violence and homeless people. What once was cultural heritage and ethnic diversity in Gotham became it's ruins. Families are in decadence, separated by the fear next door. You and I, together can bring the families of Gotham back together, with hope. Building drug rehabilitation support, medical clinics and educational centers. We can take the pieces and glue them together, and rebuild the worst of Gotham.
Bruce: I respect your honesty, Ms. Aguila. You are the poster woman of integrity and empathy, two aspects that are running low in our kind of business. But why? You aren't even from here, then why?
Elena: That's something, I'll have to explain later. Take this.
She gives Bruce five tickets.
Elena: My daughter will be competing, bring your kids.
She walks away and enters a car that was parked a little further than Bruce's. He is left alone, looking at the sun. He calls in Lucius Fox.
Bruce: Lucius, I've decided to go on with the Narrows project.
Lucius: I'll notify the board, come to the office to review the project.

Inside the Police Department, there is a mess happening. Recent events have shaken the officers' lives. Marcus Driver is under medical treatment and his partner, Charlie Fields is dead. The board is full, everyone has a case. Crispus Allen has the Angel Lupo case, Renee Montoya has Two-Face, Maggie Sawyer has the "Gates of Gotham" and Bullock has the "Owl killer". On the other side of the DP, Cavallo and Wise are in the interrogation room with "Loose Lips".
Cavallo: Okay, Ricky. Let's be reasonable. You were caught next to an exploding bridge with Semtex. You can end up in Blackgate, or you can tell us everything you know and maybe, and end up on parole.
Wise: But before you choose Blackgate, I want to present you my friend, crowbar.
Ricky: Good cop, bad cop? You're so lame.
Cavallo pulls up another crowbar. And starts to drag it against the wall.
Wise: Nope. We call it, bad cop, bad cop.
Downstairs, in the evidence room, Eric Cohen and Dan Corrigan, from C.S.U. division, are taking a look at the Falcone's arrest evidence.
Cohen: He is alleging self defense to justify the shooting, what does the ballistic show?
Dan: Nothing conclusive. He could use that to force out the "self defense".
Cohen: So, that's it?
Dan: They found a guy spanked by him, but the man's disappeared. I would ask them to search the Gotham Lake to find him but you know Gordon.
In the parking lot, Nate Patton and Romy Chandler are having a chat.
Nate: I was investigating a murder at Narrows, I passed in front of the Old Theater and, yeah, you were right.
Romy: You've seen the Veil? The Veil of Narrow's Theater?
Nate: Just for a second, I looked up, I saw her. I looked down and when I realized, she was gone.
Romy: That's what they say about her. She roams the streets, listening to the voices of those lost and desperate souls. And then she disappears.
Nate: She is a ghost or what?
Romy: More like a spirit.
Nate: Is there any difference?
Romy: I think so. Ask Cohen for god's sake.
Nate: He's Jewish not spiritualist.
The door opens and lieutenant Carlos Alvarez calls the detectives.
Alvarez: Probson needs you two. Burglary, main suspect is Catwoman.
Upstairs at the Communications Room, Detective Nie and Tom Kirk are talking to Sargent McAllister.
Kirk: We were at the Village. Some guys were beaten down to hell by a Frankenstein-ish guy, description is he's about 18, but with meta human strength. They call him "Simon Dark".
McAllister: Lurks in the shadows. Hides in the park.
Simon. Simon. Simon Dark.
Nie: If you're good he'll stay away.
If you're bad he'll make you pay.
Lurks in the shadows. Hides in the park.
Simon. Simon. Simon Dark.
Kirk: We all know the nursery rhyme, the thing is: We want to warn the officers about him. He's no friend of The Bat. He wasn't merciful with the thugs and I bet he isn't to cops.
Nie: I ain't either. But I'm not there sending thugs to commas.
On the same floor but on the other side of the DP, at the offices, Detectives Tommy Burke and Dagmar Procjnow are talking to Stan Kitch, renewed Defense Attorney.
Kitch: You two are her best friends, so let me be clear. She needs help, alright.
Burke: We know that, we talked to you because we don't want her to lose her job.
Kitch: Okay, let me be straight. She was caught on heavy drug abuse. She is a cop and using drugs on a job like this... It's complicated.
Burke: Will you help us or not?
Kitch: Sure. You can call me Debbie Tigel's representative.
Stan leaves and Burke takes Procjnow to a more distant corner.
Burke: She ain't no addict.
Procjnow: I know that Tommy. But what the h*ll we're going to do?
Burke: After she exposed Lieutenant Winston activities with that hitman from The Cauldron, they have been trying to catch her.
Procjnow: Catch her? You mean kill her! Thank god she has that f*cking guarding angel.
Burke: Chill out, Bock is coming.
Mackenzie Bock calls them for a chat.
Bock: Tommy, Dagmar. The press is out there, I need your help to get them inside without creating a riot.
At the press conference, Commissioner Gordon is answering questions together with Chief O'Hara and Sargent Davies.
Sgt. Davies: You, third row.
Vicki: Gotham City News Network, Vicki -
Gordon: We all know who you are, Miss Vale. After all, it's always you that asks the hard questions.
Vicki: Thanks for the interruption, Commissioner. I think we all are here to ask you about that. Ken Roomhaus' Nightclub, it was The Joker. The toxin was identified as the same used by the Joker. What explanation
Gordon: An anonymous source sent us information confirming that it wasn't the Joker. This was a comfort to others, because I saw him burning right in front of me, I myself pressed the button. So stop the conspiracy, this was just another impostor like the attack at the Mall, in which none of press seemed to care about the death of a fellow police officer. But largely opened discussions about the "passing" of those poor maniacs.
Vicki: The anonymous source you're talking about, is it Batman?
Gordon: That's why it's an anonymous source, Miss Vale. You should get a dictionary next time.
Gordon looks at the Jackson Davies and makes a head sign.
Sgt. Davies: That's enough on the subject for now. Move on to the next topic please. You at the first row.
Lois: Daily Planet, Lois Lane. What about the incident on East End? Where the cops conscious about Victor Fries' location? And if so, why they were unprepared for the situation?
Gordon: Ms. Lane, they were at the hotel to investigate the reports of a missing girl. In fact, they knocked on the wrong door by accident, and coincidentally, found a wanted fugitive there. Which, unfortunately, led to death of an officer. And I think we should rest the topic for now, in respect for his family and all those who mourn his death.
Sgt. Davies: Second row, you on the left.
Richard: Gotham Gazette, Richard Frank. About the crane fall that almost killed Bruce Wayne, and the disaster on the nightclub. There were reports of a man in "steampunk" engine based suit. What is his involvement in the catastrophes, and do you think these events are connect?
Gordon: I will assume that you don't watch TV, but Armand Krol, from the construction union, said that the matter was a miscalculated angle in the balance of the structure that led to it's collapse, coincidentally in the moment that Bruce Wayne was making a speech. As much as I know coincidences almost don't exist at my job, they do exist and this is one of them. About the nightclub, I asked no more questions on the subject.
Sgt. Davies: Fourth row, you with the red hair.
Iris: Central City Herald, Iris West. There have been three suicides in this last week that have been caused by the same poison, the drug called "Icarus" that disappeared for years from Gotham. All of the suicides have been carrying the Icarus signature, but the drug has been banned from years ago and the drug is easily detectable. So how does it's been brought to Gotham?
Gordon: Icarus drug is the most dangerous drug I've ever seen since Venom. We've been controlling the entry of any kind of drug, legal or not, and Icarus hasn't been detected. So we think it has been produced here, inside Gotham. And on the matter of the suicides, the toxin was self administered in a quantity enough to kill a person, but we are considering the fact that these people were convinced by someone or forced.
O´Hara: Basically, the suicides are linked.
Iris: How can suicides be linked?
Gordon: Well, first, the victims were found in places they had no reason to be. second, according to investigation and reports of close friends and related, they had no reason to commit suicide. They were happy citizens living their lives.
Iris: But, how can there be serial-suicides?
Gordon: Apparently, it can.
Sgt. Davies: If there are no more questions, I'm ending the conference.
A mass of people raise their hands. Davies decides it's best to end the session. Bock, Burke and Projcnow accompany the reporters out of the GCPD Building.

Wayne Manor
Outside of the mansion, on the bright sun of the lands of Bristol. Bruce is taking a quick swim at the pool. He gets up and sees Selina Kyle looking at him.
Bruce: What brings you here, Selina?
Selina: I want you to meet him. This is Mario Falcone.
A man whose height is smaller than Selina's stretch his hand for Bruce. Bruce ignores it. He uses the stretched hand to smooth his wet hair, probably because he took two baths before going out to Selina.
Bruce: Weren't you deported?
Mario: It was the adventures of a young man with his head on the sky. The judge took the reputation of my family under consideration on the trial.
Bruce: I'm sure your family knows lots of judges.
Mario: That was long ago. My father is in his deserved place, I'm offering you my friendship. Now that Falcone Shipping is a legit business, we can talk. After all our parents -
Bruce: I don't want to do business with you, Mario. Selina, you know where the door is.
Selina: Behaving like this, you'll never have to worry with unwanted guests again, Bruce.
They leave and Alfred appears to help Bruce.
Alfred: Quite harsh with the strange type.
Bruce: Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.
Alfred: The Art of War? Isn't that quite strong for the present time?
Bruce: We aren't at war, but we are certainly not in peace, Alfred.

The heart of the Chinese community and heritage being sold in cheap prices, this is Chinatown, the Little China. It's entertainment for Americans and slavery for the Chinese. A shadow crosses the lines of lights and neon signs. The people down it doesn't even notice as it is fast. A darker part of Chinatown is next to the river, the lights don't shine anymore there. Abandoned buildings, wood plaques to close windows and doors. The only lights are from the streetlights, but most of it are broken. There are moments of darkness, and a few flashes of light. At the top of gargoyle, the shadow watches the thugs guarding an abandoned warehouse. Each flash, one thug disappears. Inside the warehouse, a gang is locking up children for human trafficking. A lightning strikes next to the shadow, it's Cassandra Cain, the Batgirl, she glides into the warehouse and breaks in through the window. When she arrives, all the thugs are unconscious, and the kids' cages are open. She walks inside the place and looks at one of the thugs, there's a paper glued in him. The paper is marked by a question sign "?".
On the other side of Chinatown, Batman investigates the "Icarus" case. He followed a Kings of the Sun member for the last 10 minutes, just to figure out their hideout. The thug enters a garage, which has several other bikes parked. He enters there and disappears. Batman gets down from the gargoyle to investigate. He looks in the bikes and takes back the tracker he placed in it. He reaches a door, but when he opens it, there's a wall of bricks behind it. He looks down at the "Welcome Home" carpet. He throws it away, and underneath it there's a trap door. He opens the trapdoor and goes down. He reaches an underground bar, with snooker tables and drinks. He enters a ventilation tube, and walks above them all. The leader of Kings of the Sun, Holter grabs a beer can and makes a speech.
Holter: In the past few weeks, the project of revitalizing Gotham by our favorite billionaire took us out of our territory. Now we are hiding in a hole in Chinatown, having to agree with Chinese gangsters killing our brothers out there. Today we get the Lucky Hands Triad right on their heart. The warehouse on which they hold their drugs and kidnapped children, I've got men there already but we are going to strike last. We aren't only doing a favor to ourselves but to society. Now get to your bikes and let's smoke these sons of bitc**s back to China!
Batman reminds that's where Batgirl is and that she won't be able to handle all of them. The Caped Crusader strikes from the vent and knocks out two bikers.
Batman: You ain't going nowhere.
He's surrounded but it's like this never happened before.
Holter: Guys, let me take care of him. Gus, take the boys outside and start the siege. The council here can handle him easy.
Holter and more four men are holding baseball bats, knives and broken bottles.
Batman: Come and get me.
He heads furiously towards Batman, who grabs the bat but is punched on by another biker. His nose starts to bleed. He grabs a chair and throws against the biker that punched him. The all attack Batman who blocks the knives with his gauntlets and kicks Holter on the knee. He saw that their leader was limping and deduced that he had hurt his knee recently, now it would take longer to heal. On his knees, Holter throws a beer can on Batman's head, it disorients the Dark Knight on enough time for them to hit him with a baseball bat on his back. His armor takes it and he reacts, more aggressively, he catches the thug and spanks him. The others tries to grab Batman, but he kicks and punch them away. The man has barely any teeth left when Holter holds Batman fist and pulls him back.
Holter: Enough.
Batman punches Holter away, he breaks the man's nose and cuts his forehead. With the message spread and all the thugs frightened, Batman leaves the place and heads to the warehouse. He sees shooting from far, when he gets close the place explodes. He falls on his knees but when he starts to get up, he feels a hand on his shoulder. It's Batgirl, with the children on her back. He smiles at her, he's glad she is alive. He wouldn't want to lose another partner, another friend, another soldier. However that feeling passes, as he looks on the bay and sees a small boat disposing of a bright substance on the river. He grapples there and intercepts the vehicle. He defeats the men inside with tranquilizer, and investigates the scene. Back there, Batgirl waits with the children for the police to arrive. Batman takes a look at the boat, it's a Falcone Shipping boat however none of the man wear the uniform pattern. He takes a look at the GCPD files, and checks about a missing boat. He finds it and separates the information on a folder "New Case" with date and place. He then looks at the substance, it's a toxic waste as it's labeled. At first impression, it's a chemical waste but he only would be able to define at the Batcave. He grabs a sample of it and places on a test tube on his belt. He hears the police sirens, so he and Batgirl grapple to the Batwing and leave.

Commissioner Gordon is talking with newcomer Jason Bard on his officer. District Attorney Sam Young enters the room accompanied by a woman.
Gordon: What brings you here, Sam?
Young: Nothing big, Jim. But we need to talk about Falcone.
Bard: If you want, Commissioner, I can leave now-
Gordon: Stay here, Jason. The arrest of the century! What about it?
Young: Let's talk about 10 years ago when Falcone left Gotham, you know who was his biggest enemy?
Gordon: Oswald Cobblepot.
Young: Exactly. And they're both on Blackgate. We all know the reputation Cobblepot has created in the prison. It would be a massive gang war, death and everything. Someone needs to take him out of prison. And I'm going to do that. We can send him to The Slab, to Stone Gate, Iron Heights, anywhere but Blackgate.
Gordon: It makes sense but we can't convince the judge of that, it would be impossible.
Young: We can try to request parole. That's why I brought her, this is Carol Bermingham.
She shakes Gordon's and Bard's hands.
Carol: It will be a pleasure to work with you. I've talked to his son, Mario, and he agrees to release him, but, he'll be in the old house they have in Gotham Heights and he'll be using a tracker collar so we know his every movement. He can't leave the house without escorting.
Gordon: Where's the house exactly?
Carol: It's on Barr Town, next to the mountains.
Gordon: Looks like a great proposal. Let's talk to the man.
Carol: The Mayor?
Gordon: You're new to the town, aren't you?
On the mail room, Nick Cage checks his locker. He opens a letter "The Cluemaster is planning something big. Spoiler", he takes it and throws it on the thrash like it was a basket ball.
On the C.S.I. division, Director David Cornwell talks to Manny Esperanza.
Cornwell: Can't you guys move faster? I needed this report for yesterday!
Manny: Sorry, compañero. The results aren't conclusive, we can't finish the report yet.
Cornwell: Then find something!
On the offices, partners Eric Cohen and Andy Kasinsky are accompanying Warren White, the Great White Shark to the cells. Two thugs that are also arrested try to catch him.
Shark: If you touch me, I'll make sure you won't wake up tomorrow.
Kasinsky: Shut up.
Shark: Or what? Ms. Kasinsky, I know about you. Divorced, compulsive drunk and visiting the AA, has the guard of your children but feels you haven't done enough for them.
She grabs him by the neck.
Kasinsky: Never talk about my children!
Cohen holds her before she does something stupid. He smiles to her, she'll be thankful to him later.
Sam Bradley Jr. crosses the offices with a box of evidence and passes by Bullock's office. He hears someone moaning and knocks, Harvey opens the door and is quite surprised.
Bullock: Junior!
Sam: Hey, Harv. How have you been?
Bullock: Carrying on. This is Nancy Yip.
A girl comes from behind Bullock with an unbuttoned shirt.
Nancy: You're Slam Bradley's son, right?
Sam: Your shirt...
Nancy: Oh... Thanks.
She leaves the room, buttoning her shirt.
Bullock: So what you're doing here?
Sam: Old Slam asked me to get evidence for the burglaries that have been happening all over town.
Bullock: Kiddo, is he paying you for that?
Sam: Nope.
Bullock: Are you dumb? Since he's private you got to take full profit of that. Come inside let's talk.
He pulls Sam inside the room and offers him some donuts.
On the Communications Room, Detectives Nate Patton and Romy Chandler are with Sgt. McAllister.
Nate: Could you link us with the Gotham County PD?
McAllister: Just a second.
He gives them the phone.
Romy: Hello, it's Detective Chandler from the Gotham City Police Department. Who am I speaking with?
Smith: It's Sheriff Steve Smith, ma'am.
Romy: Sheriff, hey. I would like you to give me the address of Mr. and Ms. Lewis, we are on a case and they're the parents of the victim, I would like to talk to them. Maybe you could even take us there, if we aren't bothering your jurisdiction?
Smith: Sure, ma'am.
On the rooftop, Officer Harper calls in Stacy to light up the Batsignal. Gordon opens up the door, he's accompanied by Carol Bermingham and Jason Bard. After a few minutes, Batman and Robin arrive.
Batman: Jim.
Gordon: These are-
Batman: Jason Bard, Carol Bermingham and Jamie Harper. New officers and Sam Young's assistant. What do you want? Is it about Falcone?
Gordon: How... Forget it. We want to take Falcone out of Blackgate.
Batman: I can see why. Penguin and he were direct enemies when we formed our alliance, and Dent blames him for everything that happened to him. He really needs protection, but you wouldn't come to me if there wasn't a problem.
Carol: Exactly. Gotham City judges are mostly corrupt and now that Falcone has no influence, everyone is against him, so we need to do this off the books.
Batman: I'll handle it. Robin, come over here.
Robin is talking to Officer Harper, he leaves her a note and returns next to Batman.
Robin: We'll keep in touch, Commissioner.
They all hear a noise and look back. They look front and they're gone.
Gordon: Get used to it, he does that all the time.
Bard: He talked about an alliance, what was that about?
Gordon: When the Batman first appeared, he was our enemy but after some time, we became allies. One day, we and Harvey Dent vowed to battle the Falcone crime empire and end up. It worked out, but not as we expected. Dent was scarred by Maroni, Falcone escaped, and we promised to never involve others in our war once again.

Crime Clinic
On the outside, a normal building, in the inside, an illegal clinic run by Rupert Thorne's brother, the Crime Doctor. He treats criminals so that they don't need to go to the hospital, despite being Thorne's brother, he accepts criminals from every gang with the condition that they'll pay him. The clinic is dirty and is always like a blood bath, there's not much time for cleaning when you treat criminals. He's like a dentist and a therapist, he does his job and hears things. You can hear screams, and Crime Doctor putting his hands in someone.
Crime Doc: It's done.
The criminal looks at his chest and a small cut has a band aid over it. He smiles, relieved, he pays the Doc in cash and leaves. When he open doors and tries to catch a cab, he's punched in the face by a guy wearing a hat and a trench coat. He enters the clinic and walks down, the Doctor is counting his money.
Crime Doc: What happened, friend? Shot by cops? The Batman?
Man: Just the usual, Thorne.
He turns back and The Question shakes his hand.
Crime Doc: Nice to see ya. I've got something for you that just left the door-
Question: Got him already. I need something more important. Angel Lupo.
Crime Doc: He came here, this week. Sprained his ankle while running from Batman. Didn't tell me much, just that someone was chasing him and that it wasn't the Batman.
Question: Was it someone? An organization? What?
Crime Doc: That's all I know.
He punches a glass panel, which leaves his hand bleeding, and leaves the clinic.

Batman analyses the chemical disposal's sample, he obtains a mixture and he splits the formula. Verifies every possible combination to identify the elements. He obtains it and searches for the main distributors of these elements.
Batman: Much of these can be found at Ace Chemical Processing Inc, Wayne Chemicals and any chemical plant at Gotham, Bristol and Bludhaven. But this one is rather special, it's the same substance that Dana Redford ingested before transforming himself in a Crocodile-like creature.
Batman paralyses for a second and then starts to track the signature of the compound around the city, he enters the Edward Lamont case file and compares the D.N.A. from the scales to the compound and the result matches. When the tracking is done, he gets his location: Gotham Light & Power, the abandoned hydroelectric power station, reservoir and dam at Finger River. He checks the security cameras from the surroundings and sees three gray vans entering the place, and later armed gunmen guarding the entrances.
Batman: That's all I need.
He grabs a gadget on the table, it looks like a gun but it certainly isn't. He enters the Batmobile and drives out of the Batcave. A door of rocks opens and the Batmobile moves into the woods. Through the small forest, he enters the roads of Crest Hill. He drives until the border of Finger River. When he arrives, he gets out of the car and zooms his lens on the Gotham Light & Power building, there's a bridge to the entrance and after that a big space before the structure starts, it has towers and small basements that can open the main doors. He can see the armed thugs, he marks them and shoots a rope on the top of the building. He grabs his Line Launcher and places it on the rope. Up there, he access the files of the marked thugs, and prepares his strategy. Two thugs are on a ladder watching the bridge from above, one of them has a metal plaque on his head. Under them there is a thug guarding the gate, he has a medical condition on his joints. There are three snipers guarding the gargoyles, each accompanied by a thug with a ballistic shield. And finally, there are six crooks with guns in the ground, above a ventilation tunnel, the access of this tunnel, is right underneath the gate.
Batman: Alfred, search the are for possible distractions.
Alfred: There is a weak gas pipe next to the gate, a batarang will be enough to break it.
Batman picks up a batarang and throws it on the pipe, he glides above the facility and falls in next to the gate. The pipe breaks and gas starts to leak, when the thug gets close, Batman runs behind him and hits his legs from behind, then press points his arms so he drops the gun. The thug falls unconscious, and Batman waits for the other two thugs on the ladder. When one of the thugs comes close, he pulls him from the upper ground and K.O.s him. He climbs it and runs toward the second thug, applying a electromagnetic charge on his head. With the first stage completed, he prepares himself to battle the snipers. He gets three little explosives from his belt. He grapples on a light panel, and then breaks it. The snipers all start to look at the light, while that Batman swings the Batrope behind them and throws the small explosives at the ballistic shield thugs. The explosion is enough to knock out the thugs, the snipers turn back, so it's easy for Batman to use an old prototype, the Ultra Batclaw and pull the three snipers down. The Batmobile shoots ropes on them so that they do not get killed while falling. The six crooks see the snipers get hanged and start shooting the Batmobile. Batman crawls down the ventilation tunnel, and performs a takedown in all the 6 thugs. With all of them on the ground, Batman searches for an entrance, he downloads the schemes of the building, and searches for entrances. The main door was corroded in an accident, the tunnels were blocked by rocks after an explosion, so that leaves him only one option, the sewer entrance.
Batman: Alfred, call the GCPD and tell them that Lamont is here.
He jumps the cam, and falls on the water. Inside the sewer system, Batman walks with night vision through several eaten bodies. All of them, devoured by some creature. Something watches Batman, it smells him and follows him underwater, Batman steps into bones and rotten flesh. Batman finds a door, inside it, a kid is crying. Batman pulls up the explosive gel and sprays it on the door.
Batman: Edward, step aside and cover your ears.
The door explodes and Batman enters the room, Ed looks at him from down. A big and imposing figure offers him a hand, he accepts it, much like he somehow was embracing darkness. Batman carries him out of the cell.
Ed: Watch out!
Batman is thrown away with a punch. He looks from far and sees a crocodile man, crawling like a quadrupedal beast, with bone spikes coming from his back, arms and legs. A long snout crocodile with a big strong tail, Waylon Jones is transformed. He looks much more like a crocodile, due to severe transmutation. His eyes are yellow, a ferocious look at Batman and a roar are enough to scare Edward. His veins are pulsating green, he is drooling and is covered in blood.
Killer Croc: I told you I would feed in your corpse, Batman.

Next Chapter: Killer Croc VS Batman! The secrets of Gotham City.

Thanks for MaxShreck, kingarthurcurry and Batwoman (RedRobin1999) for the support! I wouldn't have written these, if it wasn't for you that give me reason to continue.
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