Batman: Arkham Arises Part 1

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Batman: Arkham Arises Part 1

Postby gary2692 » Aug 10th, 2015, 1:58 pm

Batman: Arkham Arises
"Part One"

Set one year after the events on Christmas Eve, Batman now has circus acrobat Dick Grayson as Robin and Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara, as Batgirl on his team. But when they have a visitor in the Batcave, Batman is forced to leave Gotham City and pursue his legacy!

Breath. Breath calm. That's what Ducard taught me. It's worked well for me so far. I can sense his fear. The way he breaths. The fact that he is hardly blinking. His posture. At least the suit works.
I know I can't just leap at him, otherwise he'd just shoot me. I need to be smart. Disarm him and then take him out. If I move closer, he'll shoot. If I reach for a Batarang, he'll shoot.
"Come on, Batman. Are you scared of a little gun?"
The terror in his voice is obvious. A sort of loud breathing after each word. A nervous laugh at the end.
"It's over, Nigma. You've lost."
I need to keep him talking, distract him long enough so I can yank the gun out of his hands with the Batclaw.
"It's not over yet, Dark Knight. It's only over when you admit that I am better than you!"
He's took a step back. He's getting edgier. He'll either shoot or run. I think he'll shoot.
"Riddle me this: What is long and slinky like a trout and never sings till it's guts come out? The answer is a gun!"
He shoots. I twitch at the sound. The sound I'm all too familiar with. I dive to the right without even knowing I'm doing it. I feel the bullet shred through my cape and hit the floor. The I hear footsteps. Running. Riddler.
My feet do all the work. I sprint after him, stepping on the pieces of rubbish left behind by the civilians. He shoots again. Looking over his shoulder. The bullet hits the floor near my foot. One more step and that would've hit me.
The Riddler is trained with a gun. He only recently learned how to use one. He takes his time reloading it. Careful not to let it jam.
I reach into my utility belt. Opening the fifth compartment where my Batarangs are situated. I pull it out, and open it up with my fingers. I throw it at the piece of cardboard in front of the Riddler's right foot. By the time the Batarang hits, the Riddler will have his foot there. It works.
Riddler screams in agony. Stumbling and falling to the ground. He grasps his foot, squeezing it to stop the pain.
"Screw you, Batman!", Riddler cries.
I walk over to Nigma and grab his arm. I can feel the bone. Sometimes I wish Bane was more like that. Pulling Riddler up, I call the Batmobile by pressing a button on my gauntlet.
I forget that I ditched the Electric Gloves in favour of the new Bat suit. Despite that, I do miss them. What if somebody's heart stopped again? What if I was unable to save them? But with this new Bat suit, that will never happen. I guarantee it.
The Batmobile arrives and stops in front of us. The roof opens, allowing me to enter.
"Taking me into your infernal car? Where are we going? The Batcave?"
"Arkham Asylum."
"Arkham-" I spray him with knockout gas. I can't stand his never ending comments on my technology and methods. I just want him to shut up.
I put Riddler in the passenger's seat and put myself in the driver's seat. This is the second time I go to Arkham Asylum, It's quite an impressive facility.
I accelerate and hear the Batmobile's afterburner burst into life. I always enjoy driving in the Batmobile. It's every kid's dream.

Next Time: Meeting Some Old Friends

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