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PostPosted: Jul 17th, 2012, 8:09 pm
by A1Nutboy
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You mean ending this story or what? I'd like to come back to it eventually though, I always had an idea for the Crime Alley scene. Could we do something in a different continuity line for a while, but come back to this eventually for a story where the people are a bit older, and darker? I still think more could be done with Anarky and the female Joker (basically the real main villain) in this, in the future. Let's do a final throwdown fight for this, then.

Green Lantern held his light steady, around the two of them. Batman said nothing. Both knew something had happened. The light was flickering. Then it was gone.

And there they stood, in an empty world. No. Batman wasn't there.. Hal had done something with the fold to him. Something he knew only. Batman was safe...

Now it was just Hal.

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PostPosted: Jul 20th, 2012, 2:38 am
by Holiday_Killer
Dick stood in the darkness and stayed as quiet as possible. Richard tried contacting Batman, but his radio wasn't working since he was somewhere under the Monarch Theatre. Dick was out of plans, he just needed to wait for backup to arrive.

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PostPosted: Jul 20th, 2012, 4:50 pm
by Walkin' Dead
Spoiler: show
I read most of the story, so I know what's happening. I'm going to play as the real Oswald Cobblepot aka Penguin, and say that he survived being chucked out of the window, and I'll explain the rest in the RP.

Oswald sat in a doctor's office being checked by a doctor. Scars ran down most of his face. His suit was also mostly torn. The doctor slowly put a bandage round Oswald's right eye which took a lot of damage when he was chucked out of that window by Deathstroke. Oswald was full of rage and anger. He felt like he wanted to kill someone. He might of taken his anger out on the doctor if it weren't for the pain he was going through.

This man. This criminal. Threw him out of a window and ruined his good looks. How did that person think Penguin was going to take it. Deathstroke might of even thought Oswald wouldn't survive the fall. Oswald might of been a vampire at the time, but he didn't deserve that. As soon as he was fixed up, he was going to hire all of the people he knew and get them to kill that son of a bitch.

The doctor stepped back after the bandage was in place. Oswald looked around the room with his left eye, and then turned to face the doctor. Who was quite scared of him. Oswald thought about when he was a vampire, and ripping the throats out of his victims. If it weren't for that cure that he was given by that famous doctor who only started working on it when one of Oswald's men cut his left arm off, he would still be sucking blood.

"I've done what I can, Mr. Cobblepot," the doctor said in a worried voice, "you won't be able to see out of that eye for a while, but when it's time, I'll remove it, and you'll be seeing normaly again."

Oswald got up from the metal table, and jumped onto the cold floor.

"Come 'ere!" Oswald told him, and the doctor bent down to Oswald's height. Oswald then lifted his arm, and dropped it over the doctor's shoulders, like they were best friends.

"'anks 'or the fixer upper. Sadly I don't 'ave any 'ash on me right 'ow." Oswald explained to the doctor.

"That's fine, Mr. Cobblepot."

"No, it isn't. So 'am gonna 'ive ya' a 'arp 'ife instead." Oswald said with a evil smile, as he took out a sharp knife and dug it into the doctor's neck, shooting blood across the wall behind him.

Oswald then opened the office's door and walked down the hallway. Passing doors to other offices, and sick people looking for their doctors. A young woman, who looked like she was in her twenties came to Oswald, wearing a nurse's uniform. Oswald looked at her, thinking of all the things he wanted to do to her.
"Are you okay, Mr. Cobblepot?" She asked him.

"Yes, 'ust 'ine. I 'ink 'octor Moore needs a 'octor himself. Doesn't 'ook 'at good." Oswald replied smiling.

A few months later, Oswald walked into the Iceberg Lounge. He was greeted by his henchmen and women. And was also given a glass of red wine, which was his favourite. He smoked a cigar and drank his tall glass of wine as a henchman told him how Deathstroke died at the hands of Bane, who also died with him. A smile came upon his face as he heard the story, and when it finished, he felt nothing more needed to be done.

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PostPosted: Jul 20th, 2012, 5:45 pm
by Checkmate
Harvey Dent watched Gotham Square burn. The newspapers outside burned, a long line of newspapers lining the walls of the creaking buildings as old stone melted, cinders died, and the road was laden with ash. Twoface turned his back on Gotham Square, and each step he took was silent, each one the final step a person would take along that street. All his life had been a vast dichotomy of black and white, good and bad, and all his life he had stepped into the dark.

Now he stepped into the light. The man shambled, away from the fires. His double-breasted suit grey on the right, singed into pitch black on the left, continuing the theme with his slacks, spoke more words then he did on the truth about his beliefs. To him, all actions were binary. You either do or don't do. Speak or say not a word. Kill or let live. And everything else was chance. Behind him was infinite suffering, before him the hope for a finite existence, and in between was the chance of death. Or perhaps life.

After hours walking in the dark, the depressing wreck of a man Dent was, came to the alley behind the Iceberg Lounge. He took stumbling steps in the darkness, as the street light flickered behind him, and if you looked into his right eye, you could see the end.

His destination. Penguin, the crime lord, and emperor of Gotham's greatest criminal enterprises. He was still around, they could talk. Oswald Cobblepot, the man whose mysterious underworld had nearly crippled the Batman himself. He had been around for a long time, like Dent had, he knew things. He couldn't be trusted, but he could be worked with.

The backstreet was desolate. An old trashcan. A streetlight. A man. Lit. Unlit. The light flickered. Either on. Or off.

The light was off and there was only the outline of the man. A disbarred D.A. in a business suit?

The light was on, and then you could see the horrific scars that ran along the left side of his face, the terrifying destruction exposing muscle and bone, that side no skin transplant was allowed to attempt a fix, for Harvey Dent had taken this life, forever.

Because he had given up.

"Like his old joke. We lost Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and Johnny Cash... isn't it ironic? We lost jobs. We lost cash. We lost hope. All we've got now, is our razors.. out from this time, to the end."

He went inside.

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PostPosted: Jul 20th, 2012, 11:10 pm
by Walkin' Dead
Two-Face came through the back door and everyone stopped what they were doing, and watched him enter. Penguin smiled and put down his glass of wine, and kept hold of his cigar.

"'elcome, Harv'. We 'on't see 'ou 'ere much." Penguin said while walking over to him.

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PostPosted: Jul 20th, 2012, 11:18 pm
by Holiday_Killer
Spoiler: show
I'm waiting for A1 or TDC's character to arrive at my scene. I'm starting to become repetitive. Also, epic name change thx to Luke! I accidentally spelled my name wrong so I requested a new one.

Dick sprinted through the shadows. Hurt looked around the area. He could have sworn he saw something. ''What is it?'' The demon said with a grave voice. ''Nothing.'' Hurt said while squinting and looking around.

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PostPosted: Jul 20th, 2012, 11:57 pm
by Checkmate
Two-Face took a few steps towards him through the exquisite circular room, and then just stopped.

"Cobbllepottttttttttttttt, how good it isss to ssssee you alive, If you want that to last, you had better begin to look at the time. I begin to wait. From the time of yesterday, I was hired by a very important person, to kill their reflection, a brother so to speak. And to do that, the two of us must work together, if we expect to live." He said, his presence one of lingering dread.

Overhead terraces overlooked, and beyond them in the ceiling was a magnificent glass dome, where the night sky could be seen if one looked. And right now Dent gazed upwards at it, for its beauty could not be denied. Two-Face's horrifically disfigured face had the attention of everyone in the room, all were silent. The only sound was the snarling, slurping rasp of his decayed voice. His eye fixed on Penguin, staring not at him.

But through him.

"There is a fool with bombs, and a plan, he seeks to take someone's place, and-- you know how I can't decide. You know what I do, I decided to try and be a decent man, with my coin. We kill him, we protect our city, from the rot.. the decay of the foolish, the newcomers."

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 12:04 am
by Walkin' Dead
"Harv', 'op talkin' in riddles and 'ell me what's 'appening. If 'i Iceberg is in danger, I 'ust know."

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 12:10 am
by Checkmate
"I was told to kill the Joker, the new one. It's a bad world out there. This man is trying to muscle in on our operations, with his bombs and his fans. You're either with me or not in trying to rid him from Gotham." Dent responded, having produced his coin.

No one could really tell what he was about to flip it for, but he did. It went into the air.

It came down. He didn't do anything else, other than simply watch Penguin with that good eye. The bad eye simply stared, forever.

Two-Face was a very violent, disturbed, well trained man. The only person brave enough to come close to him was Penguin, and the others, the wealthy, the dishonest, people of questionable morals, the well dressed, and the thugs kept their distance. He always had a gun somewhere, as well.

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 12:15 am
by The Dark Crusader
Spoiler: show
Coming H_K...and that is an awesome name change!

Tim looked around the cave. He was starting to become worried. He turned around before spotting the Red-cycle. "Finally." He hopped on it, and drove out of the Batcave, entering into a version of Gotham that he had never seen before.

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 12:22 am
by Walkin' Dead
"Ah, 'at new guy. I'll 'end 'ome of my 'oys to 'im, and 'ake 'im 'ish he wasn't 'orn." Penguin told him before calling over one of his henchman and ordering him to get his phone.

A few minutes later a henchwoman stood next to Penguin holding a plate with a phone sat on it. The phone was by Penguin's ear, and he looked up at Two-Face smiling.

"I've 'ot every'odies 'umber. Well, 'early everyon'. 'ust say the 'ame, and he'll be goin' after 'at 'asterd in 'econds." Penguin said while still smiling.

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 12:43 am
by Checkmate
"The Joker, the new one. Somebody should just kill him, he says he's going to blow Gotham up, six days or seven. He'll try and hide, we'll find him." Two-Face said, adjusting his cuffs, before giving a curt nod to Penguin.

Harvey Dent looked around, at the members of the club as they circled around, worried? Scared? Of him? They shouldn't be, the coin flip had been for this place, and himself. There was nothing to be worried of, he was a decent man, and this was a fine establishment. He walked towards a dark corner, around a pillar, and pushed open a door already ajar, and went into a small backroom where plans could be discussed without these various people listening in. You couldn't trust a Gothamite to not go by the Gotham way, of deceit.

Some ornate chairs sat around a marble table of costly and important appearance. This room was soundproof, and proper business was conducted here, naturally.

He waited for Penguin to come over and talk more about this arrangement, taking note of the paintings across the walls. An elderly man holding a banana, in a black suit. A picture of a woman astride a horse. A three dimensional picture of a hand, was the most attention getting. The hand just reached out, a gray, shriveled, and oddly captivating work of art.

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 12:59 am
by Walkin' Dead
Penguin and his henchwoman walked into the back room with Dent. Penguin losted his smile in a few seconds, and his face said that he was worried. Worried for the Iceberg, and worried about himself. If this new guy thinks he can just walk into Gotham, take over and blow the place up, he's wrong. Even if Penguin and Two-Face didn't stop him, Batman or one of his sidekicks would. Penguin sat down at the table where Two-Face was sat, and puffed on his cigar once more.

Penguin's eyes were wide. The bottle that once was a part of him, had been removed a few months back. The years he had it in they said it would make it even worse if it was removed, but now with all the new stuff that came about, it was more easy to remove without doing any damage at all. His eye was now free from the prison that that drunk had put it in. He didn't need to worry about it being dug deeper and it being sent into his brian and killing him anymore. But those thoughts went and he went back to plans about Joker.

"So what 'o you 'ant ta' do??"

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 1:19 am
by Checkmate
"We wait. Eventually we find this man, and then we silence him. We know the risks, but the both of us can take him, we'll find him, bring him here...." Harvey began.

It was good to see the fellow crime boss again, after all this time he still was up and running, and it was lucky both of them were, due to the surprising death rate Gotham City's finest criminals had latched onto. It was extremely hard to find a familiar face around; besides that, most familiar faces you found were in obituaries. And knowing that Slade had died, anyone could. There was no escape from the end. Not that Two-Face cared, he had no interest in this life anymore, just in doing what needed to be done.

"Killing someone by order is just like ordering takeout, and shooting someone through the head is making dinner. I recommend we'll do both." Dent finished.

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PostPosted: Jul 21st, 2012, 1:24 am
by Walkin' Dead
"Oh, the 'ings I'm 'onna do to 'im. I'm 'onna 'ake 'im to this room and 'lowly 'orture 'im to 'eath. He he he hee." Penguin said in a evil voice.