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Gotham City Saviors

PostPosted: Jun 21st, 2012, 10:22 pm
by The Dark Crusader
The Sequel Thread to Arkham Under Fire

Gotham City Saviors

Batman and co. have conquered the likes of Dracula, Trigon, and the Circus of the Strange. Along the way, he has forged alliances with powerful and strange new allies, including the Mistress of Magic, Death's Dark Knight, Raven, and his own mother, who was once thought dead, but is now a twisted version of the Clown Prince of Crime. But still, all is not well in Gotham. The psychopathic Robin, Jason Todd is on the loose, masquerading as the Dark Knight himself. The public has turned on the Batman due to Todd's trickery, and a bout of insanity brought on by an encounter with the legendary vampire, Dracula. The child prodigy/former vigilante Anarky has disappeared, and is believed to be up to his old tricks. The Head of the Demon, Ra's Al Ghul, has resurfaced after having his soul bonded within the body of the mercenary Deathstroke. And finally, reports of mysterious assassinations have led the Caped Crusader to the door of the mysterious and evil organization known as the Court of Owls.

Gotham has once again been plunged into darkness. The psychopaths now long for the night. And this time, the entire Bat-Family might not be able to save their beloved city.


Deaths: Yes (As long as its ok with both players)
Resurrections: 2 (As long as they are original)
Last Minute Death Escapes: 5
Non-Arkhamverse Characters: Yes (As long as they are translatable to the Arkhamverse and have a good reason for being there)
Spoiler: show
Additional Rules: No Character Teleportation: If going to a certain area or place you must describe how you got there. No random spawning; Players May Control NPC'S: Players may control any character that is not being used by another player, simply to further the story. The only time you may control another players character is for dialogue or small actions. No Character Invulnerability: All characters have some form of weakness or another. None of the characters are invulnerable, so they can be harmed and, in some cases, killed.


Batman/Bruce Wayne: A1 Nutboy
Robin/Damian Wayne:
Nightwing/Dick Grayson: BatmanLaughing567
Red Robin/Tim Drake: The Dark Crusader
The Joker/Martha Wayne:
The Spoiler/Stephanie Brown:
Batgirl/Cassandra Cain:
The Joker: ArkhamInmate325
Harley Quinn/Harleen Quinzell:
The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot:
Two-Face/Harvey Dent:
The Riddler/Edward Nigma:
Killer Croc:
Solomon Grundy:
Azrael/Jean-Paul Valley:
Raven/Rachel Roth: The Scarred Side
Comissioner Jim Gordon:
Scarecrow/Jonathan Crane: Arkham Maniac 22
Professor Pyg:
Jane Doe:
Black Mask/:
Doctor Simon Hurt:
Firefly/Garfield Lynns:
Professor Hugo Strange:
Man-Bat/Doctor Kirk Langstrom:
Deathstroke/Slade Wilson:
And any other characters that you can think of!

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PostPosted: Jun 21st, 2012, 10:28 pm
by A1Nutboy
Character Bios. (Because this RPG has gone on for so long, a lot of people have changed with time)
Spoiler: show
Batman: Image

6'2", 210 lbs, eyes blue, hair black.

Everyday this man tries his best to guard Gotham. He suffers through physical conflict between the likes of Slade and Bane, emotional conflict with the Joker, and intellectual conflict trying to uncover the plans of Ra's Al Ghul. He has fallen to the Joker, to becoming Manbat, and now he rises. He fought through Anarky, and spent a year taking down the burgeoning onslaught of Penguin's criminal enterprises, and then died saving a little girl's life. He fell to vampirism due to other's will to revive him, and now he has cured himself, continuing the fight for Gotham.

Red Robin: Image

5' 8", 145 lbs, eyes blue, hair black.

Tim Drake, the estranged boy wonder, has graduated from being a sidekick to being a hero. A fews after the events of Arkham City, he helped Robin take down a score of criminals, namely Anarky and Twoface. After being stabbed by Harley Quinn, the friendship between him and Batman worsened, and tension grew. Eventually he decided Batman was in the wrong, taking his new identity on, the identity of Red Robin.

Nightwing: Image

5' 10", 175 lbs, eyes blue, hair black.

For a long time guarded the city of Bludhaven, having become his own strong hero. He came back briefly to fight against the Demon and assist Anarky in hospitalization after a crippling injury Anarky got from the Demon's fists. Then he left back to Bludhaven. When Batman came he aided him until the battle against Slade and Jason, where he left to aid Batman and Red Robin in Gotham. Him and Batman have taken down Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Scarlett, and the Red Hood. Now he is in the process of helping stop the Talon.

Raven: Image

A young girl with strange powers who has been adopted by Bruce Wayne, she has become a new sidekick, and morally clashes with him and the Joker regularly. Her father is the devil, and Batman saved her life from him losing his in the process, though he again walks. Is smart, a loner, and stands on her own feet, and needs a parental figure to look up to.

The Joker/Wayne:Image

5' 9'', 137 lb, eyes green, hair blonde, dyed brown/green.

A nameless lone killer of uncertain origin that has taken on the Joker's mantle after his death. She may be one of the Joker's clones if he indeed existed, she may be an old friend of Bruce Wayne's, but whoever she is, she has taken to endlessly tormenting the Batfamily while furthering a twisted relationship with Batman. She is highly dangerous physically and mentally, and seems able to make everything go to her advantage. Her presence is there to stay. Has never encountered another Joker. Occasionally maintains the identity of the Phantasm.

Ra's Al Ghul: Image

6' 4", 215 lbs, eyes green, hair gray/brown.

This man grew evil after endless millennia. Now he has a plan, and a group of likeminded associates, including Mr. Freeze, the Talon, Dr. Hurt, and Slade. Damian Wayne, the current Robin is his grandson. He does not appear to be leaving this Earth at any time soon. Nearly killed twice over, first by a bullet to the back of the neck, and second by almost being entombed in his own Lazarus pit. Now letting the demon Barbatos loose on Gotham.

Joker 2: Image

5' 11'', 160 lbs, eyes green, hair green.

A clone of the Joker whose sole goal is to attack Batman as an urban terrorist. He is now Batman's brother in law, though that won't alter any enmity. He has a new plan, reinventing himself into an identity that will likely pose a new, and interesting challenge for the Dark Knight. Batman has to find him amongst Gotham's civilians, or deal with the bombs that will surely be detonated across the city. Has a large amount of supporters, and mysterious weaponry supplies.

Scarecrow: Image

A fear gas using criminal who lurks in Gotham regularly coming to blows with the Batfamily, what he wants is unknown. Has been experimenting on himself.

Penguin: Image

5' 2", 175 lb, eyes blue, hair black.

The dead criminal mastermind who drove Batman to the depths with his army of crime. He once had Professor Pyg, the Son of Man and the Circus of the Strange under his command, along with various associates of the Son of man. Now he has been replaced with a clone, who doesn't appear to have his consciousness, vicious fighting skills, or horrific savvy as of yet.

Bane: Image

The revolutionary with an army, he seeks to continue Anarky's attack on the government, first by destroying Ra's Al Ghul. He will do anything to achieve his goal, and does not pursue a human lifestyle. He can fight continuously for days if he has to, can withstand broken ribs without pain, and has one of the greatest minds on Earth. Believes Batman to be as a brother to himself and Joker as a sister to himself, and looks at Raven as his niece. Presumed deceased, killed by Slade in a fight.

Slade: Image

An ephebophiliac assassin contracted by Ra's Al Ghul. He is nearly impossible to kill, defeat, or contain. Like and unlike Bruce Wayne, he has a rich, wealthy identity as the leader of a SWAT team, and a secret identity as the world's best assassin. Like Bruce Wayne, he is one of the best fighters, extremely intelligent, and has been around for a while. Like Bane can fight forever and has a deadly rage. Skilled with all manner of weaponry and firearms. Deceased, killed by Bane in a fight.

Riddler: Image

Vanished upon revealing he knows who Batman is. He had a final game in store, but whether or not he will ever return with it is unknown.

Harlequinn: Image

Was captured at the Steel Mill by Batman and Robin, and when she was brought to an alternate batcave for interrogation, stabbed Robin. In the resulting attempt at escape she broke her own neck, and was brought to Hal Jordan outside a city wall, where she was taken to a hospital, doomed to spending her life immobile. During Batman's stint as a vampire, he tried to save her from this depressing fate by turning her into a vampire. She became a mindless, ragdoll like zombie. After being dumped in a ditch by the female Joker she was found by Ivy, who gave her her frail mind back. Now she is an agile, monkey like criminal vampire, impervious to most forms of damage, and uses most of the Joker gadgets seen in standard comics. Briefly worked with Poison Ivy, Scarlett, and Jason Todd to fight against Batbot and Nightwing, and failed. In Arkham Asylum.

Anarky. Image

A prodigy, set thousands of criminals on Gotham a while ago, trying to rally up supporters to break the bad government. Would have done so if not for interference by the Penguin. Recuperated from injury gained in a fight with Ra's Al Ghul, under the alias of Moneyspider. Now helping citizens of Gotham, returning to his anti-hero identity of Anarky.

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.


6' 0", 200 lbs, hair brown, eyes brown.

Another hero who shows an interest in stepping in to help Batman from time to time. Was once a supervillain due to a strange circumstance, and uses this time to reason that Batman himself is not in his right mind. Frequently argues with the Dark Knight, but is always around to help if needs be. Extremely powerful.

Character Personas please remember.

Spoiler: show
In an effort to make something understood, I am going to essentially list out what one should understand they find themselves controling any characters I pretty much control for small dialogue or action.


1. Batman does not show emotion to nearly anyone. Ever. Ever. Think Btas version as he grew older. He particularly tries to foster enmity between himself and the Robins, his 'sons'.

2. He is a loner. If he can do something by himself he will.

3. He will not kill, but that doesn't mean he won't do everything in his power to make someone think he will if it helps in stopping them. He will kill if it is absolutely entirely ultimately imperative at all costs to do so, such: as Ra's got a nuke for Christmas.

4. He cannot hit this version of the Joker I control under any circumstances, and is extremely unwilling to detain her, thus helping to result in the classic Joker/Batman relationship I think would be otherwise impossible realistically in the long long term, because it is going to be impossible to escape police the bigger a threat you are in reality, Nolan showed this.

5. Most heros find him insane and or scary, and Hal Jordan will occasionally seek him out for arguments. The JLA exists, their core members know Batman's identity.

6. Batman has multiple batcaves and stores plenty of miscellaneous items in them.

7. He knows whatever he is doing.

8. Has accrued a stepdaughter, Raven, who he pretty much has a similar interaction to Robin with etc.

Joker Wayne:

1. Essentially a combine of Hamill, Ledger, and Flashpoint. Like and every Joker clone considers herself the real Joker.

2. Has no goons whatsoever.

3. Has a giant grip on Batman's life.

4. Barely uses gag weapons. Uses bombs, fast firing handguns, knives, heavy duty magnums with fatal rounds, ancient Chinese weapons, and household objects used for deadly purposes. About as good at hand to hand combat as Robin, and does not feel pain or fear.

5. Considers herself Batman's younger wife, having once believed herself to be his mother.

6. Will hurt a child.

7. Barely ever detained, knows every inch of Batman's life, and is one of his current worst villains along with Ra's, Bane, Doctor Hurt, etc


1. Does not use Titan. Does not use Venom.

2. Is able to take down Batman himself in combat.

3. Does not feel injuries whatsoever.

4. Basically the Hardy version, but is of course, an older, much wiser, much more capable Arkhamverse Bane. As such is Spanish, has the bear, and once used Venom and Titan.

5. Has an army of mercs.

6. Only human, getting hit by a car would kill him whether or not he felt it.

Important Events

Spoiler: show
1. Batman/Joker/Penguin/Nightwing/Damian vs. Slade/Jason Todd. This page onward to 3.

2. Batman falls. Penguin Dies. Ra's has a plan. Red Robin fights Talon.

3. Enter Bane.

4. Bane kills the Hatter.

5. Batbot and Nightwing vs. Harley and Ivy

6. Nightwing and Red Robin vs. Bane.

7. Batman vs. Joker 1

8. Enter Green Lantern, Batman vs Joker 2, Red Robin/Nightwing vs. Talons

9. Batman Rises

10. Batman vs. Bane vs. Slade Batman, Slade, and Bane are fighting for control over a bomb that will hit Monarch Theater, where Ra's is.

11. Batman vs. Jokerz. Hal/Batman bomb conflict. Enter Barbatos.

Bruce Wayne. Batman. The world needs a Batman.

It was night. Bludhaven. He had a plan. He had a team. The suspect was here. Penguin, the crime lord, had retreated here after his insane criminal enterprise had collapsed. But that hadn't come with cost, he had made Batman take lives.... something he had vowed long ago to never do. For this he couldn't forgive himself. Ever again. Years had gone by since Arkham City, and the tunnel the original Joker's death had caused gave way to more deaths. Of course others had followed in the Joker's footsteps. One was the Son of Man, a vile artist and the enforcer for a long gone gang that worked for the Penguin, and the other was a Cadmus experiment, a clone of sorts.

Gordon was dead by Killer Moth's hand. Zsasz, Amygdala, Dracula, dead by his own.

Batman and Joker stepped into an office hallway. They had one missing link to find, and he was here. The Joker tottered, giggling, and he put his hand on her shoulder to steady her. They could make this work. Fear drove into the mind's of criminals. If he kept a mad dog like the Joker close by, he could do anything, intimidate anyone, because then they really had no idea of what he was capable of.

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PostPosted: Jun 21st, 2012, 10:28 pm
by Holiday_Killer
Spoiler: show
Could I be Jason Todd?

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PostPosted: Jun 21st, 2012, 10:39 pm
by The Dark Crusader
batmanlaghing567 wrote:
Spoiler: show
Could I be Jason Todd?

Spoiler: show
Sure! Of course you can!

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 12:25 am
by The Scarred Side
Spoiler: show
Yay He already made me Ray!!Image

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 1:07 am
by The Dark Crusader
Spoiler: show
Hahaha ya I did TSS!

Tim placed the staff perpendicularly against the edge of the pit. It was too far for a dive and grapple, and he felt like testing the new prototype "Staff Launcher". He pressed a button on the side of the staff, and half of the staff split off, carrying a length of taut cord with it, and stabbed into the cutoff of earth in front of him. The half that he was holding dug a small prong into the dirt, capable of holding his weight. Piece of cake, Tim thought to himself with a smile. He pressed his foot against the cord, and hoisted his weight against it. Red Robin began to tightrope walk across the huge pit within the cave.

Bruce...I hope you know what the hell you were talking about.

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 1:15 am
by The Scarred Side
Spoiler: show
Wanna tell me whats going on and where Raven is?

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 1:21 am
by The Dark Crusader
The Scarred Side wrote:
Spoiler: show
Wanna tell me whats going on and where Raven is?

Spoiler: show
Oh nothing's really happened yet. Raven could be anywhere at the moment, but Tim and Bruce are off investigating seperate leads.

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 1:25 am
by A1Nutboy
The offices were cold and empty. The two figures passed by silently, casting shadowy reflections on frosted glass doors. The hall carried a wrath of mildew, that you could vaguely take in, going down it.

One of them, the Joker, opened a door. They were a tall, very thin individual in a long purple trenchcoat, a blue suit under this, and then a black waistcoat, and finally a green tie and dress shirt. They peered inside the room, makeup thickly coated on their face, and deep scarring that cut through their mouth into their cheeks, held together by stitches on both sides.

Penguin was inside, hustling, hurriedly putting documents into a bag, his balding head bobbing behind a desk. A very short man he was, but a wide man, and he made up for these inconveniences by being a vicious monster. Today he was a cowardly vicious monster.

"Ever seen someone smile so...?"

He turned to look at the sound, eyes narrowed.

"Joker? I ain't gonna let ya kill me, no I fuckin ain't. SHIT." He said, looking for his handgun.

When he looked back, aiming with his glock, he was on the table screaming in pain, a metal gauntlet clamped around his hand.

"POW YOU BATMAN. POW you. You ain't the goddamned Batman. You even have this, this psycho. You know what you are," Penguin said, pointing at the dark, scowling visage glaring down at him, "You're Assman."

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by The Scarred Side
It was an Anniversary.

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 1:40 am
by A1Nutboy

"You own nothing, Cobblepot. Not even a jail cell. That's not the point. It's Slade, he's here, or I would've incapacitated you instantly. And I need all the help I can get." Batman said, releasing him.

Penguin's cigar dropped from his fat mouth, his mind blown. None of them were leaving this building alive he realized. None of them.

The door blew open, slamming into the wall.

"I told you, Detective. I am here to kill you, and your friend, and your other friend. Then I mutilate Robin, take Raven as my slave, and take your position as protector of Gotham. Don't worry. This will hurt you much more then it will hurt me." Slade said, from behind them, in a slippery, nastily suave voice.

He was clad head to toe in modified SWAT gear, with two fused metal half masks. And this was it.

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 1:45 am
by The Scarred Side
I sat up in my Bed i looked around my huge Room in Wayne Manor. I thought to myself. I got up

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 3:11 am
by A1Nutboy
Spoiler: show
btw DK this Joker is not his mother according to Bruce. He mentioned checking caskets in the continuity of the other thread. They just look exactly like her. Also I liked Zatanna in the last one and hope she shows eventually around in this thread

The assassin silently rushed in between Joker, Batman, and Penguin.

All of them lunged for him, Penguin with brass knuckles, Joker aiming for his shoulder with a knife, and Batman with only fists.

Penguin's fist slammed into Slade's chest, audibly breaking a rib.

Slade threw a kick ducking under Batman's blow.

Joker was thrown across the room, as Slade focused on Batman and Penguin. Batman's fists rushed towards him, he was trying as hard as he could to think of something. The exceptionally well built master killer slowly walked back, countering each hit with his forearms, calmly moving toward the door. Breathing shallowly. Waiting for an opening.

Deathstroke withdrew a machete from his back.

Penguin rolled around him, under the lethal sweep from the blade, Batman moving quickly back, banging into the desk. The Joker was back on their feet across the room, coat tarnished by grey silt. They stepped back and forth from shoe to shoe, teeth bared. Slade himself was in the center of the room.

Penguin was behind him, hanging in the air, arms around Slade's neck; It was just getting started.

Batman sprayed explosive gell onto his gauntlet as Penguin struggled with Slade.

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 3:30 pm
by Holiday_Killer
Jason stood on the rooftop across Black mask's penthouse. He had already trespassed Black Mask's territory, but Jason didn't care.

Jason drew out an enormous bazooka. He aimed it at Black mask's penthouse.

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PostPosted: Jun 22nd, 2012, 4:10 pm
by The Dark Crusader
Spoiler: show
Also, batmanlaughing, Jason should still be masquerading as Batman for awhile, or at least until Bruce or Tim confronts him.

Tim took his foot off the wire, and rolled forward. He grabbed the Bo staff, and retracted the wire. He stood up, and began walking into the darkness within the cave. It was pitch black, the path only illuminated by a small, flickering flame ahead of him. Red Robin dashed forward, hearing footsteps in the cavern ahead.