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Postby A1Nutboy » Jul 17th, 2012, 10:30 pm

The Batman has only had one year, in this city. Gotham City. He fought the Joker, who lies in wait still. He has only had one Robin, Dick Grayson. He met Catwoman. And other heroes begin to try and get to him, for questions, answers he will not give. Not yet.

The fate of Gotham is in his hands, and in the hands of its citizens.


Resurrections, no.

Deaths, yes.

1. No godmodding other's characters, if you encounter another player's you can only make them do small actions/dialogue, nothing drastic.

2. Killing a character is acceptable if both players agree. Or if I agree.

3. Taking control of minor characters (cop, etc) is acceptable. Note they can be killed without input from the person playing them.

4. I expect reasonable writing. I do not expect single sentences. Or nonsense.

5. If you have any persistent character quirks (i.e. my Black Mask can take off his mask yay), make sure to mention them so I can put them here so that the other joiners can refer to them.

Alright, I will be trying to start a half reasonable rpg here, tired of the straggling meh meh of the others straggling in the meh meh, so plot lines, where the story is right now, character bios, etc will be put up here.



Barbara Gordon-



Poison Ivy-

and so on.
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Postby BatmanFan987 » Jun 16th, 2013, 10:15 pm

"Bruce?" i said " is that you?"
"yes" he groaned
"dick, what happend here" batman said
"did the cops make it?"
"3 did the rest didnt" i said as 3 cops limped behind me
"i must get JOKER!!!!!" he yelled of rage
"BRUCE, cool it, you shouldnt get angry like this!!"
"im sorry, i-i got to go" batman said as he grappled away
"be safe" i wisphered "hes a dangerous man"
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