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Arkham's Aftermath

PostPosted: Dec 27th, 2012, 10:46 pm
by deadjunk

Following the death of Hugo Strange, a new Warden was appointed - Maxwell Khan, a charismatic and influential man. He immediately went into effect in regaining the regime set up before The Batman's intrusion into the correctional facility, re-establishing his own team of enforcers known as 'The Force' and making sure that each faction leader knew their place in the city. Two-Face still owns the majority of the City, with the Museum and the Courthouse, whereas the Penguin moved into The Joker's old territory, kicking Harley out. Smaller faction leaders such as Scarface and Black Mask also govern their own smaller areas. To the public Khan is presented as a very decent and popular man, but inside the confines of the city his name is feared by the inmates, he is undoubtedly in control - hosting his own gladiatorial games (with both volunteers and unfortunate inmates) in order to entertain powerful viewers outside of the city, though this is not known by any outside the city walls. However there is word of a small underground resistance, taking refuge in Wonder City, that is looking to overthrow Khan and his oppressive regime, led by a currently unknown man.


deadjunk -
Spoiler: show
Name: Maxwell Khan
AKA/Nicknames: The Warden, Warden Khan, Gengis
Canon/OC: Original Character
Age: 34
Height: 5 ft 10
Faction: Warden
Play By: Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Powers/Abilities: None
Skills: Khan received extensive training by the League of Assassins, learning under the tutorship of Ras Al Ghul himself, meaning that he is vastly proficient in most forms of martial arts and techniques (though he prefers to use a bo staff). He has also received advanced training in marksmanship meaning that he can use a variety of firearms, although he prefers to get his men to do this for him.
Personality: To the public Maxwell Khan is a charming, confident and popular man, however inside the confines of his prison he is a tyrant. Narcissistic, arrogant and self indulgent, he is very selfish and very cunning, with a calculating but charismatic presence. He is also very intelligent and strategic, organising his own mission plans and tactics for his men to carry through. But by far his most unpleasant trait is his ability to manipulate people, using either blackmail or charm in order to get his way.
History: Khan grew up in China, near the unofficial headquarters of the League of Assassins, to an English mother, who died, and a Chinese father, who neglected him. A spiteful child, who wished for nothing but power and respect, he quickly realised that he could make people do what he wanted by various means, however when he didn't get his way he would tend to get angry. He would steal things from the nearby shops in order to feed his younger brother and fight the local kids who bullied him because of his mixed heritage. He became incredibly hateful towards the rest of humanity, leading him to seek out the League of Assassins, in order to purge the 'filth' from the streets, after hearing tale of them. After years of searching, he and his brother eventually found them and after proving themselves were taken in and trained, Maxwell becoming Ras Al Ghul's protégé. However, after many years of being in the League, Khan's brother left to pursue a woman that he fell in love with, enraging Maxwell, who wished for his brother to stay with him and the Assassins. In a fit of rage he tracked down his sibling and stabbed his brother's beloved through the stomach with a katana, without knowing that she was pregnant with his nephew. The two fought viciously until Maxwell finally got the upper hand and killed his younger brother. Returning to the League, he continued to follow orders for years to come, until hearing of Arkham City's current state; Ras quickly assigned him to become the new Warden, using the League's resources in order to get him elected and has been there ever since.

If you wish to join this RPG you must PM me a character bio using the template below (in spoiler tags) along with a quick sample of you Roleplaying, it must be in character, I will possibly give you some construstive feedback and then add you to the Character list at which point you will be free to play.
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[b]Faction:[/b] (Delete when applicable) The Force/Resistance/Neutral/(Name your faction leader)/Gladiator
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[b]Powers/Abilities[/b]: (Restricted to one ability in order to prevent God like characters)

This is intended to be a serious roleplay so if you do want to talk out of character please use spoiler tags and no God-modding. You can apply for both canon characters (except the ones on the list below) or own characters.

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Re: Arkham's Aftermath

PostPosted: Jun 16th, 2013, 10:20 pm
by BatmanFan987
i could hear the wind rushing by me as i was gliding ober the walls of the new arkham
"Oracle a big gladiator show is on, black mask is in it" batman said to oracle
"we all know he will ambush all the men and kill them" oracle responed with a sigh
"ill stop him"

Re: Arkham's Aftermath

PostPosted: Jul 19th, 2013, 2:20 pm
by deadjunk
Spoiler: show
Sorry, I did specify that Batman was not a playable character just yet. Though he will be up for grabs soon.

"Good evening, Gotham city!" Khan spoke in his usual, charismatic tone, "Tonight's show is a special one. We have just for your amusement captured the masked criminal known as Bane and will face him up against the likes of ten other gladiators! Hope you all enjoy!" The atmosphere was euphoric, with the roar of the crowd being heard even in the Warden's personal office that lay on a raised platform above the stadium.

The games were open for the whole of the prison, with the audience consisting solely of criminals and political prisoners. Maxwell Khan laughed as he looked down on them all, the sight was glorious. All forms of street thugs had came to watch the gladiators battle to the death, even those from other factions watched eagerly and cheered together. Unlike the rules of a regular gladiatorial battle, the audience were encouraged to get involved. If you felt like joining in, all you had to do was climb the barrier (though you best be sure that you could beat your opponent).

Blood always brought entertainment, and today would be a bloodbath. Bane was an absolute monster, Khan knew that the men stood very little chance against him, but there was always room for underdogs in this pit. "Let the games begin!" He chanted down his microphone, and then took his place on the sofa in order to watch the fight.