Rise of Arkham

Jump into the Arkhamverse and see if you can survive a night.

Rise of Arkham

Postby thatguywiththebeanie » Apr 24th, 2013, 7:57 am

The story is centred around the creation of Arkham city (yeah, I know original right?).

You can any type of character you want:
-Undercover Cops
-Henchmen (name what type you are)
-Titan Monsters
-Aftermath of a titan monster (so your sick like Joker)
-Mob boss
-Any already existing Arkhamverse character
-Any non-existing Arkhamverse characters (haven't been established in the world yet eg. Man-bat, King Cobra, etc.)
-Made up characters

You are allowed to:
-Do a last minute death get out
-Your allowed resurrections (as long as their believable enough and make sense)
-Your allowed to also come in whenever you want

I shall start:
My name is Martin Dovaks, I used to work for Clock King until I stabbed him in the neck for he had predicted that my wife was cheating on me. Unfortunately it was true. That's when I was thrown in Arkham Asylum, and met my arch nemesis the Joker. It was a few months after that night in Arkham Asylum where he had created a bunch of Titan monsters, and I had commented about how he had a weird lump on the side of his neck. And that was the moment when I realised my true colours, my true calling in life, to kill the Joker. He grabbed a rusty spoon in which I was using to eat my peas, and he stabbed me! Can you believe it? He slowly gouged out my right eye, and as he was being dragged away by a bunch of Arkham guards, he was laughing.
Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well. You've eaten Gotham's wealth. Its spirit. Your feast is nearly over. From this moment on -- none of you are safe.
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Re: Rise of Arkham

Postby Arkham_Legend » Apr 18th, 2014, 8:17 pm

Thankfully my cellmate was able to keep me alive until the doctors arrived.
I swore revenge in the joker. After I was bandaged up I sneaked about taking out a couple guards along the way and stealing their weapons. On my way out I came across mr.freeze who was also making a break for it. He had almost been kiled by he guard except I wss able to shoot them before he coukd be. I agreed to be his henchman if he would help me get revenge on the joker.

When we got back to his hideout I switched he tv on to see what was happening and quincy sharo had announced that arkham city was going to begin construction.
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Re: Rise of Arkham

Postby DatBat » May 27th, 2014, 3:51 pm

(I'll be Two-Face.)
After that crazy night at the asylum, I thought with all the attention on Jokerzilla, or whatever you want to call him, I could pull a heist. Unfortunately, Batman finished cleanup on aisle Arkham before I had cleaned out the vault. I didn't see him. I just felt a sharp pain in my jaw, and woke up in a cell. It was some sort of temporary thing, not the typical isolated containment for a freak like me. I looked out of my barred window, and saw tons of flashing lights. Saw some guy with a beard talking to the warden. I sat down on my bed. I realized I was going to be there for a while.
I was sitting in the cafeteria, eating the Arkham slop, when I heard the scream. I turned around, and saw Joker, with his hand near some new guy's face. He started laughing, and plunged his hand down. The blood shot up out the man's eye. The guards ran and subdued Joker. He didn't look good. I'd learned more about the Jokerzilla attack. He injected himself with some kind of drug, and became a monster. It looked like the drug wasn't harmless. He coughed. A lot. He seemed weak. Not too weak to spoon someone's eye out, but the Joker would do that as he died, he was devoted to crazy. People thought I was, but I was really just in it for the payout. Sometimes the Harvey still came out, trying to be a hero. Sometimes he did. He almost did when Joker mutilated that guy. I held him back.
I walked out of the cafeteria, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw that bearded guy, Hugo Strange. I wasn't about to let him interrogate me, or Harvey, again. I ran as fast as I could. It didn't pay off. The guards grabbed me, and threw me at the ground. I looked up, and saw Strange above me. The syringe plummeted into my Harvey arm, and I was out.

-- May 27th, 2014, 10:56 am --

I woke up, strapped to a chair. He sat in a strapless chair across the table from me.
"Harvey Dent. Talk to me. About the Batman.", he said.
"As much as I hate him, I actually hate you more.", Harvey and I both said.
"Very well.", he sighed.
He pulled out a small revolver. He pointed it at me.
"Want to talk NOW?", he said sternly.
I knew he wouldn't kill me. He needed his research, and nobody else was talking.
"How about, ummm, NO. That's from BOTH of us!"
I heard a loud noise, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Everything went red.
(Two-Face dies. He will be resurrected later.)

-- May 27th, 2014, 12:24 pm --

(Until I resurrect Two-Face, I'll be Killer Croc)
I sat there, in my new maximum secured underground sewer cell. I kicked at the weakened spot on the wall, and it finally gave, after I'd been working on it for a month. There weren't any guards down there, they had run off a few minutes before. I looked up, and there was a pretty far climb, and there was a huge spot of missing bricks, where I could fit through. I went for it.
I went through the hole, and saw a door in front of me. As I was about to rip it off the hinges, I heard a gunshot, a wince of pain, and deep laughter. I ripped it off, and saw Harvey Dent, bleeding out, possibly dead. He had helped me out before, and I owed him. That Strange guy was standing in front of me, holding a small revolver. He shot at me, and it tore into my arm. I slashed at his chest, and he flew into the wall. He wasn't dead, but was hurt. I grabbed Harvey's body, and got out of there.
It might seem strange that I didn't eat them. I wanted to help Harvey, and I needed to get him out of there quick. The Arkham staff would shoot me on sight. I looked at my arm. I didn't need another wound. I ran into the main hallway, terrorizing the small inmates, and got out of there fast. I quickly realized that Harvey was dead. I sat his body under the Arkham bridge, and then ran across it. Until the Batmobile slammed into me. That thing is big. I flew back almost fifteen feet, and could barely move when I hit the ground. The Bat walked up to me. I jumped up, and did the same move I did to Strange on him. I picked up his Batmobile. I lifted it over my arms, and was about to slam it into Batman, when the spotlight shined on me. I threw it in the direction of the light, and ran off, into Gotham's sewers.

-- May 31st, 2014, 2:22 pm --

(Killer Croc, months later, Arkham City is deep in construction.)

I'd been in the sewers for a long time now. I had forgotten what the sun looked like. Forgotten the sound of a human voice, but that didn't matter. I had all the rats I could want. I knew the sewers well. I was just outside of where that Hugo Strange place was being built. Sometimes at night, I would sneak out and look around. Arkham Island was in shambles, and needed to be rebuilt. But even I, a big crocodile monster, realized that almost half of the city shouldn't be a warzone. That Hugo guy was out for the Bat. I figured I could help him, but I decided against it, because they were both people that I hated. I decided to go deep into the sewers, and not come out for a long time. I went to that big hole I had found a few weeks before. I climbed down into the dark, empty abyss.

(Two-Face, now resurrected)
It all went red.. and then I was in a prison cell, with no gun wound. I felt different, stronger. I heard Calendar Man going on about something next to me. There was a flyer for Arkham City on the floor outside of my cell. I realized that this wasn't Arkham Asylum. Had I been put into Arkham City. The last thing I saw was the Croc bust through a wall, then I was here.
"Is this...", I asked.
"Yes. It is. They've been up and running for 23 days, 4 hours, 13 minutes, and-", he went on and on.
"OKAY!", I yelled at him.
I was going to have a lot of fun. If I ever got out of the cell.

(Random criminal, same time as Two-Face)
Ahhh, Arkham City. It was promised to be so great. In some aspects it was. I had taken an entire apartment building to myself. I had uprooted some turrets from a TYGER post and put them at the doorway. I stole a card that made them, well, not kill me. Unfortunately, I did not have that card when I got them. I felt the pain in the self-medicated bullet wound in my arm. I had just woken up. I rolled over, and saw the Joker standing next to my bed.
"Shut up! I'm not going to kill you. Not yet at least. You work for me now."
"No, I work for myself. How did the turrets not get you?"
"Not your worry. Although, it is your worry that you will DIE if you do not come to work for me, NOW."
He raised the knife above me. I was still in bed. I got out of bed, and followed him.
I was starving. Food was already scarce, 23 days in. As if reading my mind, Joker pulled an old elevator door open. There were multiple boxes full of food.
"Help yourself. Then we leave."
I'd always heard he was a crazy murderer, who would kill anyone he saw. Maybe he really needed my help. I grabbed tons of food, ate quickly, and went downstairs. I didn't see him anywhere. A thug from the streets walked in, and got shot to pieces by the turrets. So they still worked. Joker came in from another room.
"We go."

-- Jun 12th, 2014, 3:13 pm --

I was feeling pretty good. The Joker, the biggest threat in all of Gotham wanted ME to work with him. I couldn't believe it. I had heard he was a vicious attacker, that he assaulted his workers, but he gave me a feast. I knew things were going to- THUD!
A baseball bat swung into the back of my head, so hard that the bat snapped in two. Two of his thugs dragged me into the back of a van, and then Joker shot them both. Right in between the eyes. No mercy.
He plummeted the knife into my abdomen. I screamed, and then he duct-taped my mouth shut. He drew a green smile on it, stomped on my crotch, and slammed the van doors shut. I lay there in the back. I sighed, but it was cut short, because of the pain from the stab wound. He swung his door open, sat down in the driver's seat, and sped off, laughing as hard as he could, the door still open.

(Ra's Al Ghul)
I sat there in Wonder Tower, wondering why Hugo insisted we revive Harvey Dent. Maybe to cover up his death. I didn't know. I was going to let him use whatever, whenever, because he was going to lure Batman in, so I could finally turn him into one of us. Or kill him. Talia would hate me, but it would likely end up happening.

(Thug from before)
I woke up, strapped down to a table. Joker sat there, looking pretty nasty. His face was broken out in some sort of rash, and he had lost a lot of weight. I guess he took a lot of time getting ready to leave his lair.
"Hello there! Hahahahahahahaha!"
"What's so funny? Piece of-"
I saw it. A green syringe, with a sharp, bloody needle on top.
"No, man, no! I saw what you did to that guy! And yourself! You can't! I'll do anything! PLEASE!"
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-cough-Haha.... "
He ran, or really limped towards me.
"You must not know me...."
He stabbed my arm with it.
I really didn't, but it could buy me some time.
"That's what I'm doing. Getting you to kill Batman! HAHAHA-coughing"
He pressed the plunger down. My arm grew. I knew I was gone. My body might have become a monster, but I was gone. I remained myself for the next five hours. I was thrown in a freezer, I suppose to prolong the effects. When the 5 hours were up....
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