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Arkham Unhinged 32-34

PostPosted: Mar 13th, 2013, 7:21 am
by Red_Robin
Image Dave Wilkins
Image Derek Fridolfs
Image Jheremy Raapack

In a place like Arkham City, a church may be little more than just another abandoned building. Nevertheless, for a group of innocents, Gotham police, and one very guilty Mayor Sharp, it's where they've come for sanctuary. A gathering mob doesn't feel that way, but a mysterious protector will show them otherwise. As inmates try to break down the church door, reporter Vicki Vale digs deep into the origins of Azrael--who has suddenly appeared to save them from the mob outside. What's his connection to security guard Aaron Cash? The inmates have a secret weapon to try and enter the church: BANE! With his massive, Titan-fueled strength, will even the mighty Azrael be able to stop him?
Issue #32 Issue #33 Issue #34