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Arkham Unhinged 41-43

PostPosted: Mar 13th, 2013, 7:26 am
by Red_Robin
Image Eric Nguyen
Image Derek Fridolfs
Image Davide Fabbri

In this first chapter of the "Uninvited Guests" arc, Hugo Strange gives us a peek into his diabolical plans...for Arkham City and beyond. Will Batman be able to stop him in time? Hugo Strange's targeted attack begins while Batman, attempting to scale the massive Wonder Tower, can only watch. But Batman doesn't know that in addition to attacking Arkham City, Strange ordered a second attack--somewhere very close to home. Wayne Manor is under siege by Tyger Soldiers, as Robin and Nightwing try to fend off the attack. With their mentor in Arkham City, is there any way they can stop Hugo Strange's last-ditch effort to destroy Batman's world?
Issue #41 Issue #42 Issue #43