New Batman Game Idea: DARK KNIGHT

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New Batman Game Idea: DARK KNIGHT

Postby whydowe_fall » Jun 18th, 2014, 6:54 pm

I've had a great idea for a Batman game for a few years now and believe me, this game would be the ultimate Batman experience if done properly.
I imagine a game where Bruce has been the Batman for about ten years, has faced the Joker, most of his rogues, had two Robins (Jason Todd's death), and is now suffering his greatest threat ever as Black Mask (done properly this time), the Riddler, and Firefly take over the city's greatest gangs and cause terror on the streets. With new suits, partners, and an open-world Gotham City to explore and investigate, Batman must take back the streets and stop the terror.

My idea for this game would have to be realized only on next-gen hardware (PS4, Xbox One, PC) and would cost more than Batman: Arkham Knight to produce I'd imagine. The cutscenes would look like Arkham Knights and top-quality voice actors would have to be hired. No Kevin Conroy (sorry) as to seperate itself from the Arkham games. This game would be set in its own universe that would take and hint at certain comic arcs and character attributes. Batman's suit would be streamlined and slick, looking very similar to Ben Affleck's suit without the connected cape and cowl.

I imagine the gameplay as a mix of the combat in the Arkham series and GTA V (gun-related) and the parkour elements of Assassin's Creed. I believe that would absolutely immerse you in the world of DARK KNIGHT by actually allowing Batman to be a parkour expert and move swiftly in the city. The Batmobile would be featured in a mix of B:TAS' car and the Nolanmobile. You could punch through cars whenever needed to but any civillians would immediately scoot to the other side and Batman would tell the player through his voice to get out of the street. Also, you could play as Bruce Wayne as well. But as Bruce Wayne is famous and popular, you would need disguises that vary from a simple leather jacket and glasses, to humorous options such as mustaches or funky glasses with weird outfits. As both Bruce and Batman, you could solve crimes from simple robberies in alleys, to busting inside apartment buildings and taking down a few thugs.

A strategy system would be put in play with the investigation levels in the game. You could investigate and plant traps or cameras in the daytime and return to that same area at night as Batman and use the gadgets to your advantage at a drug deal or other major crime. Speaking of daytime and night, there would be 48 minute day and night system. You would get a full 24 minutes in the daytime to explore the city as Bruce Wayne and then another 24 to explore at night (exceptions include mission playthroughs which may take longer than the allotted time). But when the daylight hit or the moon rose, you wouldn't have to immediately run off to Wayne Manor to change... there are various Batcave outposts that Bruce set up across the city to help him in his war on crime. These outposts would essientally be safehouses that included all unlocked Batman and disguise outfits as well as gadgets and Batcomputer files that would be seen as you explored the city and found easter eggs and investigations.

Wayne Manor is another story. It would be explorable in its entireity, with rooms filled with easter eggs and nice little tributes to things in the comics. There would be the traditional grandfather clock that opened up to the Batcave and with the advanced game hardware, no time or loading screen would be needed as the game would be seamless when changing locations. The Batcave would be a massive map that covers a lot of space, showing off cool lighting effects from the pools of water below, the waterfalls, and various headlamps all around. At anytime in the mansion, you could call for Alfred and he would show up momentarily and you could ask him questions about the mansion's history, the cave, and his own war backstories. On the bat computer would be various files that would fill in the backstory of this version of the Batman and you could also select DLC that would show how Batman began, a massive DLC storyline that went from his training with the League of Assassins, Brazillian training that involved escape arts and car driving, and being in a Serbian prison.

So, what do you think? A good idea?
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Re: New Batman Game Idea: DARK KNIGHT

Postby Deathstroke » Jun 29th, 2014, 2:28 am

This sounds like a really cool game
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Re: New Batman Game Idea: DARK KNIGHT

Postby johnsyggel » Jun 29th, 2014, 3:15 pm

Sounds nice.Hell,every Batman game after sounds nice nowadays.
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