History of Superman in Video Games

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History of Superman in Video Games

Postby Arkham Knight » Aug 26th, 2014, 9:57 pm

Well .. Its my first post in a month :oldyella: . .but Its good coming back ..

As we all know superman is .. pretty much .. a CURSED CHARACTER in VIDEO GAMES ... Some games are decent .. some games are horrible (and Yes I'm talking about you Superman64 ) ... so .. I'm going to talk about Superman in Video Games I'm going to make parts daily and I don't have a pretty much a time now .. so If I'm going to be able to write it all today .. Its going to be great :adam: )

So First .. we're going to move Backward as I can Find some information online fast

Spoiler: show
This Series is going to have all the games that feature Superman as a playable character

So Be Prepared !
While I'm writing the article I'm going to ask you guys for some ideas of a Superman game .. Story .. Gameplay , Settings etc
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